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Women Travel Better in Pairs, #WTBiP

Women Travel Better in Pairs, #WTBiP

By Lisa and Stephanie

They're Back! Women Travel Better in Pairs #WTBiP re-launches their podcast in a post Covid-19 world! Join the journey with this pair of funny ladies who never sit still. Laugh, be inspired, challenge yourself, and enjoy new ideas all while relishing in the world of women and friendships. We are better in pairs.

Around the world or down the street these two outgoing, audacious, friends will explore local "sweet spots", take 48 hour adventures you want to try, and explore all things women and relationships! Grab your best pair and enjoy the ride.
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48 Hours Chesapeake Bay Virginia

Women Travel Better in Pairs, #WTBiPMay 04, 2021

Bonus Burbank

Bonus Burbank

The LA Equestrian Center in Burbank has so much to offer and it's mostly a free adventure, and the story behind the infamous bakery Porto's plus praise for Southwest Airlines and Amtrak as we conclude our California adventure starting and ending in Burbank.

Grab a rail pass and flight and head for an adventure in California this summer.

#WTBIP approved!

Jun 30, 202113:30
Visit Oxnard; Hugged by the sea and warmed by the City

Visit Oxnard; Hugged by the sea and warmed by the City

The Slogan for Oxnard is "Kissed by the sun, Hugged by the sea- we came in 'June gloom,' and it was utterly spectacular!

Lisa and Stephanie go on another adventure-seeking information for Lisa's book on stations and destinations, and they get more than they ever thought possible.

Listen to this episode, get on a plane, train, car, or boat, and head to Oxnard.

Special thanks to Brittney and Courtney at Visit Oxnard for pointing us in every direction for unique places to stop.

Some of the places we visited if you are looking for more information on them

Our Marine adventure was phenomenal, with dolphins and pelicans in abundance, plus Island Packers had very knowledgeable and helpful staff,

Lisa had a sandwich on the boat from Honey Cup Coffeehouse that she raved about for days!

Our hotel arrangements were incredible, with the most spectacular views at the Hampton Inn Channel Islands.

One of our favorite Lunches and the fun shuffleboard game was at The Shores Bar and Restaurant.

The coffee and desserts were unreal at Xielo, and the flan was amazing

This Farmer's market will get you fresh food, clothing, honey, and yummy snacks

The pre-prohibition old-fashioned hit the nightcap spot at the 1901 Speakeasy, and don't forget to hop on the Taco Trail and visit La Bonita!

Jun 17, 202118:41
Welcome to Simi Valley

Welcome to Simi Valley

The women are off on another adventure exploring Amtrak into Simi Valley on the Pacific Surfliner.

From Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village to Corriganville Trails, Rocky Peak Park, and Strathearn Historical Park and Museum- Simi Valley offers many hiking and biking options right from the station.

Lisa and Stephanie meet Mayor Mashburn at the station and talk to Richard Lemmo, a spokesperson for the Park District.

A trip to the Reagan Library and a fabulous Dinner at Market Broiler are on the schedule too.

Simi Valley has many surprises, including Justin Bieber Videos, Hollywood movie filming, and a little bit of the Hallmark Channel to keep every visitor wanting more.

Thank you, ,Layma, Richard, and Mayor Mashburn, for rolling out the red carpet for these weary traveling women!

Looking for a place to stay?

You can have a great breakfast and a wonderful nights stay at the Best Western Posada Royale Hotel

Jun 03, 202118:60
Into Burbank we go

Into Burbank we go

The women are off on another adventure exploring Amtrak and its accessibility from the Burbank airport.

They have a small comedic encounter with an "armchair expert" at the airport and start the journey to round out researching Lisa's new book "Stations and Destinations," a follow up to "Beyond the Rails."

We enjoy the Media Capital of the World here in Burbank and ready for life to start opening back up after a pandemic pause.

Follow us for more adventures as we check out stations you may not have had on your radar.

May 31, 202114:19
48 Hours Chesapeake Bay Virginia

48 Hours Chesapeake Bay Virginia

Whether you drive, fly or take the train you don't want to miss the many adventures in the Northern Neck of Virginia.  Lisa and Stephanie visit the Tides Inn and Stratford Hall on the Chesapeake Bay. Oysters, biking, duck poop, zip lining, ghosts, snakes, boating and so much more. A little bit of history, ecology lessons and wine tastings are just some of the great suggestions for a family vacation or a Better in Pairs weekend. Thank you to our hosts from the Tides Inn and Stratford Hall as we are excited to re-launch our post-Covid travel podcast with an incredible adventure. Enjoy also the "Oyster Chronicles" learn about nature's most incredible filter and the proper way to eat one and return the shell to the "wuter". 

Women Travel Better in Pairs - 48 Hour Episode

May 04, 202131:31
Developing with Marston Smith.Northern Neck-The Tides Inn Series
Apr 22, 202110:15
Ecologist Will Smiley.Northern Neck-The Tides Inn Series

Ecologist Will Smiley.Northern Neck-The Tides Inn Series

Say Hello to Will Smiley, Resort Ecologist: "Nature Makes Sense"

Will Smiley is the Tides Inn’s first resident ecologist! 

As the resort restores its shoreline in spring and summer 2021, Smiley is bringing exciting programming to guests at the Inn. For example, you can canoe or kayak with him in a two-hour excursion to learn more about aquatic life – even casting a net to see what you catch. Also, in “Chesapeake Gold” tour, guests learn about oysters, pulling up oyster cages and sort these gems of the bay.

He has big plans for sustainability and stewardship for the resort. Plus this native Virginian doesn't mind chatting travel, survival and duck poop.

Will is fun to chat with no matter the topic!

Apr 22, 202111:58
Oyster Academy with Joni Carter.Northern Neck-The Tides Inn Series

Oyster Academy with Joni Carter.Northern Neck-The Tides Inn Series

Meet Oyster Expert, Joni Carter

Joni, an Irvington resident, is part of the “Virginia Oyster Country” team that works to spur tourism on the western shore of the Chesapeake, where the oyster industry is enjoying a resurgence. She helps lead the Virginia Oyster Academy experience for guests at the Tides Inn.

Hear about the Watermen and just how amazing these salt-water bivalves are!

Joni tells us how we can recycle Oyster shells; this is crucial to helping them continuing to grow in the wild- not just on farms.

Apr 22, 202118:29
Meet the Women of Women Travel Better in Pairs

Meet the Women of Women Travel Better in Pairs

They're Back! Women Travel Better in Pairs Re-launches their podcast in a post Covid-19 world! Join the journey with this pair of funny ladies if you want to laugh, be inspired, embrace new ideas and relish in the world of women and relationships.

2020 we are back, enjoy the journey and the dumpster fire of 2020… How do you just stop life?  Is travel coming back? What is the “new normal”? Is it depression? What do we do with all this time and how have we changed? (good stuff – Your Surge Capacity is Deleted- It’s Why You Feel Awful)

In a world of pivots these two find humour in their lack of travel, life in boxes, problem solving, even SNL and Chris Rock’s world of making plans. We are the same but very, very different. Thank you to our families, husbands and friends.

“Travel was always a big part but we are forced to appreciate the metaphor of the travel journey with all the important women and relationships in our lives, Better in Pairs.  We just want to laugh and have fun the rest can just stay away, no drama, no politics, no social media, …. We are taking life adventures!”

The women encourage everyone to jump right in, get out of your box and live life.  “If you liked this, then listen to the podcast episode for even more.”  #WTBip

Oct 07, 202011:16