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Pierced Hearts

Pierced Hearts

By Lisa M Graas

The Real News
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Arkansas Overrides Governor to Protect Minors

Pierced HeartsApr 07, 2021

Arkansas Overrides Governor to Protect Minors
Apr 07, 202104:23
Stanton Public Policy Challenges Vice President Biden for Promoting His Christian Faith While Supporting Abortion Violence Against Children
Apr 07, 202103:18
Indiana’s Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program Celebrates Serving 72,000 Women and Lowering Abortions
Apr 07, 202103:13
National Embryo Donation Center Becomes First Embryo Adoption Program in the World to Mark 1,000-Birth Milestone
Apr 07, 202103:19
Want to Save our Civilization? Have More Kids
Apr 07, 202102:35
Seeking five Democrats with a conscience
Apr 07, 202102:14
Turkey Sentences Priest to Imprisonment for Acts of Religious Charity
Apr 07, 202103:59
Open Letter to MLB Commissioner from Catholic League President, Bill Donohue
Apr 07, 202104:33
Lawmaker pushes for gender-neutral toy aisles, cites Equality Act as support
Apr 06, 202103:11
Assisting a Suicide
Apr 06, 202104:45
McConnell: Corporations Shouldn’t Fall for Absurd Disinformation on Voting Laws
Apr 05, 202103:22
CA Churches Seek Immediate Relief
Apr 03, 202103:46
Biden and the Bishops at Easter

Biden and the Bishops at Easter

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Apr 03, 202104:33
Bauer: The Totalitarian Left
Apr 03, 202101:56
The Relationship of Faith and Reason in Mental Health Care
Apr 03, 202103:37
Residents of LA suburb successfully stop yet another LGBT effort by their local government.
Apr 02, 202107:58
Washington, D.C. Federal Court Denies Minister the Right to Hold Good Friday Service at the United States Capitol Building
Apr 01, 202102:19
Court Dismisses IN County Nativity Scene Case
Apr 01, 202102:48
Minister’s Lawsuit Against Speaker Pelosi and Vice-President Harris will be Heard Today
Apr 01, 202102:54
U.S. Olympic Committee Wrong to Allow Athletes to Protest During the Olympic Trials
Apr 01, 202102:21
Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Grave and Unique Character of Abortion-tainted Vaccines
Apr 01, 202102:44
Texas Senate approves legislation banning most abortions, testing Roe v. Wade
Apr 01, 202101:34
Catholic Priest, Six Others Killed in Armed Attack at Parish of Nigeria’s Katsina Diocese
Apr 01, 202103:39
California Urges Teachers to Lead Chants to Aztec Gods of Human Sacrifice
Apr 01, 202103:07
U.S. State Department Releases Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2020
Apr 01, 202103:23
Religious Freedom in the World Report 2021 wants to give a ‘fresh impetus to the defense of human dignity’
Mar 31, 202101:55
USCIRF Highlights Impact of Financial Restrictions on Civil Society
Mar 31, 202102:28
Here’s the Anti-People Agenda of H.R.1
Mar 31, 202101:30
Appeal of the International Catholic Migration Commission: release the 400,000 seafarers blocked for Covid-19 measures
Mar 31, 202102:47
Catholic organizations call WSOU an ‘abomination,’ promise to continue protests
Mar 31, 202102:07
Gary Bauer: COVID Passports?
Mar 31, 202102:18
The Two Hospitals Have Similar Infant Death Rates — Until You Look at Extremely Premature Babies
Mar 31, 202101:51
Pakistani Catholics volunteer to protect churches against terrorist attack
Mar 31, 202103:44
In northern Mozambique, ‘they are shooting everywhere’
Mar 31, 202103:20
The Fight for Churches That Began One Year Ago
Mar 31, 202108:42
Dear Joe, Just Go!
Mar 31, 202103:44
Cardinal Burke Offers Pastoral Insight for Catholics Bewildered by President Biden’s Public Example (Airing Announced Mar. 30)
Mar 30, 202102:31
Governor Noem is Responsible for Killing South Dakota’s Women’s Sports Bill
Mar 29, 202101:59
Makassar Update: Suicide Bombers are Newlyweds from JAD Terrorist Group
Mar 29, 202102:53
Sex Transitioning for Minors is Child Abuse
Mar 29, 202105:12
Romanian Churches Return to District Court
Mar 29, 202103:03
Makassar Cathedral Attacked by Suicide Bombers
Mar 29, 202103:22
Cardinal Sarah asks Pope Francis to reinstate individual Masses at St. Peter’s Basilica
Mar 29, 202104:31
Bill Donohue: Mass Killers Have Much in Common
Mar 29, 202105:17
Reproduction Without Pregnancy? What Will They Think Of Next?
Mar 27, 202102:11
China Imposes Sanctions on Leading British Catholic Human Rights Campaigner Lord Alton
Mar 27, 202101:14
Christine Flowers: Some things in the Catholic Church will never change
Mar 27, 202102:17
Canceling Matrimony
Mar 26, 202104:45
California Legislator Retreats from Plan to Purge Law Enforcement of Republicans, Conservative Believers
Mar 26, 202103:38
Federal Court Ends DC Church Restrictions
Mar 26, 202104:05