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The Women's Well

The Women's Well

By Lisa M. Miller

Welcome to the Women's Well, a place to nourish your health and spirit. Well guests are ordinary extraordinary women with a story, and in the telling, they shine inspiration for us all.

Here at The Well, we’re about the hard earned wisdom that comes from the deep work of healing -- We’re about making meaning from hardship. And humor, of course, which is often right there, next to the rough spots.
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5 - Donna Foster, Licensed Dietician and Nutrition Counselor

The Women's WellApr 04, 2021

8 - Setting Boundries with Janelle, Alyssa & Ruth

8 - Setting Boundries with Janelle, Alyssa & Ruth

Is there an ugly sweater in that gift bag? You’d better appreciate the Granny who knitted it for you!

In our final episode at The Well this spring: Dr. Janelle McNeal, Alyssa Erickson, and, Ruth Nelson:

Women from 19 through 53 talk about emotional boundaries: What they are, why they’re vital (and sometimes not), and how they’re so much about taking up enough space in our own lives.  And others.

”Even if I am not someone who imagines myself having fences up, I need to be very comfortable with the fact that other people really, really need and like to have fences.” ~Ruth

”I’m one who always wants to say yes...I have to tell myself at the end of the day, for my own personal energy threshold, that I need to be able to say no sometimes.  It’s not something I want to do, it’s something I have to do.” ~Alyssa

“I wholeheartedly believe that I am responsible for my own happiness— yup I’m not counting on anyone else to make me happy, that’s my job....There are times though, when I will do something for someone else that would be to the detriment of my own happiness, because of the level of love, or respect, for that person.” ~Janelle

“I’m really measuring the cost. What is it going to cost me to be a little uncomfortable doing this thing for you that I know you need, and if I can accept the cost of doing this thing, then I give it, no strings attached.” ~Lisa

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