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Prolific Pulse Press Podcast

By Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld

The Prolific Pulse is all about poetry and other writing.
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Poet Talk with Elliot Rubin

Prolific Pulse Press PodcastJul 25, 2023

Poet Talk with Elliot Rubin

Poet Talk with Elliot Rubin

Tune in to this lively conversation with Elliot M. Rubin, author of "Show Me the Banksy" now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online stores. Official Release date: July 28, 2023 Amazon: Barnes & Noble:

Jul 25, 202321:25
Book Launch of Sarfraz Ahmed's "The Ramblings of a Romantic Poet"

Book Launch of Sarfraz Ahmed's "The Ramblings of a Romantic Poet"

Featuring Sarfraz Ahmed with his latest release "The Ramblings of a Romantic Poet"

About Sarfraz: Sarfraz Ahmed is a UK writer and poet. His published books include poetry debut Eighty-Four Pins – Poetry Collection (June 2020) and My Teachers an Alien! (November 2020). Two Hearts – A Journey into Heartfelt Poetry (February 2021) with Annette Tarpley and Stab the Pomegranate – Collective Poetry (August 2021). In February 2022, he released Eighty-Four Pins – Poetry Collection (Second Edition). And now we celebrate the launch of The Ramblings of a Romantic Poet (McKinley Publishing Hub).

Welcoming Special Guests Brandi Begin and elliot m. rubin

About Brandi: Brandi Begin is an elementary school teacher in the United States with an avid passion for poetry. As someone who has struggled with mental health, she finds writing to be a powerful outlet in processing various challenges. She began sharing her poetry with a goal to inspire, motivate, and provide hope to others. Some topics she has written about include mental health, love, societal issues, and more. Her work has been included in several published anthologies and virtual magazines. In her free time she enjoys traveling with her husband, running, and spending time with loved ones. Her poems can be found on her Instagram, BBeginPoetry.

About Elliot: elliot m. rubin is a New Jersey poet who has published over thirty books of poems, facilitates two Zoom poetry critique groups, posts daily on Instagram and has over 10,000 poets following him. He also won first place in the Poets Corner Poetry Contest and has had poems published in assorted anthologies.

Jun 25, 202358:42
Poetry Meets Music featuring Bill Cushing and Chuck Corbisiero

Poetry Meets Music featuring Bill Cushing and Chuck Corbisiero

Nearly 50 years ago, Chuck Corbisiero and Bill Cushing grew up across the street from each other. Now the two have gotten together to present a show consisting of Bill’s poetry and Chuck’s musical musings. The two reconnected at the end of 2015 when Bill presented a reading commemorating his publication in an anthology called Stories of Music. Now their mutual love of music has brought them together to offer a unique look at the world through the marriage of music and writing that the two have called “Notes and Letters.” Bill, an MFA graduate from Goddard College in Vermont, has lived in the Los Angeles area for 20 years and teaches English at area community colleges, has been publishing professionally since 1987 and began poetry as a serious avocation two years later. Chuck, a guitarist who plays Jazz, Blues, Brazilian and various other musical genres, earned his B.F.A. in Musical Performance and Arranging at the City University of New York - The City College during Gil Evans' tenure as Artist in Residence from 1982 to 1983, also plays stand-up bass and worked as Eddy Arnold's guitarist until 1992. He moved to the area in 1991when he began his family. Now their mutual love of music has brought them together to offer a unique look at the world through the marriage of music and writing called “Notes and Letters.” Last March, the two performed during the open mic segment of the Second Sunday Poetry Series held at the Studio Theatre in Los Angeles. Based on that, they have secured their first stand-alone show, which will be held at the Bolton Hall Museum on the afternoon of Sunday, July 24 and is being sponsored by the Village Poets of Sunland; Tujunga. Back together again—for the first time, and available “We’d actually like to put on some events before that date,” Bill said, noting that although they are working on several promotional ideas and projects, there is no hard-and-fast schedule they have to meet. “We are playing it by ear—much like we do our own presentation. We aren’t locked into any solidly rigid structure, and even the performances are ‘informal’ to a great degree, which is by design.” The two have culled together poems that touch on topics as varied as nature, the city, religion, Peru, and Puerto Rico as well as music itself. Two items on their to-do list already completed are the publication of a short chapbook of the material to be used and the opening of a Facebook page dedicated to posting information as well as prior performances. Both items are similarly named “Notes and Letters.” The book is available online through either Amazon or Lulu Publishing.

Apr 29, 202329:45
Poet Talk with Wil Michael Wrenn About his Latest Poetry Book Release "Fog"

Poet Talk with Wil Michael Wrenn About his Latest Poetry Book Release "Fog"

This book is about losing loved ones and the world of imagination and experience surrounding that, and it is dedicated to those who have passed over, in the hope and belief that souls never die … and love never dies. Wil Michael Wrenn is a poet/songwriter who lives in rural north Mississippi. He has an MFA from Lindenwood University and is a songwriter/publisher member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). His work has appeared in numerous journals, magazines, and anthologies, and he has published three books of poems, the most recent two having been published by Silver Bow Publishing, BC, Canada. Fog can be found by going to prolificpulse,com where links can be found.

Apr 26, 202311:42
Poet Talk with Mouna Saquaque
Apr 24, 202321:10
Writer Talk with Steve Fox

Writer Talk with Steve Fox met with Steve Fox to talk about his excellent short story collection "Sometimes Creek." Watch and Listen to this amazing writer. You can find his book on his website or on online stores.

Mar 16, 202329:18
Poet Talk with David Romanda

Poet Talk with David Romanda David Romanda's Why Does She Always Talk About Her Husband? is minimalist poetry at its finest-quick, punchy, and deceptively spare. Romanda stands on the shoulders of modern greats, such as Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, and Charles Simic, adding his own offbeat, rebel playfulness, exploring topics such as love, loneliness, sickness, and joy. These are poems that beg to be read aloud and shared with others. Readers will recognize themselves in his clever observations and smile or even laugh out loud.

Mar 16, 202313:21
Rebecca N. Herz talks about her book "Homecoming"

Rebecca N. Herz talks about her book "Homecoming"

Thank you for listening to this podcast with Rebecca N. Harz. You can find all her links by going to this link: an autographed copy of Homecoming? Send an email to and Rebecca will be glad to send you a copy.  As always, it is a pleasure to interview for Prolific Pulse Press LLC where we take our poets and other writers seriously.   Blessings and Peace, Lisa

Jan 26, 202321:12
Book Launch for Richard Fireman's debut poetry book: "Constellations"

Book Launch for Richard Fireman's debut poetry book: "Constellations"

Welcome to the Book Launch for Richard Fireman's debut poetry book "Constellations." Sit back and enjoy these beautiful presentations by esteemed poets.   To purchase a copy of "Constellations" go to to access online stores.  

Thank you to the following folks who read selected poems for this event:  elliot m rubin is an exciting american poet who has been in numerous anthologies and books of poems. His free verse style of writing is refreshing and easily understood. You can find him on 

Sherry Reiter, PhD, Director of the Creative “Righting” Center, Co-Author of Writing Away the Demons: Stories of creative Coping Through Transformative Writing; 

Carol Johns, recently retired teacher of English, taught juniors and seniors for the Marine Academy of Science and Technology for 27 years. As the school’s basic focus is math and science, Carol worked arduously to include challenging literature and art into the curriculum.  In 2019, she lost her husband of 45 years, and works diligently to keep her adult children close. In retirement, she hopes to pursue some creative goals, such as drawing, oil painting, writing, but it seems that cooking is the art form with the most magnetic sway. She is also an amateur gardener and furniture refinisher. Carol avidly reads medical and nutritional literature and serves as an effective and accurate advisor to her friends and family on health issues.  Carol lives in Long Branch with her adult daughter and 4 cats, and yes, it is possible that they are both crazy cat women.  

Dona McCormack is a writer and editor based in Ohio, where she lives with and loves her Michael and many non-human children. You can find her on Instagram: @donasbooks or @itcomesdowntochance  

Perie Longo, PhD  Santa Barbara, CA Poet Laureate Emerita Author of Baggage Claim

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Dec 19, 202248:24
Poet Talk with Richard Fireman
Dec 06, 202229:05
Author Talk With Reggie Jarrell

Author Talk With Reggie Jarrell

Reggie Jarrell currently is an instructor of communication at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. His professional education experience includes teaching at St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa; Southern University - New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana; and Alcorn State University, Lorman, Mississippi; as well as adjunct positions at two Iowa and Illinois community colleges. His legal experience includes work as an assistant public defender, Rock Island County and staff attorney, Prairie State Legal Services both in Rock Island, Illinois. His communications experience includes but is not limited to the following:  television production staff, Family Radio, Oakland, California; newspaper staff reporter, The Moline Publishing Company, Moline, Illinois; and television news reporter, WHO-TV, Des Moines, Iowa. He has also worked as a janitor and shoe salesperson.  His ministry experience includes serving as interim pastor, Progressive Baptist Church, Davenport, Iowa.  

Jarrell has earned Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity degrees from the Berkeley School of Theology (formerly the American Baptist Seminary of the West) Berkeley, California; Juris Doctor degree, University of Iowa College of Law, Iowa City, Iowa; Master of Science degree, Mass Communication and Journalism, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa; and a Bachelor of Arts degree, Communication, The American University, Washington, D.C.   

Jarrell and his wife, Canetha, live in Wichita, Kansas, and they have three adult children and six grandchildren. His hobbies include creative writing, having previously published a memoir, “31 Days (Nights),” and a children’s book, “Wings.” His other interests includes theater, film, guitar, and travel. Dogs are his favorite animal and the family pet is a small Yorkie/Poodle mix.  

You can learn more about 31 Days (Nights) and purchase your copy here:

Dec 04, 202222:43
Poet Talk with Nicole Bethune

Poet Talk with Nicole Bethune

Poet, Ceramic Artist & Yoga Teacher

Sep 28, 202219:40
Poet Talk with Laura Wize
Sep 23, 202224:05
Poet Talk with Steve Anc
Aug 29, 202219:52
Poet Talk with Kathrine Yets
Aug 29, 202224:03
Poet Talk with Ambika Devi
Aug 01, 202248:54
Poet Talk with Elaine Sexton
Jun 16, 202230:43
Poet Talk with Kika Man
Jun 14, 202215:58
Poet Talk with Chris Abbate
May 23, 202239:03
Author Talk with Tiffany Kouadio
May 02, 202219:55
Prolific Writers Discussion About "Twisted Trees, Analogous to Life"

Prolific Writers Discussion About "Twisted Trees, Analogous to Life"

David Martin of Fine Lines Literary Journal

Nanci Arvizu of the Garden of Neuro Institute and Nanci Arvizu .com

Zaneta Varnado Johns of Zan Expressions, who also has published her new poetry collection "After the Rainbow: Golden Poems" among her other wonderful works, all available on her website

Jill Sharon Kimmelman recent author of You Are the Poem

Lisa Tomey of Prolific Pulse Press LLC

Offer a lively discussion about the concept of the Twisted Tree as used analogous to writing. 

Feb 16, 202253:31
Poet Talk with Walter Stephen Geeding

Poet Talk with Walter Stephen Geeding

Walter Stephen Geeding comes from a family of law-enforcement professionals. His father – was FBI; his great-grandfather - former City Marshall of Lanagan in McDonald County; his nephew - a detective in Newton County, MO, is now an instructor of criminology. 1999 through 2006 saw Steve serving McDonald County, Missouri as Elected Prosecutor. In 2007 he opened his solo law firm, W. Stephen Geeding, Attorney at Law, LLC. Steve was born in Washington D.C., but raised in southwestern MO, where his people and his roots are. He attended Missouri Southern State College, before going on to receive his Juris Doctorate in 1996. Steve is former president of Newton/McDonald County Bar Association, the River shares Committee, CRP Committee and Adult, Juvenile, and Family Drug Court. Currently, Steve is a member of Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Missouri Family Law List Serve, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and the North America Hunting Club.

Steve has resided in McDonald County for the last 33 years with his wife Linda. Their blended family has 6 children and 14 grandchildren. He has written and published a trilogy of fantasy and time travel, with a creational theme, based around actual events happening on Earth today. He has published a small book of Christmas poems and short stories. Steve is editing a fifth book, set in 1822 New Mexico, the first in a new fictional series of time travel, is working on the second book in that series, and is attempting to format a full volume of poetry amassed over the last thirty plus years. He has also finished a children’s book, which is currently being illustrated.

Steve’s logo is the word Solitaire, in his words “a diamond in the rough.” Why Solitaire you might ask and his reply would be: Solitaire is my life, my logo. It is best explained by this: Born in Washington DC to an FBI agent, I moved back home to Missouri at an early age, grew up, married, more than once, raised my kids and bought a place on the river I named Solitaire. It has kept me sane and is truly my diamond in the rough.


Jan 17, 202224:54
Writer's Talk with Warren Ashworth & Susan Kander with Special Guest Michael Poage

Writer's Talk with Warren Ashworth & Susan Kander with Special Guest Michael Poage

We have shifted gears at the PPPP and let a couple of phenomenal writers into the mix. After all, there is one poem in this book "We the House."

About the book:

Mrs. Peale has been dead for 38 years and Ambleside is a new Italianate house on the Kansas prairie when her existential yelp sparks the beginning of an unforgettable relationship. We, the House begins in 1878 in a frontier town on the Kansas prairie where a battered Civil War Union veteran builds his new wife her dream house, an Italianate glory she names Ambleside. Soon an early American portrait of Mrs. Simon Peale arrives from Hartford, Connecticut to dignify the dining room wall. When the portrait’s existential yelp causes house and painting to discover each other, Ambleside is a perfect ‘tabula rasa,’ almost literally born yesterday, and Mrs. Peale a devastated young widow, a starchy professor of Latin, who has been dead since 1841. Together, through the lives and generations of ‘their’ family, this disarming odd couple witness and try to comprehend the panorama of American social history–from women’s suffrage, three wars, the ice box, photography, and the invention of the twoby-four, to indoor plumbing and electrification, the Dust Bowl, the Depression, and Dachau, foxglove, the Love That Dare Not Speak its Name, the song of the catbird, and Little Women. Over the decades, a most unusual love develops between them and quietly deepens, until one day in 2010 an art historian from New York happens to see the portrait of Mrs. Peale and, abruptly, everything changes.

About the Authors

More information is at available at 

Dec 07, 202144:25
Jill Sharon Kimmelman talks about her new poetry book You Are the Poem
Nov 04, 202147:31
Poet Talk with Andrea Carter Brown

Poet Talk with Andrea Carter Brown

Andrea Carter Brown website and book September 12

Garden of Neuro A women's meta network collective of wisdom keepers and seekers. Women Led. #SafeandBraveSpace

Andrea Carter Brown is a former resident of downtown Manhattan. On the morning of the attacks, she fled her apartment a block away from the World Trade Center amidst the destruction, not knowing if or when she would ever return. In September 12, published by Word Works Books, Brown shares her eyewitness account of the day that changed history and its tragic aftermath.

In the words of New York’s poet laureate Alicia Ostriker, September 12 witnesses “how the experience lives on and on, through shock and terror, through the kindness of strangers, through the heart of a beloved, through grief and elegy, through normality that will never again be normal." Poems from the book have been recognized by the James Dickey Prize, the River Styx International Poetry Prize, the National Poet Hunt from The MacGuffin, Split This Rock, NPR, and the Library of Congress Online Guide to the Poetry of 9/11.

Sep 10, 202152:53
Mic Drop- The Ink Well by Lisa Tomey

Mic Drop- The Ink Well by Lisa Tomey

Music by tobylane from Pixabay "The Future Bass-5024"

Aug 10, 202101:45
Coffee Table Talk with Sandra Beckwith - Book Marketing
Jul 20, 202155:50
Poet Talk with Bingz Huang by Lisa Tomey
Jul 16, 202128:47
Mic Drop - Love of Self by Lisa Tomey
Jul 07, 202101:19
Poet Talk featuring Julie Sellers with Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk featuring Julie Sellers with Lisa Tomey

Julie Sellers is an Associate Professor of Spanish at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. Author of three academic books, her creative prose and poetry has appeared in Cagibi, Eastern Iowa Review, Wanderlust, and Kansas Time + Place. Kansas Author’s Club 2020 Prose Writer of the Year, she is a lifelong fan of Anne of Green Gables.

Blue Cedar Press: Kindred Verse: Poems Inspired by Anne of Green Gables, by award-winning author Julie A. Sellers. Sellers’s book resonates deeply with many as it was inspired by Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables. Kindred Verse is available for online purchase through

Sellers was named the 2020 Prose Writer of the Year by the Kansas Authors Club and is excited to have her poetry recognized as well.

Sellers explains her affinity with Annie in the book’s preface, saying, “Like Anne, I was often deemed impractical or scatterbrained, and my literary aspirations were mocked. But with Anne, I now knew I was not alone. If Anne existed and continued to exist in print after all those years, others must have identified with her, too, I reasoned, and I knew exactly who those people were: my kindred spirits. If a piece of literature could so succinctly portray who we were, then I, too, intended to share my own writing with the world.”

Elizabeth Rollins Epperly, Professor Emerita and founder of the L.M. Montgomery Institute at the University of Prince Edward Island, said the poems are transformative and illustrate why the novel is a classic.

“Julie Sellers shares a lifetime reader’s pilgrimage to real and imagined places and moments, reflecting on her younger selves,” Epperly said. “Wise and gently playful, these beautiful pieces also celebrate a timeless nostalgia.”

Sellers and the publisher collaborated with Jay Wallace, assistant professor in Benedictine College’s Department of Art & Architecture, on the book design. “Jay understood my vision perfectly,” Sellers said. “He captured the sensibilities of the pieces in the book and cover design and brought them to life.”

Sellers is holding readings for interested groups. For more information, follow the author


Jul 05, 202118:32
Poet Talk with Cassa Bassa by Lisa Tomey
Jun 23, 202133:01
Poet Talk with Chyrel J. Jackson and Lyris D. Wallace

Poet Talk with Chyrel J. Jackson and Lyris D. Wallace

Mirrored Images

From Amazon: "Two sisters and authors are back with their follow-up sequel Mirrored Images. This is where their story in Different Sides of the Same Coin left off. In this poetic adaptation Chyrel J. Jackson and Lyris D. Wallace attempt to navigate the pouring rains of life conditions as they tell their tale in poetic contemporary modern verse reflecting on present day social and political events facing the Black community. In this heartrending collection of poems, the sisters further deal with life as it unfolds as they try to arrive to a collective center of peace and understanding. Mirrored Images is a written meditation about people’s sometimes darker actions and motives. We journey with these ladies as they honestly tackle racism, frayed familial dynamics and embracing a sister bond that has proven to be impenetrable. This time around Blues is the preferred backdrop of their gripping tale. Prepare to be wowed beyond expectation as these writings and poems deliver more of everything you loved in book one while remaining authentically true to their soulful and riveting narrative as Black women. Where their first collection of Black Expression revisited Harlem Renaissance and cashed with 2018-2019 social unrest. In Mirrored Images they rip the bandages off human life experience and force you to see what most are happier pretending just does not exist at all. Spoken word is back and these literary writers take social conflict and unrest to brand-new unchartered heights."

Chyrel J. Jackson and Lyris D. Wallace are avid lovers, readers and writers of African American Literature. They grew up in a Southern Suburb of Chicago, IL. Country Club Hills. As young girls they read Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Judy Blume novels. College was the real scholastic awakening introducing these two Literary Enthusiasts to the Literary works of their great ancestors: James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez. These writers influenced Chyrel and Lyris. It only makes sense that they would now be writing in the Spirit of these ancestors. Giving a voice to social issues that plague our modern time.

They have written for much of their adult lives. Political Opinion Editorials, Book Reviews, Romance Novels, Television Show Treatments, Journaling, and Poetry are what these sisters enjoy writing best. When asked why they write? Their answer, they write for visibility. They want to be a voice for all those who feel they have something of value to say but aren’t capable of putting it in their own words.

Words surpass life, love and loss. Writers are born when life intersects with time and chance. You will always find them doing what they love reading, and writing. Writing, and telling stories is how they fulfill their divine purpose. You can’t ignore what is so visible and undeniable. Writing saved us at our lowest points in living. We hope to provide healing through our writing. We want to uplift others through their pain as writing has uplifted us and provided great healing in time of profound despair and hurt. Throughout the passage of time words remain.

Jun 08, 202133:18
Poet Talk with Robin Klammer - by Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk with Robin Klammer - by Lisa Tomey

Words to Light My Way Home

About Robin Klammer:

In a teeny tiny secluded town in Northern Ontario of Canada, Robin longs for the sunny days of normalcy before the Covid-19 era. Just this past long night of winter, (cue Game of Thrones theme music), she found herself in envy of the many birds who flew within sight of her kitchen window. 

When Robin doesn't have her nose stuck in one of the many books she hoards, you'll often catch her daydreaming. About what; nobody knows. She loves animals and nature, except the bugs, though she understands they're part and parcel of the world at large. 

One day, in the not too far future, she hopes to travel and have an acreage with goats, and maybe a donkey, but definitely cats and dogs and a parrot. Robin wears her heart on her sleeve, though she often scowls like an ogre. She hopes you'll understand this quirk.

In the meantime, she'll keep working on her writing projects and get some much needed, albeit macabre, humor out into the world as well. You can find more of Robin's writing on 

Jun 04, 202114:00
Book Review and Reading Carla M. Cherry's "Stardust and Skin"
May 18, 202102:45
Poet Talk with David Brower by Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk with David Brower by Lisa Tomey


May 14, 202142:11
Poet Talk with Geza Tatrallyay by Lisa Tomey
May 13, 202125:30
Poet Talk with Larry Berger by Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk with Larry Berger by Lisa Tomey

Instant Poetry

The Green Lantern a guide for achieving the American dream, Volume 2


Poet's & Writer's

Bio:  Larry has been a working Poet since 1999. He appeared in the LA Spoken documentation and at festivals in Denver, Los Angeles and Rochester. He has written 9 books of original poetry  and a Spoken word CD which sold out. He is best known as an "instant poet" hence the title of his book "Instant Poetry (Just add words!)" He has a chapbook version of "Entitlement: Instant Poetry (just add words!) volume 2" and "Word Dancing: instant poetry Just add words! volume three" is under consideration with a publisher. He also works as a Laugher and Success Coach. He stated "I'm available for interviews. Lets chat! "

May 10, 202113:03
Poet's Coffee Table Talk - The Craft of Poetry
May 09, 202144:11
Tangles + Knots by Pratibha Savani - Book Review
Apr 28, 202101:10
Interview with David Martin, Founder of Fine Lines Literary Journal
Apr 27, 202136:09
Poet Talk with Yumica P. Thompson by Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk with Yumica P. Thompson by Lisa Tomey

Yumica P. Thompson, born and raised in Southeast Washington D.C. is the CEO of Prose Goals, LLC, author of More Than Just Poetry, Co-Author of upcoming book Soulful Affirmations with award-winning and best-selling author Cheryl Polote-Willamson, Vice President of 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Friend Connection DC, Co-Host of Facebook live Meet the Author, parent advocate, and prayer warrior.

From a very young age, poetry lived in her. While taking classes at The University of the District of Columbia, she discovered unique consciousness with writing, wisdom, and time. Writing poetry helped her heal from past hurts. Wisdom gave her insight to move forward and overcome obstacles. Time continues to create room to mature her passions and purpose.

The poems, insight, self-reflection, and prayers in her debut book "More Than Just Poetry: Insight for Overcoming Obstacles" have been written purposefully and intentionally to help create an intimate space for healing, forgiveness, and a new perspective on love to make it easier to face your feelings and move past the obstacles of life experiences and trauma.

Personal experiences and world events inspire all subject matters and poems in her book.

Book Link

Apr 20, 202129:42
Coffee Table Talk - Let's Talk About Poetry Groups and Hear Some Poetry
Apr 20, 202159:24
Poet Talk with Leon Stevens by Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk with Leon Stevens by Lisa Tomey

Lines by Leon Podcast

Lines by Leon Website

From Leon's Website: "I am an author, composer, and an artist. I published my first book of poetry: Lines by Leon – Poems, Prose, and Pictures in January 2020 and a book of original classical guitar compositions. My latest book is a short story compilation of science fiction/post-apocalyptic tales called, The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories."

Music by Pixabay "Awakening Instrumental" by Wataboi

Apr 17, 202111:32
Poet Talk with Jesse Stanchak by Lisa Tomey
Apr 15, 202129:01
Poet Talk with Lisa Dailey by Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk with Lisa Dailey by Lisa Tomey

Lisa Dailey is the owner of Sidekick Press in Bellingham, Washington. Her indie publishing house focuses on memoir, anthology, poetry, as well as selected works of fiction. What started with a handful of poets writing COVID-19-related poetry and the effects of being in quarantine during National Poetry Writing Month in April quickly evolved into a desire to combine the works into an anthology. Red Wheelbarrow Writers’ third publication and first book of poetry, This Uncommon Solitude, was published by Sidekick Press on October 15, 2020.

This Uncommon Solitude captures the myriad and diverse experiences during these times of quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, poetry has helped connect us, one to another, as we share experiences and insights, express our grief and sadness, fears and pain, gratitude and hope. Encouraged by poets Susan Chase-Foster, Victoria Doerper, and Joe Nolting, typical prose writers in the Red Wheelbarrow Writers’ group took up the challenge to harness their inner poets. This Uncommon Solitude is the result of a true collaboration, created with tenderness for a tender time in history.

Here is the link for the launch event.

Also, if folks want to hear more reading from This Uncommon Solitude, they can do so here:

Apr 13, 202114:11
Poet Talk - in Remembrance of Lisa F. Gullo with Editor, Victoria Hyla Maldonado by Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk - in Remembrance of Lisa F. Gullo with Editor, Victoria Hyla Maldonado by Lisa Tomey

Poet Biography
from the Editor, Victoria: "Lisa F. Gullo was a prolific poet who never had the courage to publish her work during her lifetime. She used her writing to try to work through the demons and traumas in her life that included child sexual abuse, hemiplegic migraines and seizures, depression, anxiety, questions of faith, relationships, and attempts at suicide, which ultimately took her life in December 2018. With her family’s permission, her nearly 500 poems were collected and anthologized and became an epic chronicle of her intimate battles and journey to faith."
Note from the Editor, Victoria Maldonado: I am the editor and introduction writer of the collection, and I am submitting this on her behalf to gain awareness for the collection that has already helped so many with traumas in their own lives. In addition, numerous pieces of artwork were donated by artists and photographers to illustrate various poems on the collection.

Website landing page for her book:
Amazon ebook:
Print copies:
All Author:

Victoria Hyla Maldonado

Author (Victoria J. Hyla, "In Death We Part," "Running in the Mists," "Awake in Elysian Fields") "Bartleby the Brave," "Miedosin el Valiente," "Tears for the Butterfly" (coming soon)


(Lisa F. Gullo's "The Evidence I Have Lived" among others)

Freelance Writer

Apr 13, 202135:33
Poet Talk with Howard Moon by Lisa Tomey
Apr 09, 202139:55
Poet Talk with Bill Cushing by Lisa Tomey
Apr 09, 202142:06
Book Review - Juntu Ahjee's "Ebonology"

Book Review - Juntu Ahjee's "Ebonology"

Juntu Ahjee is a writer, which, considering where you are reading this makes perfect sense. Originally from Oklahoma City, OK, he began his journey in 1979 at age 10, writing short horror stories which attracted the attention of his English and social study teachers. During his formative years, his writing would evolve into historical essays, journals based on social issues which earned accolades through youth super scholar programs. In 1988, he earned an Urban Spirit Award for his essay on freedom of speech, that led to a literary scholarship to the University of Chicago. In 1999, he relocated to Seattle, WA and embarked on music writing. He was a ‘ghostwriter’ for several local hip-hop artists, to which he recorded underground influential songs like ‘Back in the Hood’ and ‘A Million Dead N***AS’ regarding social consciousness and political corruption in the urban communities. In 2007, he strongly took to poetry, writing several critically acclaimed pieces. In 2019, his poem, ‘81st Street’ won the 2019 National Poetry Award for Nubian Poets. After many years of struggling through life tribulations, Juntu was encouraged through family & friends to pursue a writing career. Although he continues to write literary essays on his personal website, his short stories range from crime dramas, historical fiction, comedies, thrillers, family dramas, and westerns. He has many more efforts in current development soon to be released. As Juntu would say, “You are the author of your own story, embrace every chapter!”


Apr 08, 202101:16
Poet Talk with Michael Poage by Lisa Tomey

Poet Talk with Michael Poage by Lisa Tomey

Michael Poage was born in Virginia and has lived and worked in New England, California, Montana, Kansas and overseas in Latvia, Palestine, Mexico, Gaza and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has twelve books of poems published prior to this new book. He worked various jobs before becoming ordained in the United Church of Christ and serving three congregations in Kansas. He has also taught at Friends University, Wichita State University, the University of Latvia and Dzemal Bijedic University in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he also served as Poet-in-Residence, 2017-18. When not in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he and his wife, the historian and writer, Dr. Gretchen Eick, live in Wichita, Kansas.

You Must Have Your Famine

Apr 07, 202149:20