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The Hidden Workforce

The Hidden Workforce

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A show about the positive impact people with different abilities bring to the workforce.
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Oklahoma State Representative Jeff Boatman

The Hidden Workforce Aug 05, 2022

Laralea's Dog Spa and Executive Director Robin Arter

Laralea's Dog Spa and Executive Director Robin Arter

Sharing our love!

Laralea, Teryn and "Ready Worker" Shelby

What to look for when looking for a groomer.

9999 S Mingo Rd, Suite T, Tulsa, OK

(539) 367-4116

Robin Arter Director at Think Ability Inc. talks about who they support in the Duncan community.

Sep 22, 202335:41
Alex Weddington Remote Reporter and Sadi Blalock

Alex Weddington Remote Reporter and Sadi Blalock

Duncan's remote reporter

Sep 20, 202328:06
The Bond Duo

The Bond Duo

The Bond Duo Maggie and Tyler Bond Public Speakers, Brother and Sister share their passion and advocacy efforts for Oklahomans and people with different abilities Worldwide.

Sep 20, 202328:09
Konner Wayne Dog Handler Alex Weddington- Adventures With Alex
Sep 02, 202328:52
Your child's brain on gaming with Daniele Hillyer

Your child's brain on gaming with Daniele Hillyer

Welcome to THW show, my sister Daniele Hillyer

Jul 26, 202341:47
Think Ability

Think Ability

Think Ability Inc. is a multi-service organization that provides residential services, and independent living supports services for people with intellectual, cognitive, and other related developmental disabilities

Jul 19, 202329:26
Detective Baylor Pittinger

Detective Baylor Pittinger

This week we talk with Detective Baylor Pittinger, of the Sapulpa police department.
Jun 30, 202328:50
Paul Fam and Road trip to Pawhuska and Skiatook, OK

Paul Fam and Road trip to Pawhuska and Skiatook, OK

This week, on The Hidden Workforce, host Lisa is taking us right into an intake meeting with Mr. Paul Fam and his mother Amani. They are going to tell you all about why they choose Rise Staffing as their provider agency and Paul is going to explain what he's been doing, and his plans for the future.

Next, we're going to step outside of the regular Hidden Workforce zone and drive up to Pawhuska and have some fun with my friends. We'll eat at the Ree Drummonds Mercantile in Pawhuska Oklahoma. Lisa interviews some restaurant guests about the food, and we meet Brittany our fabulous waitstaff person.

Last on our road trip we stop by the witch's grave in Skiatook Oklahoma!

Jun 23, 202329:00
Courtney Gaines⁠ and Mery McNett
Jun 21, 202328:60
So Much Going ON!!

So Much Going ON!!

This weekend on the Hidden Workforce we have so much going on. Our remote reporter Kelsey O'Halloran takes us to the heart of customers service at the Tulsa zoo when she interviews Patrick Weisz, Vice President of Guest Experience.

Raitta Rogers is back and guess what? She produced a documentary of her experience as she Broke out of Prison, the documentary premieres this Sunday June 4, 2023, at The Roxy Theater 220 W Okmulgee St. Muskogee, OK 74401. This is a must-see film, question and answer period, a red-carpet event and free cookies from Sponsor Money Where Ya Mouth is Sweets N Treats, Gift cards , a brand-new bike and much more. This event is important to the hidden workforce because Raitta is a powerful force advocating for her community, young women and helps young men know how to treat woman. Respect, inclusion and grace is good for the hidden workforce and everyone. Call 1800-764-7598 for more information.

Remember Extreme Makeover Home Edition in 2010 Tulsa? Thats when Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Tulsa to build a house near TU. Well, this weekend we take you behind the scenes to the second-place project for Tulsa. Thats right Lisa Toth of Rise staffing and a few volunteers submitted another home for consideration. Were we notified that if the winning project did not move forward, our submission would take its place. Obviously, we didn't get that opportunity to help a family served by our residential service division. That didn't stop us, however. Mr. Toby Powell from Concept Builders was the contractor who provided me with free advice about the submission to EMOHE. When we did not get the project Mr. Powell sent his own workers out to our customers' home and made many high dollar repairs free of charge.

Mr. Toby Powell is a humble man who does not like to be recognized but he sits down for a short interview with Lisa. Join us as we go down memory lane, we are talking 2008-2010.

Jun 06, 202328:49
It's official, the Tulsa Airport is for everyone!!
May 27, 202328:46
Youthworks Pizza Factory, Youthworks Ranch and Champion Best Buddies Fundraiser at Tee Pee Drive-In

Youthworks Pizza Factory, Youthworks Ranch and Champion Best Buddies Fundraiser at Tee Pee Drive-In

Join Lisa on this weeks The Hidden Workforce as she uncovers what's going on at the Youthworks Pizza factory and Youthworks Ranch, helping kids learn and grow healthy!

Next she'll talk about our newest drive-in the Tee Pee Drive-In in Sapulpa. Join us for a free screening of Champions and celebrate inclusion for the Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) community. Donations will be accepted at the gate for entry and all concession profits will be donated back to Best Buddies.

May 20, 2023 at 6:00 PM Tee Pee Drive-in Theater 13166 West Ozark TrailSapulpa, OK 74066

May 19, 202328:31
Job Connections
May 13, 202328:42
Masonic Charity Foundation
May 02, 202307:60
Autumn Kincade
Apr 27, 202307:57
Coach Lance Watson of Oral Roberts University
Apr 27, 202307:59
Special Kids Care
Apr 27, 202307:58
Dr. Patti Hipsher
Apr 14, 202319:05
 Lola Palazzo of The Abbey Mausoleum and Kelsey O'Halloran
Mar 31, 202318:29
Tulsa's own Fox 23's Julia Gorman
Mar 17, 202318:56
World Baseball Outreach Sports Center.
Mar 09, 202328:02
Samantha Galloway
Mar 09, 202318:56
Morgan Jones of Love Jones Services
Feb 15, 202317:36
Schlitz Masheleni and LABR

Schlitz Masheleni and LABR

Schlitz Masheleni joins us on this week's Hidden Workforce, listen as he shares about growing up in Zimbabwe and what He's up to in the United States particularly in Tulsa Oklahoma.  You won't believe the product Schlitz will be sharing with you listeners.

It is a resource for the new workforce we are currently experiencing.  Work?  Guess what? There's an app for that, it's called LABR.  Find out how you can get paid right away and inside information as to how Rise Staffing is using this app.


Jan 31, 202319:01
Ready Worker- Shelby and McDonald

Ready Worker- Shelby and McDonald

Lisa goes on site at the McDonalds on 71st St and Yale to interview Shelby her job coach Stephanie and  Micco Carter, Christy Castrejon, Nicole Tanzy US Food,  Bob Wagners McDonald's franchise.

Learn why everyone is happy that Shelby is part of the McFamily.

Jan 23, 202319:06
Amy Jenkins

Amy Jenkins

Amy Jenkins, she is a process improvement consultant at ONE Gas in OKC who has Muscular Dystrophy. She worked her way up from an entry-level, temporary job to the top of ONE Gas with help twice from OK Dept. of Rehabilitation Services’ employment program.

Now she’s a taxpayer who no longer needs government services.

She is also an example of how Oklahomans from all over the state can benefit and change their lives with DRS’ help.

Jan 19, 202319:06
It's school lunch ,ready worker, and the corn kid!

It's school lunch ,ready worker, and the corn kid!

Go behind the scenes of school lunch
Jan 07, 202308:00
Teri and Brooke are everything

Teri and Brooke are everything

Direct support professional Brooke Andrews takes on her journey with Teri Burnstein.
Jan 07, 202307:60
Frankoma Pottery

Frankoma Pottery

Hooray Frankoma is open ! Now you can go to the retail store 17117 S Union Ave, Glenpool, OK 74033 to fill your stocking with fabulous Frankoma Pottery.

Owner Denis Glasscock takes on a verbal tour of the store.  ou can  listen to Frankoma History find out about what they are doing now and how to your piece of Frankoma Pottery.

Trela and Katie will be there making and glazing special designed just for Frankoma , Orville Knight vases.

Come out this Saturday December 17 at 11am to meet artist Orville Wright and purchase a signed Frankoma Vase.

Dec 16, 202219:01
Road trip to Colorado

Road trip to Colorado

Buckle your seat belts listeners, we are in for an exciting ride.  Come along with me to A little town south of Durango Colorado to visit my Sister.   That's right it's gonna be a sister show plus guest stars with my niece nephew and brother in  law Garrey Hillyer.  Gary is going to take us behind the scenes of Southwest Ag his family Kabota dealership.

My niece will take us to her college campus and make sure that I get a Fort Lewis T-shirt on my 1st day so hang tight again it's going To be a monkey and fun fun ride.

Dec 05, 202208:00

Justin Chase NSU RiverHawk Scholar Program and Renee Sansome Briscoe
Nov 29, 202210:55
Happiness in a Jar? Yep, why not??
Nov 29, 202210:55
 Neil Sleeger and Laurie Winiecke

Neil Sleeger and Laurie Winiecke

This week on THW Mr. C. Neil Sleeger takes us  behind the scenes as he employs Rise Staffing to assist him with job search and on the job training.

We started out thinking we had identified the perfect position for Neil. That was in process, but Neil had no idea that a new opportunity was headed his way.

Listen in as we take you on the job hunt, to an interview and then learn about the job Mr. Sleeger landed.

Laurie Winiecke reports from the Tulsa Sate Fair, this time in the Animal Birthing Center. Dr. Vicky Guilfoil with The Oklahoma Veterinary Medicine Association Birthing Center at the Tulsa Sate Fair.

Dr. Guilfoil has plenty of timely informative facts about farm animals, the new piglets just born at the fair and why she is out here talking to the public. Laurie and I definitely enjoyed meeting Dr. Guilfoil and her cute newborn piglets.

Nov 18, 202218:47
Rev Up The Vote Oklahoma Results/Cane Quest

Rev Up The Vote Oklahoma Results/Cane Quest

Reporters from the hidden workforce were out in force this past Tuesday election day in Oklahoma.  Left voice messages video messages and whatever else they could to let us know what they found at the polls, accessibility and maybe a little advice on how to continue to Rev Up The Vote Oklahoma.

Lisa's favorite message was first thing on election day from Kelsey O'Halloran.  Listen to this and more.

The Hidden Workforce goes  to the Oklahoma school for the blind in Muskogee Oklahoma to find out all about cane quest. Cane Quest is an annual event sponsored by a lot of businesses and people who really care about teaching educating and mobilizing people who are blind at an early age through sponsorship of cane quest and the Oklahoma school for the blind.

Orphan from Tulsa lions club, Garrett  and his Mom also many Oklahoma school for the blind employees, students, volunteers are taking g us along with them on 2022 Cane Quest.

Nov 17, 202216:00
 A Concert Under the Stars Blessings to Share Foundation
Nov 06, 202219:00
Colleen O'Reilly Vaughn and 35th Annual Governors Disability Employment Awards

Colleen O'Reilly Vaughn and 35th Annual Governors Disability Employment Awards

First Up Colleen O'Reilly Vaughn joins us and shares what it means to be an employment consultant and all the advocacy work that is involved.  Colleen is a long-time employment provider and I have learned so much from her.  Enjoy this passionate and informational interview as I have had making it.  Colleen is an active board member of OK Association of People in Supported Employment, and she hopes APSE will soon become a go to place for job seekers and families to get information and support for vocational training.

We are live at the Oklahoma Governors Mansions Phillips Pavilion for the 35th Annual Governors Disability Employment Awards.  The exemplary employees and employers are going to inspire you.  Our friends at Not Your Average Joe surprised attendee with refreshments including coffee and ice cream floats.  Thanks NYAJ and all participants in this Interview !.

Oct 30, 202219:02
Kelsey OHalloran

Kelsey OHalloran

Kelsey OHalloran joins The Hidden Workforce to tell us about her route to independence. Adventures going to Oklahoma People First meetings with her Uncle Steve and all about her work and why she believes everybody out there should get out and vote.

Oct 22, 202213:04
Ellyn Hefner for OK House 87 2022
Oct 22, 202208:01
Audrey and Susan

Audrey and Susan

This week the Hidden Workforce celebrates Direct Support professional Audrey Gilliland for over 15 years employment with Rise Staffing. Audrey and her long time friend and customer Susan join us for some good girl talk. Susan thanks listeners who supported her trip to Disney, Audrey describes what it's like doing the work and how she came to the profession.
Oct 21, 202210:53
Rev up the Vote with Dr. James Rankin and Adam Martin

Rev up the Vote with Dr. James Rankin and Adam Martin

The Sunday show reminds listeners to Rev up the Vote!  Our open features Jody Harlan with OKDRS, Laura Stutsman and Nancy Ward brings us home with her personal voting experience.

Dr. James Rankin from Sand Springs OK discusses his candidacy for Oklahoma House District 66.  He has a lot to share.

Adam Martin an energetic young man we mat the Tulsa State Fair Stopped by to discuss his candidacy for congressional district 1. Adam is giving up his pursuit of a law degree to run for this office.  We enjoyed listening to all the things he has to say.

The Hidden Workforce is not endorsing or opposing any candidates we are just simply letting you know who's out there and what they have to say.    The main thing we're telling you is getting out and voting listeners.

Oct 16, 202218:56
Jessica Cargill of Downtown Dog In The Country

Jessica Cargill of Downtown Dog In The Country

Jessica Cargill of Downtown Dog In The Country, explains how to train dogs for pets and the process of training a service dog.  Tips and tricks to save you time and money. For more information on Downtown Dog In The Country see their website:

Oct 15, 202219:01
PRISON BREAK- Hear how she did it....
Oct 08, 202210:59
Claude and Laurie Live at The Tulsa State Fair
Oct 07, 202223:47
Reunion Lisa and Earl meet up at 105.7 Booth 2022 Tulsa State Fair

Reunion Lisa and Earl meet up at 105.7 Booth 2022 Tulsa State Fair

Throwback at The Tulsa State Fair. Earl Snow and his family stopped by The Success 105.7 Booth at the 2022 Tulsa State Fair. Earl immediately agreed to an interview for The Hidden Workforce. Earl makes an excellent guest as we reminisce, Earls many talents, vocational experiences and great stories emerge. Join Lisa and her friend Earl Snow as they discuss Earls journey and successful independence. The road was tough, but Earl persisted and purchased his home, has just celebrated 30 years of marriage, is loved by his two stepsons, being a "carney" to working at Bells Amusement park this episode is packed full of entertainment and heartwarming stories.

Earl and Lisa in 2014 when Earl served as our Official Santa!

Oct 02, 202218:58
Rev up the vote!!

Rev up the vote!!

Jody Harlan established the DRS Communications office in 1994. She has worked as marketing director for Starsearch talent competition, the FAA and ABC TV. She has worked as a scriptwriter-producer, university English instructor and Sound Warehouse regional marketing manager. She earned a master's degree in English from Lamar University and has received governor's commendations, Telly Awards and recognition from Oklahoma disability organization partners.Jody Harlan the Communications Director for The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Contact Jody at 405-203-1318 or

Karrie Jordan- Vice President and CEO of The Bridges Foundation stops in to The Hidden Workforce to say hello.  Plus listeners  it's almost an exclusive for you! Karie and The Bridges Foundation have dreamed about incredible vocational program that includes education and competitive wage jobs for EVERYONE!  Want to know what that means ?  Tune in to this weekend's Hidden Workforce to learn more.

Contact Karie Jordan at The Bridges Foundation

1813 North Ash Street

Jenks, OK 74037


Sep 23, 202219:01
RiverHawk's Scholar Program

RiverHawk's Scholar Program

Justin Chase from the RiverHawk's scholar program He's going to talk all about what it is how you can be involved and exciting news about an open house next Friday September 23rd 3 PM we're going to see you there!
Sep 18, 202210:58
Angel Balenti and her customer Makayla Wilson

Angel Balenti and her customer Makayla Wilson

We are celebrating direct support professional awareness week and that leads me to Angel Balenti a wonderful HTS with Rise Staffing for over 15 years.  Angel and her customer Makayla Wilson are going to let us peak into their lives in this great little interview.

Sep 16, 202211:06
Rev the vote Oklahoma

Rev the vote Oklahoma

We are so excited to be working with Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation services and The Oklahoma election board to Rev the vote Oklahoma.  Michelle Desario and Laura Stutsman will join us from the Oklahoma people 1st meeting talking about everything going on there plus voting.

Sep 16, 202211:07
Valyncia Wilson of OKDRS

Valyncia Wilson of OKDRS

Valyncia has been employed with the State of Oklahoma for 13yrs. For the past 10yrs she has served as a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist and now Programs Manager with the Oklahoma State Department of Rehabilitation Services. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) in the field. Valyncia holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Langston University. In addition to full-time employment with OKDRS, she is employed as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Counselor Supervisor (LPC-Supervisor). She is committed to being a practitioner for persons with mental, physical and health disabilities and is an ally for individuals of marginalized groups/populations.
Sep 14, 202215:52
Sep 09, 202219:08