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Harlem Shuffle

Literary PurveyorDec 31, 2021

A Hero is More than a Sandwich
Aug 16, 202212:34
Crystal White
Jun 25, 202227:05
A Long Way Home
Jun 13, 202208:03
Shard in the Eye
May 17, 202205:13
Storms Are But A Memory
May 17, 202205:07
For the Writers-Little Matters
May 17, 202204:15
By Interior Design – A Classic Russian Read in the Time of Corona
May 17, 202202:43
“There is a relation between the hours of life and the centuries of time.”
May 17, 202201:11
On the MFA– Creative Writer, I See
May 17, 202206:08
Revisiting The Canterbury Tales: Arveragus’ Defense
May 17, 202203:40
The best of Harlem, day and night
May 17, 202200:48
Orange Can of Kerosene
May 09, 202215:01
On Pride, Not Prejudice

On Pride, Not Prejudice

And she realizes it is not entitlement, but grace, because she can do all things through Christ, Who gives her strength. (Philippians 4:13)

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Jan 14, 202206:03
Milo Baughman and Such Relics

Milo Baughman and Such Relics

A million little particles of insult disseminated into the air, covering me in the disappointment dad believed me so stupid to think baking soda would ever be snorted. Drug-free mom had explained to my brothers and I the reality of substance abuse at an extremely young age. Was he stupid? Now I see dad just wasn’t present enough to measure the awareness of his own.

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Jan 11, 202211:39
Home Beyond Lodabar: From NYC to Wichita, Kansas and Back

Home Beyond Lodabar: From NYC to Wichita, Kansas and Back

Perhaps the New York City skyline sufficiently espouses the greatness of man, placing a seed in the mind of its youth that all things are possible; maybe it is the sheer beauty of the lights sustaining the wonder of its children. An island with over eight million people, each containing stardust, provides enough energy to recognize human ability; if one knows the ability of man, shouldn’t one recognize the power of God? And, if one sees a person, is one not seeing a star?

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Jan 07, 202215:47
Go For Yours

Go For Yours

As the rest of the world binges the latest Netflix content, I’ve gone old school on IMDb TV, watching the old series, Dallas, for the very first time. I was struck by the words of the patriarch, Jock Ewing, to his son Bobby in one of the more intense scenes: “If I gave you power, you’ve got nothin’! Nobody gives you power. Real power is something you take!”

Life is a series of executive decisions leading one up to this very moment. We are the captain of our ship and, if we are wise, God is the star we steer by.

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Jan 04, 202217:08
Harlem Shuffle

Harlem Shuffle

And the time came to let go of my white people on a residential rooftop view and waterfront backyard with a baseball field on the side. With all its man-buns, diverse restaurants, bars, Polish culture and consignment shops, Greenpoint couldn’t compete with uptown Manhattan, where a renaissance of black excellence ascends history at more counts than Basie. Long held my heart has Harlem Word.

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Dec 31, 202124:20