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The Pursuit of Growth Show

The Pursuit of Growth Show

By Greg and Sammy

The Pursuit of Growth is a lifestyle to flourish in today's world. During each episode we interview fascinating individuals from all walks of life to learn about their passions, successes, failures, lessons learned, and how they apply personal growth to their lives. We end each conversation with key takeaways that we can all implement to better ourselves and the lives of those around us.

We hope these conversations spark your own personal Pursuit of Growth and we look forward to talking to YOU soon and learning about your journey. Reach out to us vis our website at
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Susan Bryant - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 40

The Pursuit of Growth ShowMay 09, 2022

Susan Bryant - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 40
May 09, 202201:29:43
Michael "Grubes" Gruber - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 39
Apr 19, 202201:54:30
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Apr 05, 202201:37:48
Nikki Watson - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 37
Mar 18, 202201:38:40
Leia and Cynthia - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 36
Feb 23, 202201:30:34
Greg and Sammy - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 35
Feb 03, 202201:20:19
Greg and Sammy - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 34
Jan 31, 202201:08:39
Steve Gray - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 33
Jan 31, 202201:43:04
Dr. Rob Arnold - The Pursuit of Growth - 32
Jan 31, 202201:15:11
Christian Lehinger - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 31
Jan 31, 202201:26:55
George Esquivel - The Pursuit of Growth - 30
Jan 31, 202201:40:04
Adam Smith - The Pursuit of Growth - 29
Jan 31, 202201:49:43
Cleatus Judge - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 28

Cleatus Judge - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 28

Cletus Judge is originally from a small town just south of Mobile Alabama called Stockton.  He was raised by his grandparents - his grandfather worked as a farmer and his grandmother was a domestic worker for a family. They instilled in him a work ethic and an obligation to seek higher education. He graduated from the University of South Alabama in 1987 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Military Science.  

He was commissioned a 2nd Lt through the ROTC program while in college. He also holds an MBA from University of Dallas from 2001.  

Cletus joined the Dallas police department in Sept of 1987 and retired in May of 2018. He worked in several units within the Dept. including as an instructor at the Police academy for 9 years. He was a Robbery detective for 2 years, Sgt in CAPERS and his last 5 years he served as a Sgt in Homicide. Cletus is currently an administrator at Dallas College over the police academy. He has been married to Marrietta Judge for 26 years and has 2 adult sons and an 8yr old grandson.  

Cletus and Marrietta are members of St. Luke Community UM church

Jan 31, 202201:59:05
Matt Dominguez - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 27
Jan 31, 202201:42:08
Cameron Davies - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 26
Jan 31, 202201:42:57
Wendi McGowan-Ellis - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 24
Jan 31, 202201:52:20
James Henson - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 24

James Henson - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 24

James Henson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor, and a Certified Business and Life coach. He’s spent the last 10 years working as a therapist and meditation teacher, but has transitioned to life coaching over the past three years.   

His current shift is from in-person, one on one therapy to building courses that can help people that are more widely available and more affordable.   Most of his current work focuses on helping people start or improve their businesses, find a new path in life, and deal with anxiety. He’s creating and teaching a course right now called Befriending Anxiety. It's built around the idea that anxiety is necessary and serves a function, but our hardware and software is very out of date. It aims to help people learn to coexist with anxiety by recognizing that it's simply an energy in the body that our thoughts turn into an unpleasant experience.  

He’s also working on a book called Simple Ways to Have a Good Life that pulls together everything that helped him change his life and that he’s seen change other people’s lives over the past 20 years in short, simple, and actionable chapters. In addition, another current writing project is called You Are Not the Main Character: A Guide to Getting Over Yourself, which focuses on the increasingly emergent self-centered and narcissistic behavior that is becoming the norm in our society. 

IG: @JamesScottHenson -

Jan 28, 202201:30:35
Dan Miller - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 23

Dan Miller - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 23

Hold on to your seats, get your pen ready, and listen up... Dan's experience, expertise and insight are going to change your world. I know it did for us.  

Dan is an internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert, developing health and wellness programs for all walks of life. He has presented his strategies to tens of thousands of executives world-wide; helping them to live longer and healthier lives, reducing healthcare costs, and achieving greater personal and workplace productivity.    

His programs, based on modern medical science and our evolutionary past, target longevity with less disease as their primary goal and are designed to permanently end dieting and allow the body to heal as nature intended.   

In addition to being a world leader in nutrition and fitness, he is a 35-year veteran of the martial arts and a former Guinness World Endurance Record holder for the 48 hour treadmill marathon event.   

Holding three Master’s degrees: in Business Administration; Strategic Leadership; and Project Management, Dan’s education transcends nutrition, allowing him to identify with the challenges faced by today’s busy executives.   

Dan is an entrepreneur, adventurer, scientist, speaker, martial artist, scuba diver, ultra-runner, mentor, business owner, writer, and father.

Social Media: Instagram:


Linked In:

Jan 28, 202201:26:12
Mary Lyons - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 22

Mary Lyons - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 22

Mary Lyons is the Wealth Woman. She helps clients optimize their retirement income by using the financial products that are right for their unique circumstances.  

***This isn't a podcast about financial advice. This is a podcast about a fascinating woman who has built a business through hard work, insightful decisions and an attitude that she can do anything. From this episode you will have so many takeaways to help you achieve your goals!***  

In 2003 Mary became a mortgage planner, specializing in integrating a mortgage into the overall financial picture, taking into account tax rates, liquidity, and rates of return.   

In March of 2006, Mary left the mortgage industry to become a financial representative at Financial Process Group.   

In June of 2008, she went on to become a financial advisor at Personal Economics Group and has continued her journey changing the lives of others for over 13 years.  

Mary teaches at several national conferences and nationally known financial firms. Across the United States, financial firms have hired her to train their advisors on the remarkable strategies that her clients currently get to take advantage of.  

Social media Facebook:


Linked In:

Websites: and   

Podcast: The BIG Wealth Podcast

Jan 27, 202201:55:52
Lyndon Nixon - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 21

Lyndon Nixon - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 21

Lyndon Nixon is a native to the DFW metroplex and has been involved with the game of football for most of his life. He excelled not only in football, but also basketball and track. Lyndon’s work ethic and winning spirit earned him the opportunity to play college football at the University of Tulsa. As a student athlete at the University of Tulsa, Lyndon learned valuable principles and life skills while competing on the football field and in the classroom. Lyndon learned to embrace leadership, integrity, and determination – which led him to be the first in his family to graduate from a college with his bachelor’s degree.  

These experiences have set the foundation for Lyndon as he enters his 15th season in the Big 12 Conference as a football official.  Lyndon has officiated 10 bowl games including the Hawaii Bowl, Belk Bowl and the 2021 College Football Playoffs − Sugar Bowl.  When Lyndon is not on the football field, he is an active Real Estate Agent and brings to the Real Estate market over 20 years of Fortune 500 experience with a specific focus in friendly and professional relationship management to help his clients define and achieve their real estate goals.  

Lyndon is a husband, very active loving father of four young girls, ages 16 - 23 and truly enjoys all the fun and complexities of being a “girl dad”. His passion for sports were naturally passed on to his daughters as they too love football and have all been student athletes as well.  




Jan 27, 202201:49:38
Greg and Sammy - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 020
Jan 19, 202259:32
Blake Harris - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 019

Blake Harris - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 019

Blake Harris is a Certified Financial Planner and his been in practice since 2005. In addition to running a practice he is a Branch manager who oversees 19 other advisors.    

He has been a board member of the Financial Service Professionals Dallas Chapter as well as a member of the Financial Planner Association. 

Jan 19, 202201:18:10
Alyssa Spaw - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 018
Jan 19, 202201:37:59
Rocky "Rock-T" Turner - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 017

Rocky "Rock-T" Turner - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 017

Former Pro Baseball Player ROCKY TURNER, Known to the world as “ROCK-T” and current member of the RICKEY SMILEY MORNING RADIO SHOW - ROCK-T reaches 7 million listeners daily. You have seen him on the popular TV show, DISH NATION. 

ROCK-T has added to his entertainment career by building a remarkable brand and legacy. He is founder and creator of STOMP WARS GLOBAL, the most successful stomping competition and movement in the world, which now serves as a life-transforming college and career pathway for students and young adults. ROCK-T produces the popular ROCK-T RADIO DJ MIXES which currently air in over 50 Markets nationwide as a feature on The Rickey Smiley Weekend Jump Off. He is also Co-Host of “The Perfect Pair” Podcast with his wife KRYSTAL on YEA Networks.   

ROCK-T has found success and built a brand on not making excuses and getting things done - despite obstacles. Now he takes his powerful “NO EXCUSES, GET IT DONE” messages to Universities, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 Companies including McDonald's, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, and NFL to name a few. A passion for giving back has led ROCK-T to create his 501c3 Mentorship Program and youth-driven initiative the ROCKTEEN Youth Foundation.  

ROCK-T is the winner of multiple Community Service Awards from many of America’s most respected organizations including, The Boys and Girls Club of America, COCA COLA and FORD among others. With all of this, ROCK-T’s greatest passion of all is his family. He and wife Krystal are the proud parents of two daughters and a son.   

Connect with Rock-T
Jan 19, 202201:26:42
Cory Proctor - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 016
Jan 18, 202201:27:30
Scott Linebrink - The Pursuit of Growth - 015

Scott Linebrink - The Pursuit of Growth - 015

Scott Linebrink is a native of Austin, TX and graduated from McNeil High School in 1994. He attended Concordia University from 1994-1996, majored in Environmental Science and played baseball. Scott transferred to Texas State in the fall of 1996 and continued his studies in the Resource and Environmental Studies program. As a member of the Bobcats baseball team, he pitched TX State to their first appearance in the Regional tournament.  

Following his lone season at TX State, Scott was drafted in the second round by the San Francisco Giants and began his professional baseball career. Over the next 15 seasons, Scott featured as a late inning reliever for seven organizations, including the Giants, Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, and St. Louis Cardinals.  

After retiring from baseball during the 2012 season following a shoulder injury, Scott returned to Concordia University to complete his undergraduate degree. After graduating in 2015, he began a second career serving as Partnerships Director for Water Mission, a global Christian nonprofit providing safe water and sanitation solutions for developing countries. Scott lives out his passion of building relationships among individuals, corporations and churches in order to expand Water Mission’s efforts.  

Scott resides near Walburg, TX with his wife, Kelly of 18 years and daughters, Ellie (13) and Abby (10). He attends Zion Lutheran Church with his family and also supports Williamson County Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Professional Athletes Outreach by serving on their respective boards.

Jan 14, 202201:35:33
Ken Stibler - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 014

Ken Stibler - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 014

Ken Stibler began his career as a high impact leader by coaching the 1982 College of Charleston men's basketball team to victory in the NAIA National Championship.   

His business and consulting career spans more than 30 years in the energy, telecommunications, athletics, automotive and insurance fields. In a variety of top leadership roles for public and private companies, Ken has directed multi-million-dollar P&L responsibilities, 25+ M&A transactions valued at over $1.5 billion, and managed thousands of people.   

Now Ken serves as a catalyst for change as a Vistage Master Chair, the CEO of Strategic Integration Services, and a renowned international speaker. Leveraging his extensive management experience, he advises 100+ CEO's and business owners across dozens of sectors in all aspects of their business.

Jan 14, 202201:10:21
Hayes Carter - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 013

Hayes Carter - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 013

Meet Hayes, the man that can do it all and have fun doing it.  Hayes Carter is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in various industries. He demonstrates strong business development professional skills in Oil and Gas, Sales, Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Salon Management, Marketing, and Sales Management.  

He is a serial entrepreneur that has worked for himself since 2010. Over the last 11 years has grown several businesses and his family. Hayes has faced many challenges and many successes over the last decade.  

Hayes has owned and operated several businesses including three Anytime Fitness franchise’s, a Waxing the City franchise, a Landman Brokerage, part of a custom home building business and some commercial real estate.  

Hayes currently serves as the Vice President of Land for Lease Analytics. A niche consultancy in the Oil and Gas business. In 2020 Lease Analytics was informed they made the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing companies list which Hayes played an instrumental part in the growth of the company.   Hayes received his degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Louisiana Tech University.

Jan 14, 202201:43:40
Eddie Thomaz - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 012

Eddie Thomaz - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 012

Eddie Thomaz is a fascinating individual who we've known for more than 5 years. Eddie, Greg and Sammy have all been part of the same professional networking group and have a lot of the same passions such as music, fitness and wellbeing, and overall growing in all aspects of life.   Eddie is a Husband, father, musician, pizza lover, and IT "guy" with more than 22 years of experience in leadership roles in the IT service & software development space.   

He is a musician who has played in multiple bands for thousands of people at sold out shows, and even opened for a prolific band!! You'll have to watch to find out who, it's an incredible story.   

Please enjoy our conversation with our good friend Eddie Thomaz!

Jan 14, 202202:08:16
Eric Brittingham - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 011

Eric Brittingham - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 011

Eric "Mr. B" Brittingham is the President and Presenter for Wildlife On The Move - a Non-Profit LIVE Animal Outreach Organization that has been "Bringing Science to Life" for over 15 Years  for Schools, Home School Groups, Daycares, Libraries, Festivals, Churches, Scouts, Camps, Organizations, Television, and Corporate Events.  Eric and Wildlife On The Move have been professionally endorsed by Jungle Jack Hanna - Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, featured on ABC-WFAA Daybreak & Good Morning Texas, FOX 4 Good Day, CW-33, and KTCK 1310 - The Ticket. Eric and Wildlife On The Move have even been highlighted as a Feature Story in The Daily Sentinel, Sawdust Magazine, and he has just recently been inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry. Eric has presented to over 450,000 people and traveled over 155,000 miles with his LIVE Animal Ambassadors to passionately and positively help people of all ages overcome their fears about animals, dispels myths about critters, encourage them to GO WILD for Reading to help them grow and become more knowledgeable about the natural world, and ultimately inspire a desire to take action to protect and care for wildlife locally and around the globe.  

Follow Wildlife On The Move on Facebook: @liveanimalshows  

Follow Wildlife On The Move on Instagram: @eric.wildlifeonthemove 

Follow Wildlife On The Move on Twitter: @mrb_wotm

Wildlife On The Move WEBSITE: 


PHONE: 817-239-2345 

CONTACT US to BOOK: Contact Us (

Jan 10, 202201:54:12
Joyce Morrison - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 010
Jan 10, 202201:29:12
Ted Brinkley and Brian Hargrove - The Pursuit of Growth Show - Thank You Show
Jan 10, 202201:52:11
Joyce Morrison - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 009
Jan 10, 202201:22:01
Mentalist Grant Price - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 008
Jan 10, 202201:39:06
Brian Millage - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 007

Brian Millage - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 007

Brian Millage is a Dallas native, whose 9-5 consists of fundraising for nonprofits across North Texas. While working in the Dallas philanthropic space for over a decade, Brian has had the opportunity to develop relationships with numerous community leaders, business leaders, and entrepreneurs while raising donations, and awareness, for over 100 nonprofits.

Outside of the nonprofit space, Brian is a style consultant who helps men and women dress their best on a daily basis. Whether for photoshoots, special events, or simply a night around town, Brian helps his clients “look their best, and feel their best” with his style consultations and closet clean-outs.

In his free time, Brian spends time connecting and collaborating with individuals to help build their businesses and brands.

Jan 10, 202201:23:55
Melissa Marks - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 006
Jan 10, 202201:18:55
Jason Simmons - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 005
Jan 10, 202201:23:22
Nafees Alam - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 004
Jan 10, 202257:40
Kara Brown - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 003

Kara Brown - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 003

Kara Brown is an analytical, strategic, and results-driven sales professional with a focus in SaaS technology start-ups and small businesses. She is an IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Athlete, with a passion for fitness, health, learning, the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), as well as making those around her successful.

Jan 10, 202201:24:34
Justin Clemons - The Pursuit of Growth Show - 002
Jan 10, 202201:34:11
Willie Baronet - The Pursuit of Growth - 001
Dec 24, 202101:26:32