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Living Electric

By Living Electric

Alex and Brandan are both EV drivers and YouTubers who are sharing their passion for electric vehicles.

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Why Electric Vehicles Are Great Cars to Drive

Living ElectricFeb 08, 2021

More Electric Bike Rides!

More Electric Bike Rides!

Sort of a grab bag episode this week, but with a big focus on eBikes and Alex's recent trips.

Nov 27, 202339:05
New Tesla Wall Charger & home electrical upgrades!
Nov 13, 202343:53
Road Tripping a Tesla across the country; 16 days, 6,500 miles!
Nov 06, 202356:49
Alex’s FURTHEST electric road trip!
Oct 30, 202345:12
Shopping for a Budget Electric Car!
Oct 23, 202339:35
National Drive Electric Week Recap and WE'RE BACK!
Oct 09, 202343:52
NACS is taking over!
Jun 19, 202339:30
Electrifying Yard Work!
Jun 12, 202342:43
All about EV Battery Replacements!
Jun 05, 202338:56
Ford adopting the Tesla port & CHARGE conference!
May 30, 202328:21
Recapping ACT Expo! (Advanced Clean Transportation)
May 15, 202329:30
Recharge: Our Advice when Shopping for an Electric Car!
May 08, 202338:47
Building an EV Charging Site!
May 01, 202349:54
Wireless EV Charging with HEVO CEO Jeremy McCool!
Apr 24, 202337:07
Managing Electric Fleets with David Hodge of Standard Fleet!
Apr 17, 202344:55
Ford T3, Kia EV9, RAM Rev, and new DC charging sites!
Apr 10, 202330:12
Reacting to Electric Car FUD!
Apr 03, 202301:32:56
Are EV owners frustrated with their cars?
Mar 27, 202335:12
Kia's new EV9 SUV and EV payment terminals!
Mar 20, 202339:48
How much it costs to charge an Electric Car!
Mar 13, 202345:14
Threats to long-term EV adoption!
Mar 06, 202343:59
Tesla opening Superchargers to CCS vehicles!
Feb 27, 202334:42
Chargeway Deep Dive! Full EV app walkthrough!

Chargeway Deep Dive! Full EV app walkthrough!

We recommend watching thos episode on YouTube: On this week’s episode, Brandan demo’s Chargeway, a mobile app and software platform that makes EV ownership easier by simplifying EV charging and trip planning! “Fueling your electric car is easy as 1,2,3” Download Chargeway: Android App: iPhone App: Learn more about Chargeway! Questions about Chargeway or want to connect? Email Brandan: Get access to the Post Show on Patreon: Living Electric Merch is here! Want to hear something on a future episode? Shoot us a message on social media! Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
Feb 20, 202301:00:44
Solving EV charging for multi-unit dwellings (MUDs) with RVE & Orange!
Feb 13, 202301:05:26
EV Terminology is too confusing!
Feb 06, 202341:49
Chevy E-Ray, Shell buys Volta, and Tesla dropping prices!
Jan 23, 202327:34
CES Recap! Solar Cars, USPS Truck, concept EVs
Jan 16, 202327:03
Wireless charging EVs, self-driving, and the future of EV tech!
Jan 09, 202340:48
Our EV Trends for 2023!
Jan 02, 202335:46
Responding to EV misconceptions! | Holiday Episode
Dec 26, 202242:08
Abandoned charging stations, Tesla Energy, and using EVs as grid resources!
Dec 19, 202244:28
Tesla Semi, Plug-in Hybrids, and Charger Reservations!
Dec 12, 202237:21
Tesla “NACS” charger standard and charger reliability!
Dec 05, 202244:26
Brandan and Tyler Unveil Their New Electric Vehicle!

Brandan and Tyler Unveil Their New Electric Vehicle!

In this week's episode of Living Electric, Brandan and Tyler unveil their new electric vehicle. Tyler goes in-depth about the ordering process, why he picked this EV, and more!

Nov 28, 202224:21
Guessing EVs based on AI-generated images!
Nov 14, 202221:44
Getting your home EV Ready!
Nov 07, 202225:22
Re-Charge: Building the PERFECT EV charging site!
Oct 17, 202246:17
Re-Charge: Charging Station Etiquette: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?
Oct 10, 202242:57
Recapping Fully Charged Live EV Show! Chargeway, new EVs, and charging discussions!
Sep 19, 202239:57
EV touchscreens, driving a Kia EV6, and fast charging experiences!
Sep 06, 202245:10
EV Fall Festival and driving a Chevy Spark EV with Zack Hurst of EV Resource!
Aug 29, 202201:08:47
NBC's Charge Across America with Ryan Levenson and Miss GoElectric!

NBC's Charge Across America with Ryan Levenson and Miss GoElectric!

Ryan Levenson from The Kilowatts and Miss GoElectric returns to Living Electric to discuss NBC's Charge Across America which aired in 2021, the new electric vehicle tax credit, and more!

Watch Charge Across America:

Subscribe to The Kilowatts YouTube Channel:

Subscribe to Miss GoElectric's YouTube Channel:

Aug 22, 202253:19
All about Electric Bikes!

All about Electric Bikes!

Alex’s Himiway Cruiser eBike Review:

All about electric motorcycles with LAND:

Get $50 off a Himiway eBike with promo code "SIBS":

Himiway Cruiser:

Himiway Test Ride:

The Problem with eBikes video:

Aug 08, 202251:40
Chevy’s new Blazer EV, cost of EVs, and summer road trips!
Aug 02, 202231:47
What our spouses think about EVs!
Jul 25, 202227:08
Building the PERFECT EV charging site!
Jul 18, 202245:53
From Hot Rods to Mustang Mach-e with Andrew Barrow!
Jul 11, 202249:58
Low Cost EV Charging with Orange Charger!
Jul 05, 202201:18:58
Commercial EVs with EVTV CEO Phil Oldridge!
Jun 27, 202258:01
FlexQuad EV and EV engineering with Blair Jackson of Orison Corporation
Jun 20, 202240:18