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Living Aura

Living Aura

By Laura Gant

When you know whose you are and what purpose God gives you, you rise up! In this podcast, Laura Gant teaches Biblical lessons from God's Living Word. Set your intentions on being a LIVING (not dead), breathing, healed, & hopeful person who walks in the AURA of Godly beliefs so that you begin to flourish and ignite women around you. Be a Living Aura™! Join LIVING AURA women's Movement at Grab your copy of my book, Prayer Woman: 41 Days of Praying Over Your Husband at
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Revival: It Starts By Being In The Word of God: with Leah Mason-Virgin

Living AuraJul 22, 2022

Revival: It Starts By Being In The Word of God: with Leah Mason-Virgin
Jul 22, 202242:45
3 Ways to Master Confidence on Live Video: with Joy Farley
Jul 08, 202226:24
Move Your Body 10 Minutes A Day: with Tracy Hill

Move Your Body 10 Minutes A Day: with Tracy Hill

In this episode, I'm hosting physical therapist, Tracy Hill. She specializes in helping frustrated women regain confidence, purpose & passion in their bodies through proven brain-science without the need for willpower or motivation.

Hey busy mompreneur, single momma, woman go getter! Are you doing all the things and then realize your energy is burned out and your health begins to suffer.

Practice taking 10 minutes a day to get up a move your body, shift your mindset off the To-Do list, the routine, and learn to find a rhythm by listening to your body.  This is a good listen for getting clear on your WHY so that you begin to SHOW UP for yourself in ways that become easier everyday. Create new neuropathways in the brain to trigger accomplishment, rest, flow, and pleasure. Self care is key to happiness, and girl, we need our happy to get through the day! I see you, out there hustling, with those kids, and those goals. But are you taking the time to measure your alignment with your purpose and energy? Get in touch with Tracy for her test to measure where you are with energy. Because, here's the thing, if we misplace our energy into things that aren't moving the needle for your goals, and giving back the pleasure you need to sustain that routine, then it's time to take a poll. Your output is too important. When we, as women, become too drained, it's too easy to lose our self-control, and that abiding fruit of the Spirit is way too important. Begin living your best life,  in overflow, because you put God first and you learn to listen to your body.

Find Tracy:
Limitless Health Podcast
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Find Laura:
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41 Challenge for your Heart in Jesus & Praying Over Your Husband (or future spouse)

Jun 30, 202237:36
How to Keep God first in Marriage and Parenting: with Maria Collins

How to Keep God first in Marriage and Parenting: with Maria Collins

In this episode, I host Maria Collins, a fellow sister in the Lord and Life Coach. She discusses
how to be your Husband’s helper, be aligned with your God given purpose, and keep your family first with these three tips: Stay humble and serve, Listen to God’s voice,  and Abide with Jesus so that are able to give generously to your husband and your family.

Learn marriage tips for: Having your husband’s back, Speaking up, Putting down offense, and Serving your spouse. Maria shares on how to grow with your spouse in communication by no longer using the words “never” and “always” because they make your spouse feel like they can’t meet your expectations.  Even if something is missing in your communication or marriage or heart, stop focusing on the negative and trade it with gratefulness.

Serve your husband and your family as UNTO THE LORD, not from his energy or your bitterness or bad attitude. We must reflect Jesus, to woo your family by kindness, to break down walls of offenses, and press in to the Presence of God where HE ignites you for your pouring out.

When you have a miscommunication with your spouse, pray: “God, give me the right words and take what I want to have happen, so that I can be your vessel for sowing Your good." After you go to God, then, ask your husband ‘how can I pray for you? What is attacking you? Let’s bring this to light, this is God’s house, and we will fight TOGETHER!’

Go to GOD first to help your spouse, with humility and as his cheerleader, not from a correcting, teaching, or wounded spirit. Be a friend, support, and cheerleader to him. Defer your emotions in the hiding place. Give your desires and needs to God first so that you can bring your husband peace, honor, respect, and safety!

The More you speak Life, Living things in your marriage will come alive.

For your children: we are example in the home, as moms, who are raising mighty arrows in the Lord’s awesome army to go out and exemplify the love of Jesus.

Book a Vision Session with Maria Collins:

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Join the Living Aura Movement monthly membership of women growing in the Word, in heart, marriage, business, and life. Learn more about Laura Gant on the website and purchase your copy of the book, Prayer Woman: 41 Days of Praying Over Your Husband.

Apr 19, 202241:07
Indestructible Faith: with Lauren Roskilly
Feb 05, 202227:52
Hope For the Wilderness: with Russ Moore

Hope For the Wilderness: with Russ Moore

The question isn’t
will you ever enter a wilderness.
The question is:
How will you navigate your time IN the wilderness?

“You can become bitter or better in your most painful seasons of life.
You can become pitiful or powerful out of your most painful seasons of life.
You can waste your time and lengthen your wilderness
Or you can cultivate that time, learn things that you would have never learned otherwise."
- Russ Moore

Expedite your time in the wilderness and move on.
The children of Israel: God chose to lead them around the long way.
We think God is trying to PUNISH us
When really He is trying to PREPARE us.

Are you sabotaging your future and wasting your years in the desert,
perpetuating your time from the promised land.

Jesus left his time in the wilderness, FULL!

You can actually go through a time in the wilderness and come out on the other side STRONGER!!

Handle your wilderness well, because there is HOPE available for you.

In the midst of pain, can you DARE TO HOPE?

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. Lamentations 3

Hope isn’t a discovery, it’s a decision.  Soul, rise. Up!

There is a power in realizing that we always have a choose 

Our spirit, to speak to it and claim: I’m going to rise up!


“God, I You are my ultimate promised land while I trust You to bring me out of this season

I believe for it. The ultimate promised land is GOD IS MY PORTION.”

We are rooting you on!! 

Find Russ:

Instagram, Facebook, website

Find his book, HOPE FOR THE WILDERNESS, on Amazon

And listen to moore of Russ Moore on The X Podcast

Dec 03, 202146:10
How To Beam Up in Your Life: with Joi Ross

How To Beam Up in Your Life: with Joi Ross

In this episode, learn some daily habits with the "beam up" mantra,  wait upon and listen to Jesus, drop off the "trying" inside the doers mentality, not allowing the TO-DO list to drive you, but instead, walking in a peace of being in God's presence and will, so that your success in your life and business no longer comes from achieving the steps, but resting in Him. Jesus loves you and can be your guide for a FULL life!

About Joi Ross:
She is an author, trainer, coach, consultant and CEO of Joi Ross Consulting and APEX Direct Inc.. Through Joi Ross Consulting, her focus is helping spiritual women entrepreneurs and business owners experience abundance and joy, by identifying and removing limiting beliefs and mindsets, establishing daily practices to “beam up” and align with God’s “flow”, and tuning into their intuition and the voice of God.  

Roughly 20 years ago, after rejecting a life of "religious rules, do's and don'ts" and going through a period of deep soul searching, Joi embraced a "non-religious" view of Christianity focused on a personal relationship with Jesus, God's grace, and love for mankind. It was during that time that she began serving as a spiritual mentor and guide to people dealing with grief, anxiety, fear, and depression.  Joi has actively volunteered and led various teams personally and professionally throughout her adult life, including serving on the Board of Directors for a women's shelter and during the pandemic, co-founding a nonprofit to empower, educate and elevate women in low-income and underserved communities. 

With a Masters degree in Public Services Management and a Bachelors in Marketing/Management with a minor in Psychology, Joi is a lover of God and people and is committed to lifelong learning and personal development. Those who know her well describe her as warm, kind, and down to earth. She expresses this by embracing others and meeting them wherever they are; and helping them to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. 

Find Joi Ross: 

Joi Ross Consulting:
APEX Direct, Inc:
Facebook: @JoiRoss @JoiRossConsulting
Instagram: JoiRossConsulting

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“5 Simple Ways Christian Women Business Owners Can Find Joy & Fulfillment”

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What you receive: 

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●      And more …

Jan 27, 202139:40
Leading By Being Available: with Doug Stringer

Leading By Being Available: with Doug Stringer

Making an impact in our nation, lived out through igniting and leading  my generation who puts aside differences and decides to make a stand for being awake and available to creating an atmosphere and daily habits that invite the Holy Spirit to move in unity.

Listen to Doug share three tips to setting your day up for success:
1) Horizontal prayer time: Speak out gratitudes and thankfulness
2) Prayer on your knees, asking God to fill you up with supernatural understanding and energy to lead and keep on GIVING to those we lead
3) Be in a constant state of worship: and worship by obedience; thankful for the day

Haven't left a review yet? I invite you to head on over to iTunes. Thanks for your support.

Doug Stringer
founder / president
Somebody Cares America/Somebody Cares International

In 1981, Doug Stringer was a fitness instructor with his own exercise studio. He knew there was a God, but he lived as if God didn’t exist. Tired of his own hypocrisy, disgusted with his life, he sat down in the back room of his studio one night, put his head in his hands, and prayed: “Lord, if You can use someone like me after all I have done to wound Your heart, I make myself available to You.” He transformed the exercise studio into an outreach center. By 1984, Turning Point Ministries was recognized as a church, and to this day is the umbrella ministry for Somebody Cares. His years of ministry have taken him to numerous communities and nations; from urban to foreign missions; from garbage dumps to the palaces and halls of government leaders. As an Asian-American, Doug is considered a bridge-builder of reconciliation among various ethnic and religious groups. From preachers to politicians, he is recognized as an ambassador. Doug is a sought-after international conference and crusade speaker. Annually he addresses thousands throughout the U.S. and abroad on topics such as compassion evangelism, persevering leadership and community transformation, and more. Additionally he is invited by civic leaders including mayors and police officials to address issues in major cities across the US. From one-on-one ministry to crusades of thousands, Doug is a revivalist at heart. He burns with an evangelistic passion to see people reached with the Gospel. He is also a licensed counselor. Somebody Cares® has produced made- for-television programs entitled Living Life Beyond the Moment with Doug Stringer that have aired on various networks. 

twitter - @_SomebodyCares  @DougStringer
Need Prayer? Call or text 855-459-CARE, 24 hours a day or Email us
Looking for a new devotional? Doug's 6-day Leadership Awakening YouVersion devotion is now available on
Pre-Order his most recent book: Mending The Net, Bringing Hope in a Hurting World
Snag his wife’s book, Lisa Stringer:  God Did Not Do This To Me: Finding Hope, Courage, and Faith to Face Our Toughest Challenge

Jan 19, 202143:18
Courageously Living: with Life Coach, Rebecca Wilcox

Courageously Living: with Life Coach, Rebecca Wilcox

Join me for another episode on leveling up by taking courageous actions, even if they aren't completely planned or ready, going after your business dreams, getting a coach, and learning to keep going and adapt when seasons of life change. 

GUEST: Rebecca Wilcox

Rebecca Wilcox is a Motivational Life Coach for women who want to rise up for more in their life, relationships, dreams or desires.

She worked in HR for Gulf Oil Houston after she received her BSBA from the University of Arkansas. Her side hustle was getting gemstones from Brazil and designing jewelry for her customers.

In the late 80’s, she moved to Arkansas to help run the family feed store business while raising 3 kids.

Because of her love for people and connecting them to the area, she began Arkansas Welcome Service welcoming newcomers to the community which she did for 10 years.

Rebecca’s philanthropic side lead her to be the Executive Director of the local United Way which she did for 4 years before needing to run the feed store full time.

As 2013 arrived, Rebecca realized she was settling for a business that was draining her personal finances as well as her energy. She closed the brick-and-mortar business and moved it online to Amazon.

By 2017, Rebecca felt that tug for wanting more in her life; wanting to connect with like-minded people who enjoyed self-growth and learning.

Her research, coaches, courses and study lead her to create the group, Women Courageously Living. Her dedication is for empowering women with daily #BeckyBite videos, bite-sized videos on learning to live big to give big.

As a Life Coach, one of her strategies is to help others find clarity of purpose for their lives, their true driving force for wanting more in life, creating their vision and goals which will impact their future success.
Facebook Group:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Profile:
Calendly link:
She offers a free 30 min strategy session with a customized plan for monthly vision and goal setting.

Jan 13, 202147:38