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Living Full Kombucha Podcast

Living Full Kombucha Podcast

By Living Full Kombucha

Follow a former midwest special education teacher's journey into the unknown world of entrepreneurship, where she leaves the classroom to learn the ins and outs to brewing kombucha commercially with the goal to open an inclusive kombucha taproom in her community, which celebrates neurodiversity and provides job training and employment opportunities to adults with disabilities.
This is her verbal journal of all she encounters with an open invitation to connect with fellow brewers, teachers, and entrepreneurs alike!

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We're Moving!! Taproom is Coming!

Living Full Kombucha PodcastApr 17, 2023

We're Moving!! Taproom is Coming!
Apr 17, 202325:58
Are We Growing Too Fast?
Feb 27, 202318:01
We are Turning 2!
Feb 06, 202339:37
Well That Was Unexpected
Nov 30, 202228:06
We Hired Someone + Market Duds
Sep 05, 202245:50
Leaving My Girls

Leaving My Girls

Do I take vacations? How do I step away during this season of my journey? Come join me as I chat about leaving my fermenters aka "my girls" while I go away on a few days vacation and what that looks like logistically as well as some raw thoughts on how leaving/taking a break affects me mentally. 

Aug 08, 202232:02
It Wasn't Always Kombucha
Jul 18, 202233:55
Why Shrubs in a Kombucha Business?
Jul 04, 202223:14
Symbiosis Fermenter Update
Jun 20, 202224:56
"Now I Know I Don't Like Kombucha"
Jun 13, 202228:09
Dating My SCOBY
May 16, 202223:20
All Things Farmers Markets
May 02, 202246:35
Produce Produce Produce!
Apr 19, 202219:51
Scaling Scaries
Apr 06, 202232:11
10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Kombucha Business
Mar 27, 202239:59
Ep 21: Winter Sales
Feb 02, 202226:46
Ep. 20: Tips on Finding a Commercial Kitchen
Dec 22, 202148:48
Ep 19: The Messy Beautiful Middle

Ep 19: The Messy Beautiful Middle

This "middle" part of the journey is tough and yet beautiful. Chatting about how things are going both in the physical operations and how I'm doing mentally. 

Nov 17, 202146:09
Ep: 18: Tasting All The Booch

Ep: 18: Tasting All The Booch

I laid back episode in which I bring on to the pod a very special guest to try all the kombucha and give honest feedback on what we try. 

*Note: All kombuchas we try are found and based in the United States.


Oct 24, 202125:35
Ep. 17: All Things Flavoring
Sep 21, 202130:06
Ep. 16-The Big Dump
Aug 08, 202138:00
Ep 15: Growing Out my Britches!
Jun 27, 202126:30
Ep. 14: On Money and Finances

Ep. 14: On Money and Finances

Megasode that covers my start up costs, ongoing costs, and how I am currently paying for the business.

I wanted to be transparent and understand that this is not an exact roadmap for anyone to follow, but this is my journey and I wanted to share it with you to encourage you if you are looking to start something of your own.




May 25, 202146:09
Ep. 13: Doubling Up
Mar 28, 202120:59
Ep. 12: We are LIVE, folks!
Mar 09, 202118:10
Ep. 11: Why is There Sugar in Kombucha?
Jan 31, 202122:15
Ep. 10: Scrapping the Business Name

Ep. 10: Scrapping the Business Name

A lot has happened and I'm close to selling, but before selling comes the hard questions and challenging myself on my WHY before moving forward again.

Website: (for now!)

Email: (for now!)

Jan 06, 202132:12
Ep. 9: Fermenters, Finances, and Food Certifications

Ep. 9: Fermenters, Finances, and Food Certifications

New fermenters are here! Updates on renting a commercial kitchen, how in the world I am paying for this on a shoestring budget, and several chats with the health department I didn't know I needed to have to make legal booch. Cheers!


email me at

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Nov 02, 202020:05
Ep. 8: A Yes Among the No's
Oct 09, 202024:32
Ep. 7: Productivity Guilt
Sep 24, 202023:03
Ep. 6: Blast you Alcohol
Sep 14, 202026:20
Ep. 5: How my Enneagram Type is Trying to Mess up the Business
Sep 01, 202030:58
Ep. 4: Disability is Not a Bad Word

Ep. 4: Disability is Not a Bad Word

In this week's episode I go over my thoughts on the term "disability" and how I am not ashamed to admit that as an entrepreneur, I am still learning and in need of more knowledge on understanding  how to help and come alongside the disabled community to push equal rights for all forward as I strive to create an inclusive business.

EDIT to this episode: I mentioned that I apologized about being frustrated  after seeing how people in the disabled community are treated, but I do NOT want to apologize, as it is very appropriate to be frustrated as we (and I am apart of the "we") have a lot of work to do toward this goal of inclusivity and equal rights, and I want to use my frustration to only continue to further myself as I learn and seek out ways in which I can give my time and money toward change. I left that segment in to show that I am still human and continuing to learn.

Organizations and People to check out and give toward:

Squirmy and Grubs Youtube Channel (Shane and Hannah-): 

Laughing at my Nightmare-(Provides equipment grants to those with muscular dystrophy)

Bif in Medias Res- Blog by college acquaintance, Sydney Chasteen, who opened my eyes to the hashtag #disabilitiestwitter and identity first language.

Inspiration Ministries

Inspired Coffee-Lake Geneva, WI

Youtube Ted Talks: 

"I am not your Inspiration Thank you Very Much"-Stella Young Haben -"Why I work to Remove Access barrier for Students with Disabilities" "Unforgotten"-Willowbrook Documentary

Contact me at

Aug 04, 202033:21
Ep. 3: What Is Kombucha?
Jun 12, 202028:46
Ep. 2: 7 Years to Become a Master
May 28, 202016:59
Ep.1: It Wasn't Supposed to End This Way

Ep.1: It Wasn't Supposed to End This Way

Raw thoughts on how COVID-19 ruined the end of my teaching career. 

Apr 19, 202014:02
Introductions are in Order

Introductions are in Order

Quick summary of and warm introduction to my new chapter in life!

Apr 19, 202001:59