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Lockdown with Lizzie Interviews

Lockdown with Lizzie Interviews

By Hilarapy

​Lizzie interviews people who have healed themselves through the powers of comedy/creativity and recovery from mental health issues and addictions.

Though mental health is still too often neglected in the cultural conversation around “wellness,” that is slowly changing as a stigma around the subject recedes.

Lizzie leads sprawling, intimate conversations with guests primarily in the creative world, who share raw admissions about their deepest fears, compulsive behaviours and traumatic histories. Though the show can be heavy listening, it’s also laced with irreverent humour and hope.
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The importance of play

Lockdown with Lizzie InterviewsOct 06, 2021

The importance of play

The importance of play

Take me seriously when I say we need to lighten up. We need to play. The world can feel so heavy with the drama of being alive. How do we cope with the chaos of Covid, the wars, corrupt politics, the devastation of our natural resources, the injustices? For so many people, the struggle is just to survive another day.

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