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Make It Thrive: The Company Culture Podcast

Make It Thrive: The Company Culture Podcast

By Lizzie Benton

Make it Thrive is the company culture podcast that will inspire you to create a unique purpose-driven company culture. Lizzie Benton, Culture Coach, and Founder of Liberty Mind talks to founders, people experts and individuals about the impact of company culture.
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Patterns in progressive organisations, complexity and new ways of working

Make It Thrive: The Company Culture PodcastApr 03, 2023

Season 11 Wrap-up | Culture news and doing the work
Nov 13, 202326:50
Can Buurtzorg work in the UK?
Nov 06, 202342:17
Living the Semco Style philosophy
Oct 16, 202343:52
From knowing, doing, to being self-managed at PTHR
Oct 09, 202336:10
An organic evolution to self-management
Oct 02, 202335:47
Redefining Growth: Intentional choices about how we work
Sep 25, 202342:25
Small charity, big heart: Inside Indigo Volunteers, a self-managed charity
Sep 11, 202338:41
Made Without Managers. A story of a self-managing workplace.
Sep 11, 202341:11
Season 11 Intro | Progressive companies, project updates and Q&A
Sep 04, 202330:03
Co-creation, participation, and navigating culture
Apr 24, 202344:45
The WorkTripp story, ditching boring boardrooms and creating epic offsites
Apr 17, 202339:07
Futures work, exploring change together, and developing the ability to adapt
Apr 10, 202337:59
Patterns in progressive organisations, complexity and new ways of working

Patterns in progressive organisations, complexity and new ways of working

On today’s episode I’m joined by Mark Eddleston, New Ways of Working nerd, consultant, facilitator and trainer.  Mark has been on my list to have on the podcast for a while now as I’m a big fan of his playbook, and for the way he constantly asks the big questions about new ways of working. 

For years Mark has been practising progressive ways of working and first came across new ways of working in New Zealand in 2015 after spending a frustrating decade in traditional workplaces. It was the first time he found consistent fulfilment in work. This beautiful and challenging experience was with a law firm and community organisation that features on the distinguished Corporate Rebels ‘bucket list’.  As Mark says, “once you taste this way of working, it’s impossible to go back.” Mark has been a team member in three organisations that embraced progressive ways of working and has supported many more on their journey’s. Today mark and I are going to chat about patterns found in progressive organisations, complexity, and the inspiration for his playbook. 

Mark leads the New Ways of Working (NWOW) online course, curated the NWOW Playbook, and writes the NWOW newsletter

Discover more about Mark’s work;

New Ways of Working Playbook; 




Discover more about Lizzie;

This season is sponsored by Semco Style UK;

Apr 03, 202342:01
Workstyle: A revolution for wellbeing, productivity and society
Mar 27, 202340:15
Progressive work communities
Mar 20, 202338:37
Neuroaesthetics, self-leadership and continuous curiosity
Mar 13, 202340:01
S10 Intro, catalysts for change, wholeness and telling everybody everything
Mar 06, 202331:10
The S9 Wrap Up
Oct 31, 202243:17
Menstrual Cycle Awareness at Work
Oct 24, 202247:02
Semco Style arrives in the UK
Oct 17, 202255:09
Cut the crap on your CSR
Oct 10, 202225:46
It's time to Decrapify Work
Oct 03, 202244:25
A story of how authenticity and purpose built a community
Sep 26, 202259:14
Two culture coaches talk workplace challenges
Sep 19, 202252:51
Welcome to the world of job crafting
Sep 12, 202243:06
Reimagine the way we work
May 16, 202243:52
Ditching the ordinary to Work Extraordinary
May 09, 202241:32
How to be a professional rule breaker
May 02, 202245:29
The truth in going self-managed
Apr 25, 202228:19
A lesson in experimenting and innovating
Apr 12, 202237:33
The power of research to create change
Apr 11, 202233:01
An Introduction to S8 | The Changemaker Sessions
Apr 04, 202223:18
Culture Confessions | Workplace Horror Stories

Culture Confessions | Workplace Horror Stories

The bonus episode to season 7 is a halloween special as we dive deep into workplace horror stories. Our audience has shared with us some funny, shocking, and downright awful stories about their experiences of company culture, and along with guests Lee Carnihan and Amy Bull, we decide if their culture is good, bad or ugly. It's fun episode with a serious reminder, that the culture work isn't over yet. 

Discover more about the work Lizzie does through Liberty Mind here > 

Oct 25, 202101:07:15
Roles Reversed - Lizzie Gets Put in The Hot Seat

Roles Reversed - Lizzie Gets Put in The Hot Seat

This episode is a little bit different. For a change I’m being put in the hot seat and being interview by Toby Nolan  Co-Founder of Candle App. 

Toby and I met last year during the pandemic over the good old zoom, and we really connected on our shared belief that wellbeing and mental health shouldn’t be an add on, but a core part of how your company operates.

In this conversation Toby asks me about my journey into culture, how my upbringing has influenced my work, and a few fun questions that shine a light on some of my strange habits. 

Discover more about Candle here; 

Discover more about Lizzie and Liberty Mind here;

Sep 06, 202101:11:28
Creative cultures and life's influence on work
Aug 30, 202101:35:07
Company Values - Preaching Them, or Living By Them
Aug 23, 202137:45
Culture-washing & HR for PR
Aug 16, 202152:48
Inflexible working and outdated office mindsets
Aug 09, 202147:01
Introducing Season 7 - Watercooler Conversations
Aug 02, 202114:41
How Can We Better Navigate An Unpredictable Future
Dec 07, 202036:02
Goodbye Hierarchy , Hello Holacracy
Nov 30, 202047:01
Are We Ready for the AI Revolution?
Nov 23, 202040:07
Culture & The Environment - Can we Make it Work?
Nov 16, 202027:43
Is ROWE the Future of Flexible Working?
Nov 09, 202043:05
The Future is Now
Nov 02, 202021:23
Establishing an Internal Coaching Culture
Aug 11, 202031:33
 How the Concept of Lagom Transformed a Company Culture
Aug 04, 202040:57
What the Data Can Tell Us About Employee Happiness
Jul 28, 202026:57
Why You Need to Consider Neurodiversity in Your Company Culture
Jul 21, 202029:43
How to Develop a Culture of Personal Growth
Jul 14, 202028:52