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Localize the World

Localize the World

By Linh

Localize the World is a podcast run by translation & localization MA student, Linh. You'll learn from real professionals how every department of a global company plays a part in localization and how localization is changing our world. Join me on this journey of exploration into the world of L10N.
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Managing Products Internationally with John Huan Vu

Localize the WorldMar 20, 2023

Managing Products Internationally with John Huan Vu

Managing Products Internationally with John Huan Vu

How do product managers bring their products internationally? What's their focus? Their pain points? Where does localization fit into the equation?  These questions and more in this episode of Localize the World.

Mar 20, 202323:48
Internationalization with David Mohr

Internationalization with David Mohr

Middlebury Institute Professor David Mohr talks internationalization, language, culture, technology, and how they all intertwine to make or break international customer experience.

His specialty, drawn from over 20 years of internationalization work at Adobe, has been in bringing software applications to European and Middle Eastern markets with an eye for cultural relevancy. David teaches several classes that center on having global audiences in mind: 1 on Designing for Internationalization and Culture, another on Software Internationalization, and two programming classes. David currently lives in breezy Monterey, California with his husband and two adorable children.

Lessons learned:

- If you are localizing at the same time you’re internationalizing, you’re putting on your snowboard bindings at the same time you’re going down the hill.

- If I can understand your language, I can see your world-view.

Nov 11, 202236:38
Journey into Audiovisual Localization with Kyle Chow
Aug 01, 202244:22
Journey into Game Localization with Linka Wade

Journey into Game Localization with Linka Wade

Today we are joined by my fellow graduate school classmate, Linka Wade. We talk about: life as a translation and localization management student at Middlebury, aspects of game localization like indie games, dialogue translation, and the Game Developers Conference that just happened back in April! This episode has a lot of laughter and a lot of nuggets so I hope you enjoy my conversation with Linka.

Jun 03, 202241:44
Localizing Marketing Content for a Global Audience with Yelena Proskurin

Localizing Marketing Content for a Global Audience with Yelena Proskurin

What’s the localization process look like for marketing?

What do you localize and why?

How is translating marketing stuff different from regular content and what skills does that require?

What “oopsies” have there been in international marketing campaigns and how do you prevent that?

We answer these questions and more in this interview with 10-year localization veteran, Yelena Proskurin. Yelena has worked as Localization Project Manager for SDL, GoPro, and Whatsapp. Now she’s at the Middlebury Institute to teach future localization students how to do it right in international marketing.

Apr 28, 202244:24
LocCareers: What do interpreters do?

LocCareers: What do interpreters do?

Today we are joined by Korean interpreter, Christie Song, who will share with us her experience of being an interpreter and her advice to budding interpreting professionals.


  • Christie's interpreting journey
  • The value of an interpreter
  • Interpretation vs. Translation
  • Misconceptions about interpreting
  • Interpreter training
  • Hardest part about the job
  • Myths of interpretation by Nimdzi
  • Advice to budding interpreters
Mar 24, 202234:05
Don't Underestimate Interpretation

Don't Underestimate Interpretation

Today I share the most humiliating moment of my life.

How is this related to localization and language? Find out in this week's episode. You'll gain a new appreciation for interpreters and a new side of yours truly. But I'm not ashamed to say it happened. On the contrary, I'm glad it happened because I'm a stronger person and wiser person for it.

Jan 10, 202210:15
What is Localization?
Jan 03, 202208:34
Localize the World Trailer

Localize the World Trailer

What to expect? 

Lots of conversations as we navigate the landscape that is L10N together.

Lots of humble ahhs and ooohs as I learn from professionals how localization actually works in the real world.

Breezy talks and fun vibes, as if you were listening in on a conversation at the next table over at your local coffee shop.

Nov 16, 202100:29