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Locked Up With History

Locked Up With History

By Deb Robinson

Have you ever wanted to know about colonial gaols and the men, women, and children incarcerated there? Or perhaps executions, escapes, historical murders, urban legends, ghost stories, and much more.

Then join Deb from the Geelong Gaol Museum and Twisted History team as we step back in time and explore the darker side of Victoria's history so those who have come before us are not forgotten or ignored.

Once you have listened to the episode, join us on our Locked up with History webpage for more information, photos and to ask whatever questions you have!

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The Body in the Window

Locked Up With HistoryMar 19, 2023

The Body in the Window

The Body in the Window

At the height of the Victorian Gold Rush, a bold plan was made by a group of bushrangers to hold up the Private Gold Escort carrying its bounty to the Melbourne Treasury from the McIvor goldfields in 1853.

The robbery and subsequent trial ended in the sentence of death for three men and caused another man to suicide. One man ended up in the window of his wife's shop!

The body of bushranger George Melville in the front window of a Little Bourke Street Oyster Shop in October 1853 caused a tremendous stir in colonial Melbourne! This act also led to a change in the Victorian law on how the bodies of the executed men were treated in the future!

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Execution at Gallows Flat

Execution at Gallows Flat

In this episode, we look at the first and only public execution in Geelong.  Before the passing of the Act for the Execution of Criminals which took executions behind the Gaol walls, the judicial death of criminals were a public event seen to be a deterrent to those following a similar path.

John Gunn and George Roberts were led to their deaths at Gallows Flat on the morning of the 9th November 1854. just 200 yards from the front gates of the Geelong Gaol.  

What led to these two men meeting their ultimate fate on the yellow gallows before 2000 people....

After you have listened to the episode, head over to the Locked up with History webpage to see any media to illustrate the story.  Or head over to Facebook and join in the discussion in our Locked up with History group.

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