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Logistics Collective - The Podcast

Logistics Collective - The Podcast


The Logistics Collective Podcast is a series focused on the logistics industry, where there are many incredible stories to be told.

The first series interviews those that have worked and are working within the logistics industry.

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LEGENDS - This is the first in our series looking at Logistics Collective Legends, those that helped to shape the future that we now live in today.

Logistics Collective - The PodcastAug 19, 2022

OLD DOGS 3 - The Future of Logistics eSourcing
Nov 24, 202336:08
ALAS! 3 - Beyond the beverages to sustainability and profit
Nov 10, 202344:57


Information systems are at the core of every logistics operation. Yet many of the most utilised systems have a long history (decades!) behind them.

Have our day to day operations moved significantly over the last 20 years?


There is a design parallel to the development of electric cars, the sub-optimal starting point being to utilise an existing internal combustion engined car and bolt on electric motors and batteries. The key point of innovation has been to reimagine personal transport design around the new motive force, arguably, this is the only way to provide cars that will have similar utility to the smoky old petrol and diesel cars.

The question we might have in our minds is: Do our logistics information systems need a radical redesign to be relevant to today's and the futures operational challenges? Our guest in this episode strongly argues yes.

In this podcast, we are delighted to interview an entrepreneur and innovator who has successfully completed that ground up reimagination, with a Warehouse Management System that has ease of implementation, configuration, connectivity (including robotics) and most importantly ease of use/ease of training at its core. So take a break from your busy day and listen to Founder & Managing Director of THOMAX Technology – Thomas Jackson”


⁠Thomas Jackson⁠⁠ -


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Oct 24, 202339:31
OLD DOGS 2 - Legacy or Prophecy?
Oct 13, 202323:14
OLD DOGS 1 - Legacy or Prophecy?

OLD DOGS 1 - Legacy or Prophecy?

We are out in the Logistics Collective Time Machine again and asking you to join us in an exploration of the past and future of buying logistics.

I am joined by two leading lights in the world of technology and logistics, Tom Wahnsiedler (a 40-year veteran of IT, having served in local government, FMCG, retail, logistics, property, social enterprise, and consultancy.  During that time, he conceived, developed, and delivered novel and in some cases ground-breaking products, including tools for logistics procurement and collaboration. He is, at least for the moment, retired.) who was the founder and CEO of Translogistica and Paul Martyn (a vastly experienced sourcing professional that has sourced billions worth of logistics solutions during his tenure as an exceptional thought leader in procurement) who at the time of our initial interaction was Managing Director of European Operations for CombineNet.

In this series of podcasts we plot the course of how buying logistics changed forever in the early 2000’s,share the experience of the challenges of using technology for the first time the results that we achieved and then our thoughts on why the full potential of eSourcing logistics has yet to be achieved.

In Episode 1 we cover the initial sparks of innovation and how we planned to deliver true value creation.

If you buy, sell or manage logistics solutions, this is a must hear for you!


Tom Wahnsiedler⁠ -

Paul Martyn -

⁠Logistics Collective - The Podcast⁠ -

The Logistics Collective podcast is a production by ⁠Loguru Ltd

Sep 29, 202336:14
ALAS! 2 - Advance Supply Chain
Sep 15, 202358:54
RYHALL Leadership
Aug 14, 202356:08
ALAS! 1 - The Begining
Jul 07, 202301:02:31


We took a brief hiatus as business was busy in LOGURU, but now we are into our second year of the Logistics Collective and we are extremely excited about it. There are going to be some changes, and we are in discussions about more sponsorship so we can extend the scope of what we do, we have "Logistics Collective "Live!" in mind and a new series called ALAS!... details will follow.

So into our second year of the podcast, we have spoken to an incredible professional. She is smart, innovative, courageous, and absolutely a thought leader in supply chain but most specifically automation. As with many successful professionals, she has more than one string to her bow and is now a published author with a noted passion for mentoring and coaching. I was delighted to hear about the positive change that  "Women in Logistics" delivered for her. So now we have built anticipation...I welcome Danielle Dakin, Market Development Director for Dematic. Grab a beverage and hear about her fantastic career journey.

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Danielle Dakin -

Danielle Dakin's Book - Confidence Through Courage: The Power Lies Within You

Logistics Collective - The Podcast -

The Logistics Collective podcast is a production by Loguru Ltd

May 18, 202348:08
Feb 24, 202340:25
LEGENDS - Alan Waller
Dec 22, 202201:03:38
TPN - The Pallet Network
Nov 15, 202231:46
LEGENDS - This is our second in our series looking at Logistics Collective Legends, those that helped to shape the future that we now live in today.
Oct 05, 202241:55
Great Bear Distribution Ltd
Sep 14, 202232:09
LEGENDS - This is the first in our series looking at Logistics Collective Legends, those that helped to shape the future that we now live in today.
Aug 19, 202237:31
Zeus Labs
Aug 18, 202237:22
Synergy Retail Support
Aug 04, 202241:41
CIPS - Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply
Jul 05, 202247:04
UKWA - United Kingdom Warehouse Association
May 28, 202240:26
 RHA - The Road Haulage Association
May 10, 202232:04
Feb 07, 202200:32