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Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Plays

Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Plays

By Lokathor

Lokathor does Audio-only Let's Play content!
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Deejrim: Just Trying To Get To Helgen Already

Lokathor's Audio Only Let's PlaysJun 01, 2023

Deejrim: Just Trying To Get To Helgen Already
Jun 01, 202301:07:45
[PMTTYD] Badge Shenanigans
May 28, 202301:54:34
Go Listen To Skeleton House

Go Listen To Skeleton House

right now!
May 25, 202300:42
[First Lookathor] NieR:Automata

[First Lookathor] NieR:Automata

It's the future and it's time to shoot at heavy machinery

May 22, 202301:09:30
[PMTTYD] The Old Train Station
May 21, 202355:33
[First Lookathor] Ghost of Tsushima

[First Lookathor] Ghost of Tsushima

It's another open world game, but this time we're in Japan, stabbing folks in high speed sword fights!

May 16, 202301:08:56
[PMTTYD] Train Stuff
May 14, 202347:46
[First Look] Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

[First Look] Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Tried out that new Zelda game that might be cool maybe.

Spoilers: it's cool.

Spoilers 2: in this episode I play as far as slightly past the tutorial zone.

May 12, 202303:28:17
[First Look] Horizon: Zero Dawn

[First Look] Horizon: Zero Dawn

Robot Dinosaurs!
May 11, 202303:13:32
[First Look] Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

[First Look] Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Wow, this game could hardly have let me down any more than it did!
May 10, 202346:56
[First Look] The Last Guardian

[First Look] The Last Guardian

We help out a dog, and the dog is a biggo doggo.
May 09, 202356:12
[First Look] Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

[First Look] Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

This isn't the newest jedi game but it is a jedi game that was at the library.
May 09, 202347:13
[PMTTYD] Island Escape
May 07, 202301:30:16
[First Look] God Of War (2018)

[First Look] God Of War (2018)

I guess they found us after all this time, somehow.
May 06, 202350:30
[First Look] Assassin's Creed Odyssey

[First Look] Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Time to go to ancient Greece and have way too many pop ups.
May 02, 202302:36:05
[First Look] Forspoken

[First Look] Forspoken

I checked out Forspoken from the library, so let's do an isekai
May 01, 202303:20:01
[PMTTYD] Getting The Chapter 5 Crystal Star
Apr 30, 202355:58
[PMTTYD] Chapter 5 Start
Apr 23, 202357:04
[PMTTYD] Between Chapters 4 and 5
Apr 16, 202301:03:41
[First Look] Cynthia: Hidden In The Moonshadow

[First Look] Cynthia: Hidden In The Moonshadow

Steam wanted me to buy a game and it's close enough to the game's release that we can call it a First Look episode!

Apr 11, 202333:23
[PMTTYD] Chapter 4
Apr 09, 202301:34:16
[PMTTYD] Pre-Ch4 Pit Times
Apr 02, 202301:39:20
[PMTTYD] Chapter 3, Part 2
Mar 26, 202301:21:19
First Look: Atelier Ryza 3

First Look: Atelier Ryza 3

Anime collect'em and craft'em game. 2 was cool, seems like 3 will be cool too.

Mar 24, 202340:48
First Look: Metroid Prime

First Look: Metroid Prime

This was the hardest to buy Switch game.

Mar 24, 202345:59
[PMTTYD] Intro To Chapter 3
Mar 19, 202301:06:44
[PMTTYD] Chapter 2 Completed
Mar 12, 202302:11:31
[PMTTYD] Ch2 Intro, and a small number of Trials.
Mar 05, 202301:35:51
[PMTTYD] Ch1: Hooktail Castle
Feb 26, 202301:33:47
[PMTTYD] Prologue
Feb 19, 202355:52
[BGSOD] The Siege Is Over
Feb 12, 202301:00:26
Audio Only Nintendo Direct: 2023-02-08

Audio Only Nintendo Direct: 2023-02-08

These sounds are coming directly to you

Feb 09, 202350:14
[BGSOD] Castle Assault
Feb 05, 202303:22:29
[BGSOD] Underground River
Jan 29, 202301:45:39
Kena: Bridge Of Spirits (1)

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits (1)

We've gotta bridge some spirits.
Jan 25, 202328:21
[BGSOD] Bloodbark Grove
Jan 22, 202301:11:12
[BGSOD] Dead Man's Pass
Jan 15, 202301:33:33
[BGSOD] Moving along to the Coalition Camp
Jan 08, 202348:54
Lokathor's Anime Of The Year 2022

Lokathor's Anime Of The Year 2022

So I did another challonge tournament:

Unlike before, it's not exactly just me rambling. Instead, I was on a discord call with some folks. However, they didn't want to casually get recorded and broadcast, so I only recorded my side of things. It's kinda like if I was ranting to the chat of a stream, so you should be used to it by now. I've also trimmed down the extra long silences for ya, so it should be a fine listen.

If you want to track all the anime stuff I watch you can follow along with Anilist:

If you like the podcast and wanna hear more feel free to sign up for the Patreon:

Jan 05, 202336:18
[Kirby] Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

[Kirby] Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

My brother and I played Kirby 64 on stream the other day ( and so I thought I'd balance the audio a little bit better and put it out here as an ep for you all.

Jan 02, 202301:48:50
Lokathor's Game Of The Year 2022
Jan 01, 202301:17:25
[BGSOD] Boareskyr Bridge
Jan 01, 202357:16
[BGSOD] Forest of Wyrms

[BGSOD] Forest of Wyrms

My brother would be upset if I didn't mention that there's a web serial called "Worm" that is apparently quite good (I haven't read it).

For more Lokathor stuff check out the Patreon:
Dec 25, 202202:03:56
[?] Sports Story First Impressions

[?] Sports Story First Impressions

Sports Story is out on Switch!! It's the sequel to Golf Story, and so far it seems pretty great.
Dec 24, 202203:37:28
[BGSOD] Troll Claw Woods
Dec 18, 202201:03:23
[BGSOD] Lich wrap-up, and Coast Way Forest
Dec 11, 202254:26
[BGSOD] The Repository of Undeath
Dec 04, 202201:17:58
[BGSOD] Coast Way Crossing
Nov 27, 202259:06
[First Impression] Atelier Sophie 2
Nov 22, 202201:04:58
[BGSOD] You Must Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth
Nov 20, 202201:48:27
[First Impression] Pokemon Scarlet

[First Impression] Pokemon Scarlet

I guess this youtube clip sums up my thoughts:

My review of the game is that if you've ever been in a financial or mental situation where you've ever regretted buying a video game that turned out to not be fun, then you Should Not get this video game because you'll probably regret having done so.

Nov 19, 202201:00:56
[BGSOD] Korlasz's Tomb
Nov 13, 202201:22:38
[First Impression] Shadows Over Loathing
Nov 11, 202201:15:57
[First Impression] This Way Madness Lies
Nov 10, 202239:05
[Bayo3] Chapter 2: Arandiaademoniaianeae
Nov 06, 202232:11
[Elden Ring] Malenia, Blade of Miquella
Nov 06, 202202:19:54
[Necrobarista] Don't Ask Who Is Dead, It's Rude.
Oct 31, 202202:05:41
[Elden Ring] The Final Boss Battle: A Furious Three-way

[Elden Ring] The Final Boss Battle: A Furious Three-way

For more Brian (and co) check out While You Were Talking: You can get more Brett/Skelly content from the Skeleton House Podcast: The amazing synthwave remix of The Final Battle is by CthulhuSeeker: For more of my own nonsense and ramblings check out the Patreon:
Oct 30, 202201:38:48
[Bayo3] Chapter 1: It's An Isekai
Oct 29, 202201:41:25
[Elden Ring] The Final Boss Battle: Connection Errors
Oct 23, 202201:12:49
[Elden Ring] With Brian C for 'Cik (2/2)
Oct 16, 202202:04:01
[Elden Ring] With Brian C for 'Cik (1/2)
Oct 09, 202201:51:02
[Elden Ring] With Brian And Josef
Oct 02, 202203:30:48
[Road To The Erdtree] Ch 1: You Thought This'd Be Serious, Didn't You?

[Road To The Erdtree] Ch 1: You Thought This'd Be Serious, Didn't You?

Hey, it's September 28th! This podcast's birthday!

Lately we've been doing Elden Ring stuff, so to celebrate the podcast's birthday I've gone ahead and read the first chapter of comedy manga Road To The Erdtree. It's an officially endorsed manga, and it's also very silly.

...alright, I'll level with you friends. When I did this reading recording it wasn't specifically meant to be for today. I'd planned to release it after all the main Elden Ring episodes were out. However, I noticed what day it was, and this was the best episode that was sitting in the Outbox, so here's what we get.

As always, if you want additional podcast content you can check out the patreon:
Sep 28, 202213:02
[Elden Ring] The One Where We Verify The Game Files
Sep 25, 202202:33:25
[Elden Ring] An Engagement, At The Very Least
Sep 18, 202201:52:07
[Elden Ring] Do The Ranni Stuff, Maybe

[Elden Ring] Do The Ranni Stuff, Maybe

Today we take a break from the main quest to go "do the Ranni stuff", but we're so bad at staying on task that we procrastinate twice and go do the Volcano Manor stuff instead.

Sep 11, 202201:46:21
[Elden Ring] Five Hour Milkin' It (feat. Brian + Dan K) (6/6)
Sep 04, 202251:21
[Elden Ring] Five Hour Milkin' It (feat. Brian + Dan K) (5/6)
Aug 28, 202255:59
[Elden Ring] Five Hour Milkin' It (feat. Brian + Dan K) (4/6)
Aug 21, 202259:53
[Elden Ring] Five Hour Milkin' It (feat. Brian + Dan K) (3/6)
Aug 14, 202259:50
[Elden Ring] Five Hour Milkin' It (feat. Brian + Dan K) (2/6)
Aug 07, 202257:25
[Elden Ring] Five Hour Milkin' It (feat. Brian + Dan K) (1/6)
Jul 31, 202201:02:31
[Elden Ring] Raya Lucaria with Bria Milkaria
Jul 24, 202202:20:37
[Mass Effect 3] The Final Final Bit Of Mass Effect
Jul 17, 202201:26:09
[Stellaris] The Daffodil Swarm, Panaxala
Jul 16, 202256:51
[Mass Effect 3] And The Ambassador Hesitated, And Said
Jul 11, 202201:55:15
[Mass Effect 3] Babe, We Would Not Make You Stay Behind, It's Not Like You're Kaiden!
Jul 04, 202201:35:16
[Mass Effect 3] Quarians, Geth, and Rannoch (oh my!)
Jun 27, 202202:13:01
[Mass Effect 3] I Don't Know If This'll Be A Big Quest Or A Little Quest...
Jun 19, 202203:46:37
[Mass Effect 3] I'm Always Interested In Helping Out Good 'ol Specialist Traynor
Jun 12, 202203:27:58
[Mass Effect 3] Hey We Did A Combo!
Jun 05, 202203:04:44
[D2] All I know is that, when he beckoned, I had to follow him...
May 30, 202201:12:27
[Mass Effect 3] We're Running Low On Flamethrower Fuel
May 29, 202201:30:53
[Mass Effect 3] I Like These Cerberus Operatives, They Just Fall Over Like Butter
May 22, 202203:32:17
[Mass Effect 3] Where... where is... what?
May 15, 202204:05:30
[Mass Effect 3] Emotionally There's More Time Pressure To Rescue From A School Than To Go To A Board Meeting.
May 08, 202257:19
[Mass Effect 3] The Stupid Save File Didn't Import Properly
May 01, 202202:41:28
[Elden Ring] Buttons

[Elden Ring] Buttons

Check out the Skeleton House Podcast when you have the time.

Also you should check out the Patreon:

Apr 22, 202245:17
[Elden Ring] The Boatman
Apr 20, 202201:46:25
[Elden Ring] We Finally Find Another Boss
Apr 20, 202201:35:49
[Elden Ring] Dragon Communion
Apr 20, 202201:07:31
[Elden Ring] Mistwood
Apr 20, 202201:59:53
[Elden Ring] Going South
Apr 20, 202201:44:51
[Elden Ring] Roundtable Hold
Apr 20, 202202:06:33
[Elden Ring] Arise Now, Ye Tarnished
Apr 20, 202201:56:33
[BGEE] Basement's End: The Final Chapter
Apr 17, 202202:49:28
[BGEE] Yet More Basement This Week
Apr 10, 202241:15
[BGEE] When Does This Basement End?
Apr 03, 202259:18
[BGEE] More of Durlag's Basement
Mar 29, 202259:19
[BGEE] Durlag's Tower (and some of his basement too)
Mar 20, 202201:16:28
[BGEE] Tales Of The Sword Coast: Ulgoth's Beard
Mar 13, 202201:52:07
[BGEE] Ch 7: Sarevok
Mar 06, 202202:32:03
[BGEE] Ch 6: Candlekeep Revisited
Feb 28, 202201:05:14
[BGEE] Ch5: Baldur's Gate City
Feb 21, 202205:10:34
[BGEE] Chapter 4: Cloakwood
Feb 18, 202201:52:31
[BGEE] Bandit's Camp
Feb 06, 202201:09:12
[Mass Effect 2] The Suicide Mission
Feb 04, 202201:16:12
[Mass Effect 2] Reaper IFF, Legion+, Collector Attack
Feb 01, 202201:38:39
[Mass Effect 2] Thane+, Garrus+, and misc side quests
Jan 26, 202201:54:06
[Mass Effect 2] Thane, Jacob, and Zaeed
Jan 19, 202201:36:13
Mass Effect 2: Tali and Samara and then Tali+
Jan 10, 202202:28:25
[Mass Effect 2] There's a lot of ... and some of them are mostly intact.
Jan 04, 202202:16:05
Mass Effect 2.22: First World (Crime-lord) Problems
Dec 28, 202102:31:13
[Mass Effect 2] Recruiting Samara
Dec 21, 202101:17:19
[Mass Effect 2] I Promised I'd Help Mordin On Tuchanka
Dec 14, 202101:40:40
[Mass Effect 2] Helping Out Hackett
Dec 09, 202101:20:35
[Mass Effect 2] "Ranks highest in murder per capita"
Nov 29, 202101:46:29
[Mass Effect 2] Firewalker Side Quests Junk

[Mass Effect 2] Firewalker Side Quests Junk

Okay so the Firewalker is like, cool as heck, but ultimately this didn't lead to any story that was important or in any way a thing you should care about.

However, for completeness sake, here's this episode.

We'll be back to the story next episode, I think.

Nov 21, 202102:36:02
[Mass Effect 2] Kasumi Kasumi Kasumi
Nov 14, 202101:48:41
[Mass Effect 2] It Doesn't Have An HP Meter, So I Have To Assume That I Can't Fight It.
Nov 05, 202101:20:59
[Mass Effect 2] You don't have a grenade launcher lady, get lost
Oct 30, 202101:26:42
[Mass Effect 2] So maybe... Bespin? If Bespin had a slightly funny hat.
Oct 21, 202101:31:46
[Mass Effect 2] But they're sending her to fight Geth... Geth... we both know they're not the real threat.
Oct 15, 202101:14:21
[Paper Mario] It's The Last Day Of JRPG July
Oct 06, 202102:37:44
[Paper Mario] We've finally es-ka-pe'd!

[Paper Mario] We've finally es-ka-pe'd!

So, true story, as I upload each episode I play it back the first few minutes just to make sure that things are alright. That's where the episode titles have all come from this season as well. Except on this episode, I mumble in the first sentence or two about Pillar of Salt. It's an OC Remix, and it damn well might be the best one. It's extremely good and if you haven't heard it before and you're a person that likes sounds then you should listen to it.

Also, we do the ice mountain / frozen mansion chapter in this level I guess. Sure.


Oct 04, 202101:49:28
[Paper Mario] Let's see if a whole heap of damage kills one
Oct 01, 202101:13:09
[Paper Mario] Oh, we probably want the mic where we can speak to it
Sep 29, 202152:18
[Paper Mario] I know there's a way to activate the plot, know what I mean?
Sep 27, 202101:40:49
[Paper Mario] I also thought as much about dialogs being special
Sep 24, 202101:01:42
[Paper Mario] We're trying to get the last bit of soup in before we suffocate to death
Sep 22, 202145:10
[Paper Mario] So I'm just trying to bounce back from that.
Sep 20, 202156:47
[Paper Mario] Do we want to fight things? or have free things?
Sep 17, 202138:07
[Paper Mario] It's always BP Time.
Sep 15, 202102:10:35
[Paper Mario] The train smoke is all stars, so you know you're invincible during the train ride.
Sep 13, 202101:37:58
[Paper Mario] Did I tell you what voice I was gonna use for Kooper?
Sep 10, 202101:14:27
[Paper Mario] Be these indoor people, I have no idea what to do for their voices.
Sep 08, 202155:43
[Paper Mario] Think how annoying you want this voice to be, and calibrate that before you speak.

[Paper Mario] Think how annoying you want this voice to be, and calibrate that before you speak.

Hey everyone welcome to the first episode of a new season of the podcast: Paper Mario!

This season is another one of the ones that has my brother in it too. He's basically the lead player, and I just help with all the funny voices and commentary that we do.

In this episode we have repeated issues with the structural integrity of places we visit, but we eventually manage to get headed out on our quest to save the Kingdom.

Sep 06, 202143:01
[FF6] These things.... I am going to destroy!
Sep 03, 202102:20:59
[FF6] A thousand years in the past, a battle was waged here...
Sep 01, 202143:23
[FF6] Chill walkin' in the woods beats to relax and study to (1hr)

[FF6] Chill walkin' in the woods beats to relax and study to (1hr)

Today's episode is all walkin' in the woods, no commentary from me.

As today's episode art implies, we did manage to pick up a single Economizer during all of this woods walkin'.

And if that wasn't enough music for you, try this great remix of the battle theme: SnappleMan, norg, Captain Finbeard - Polemos

Also check out the Patreon for more occasional goofy content like this.

Aug 30, 202101:00:01
[FF6] Finally... I understand that feeling... Even though I kept it buried for so long.
Aug 27, 202101:02:53
[FF6] Did you think I was gonna check out before you, old man!?
Aug 25, 202101:10:51
[FF6] I'm your boss, kupo! You're gonna join us, kupo!
Aug 23, 202157:33
[FF6] I am guilty of perpetuating a terrible lie...
Aug 20, 202158:52
[FF6] You want to live in this world as it is? No? Then do something about it!
Aug 18, 202139:48
[FF6] I can honestly say I don't know what's going on inside of me...
Aug 16, 202101:15:50
[FF6] I'll see you again. Count on it!
Aug 13, 202101:43:30
[FF6] The beginning of all magic...
Aug 11, 202151:34
[FF6] Will I ever be able to love someone?
Aug 09, 202101:10:56
[FF6] My existence is proof that such a bond CAN exist...
Aug 06, 202101:13:36
[FF6] Mii... Mii... Do, re, mi... Faa... hack, cough...

[FF6] Mii... Mii... Do, re, mi... Faa... hack, cough...

Alright amokoj, you all knew it would happen, this is the most famous part of Final Fantasy 6: The Opera. I've been doing all the voices in the game so far, and now you get to hear me do all the singing in the game too.

Also, like, after the opera we go to a factory and learn about the history of espers and stuff. Sure, sure. Plot or whatever.

Today's FF6 music suggestion from Balance and Ruin is not one, but two different songs!
The Nightmare Oath by OA, Moonlapse, BardicKnowledge, Laura Intravia, and feat. DragonAvenger is based on just the overture portion of the opera at the beginning. The Impresario by Jake Kaufman and Tommy Pedrini is a full 70s-style rock opera track that's absolutely amazing. This isn't some of my favorite FF6 music, it's some of my favorite any music at all. Get ready for those socks to be knocked off.

And of course check the Patreon if you like.

Aug 04, 202102:06:31
[FF6] Her very existence strikes fear into her own heart.
Aug 02, 202101:35:20
[FF6] That Esper is either gonna save us... or dig us an early grave...
Jul 31, 202102:31:30
[FF6] If only you hadn't been in such a rush for power
Jul 28, 202141:21
[FF6] Hard to believe an espers been found intact there...
Jul 26, 202101:11:57
[?] Out There: Ω The Alliance

[?] Out There: Ω The Alliance

Today we've got just a one-shot play of the demo for Out There: Ω The Alliance, which is sorta a rogue-lite space adventure thing, I think.

I dunno this is one of those mobile games that was ported to Switch, which is always a slightly dubious sort of thing, but some of those mobile ports end up good so it doesn't hurt to try a demo.