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London Heal

London Heal

By Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD

A scientist's view on alternative and cutting edge approaches to modern lifestyle and chronic disorders. Unpacking the mind body connection and sharing motivational conversations with alternative practitioners, scientific experts, physicians and inspirational individuals to empower you to live healthy for longer.
Disclaimer: The information provided in the following podcasts is provided as educational content only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult with your registered health care practitioner if you wish to implement any changes in your current method of treatment and under no circumstances should you stop taking any prescription medication without medical supervision.
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Floatation Therapy with Ed Hawley

London HealFeb 28, 2020

Floatation Therapy with Ed Hawley
Feb 28, 202053:54
High Performance Health is also for Women with Angela Foster
Feb 21, 202054:43
Medicinal Mushrooms with Martin Powell
Feb 14, 202001:08:26
A Mindful Art Experience with Zena el Farra
Feb 07, 202001:03:18
Music for Transformation with Barry Goldstein
Nov 29, 201901:07:24
Chefs in Schools with Nicole Pisani

Chefs in Schools with Nicole Pisani

Any conversation about health has to start with childhood. Food choices and nutritional habits formed in childhood dictate our relationship with food. The UK has a school meal programme for children that has come under scrutiny in the past.

Nicole Pisani was a former head chef of a leading London restaurant. She gave up that role to engage in helping future generations of children eat well and develop healthy food habits. She co-founded the charity, 'Chefs in Schools' to inspire change in school food by freely sharing knowledge of what works well, both in kitchens and classrooms, to schools across the country. A central part of the model is also providing education and hands on experience for the children. This encompasses growing, harvesting, preparing and eating food as a holistic approach.

With the motto, 'Better is Possible' Chefs in Schools provides various models from training existing teams to installing head chefs and whole school transformations. Children and their parents/guardians are involved in an ongoing conversation and shared experiences with food. Education is key and school curricula include cooking lessons and learning about food and nutrition.

The Chefs in Schools model is currently in 20 schools in London. The aim is to extend the model beyond London and one day have every school in the UK providing education and great healthy food for our children. The charity provides a charter that anyone can download, sign and implement. Chefs in Schools is a great initiative and really worthy of support!

For more info go to

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Nov 22, 201955:39
The Wellness Puzzle with Andrew Jobling
Nov 15, 201956:27
Childhood Biography to Adult Biology - Trauma with Niki Gratrix
Nov 08, 201901:15:40
News, Soda Ban, Vitamin D and PTSD
Oct 31, 201920:39
The Healing Connection to Earth with Dr Laura Koniver MD
Oct 24, 201901:04:06
Yang Sheng, the Chinese Art of Self-Healing with Katie Brindle

Yang Sheng, the Chinese Art of Self-Healing with Katie Brindle

If you think that herbs and acupuncture are all that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has to offer, you are very mistaken. The essence of TCM is indeed to 'nourish life' or Yang Sheng. Yang Sheng is the self-care part of TCM and is a self-healing system. The system comprises simple but powerful habits and lifestyle techniques that you can perform yourself. Today's guest, Katie Brindle, calls this gaining 'Mastery over your Health'.

Katie is a fully qualified TCM practitioner. She is passionate about bringing the powerful, yet little known, self-healing properties of Yang Sheng to a western audience. She developed a methodology known as the Hayo'u method, which distils this philosophy into easy and enjoyable steps.

Her method starts with simple, quick techniques to rescue and restore a stressed body and nervous system back to balance. Part of her method uses a ritual known as Gua Sha. This 'press-stroking' with a jade tool not only restores inner wellbeing, but also leads to radiant, youthful looking skin. Little wonder this has taken the beauty industry by storm!
Katie leads us through the layers of TCM to address healing of the mind, body and soul. Viewing herself as a gate keeper to deeper levels of healing, Katie openly shares her knowledge and supports her clients on their way to health, wellness and vitality.

For more information go to
Also visit the
Follow Katie on Instagram @Hayoumethod and @Katie_Brindle and on Facebook @Hayoumethod

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Oct 17, 201901:13:23
CBD - Hype or Help with Jade Proudman
Oct 10, 201958:38
Mindset, Nutrition and Fitness for an Awesome Life with Ben Coomber
Oct 03, 201957:46
What a Relief! I have ADHD with Kassandra and Tatiana
Sep 24, 201901:12:13
Sick and Tired - Fatigue Disorders with Alex Howard

Sick and Tired - Fatigue Disorders with Alex Howard

Do you have energy for your day when you get out of bed? Increasing numbers of people are far more tired than they should be. Sadly many of them go on to develop a chronic fatigue disorder like CFS/ME and fibromyalgia. These conditions seriously impact our quality of life and can suck the joy out of living.
Alex Howard had a seven year journey with ME. Taking his recovery into his own hands he learned, explored and tried almost everything. He translated all that he had learned into a book and founded the Optimal Health Clinic to address treating fatigue disorders holistically with an integrative approach. Alex shares his wisdom on the current theories and his personal and professional experience on the causes of fatigue disorders. We discuss the relevance of adrenal fatigue in the context of being a symptom rather than a cause. Alex also shares the myriad of factors that determine treatment options. He emphasis is on understanding that the most recent or most likely candidate for the illness is almost always just the last link in a chain of factors. Each of these factors has to be addressed to achieve success in healing.
Alex emphasises the importance of understanding that this is a journey. The road can be challenging and arduous at times, but there is much that can be achieved with the right treatment and support, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Most importantly, Alex urges people to never be afraid to ask for help.

For more go to The Optimum Health Clinic
Alex's free 14 day Meditation Course, vlog, podcast and more at

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Sep 12, 201901:02:46
Out of Body Experiences with Jade Shaw
Sep 05, 201901:00:16
6 Tips to Benefit from Fun in the Sun
Jul 18, 201932:59
Living Well With Cancer with Dr. Catherine Zollman
Jul 11, 201901:06:40
Live a Life You Love with Karen Salmansohn
Jul 04, 201953:24
Telomeres Tell Tales with Elissa Epel PhD
Jun 27, 201901:01:40
Havening Touch with Carol Robertson PhD
Jun 20, 201901:08:48
Psychotherapy with an Astrological Road Map with Mark Jones
Jun 13, 201959:24
Becoming the Walking Universe with Igor Kufayev
Jun 06, 201901:04:40
The Spiritual Nature of Healing with Igor Kufayev

The Spiritual Nature of Healing with Igor Kufayev

Western medicine views disease and illness as a dysfunction of the the component parts and systems that make up our physiology. Eastern traditions take a different view and include the expression of creative intelligence or consciousness in the manifestation of disease. Igor Kufayev is a teacher of Advaita Trantra and, in this first of two conversations, he takes us on an in-depth journey to try and understand the roles of different levels in health and disease. These levels comprise the gross or physical level, the subtle or neuronal flow and the causal or karmic level. He elegantly describes the role of the causal, karmic level in creating disease. He shares his wisdom on karma, and how there are also different currents of karma that act on us in ways we can and cannot control. He discusses the importance of self responsibility and living consciously and how we can direct certain karmic currents in this way. He discusses the importance of understanding the source and treatment of disease. In a rather controversial stance, he challenges the desire to always intervene or seek miracle cures as a potential bypass and missed opportunity to bring about transformation. In this fascinating and deep look at the spiritual nature of health, we can truly appreciate that good health is not simply a matter of caring for the body and mind, but rather a matter of the expression of consciousness.
For more information please go to his Website:
Documentary Film: Entering the Heart - The Work of Igor Kufayev
Interview with Igor Kufayev: Piercing the Veil and much more on the YouTube channel:
Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship

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May 29, 201959:21
Off the Cuff with Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD
May 24, 201957:19
The Brain's Immune System, Alzheimer's and Inflammation with Professor Hugh Perry
May 16, 201901:07:12
Healing with Breathwork with Niraj Naik
May 09, 201901:01:57
Everybody is an Athlete with Scott Livingston
Apr 18, 201955:18
Elder not Older with Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD
Apr 11, 201921:26
The Future of Healthcare - Social Prescribing with Dr Michael Dixon LVO OBE

The Future of Healthcare - Social Prescribing with Dr Michael Dixon LVO OBE

The incidence of chronic disease is rising rapidly. Simultaneously, the costs of healthcare are also rising and are not sustainable. In addition, the medical outcomes for many conditions are less than satisfactory. Something is clearly not working. Fortunately, a paradigm shift in the approach to healthcare is taking place as the UK government has announced a program of Universal Social Prescribing within the National Health Service. Instrumental in this program is my guest, Dr Michael Dixon, the National Clinical Lead for Social Prescription (NHS England). In this episode he describes the need for a medicine that is more than pills and procedures. He describes how social prescription takes a holistic view of patients and supports them in making lifestyle changes, solving life challenges and integration into social networks. Initial results have shown great promise in improving the physical, emotional and mental health of patients while saving costs. Michael strongly believes that social prescribing is the way forward for medicine that not only takes care of the patient, but may help build better and stronger communities. It is a huge step in changing a disease care system into a healthcare system.
For more information please see: NHS England.
For more information also on Dr Dixon, please see the website at the College of Medicine
*We experienced a few technical difficulties during this episode which affect sound quality in places. We apologise and hope that it doesn't detract too much from your listening pleasure!
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Apr 04, 201935:51
The Knowledge of Life: Ayurveda with Jillian Lavender
Mar 29, 201959:53
The Power of Herbal Medicine with Simon Mills
Mar 22, 201948:24
The Big Sneeze - Allergy with Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD
Mar 15, 201943:38
Your Heart is Smart with Rollin McCraty PhD
Mar 08, 201901:03:49
Surviving Cardiac Arrest with Matt Brown
Mar 01, 201955:33
Bounce Forward! Resilience with Professor David Peters
Feb 22, 201901:00:41
The Art of Warm, Loving Relationships with Fiorella Martin

The Art of Warm, Loving Relationships with Fiorella Martin

Warm, loving relationships are essential to our emotional and physical health. In a time where many people are isolated, disconnected and lonely, it's all the more important to learn the art of warm loving relationships. In this week's episode, relationship therapist and coach, Fiorella Martin discusses how virtual relationships are no substitute for the real thing. She shares her insight into the basic fundamentals of all types of relationships and what can go wrong. We discuss the emotional and physical impact of dysfunctional relationships and what constitutes a healthy warm and loving relationship. Fiorella explores the problems with conducting healthy relationships in the modern world and the conditions that have to be met to start repairing damaged relationships. She talks about the value of the love languages and some problems and solutions to aid effective communication between partners. The central issue of creating a warm and loving relationship with yourself to enable such relationships with others is key to Fiorella's message and she provides a few key tips to improve existing relationships and finding love and connection for singles. For more information check out And on Facebook under Relationship Transformations & Coaching Fiorella Martin Receive EXCLUSIVE access to extended show notes by becoming a London Heal Insider over at
Feb 15, 201952:23
Real Food for a Healthy Diet with Heather Richards
Feb 08, 201901:03:50
Circadian Rhythms and Sleep with Professor Russell Foster
Feb 01, 201901:06:15
Medical Acupuncture with Dr Mike Cummings
Jan 25, 201901:19:59
The Best Brain Possible with Debbie Hampton
Dec 21, 201801:03:51
Healing through Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley

Healing through Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley

We spend one third of our lives asleep. Wouldn't it be great if we could use some of that time consciously to deal with issues that plague us in real life? Charlie Morley is a bestselling author and teacher of lucid dreaming & shadow integration. A Tibetan Buddhist and dream yoga practitioner, Charlie teaches people how to lucid dream, and specific practices that use this unique state of consciousness while sleeping to achieve certain goals. In this episode we discuss what is lucid dreaming and how can we use it. We delve into the safety and profound effects that can be achieved with lucid dreaming. Charlie discusses using lucid dreams to assist with psychological, emotional and physical health, and the potential of integrating other modalities with lucid dreaming as a therapeutic approach. Finally, a conversation about lucid dreaming wouldn't be complete without a few tips to get started, and if for no other reason than it's fun! For more details see On Facebook under @CharlieMorleyLucidDreaming Become a London Heal Insider and get EXCLUSIVE access to extended show notes at
Dec 14, 201858:42
Mastering Menopause with Dr Michaela Schaefer
Nov 16, 201801:05:14
Addressing Addiction with Lucy and Alex da Silva
Nov 09, 201801:10:47
A Mystical Physician with Dr Christine Page
Nov 02, 201801:00:51
Towards Living Healthy for Longer with Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD
Oct 25, 201854:35
Vedic Meditation with Jillian Lavender
Oct 18, 201857:53
Epilepsy and the Ketogenic Diet with Emma Williams MBE
Oct 11, 201855:01
Gender Identity with Michelle Bridgman

Gender Identity with Michelle Bridgman

An increasing number of people are experiencing a gender identity that does not wholly correlate with the gender they were assigned at birth. This has led to the field of Gender Identity in psychotherapy and new ways to support people suffering from gender dysphoria or being very unhappy with their assigned gender. This is a complicated subject that is eloquently addressed by this week's guest, Michelle Bridgman. Shelley is a psychotherapist, a professional speaker and author. She is in the process of completing her doctorate in psychotherapy and is a regular communicator on gender identity issues in the media. In this episode we discuss the 'gender spectrum' the problems that arise for some people and the role of therapy in the various areas of need that people experience in dealing with this issue. In this candid and inspirational conversation, Shelley describes how `gender is just a space suit we walk around in' and that learning to know and be who we really are is at the root of all happiness. Shelley aims to encourage well trained and talented therapists to help guide people to a place where there understand their beliefs and discover who they want to be and which expression of gender identity is right for them. Shelley hopes that people will become empowered to be who they really are and thus act as agents for change in creating a more tolerant world accepting of diversity.

For more information check out Shelley's website at
Look her up on Facebook under @Genderdysphoria
Training for therapists on Shelley's website at

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Oct 04, 201858:47
The Role of the Mind in Infertility with Andrea Yearsley

The Role of the Mind in Infertility with Andrea Yearsley

Sep 27, 201855:17