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Loreto BCS Tourism /Vamos a Loreto

Loreto BCS Tourism /Vamos a Loreto

By Loreto BCS Tourism

In this first Podcast Edition Kieran Raftery talk to about the bunch of possibilities of activities to do in Loreto! and where is the best time to travel to Loreto, Mexico, how you can start to plan your next trip starting from Hotels, tourist service providers and the best local food in Loreto Restaurants.

Discover Loreto and spend wonderful vacations in this great paradise!
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A day with Tom Haglund - Guided Birding, Loreto Mexico

Loreto BCS Tourism /Vamos a Loreto Feb 28, 2021

Listen to the Beach Dogs!
Apr 06, 202149:59
A day with Tom Haglund - Guided Birding, Loreto Mexico

A day with Tom Haglund - Guided Birding, Loreto Mexico

With 2 coast and 3 major mountain ranges as well as desert, riparian, and agriculture habitats BCS is a bird magnet hosting more than 400 bird species.

Listen one more podcast of  this time with the most amazing Guided Bird watching Tom Haglund. Tom offers two regular birding trips of about 2 and a half to 4 hours each. One is a freswater walk including a lake and desert scrub area, the other is around a saltwater estuary. Both are mostly flat firm ground and easy walking. Can provide binoculars. If you are intereted check

Feb 28, 202113:28
Not all who wander are lost! Listen one more podcast from Loreto BCS, now with Gitano`s wine bar
Jan 13, 202121:40
Dec 19, 202018:09
If you are an adventure person, these are the reason why you should visit Loreto, Mexico!
Nov 26, 202014:13
Jill and Richard Jackson in Loreto, why Loreto is magical?
Nov 19, 202010:30
What to do in Loreto!

What to do in Loreto!

Loreto, Pueblo Magico, is considered the first human settlement in Baja California Sur; In it, in the Sierra de San Francisco, you can see some extraordinary cave paintings and petroglyphs at least from thousand years; It’s like time travel! Furthermore, these murals have been considered by UNESCO for their special protection.

Listen our first podcast full of useful information if you are planning your next trip to Loreto, Mexico! Discover the amazing activities you can do in Loreto by Kieran Raftery! 

For more information about tourist service providers check our website.

Oct 03, 202011:23