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Lost in Lambduhhs

Lost in Lambduhhs

By Jordan Miller

Featuring interviews with a myriad of guests from all sectors of tech with a special focus on the languages Clojure and Clojurescript. Join me as we get to take a peak behind the Github of your favorite open source contributors. Appreciate the perspectives of a wide range of different voices and creators involved in tech and software development!

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:reclojure-org-squad (CALLIN CLOJURIANS 4 PROPOSALS)

Lost in LambduhhsSep 14, 2022

:reclojure-org-squad (CALLIN CLOJURIANS 4 PROPOSALS)

:reclojure-org-squad (CALLIN CLOJURIANS 4 PROPOSALS)

🚨 CFP for is officially OPEN! To celebrate, a few members of the co-organizing squad have mobbed up to spill the beans about what this virtual online conference is all about. Learn the mysterious origin story of this epic online event. Is there an association with the London Clojurians Meetup group? Why is it virtual? Will it always be virtual? Wait, there’s a theme? What does “Clojure Growth” as a theme mean? Who are these keynoters? Why are these keynoters?

Strap those earbuds in and hear the answers to these questions plus get a front row seat to hear about the manic behind the scenes processes: Chaos! Control! Clojure! Discord! Zoom! Oh my!!

Finally, we reveal exactly who we want to hear from and what we hope to see in this year’s proposals.

Relevant links:

  • find link to sessionize here!

Renzo @reborg
Bruno @BrunoBonacci /

Sep 14, 202201:06:23
:janet-a-carr (Ms. Free-lance-a-lot frees her SaaSy thoughts)
Sep 09, 202201:04:31
:ray-mcdermott (Has birthed, a repl-acement??)

:ray-mcdermott (Has birthed, a repl-acement??)

The tables have turned! Host of the defn podcast Ray Mcdermott shares his next big plans! Don't want to give too much away but you're gonna want to hear this! Could emacs be... usurped?? Find out his cunning plans for a repl-acement coming to a terminal near you.

Slack channel name is: #repl-acement on the clojurian's slack. 

May 23, 202201:10:58
:djblue (Open the Portal with Chris B)

:djblue (Open the Portal with Chris B)

The code is not a lie. Join Chris B and I as we chat about how tf we have the SAME story? Cool! Starting with Linux in HS to doing some scheming to finally finding ourselves at the 2019 Clojure Conj. He opens the portal into portal which is the cool kids introspection tool that you always wish you had! Fun chat! 

Some links:

  • = Stu's talk about programming at the REPL
May 11, 202248:57
:joe-smith (Nabraska's Premier Dinner Party Host)

:joe-smith (Nabraska's Premier Dinner Party Host)

Joe and I first met at StrangeLoop 2021 and got along great due to our similar "Code is Data, Data is Code" soapboxes. A long time employee of Cognitect he has now struck out on his own to build . We chat "crypto bros", crypto vs web3, choosing clojure and datomic as "weapons of choice", what is so healthy about fried chicken and his fabulous thriving dinner party culture they've built in the Nebraska tech scene.

Apr 27, 202254:23
:pez (Peter Strömberg distills CIDER to make Calva)

:pez (Peter Strömberg distills CIDER to make Calva)

Calva is distilled from CIDER both in spirit (trying to recreate the CIDER experience in VS Code) and de facto, using much of the same tech.The latter means that, like with CIDER, Calva's Interactive Programming support is made from the produce of The Orchard by proxy of cider-nrepl, a collection of powerful nREPL ops.Calva also has a strong static suite, much thanks to clojure-lsp and clj-kondo Many people are enjoying Calva together with Portal or Reveal both of which are very strong and delightful tools for working with, and visualizing, result structures.Calva treats beginners, wether with Calva or Clojure, with an interactive Getting Started REPL experience.The getting started experience includes an interactive Clojure guide, which is hosted as one of the drams in the Dram repository. The goal is to bring the guides to any Clojure editor.The guide is also available in Zero-install browser version: Get Started with Clojure
It is easy to Hack on Calva. PRs welcome! Reach out to the Calva Team and we will be happy to assist.The Calva Team:

If you want to sponsor Calva with donations, please see Sponsoring Calva

Apr 14, 202201:09:57
:daniel-higginbotham (The Brave and True Ale)
Mar 17, 202201:18:51
:functional-geekery (cross-post)
Mar 02, 202201:01:36
:paula-gearon (clojurista to the clojure.core)

:paula-gearon (clojurista to the clojure.core)

Since meeting at the conj a couple years ago, Paula has been a supportive friend and mentor of mine so I was delighted to have her on. Join us as we talk about her recent contributions to clojure, swimming as meditation, music as a hobby and her remorse (  

Jan 21, 202250:43
:cognicast (cross-post)

:cognicast (cross-post)

YO! I was invited on to the cognicast ! Here is the Lost in Lambduhhs cross post release.
Apply to be a mentor and find out more about the Emergent Works program here:
We are always looking for any type of people to help out and there are many ways to do so! Just apply here or contact me for more info. After a couple of small interviews you are matched with your mentee and then meet with them weekly for 12 weeks. You provide guidance and support to them as they navigate basic tech literacy and web dev skills. (You can also just support the mission by donating) Thanks!!

Will Acton/Lilactown
defn podcast
Emergent Works
Lyra Aerial Art
Studio Spin
Strange Loop
WASD Keyboard
Keychron K3
Lofree keyboads
Linux Mint

Outro music is "Hug The Line" by my buddy Kevin Rieth.
Check him out on spotify!
Jan 12, 202252:15
:michelle-lim (Story of a crosspost party!)

:michelle-lim (Story of a crosspost party!)

Yukkin it up with some buddies! Yet again I crash the Defn Podcast party- and let me tell you a PARTY it is. This is a crosspost and was recorded a month or two ago while I was on the road traveling through CA. [for some context] At the time of recording I was posted up in a sorry excuse for a hotel room with SHAMEFULLY SLOW internet in lovely(?) Silicon Valley, CA. We talkin mentorship, music!, web-development, react native with Krell vs reactjs, tailwind, how to use STORYBOOK to quickly dev components, the experiences of working at and so much more!! Enjoy!!!

Bird app links:

Michelle -
Defn Podcast-

A bit more context about the stack at

Nov 23, 202101:33:01
:Kira-McLean (Digital Nomad)

:Kira-McLean (Digital Nomad)

In one of my favorite ways to find people, I (well, Ray from Defn Podcast) came across Kira sharing some clojure lovin thoughts on that little bird app. Hear our soothing voices talk a little bit of shit on javascript, a lot a bit a shit on ego driven development, the importance of work life balance, how to pull off digital nomad life, spec, testing and so much more! This episode was initially recorded a month or two ago (hey post processing is hard!) so fair warning some of the covid related thoughts are a bit out of date.

Find Kira on that bird app: 

Ray too! plus check out the defn podcast

Catch Kira giving a workshop as a part of the re:clojure series!

Nov 17, 202155:41


YASSS, MY MAN! This is one for the history books, my friends. I got to chat with one of my favorite clojureverse role models of all time: Eric Normand!!  

  • We hear about his new book titled "Grokking Simplicity" published by Manning (discount codes below!!). 
  • We hear a little about his life and personal history in regards to how he got into creating instructional content (peace core? COOL!) 
  • He shares his thoughts illustrating key concepts that will help you to be a wise architect while planning out and developing a software project.
  • Questions regarding asynchronous logic, mutable data (don't be scared my peeps) 
  • We discuss how to uncover the "universal truths" in your code base so you can write better code.  
  • We get to the bottom of the meaning of "domain driven development" and how to compares it to a more data oriented approach. 

Personally, I credit his instructional work with the basis of my entry into the clojureverse, and I know I'm not the only one.  ENJOY!

Places to find Normy:

His new book:

Special Offer from Manning Publishers!!

Here is a permanent 35% discount code (good for all our products in all formats) for your listeners: 


You can refer to this link:

It will last for two months.

Here is a link to the book we recommend "Data Oriented Programming" by Yehonathan Sharvit

Oct 29, 202101:41:33
:lambduhh (= Jordan Miller "I" )

:lambduhh (= Jordan Miller "I" )

Hey Friends, its been a minute! I produced this episode on the road, just in time for StrangeLoop! (which was an amazing time!) Thank you to Daniel Glauser who was a heckin great guest host to help me create this masterpiece.

I love acting as a platform for other people's awesome ideas and words but in this episode we get to know me a little bit more intimately as use this opportunity to speak my mind about some of the gender issues facing our industry. I promise, it's actually a really fun time :) Some things we are thinking about:

How do we get more diversity into the tech world?

How do we encourage these valuable groups of people to trickle into some of the more "niche" sections of tech?

How can having these different perspectives add to your team?

I don't pretend to have all the answers but starting the conversation is the first step, wouldn't you say?

Oct 01, 202154:26
:lilactown (Will Acton X DEFN)
Jul 20, 202101:54:16
:puredanger (Alex Miller- Clojure's "Cool dad")
Jun 07, 202155:45
:borkdude (The man, the myth, the legend)

:borkdude (The man, the myth, the legend)

Michiel Borkent (or better known by his github handle "Borkdude") is one of the most appreciated and prolific open-source contributors in the Clojure community. Just a few of his wildly popular tools and libraries include Sci, Babashka, Clj-kondo. Join me as I aim to learn a little more about the man behind the commit history and attempt to find out the secret to his productivity! 

Are you a fan of one of his amazing tools? Sponsor him here!

May 05, 202101:02:12