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Train Your Brain to be Creative

Train Your Brain to be Creative

By Louisa Dang

Using lessons from creative writing to improve creative thinking skills!
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STOP... for creativity!

Train Your Brain to be CreativeNov 08, 2020

STOP... for creativity!
Nov 08, 202006:51
Mapping your creative brain!
Oct 15, 202005:60
Creative problem solving
Oct 11, 202005:17
Feng Shui for creativity
Oct 02, 202006:44
The art of Zentangle
Sep 25, 202006:13
Write it down
Sep 17, 202005:47
Kids and Creativity!
Sep 16, 202005:58
Creativity is more than a hair color
Sep 09, 202006:38
Train Your Brain to be Creative -- Exercise 1

Train Your Brain to be Creative -- Exercise 1

Writers Louisa and Lisa host short episodes designed to kick-start your creativity!

Being creative means problem solving, developing new ideas, looking at life from a unique perspective -- all valuable workplace skills. Join us every week for five-minute exercises, reading suggestions, and much more!

Sep 08, 202006:42