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Love, Locs & Vibes

Love, Locs & Vibes

By Love Locs Vibes

Love, Locs & Vibes is a weekly lifestyle podcast that focuses on issues that are important to Black women. Each week, Brooke and Sequoia will share details on how they survived their week, discuss dating, and tackle a hot discussion topic.
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From Queens On Their Thrones to The Friend Zone

Love, Locs & VibesSep 18, 2021

From Queens On Their Thrones to The Friend Zone
Sep 18, 202101:14:03
Under His Eye
Sep 14, 202101:11:31
We're Back! We Still Black and We Still Got Locs!
Sep 03, 202101:11:11
Jul 27, 202101:01:02
We're Just Kidding Like Jason, Unless You Gon Do It
Jul 16, 202101:11:09
We Know What's Best For You
Jul 02, 202156:59
The One That Stayed And The One That Got Away

The One That Stayed And The One That Got Away

Sequoia discusses her birthday plans!  Brooke talks about complications post COVID.  Do you believe in the one that got away?  Donate to Maroon Arts & Culture for Juneteenth & Sequoia's birthday!  Visit Follow us on social and send Sequoia Bday wishes!  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes FB: Love, Locs & Vibes Email us at
Jun 18, 202101:08:59
Aye Lil Mama, You Look Too Good To Be Frowning
Jun 12, 202101:08:51
Tell Your Friends To Get With My Friends, And We Can Be Friends
Jun 05, 202101:04:03
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number?
May 29, 202101:12:37
Enchanted Forest Dreams
May 21, 202101:21:19
Is it Myers-Briggs or is it Polyamory? w/ Special Guest
May 15, 202101:32:33
Our DMs Are Open, Like The Church!
May 07, 202101:24:52
When A Bae Listens To Your Podcast
Apr 30, 202158:27
Gotta Make The Pod Cry
Apr 23, 202101:37:08
Are You Embarrassed Because We Are
Apr 14, 202101:22:19
Athletes, Don’t Come For Me!
Apr 09, 202101:08:40
Please Respect Our Privacy At This Time
Mar 31, 202101:09:51
Restraining What You Feel Doesn't Serve Anybody
Mar 28, 202101:11:08
My Cake Is Amazing, I Don’t Need Any Raggedy Frosting
Mar 19, 202101:26:13
Compliment Me Like A Spoken Word Poet

Compliment Me Like A Spoken Word Poet

Sequoia is a smitten kitten and dishes on a possible new nameless bae. 

We give the audience an opportunity to give him a nickname on the Love Locs & Vibes IG

Brooke talks boobs and letting bae use her computer without worrying about snooping.

When is too soon to loc your child's hair?

Does chicken have a natural flavor without seasoning?

Men are lazy with compliments and we're sick of it! 

Read The Mastery of Love


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RIP Rage Almighty

Mar 11, 202101:15:47
I Want Someone Who Is HELL YES About Me!
Mar 05, 202101:18:24
Old Bae & Old Bay
Feb 25, 202151:11
We're Not Ashamed To Be Looking For Bae
Feb 17, 202101:25:19