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Click! Conversations with Photographers

Click! Conversations with Photographers

By Lukas Flippo

A podcast hosted from a college dorm room that focuses on a different topic in the world of photography each season. Season 1 focuses on student photographers and breaking into the photographic industry.
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Maansi Srivastava

Click! Conversations with PhotographersMay 20, 2021

Maansi Srivastava
May 20, 202101:00:31
Chase Sutton

Chase Sutton

Chase is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, where he serves as a senior staff photographer for the Daily Pennsylvanian after previously working as the senior multimedia editor and sports editor.

He has photographed a multitude of national news and sports, including the 2020 United States Presidential Election, Black lives matter protests, Coronavirus in New York, the 2016 Rio Olympics, The New York Mets, The Boston and New York marathons….the list goes on. Chase has been EVERYWHERE.

He is an active member of the White House News Photographer Association and the National Press Photo Association. Here are just a couple of his distinctions. 

He won the Associated College Press Sports Photograph of the Year (Nov. 2019).

He was a finalist for the White House News Photographers Association Student Award (Feb. 2021).

He Participated in the Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII (Oct. 2020).


Chase's portfolio -

Eddie Adams Workshop (APPLYYY) -

NYT Visual Investigation of Philadelphia Highway -

Doug Pensinger Sports Photo Grants -

Apr 26, 202101:18:26
Gabriella Wyke

Gabriella Wyke

"I need to photograph." 

Gabriella Wyke sees her photographic practice as a calling. It is her own personal shout to the world about things that must change.

Her work -

Gabriella Wyke is an artist who was born and raised in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago where her passion for art was first discovered and developed. Only later in her teenage years was she introduced to photography when she and her family were posted by their military to Toronto, Canada in 2010. There, she took her first photography class and learned a variety of photographic processes that were both film and digital based.

Several years and one more military posting later, Wyke finally made the decision to move to Atlanta, Georgia and pursue a photography degree at Savannah College of Art and Design. At SCAD, Wyke's perspective on art and her photographic practice was completely transformed when she was met with professors and colleagues that challenged her way of thinking and approach to her craft. Today she is a recent graduate of the class of 2020 and continues to make work about social issues in and around her environment.

Apr 20, 202101:19:13
Season 1 - A Quick Hello

Season 1 - A Quick Hello

In this episode, I introduce you to your host - me! My name is Lukas Flippo, and I am a student/photographer/rural Mississippian studying at Yale University. You can see my photos in the Washington Post, the New York Times, TIME, the Sun Herald, and many other regional and local outlets.

Season 1 of Click! focuses on student photographers. We will discuss their work, the current state of trying to enter into the industry, and what makes them want to photograph.

Apr 17, 202106:48