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Luke's Lowdown Podcast

Luke's Lowdown Podcast

By Luke Tyburski

A former professional footballer whose career ended through injury, Luke battled with depression, and now takes on some of the world's most extreme ultra-endurance challenges. Luke's Lowdown is full of stories, insights, tips, with plenty of laughs from what life has taught Luke on his journey in life so far. A variety of topics are covered like health & wellness, mindset, endurance sports, nutrition, mental health, fitness, and more.
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The 500 Man

Luke's Lowdown PodcastJul 17, 2018

CHRIS MURPHY: Running for Days (Literally)
Jun 17, 202258:20
ELLIE GREENWOOD: How to Love Running with Ultra-Runner of the Decade
Jun 10, 202201:02:26
Dr ROB BELL: Puke & Rally
Jun 03, 202257:32
CLAIRE SMITH: Brutal Can Be Educational
May 27, 202201:06:16
MICKEY GRAGLIA: Finding HIS Meaning of Life Through Winning Ultra-Marathons
May 20, 202201:08:34
ALYSSA AMOS CLARKE: Breaking Boundaries with a Smile
May 13, 202201:04:13
BRIAN KEANE: Running Hot, Cold, and Living Way Outside your Comfort Zone
May 06, 202246:38
LAURA SIDDALL: Don't Die Wondering...
Apr 29, 202201:15:42
JAMES LAWRENCE: The 'Iron Cowboy' on Creating an Iron Mind
Apr 22, 202257:21
LUCY BARTHOLOMEW: Finding Her Identity Through Running
Apr 15, 202201:23:27
vEveresting & Calendar Club
Oct 05, 202021:15
What WE learnt from lockdown

What WE learnt from lockdown

In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with his wife Vanda about what they learnt from being in lockdown together.

These two discuss what they learnt individually from their time in lockdown, alongside what they learnt about their relationship as well.

Vanda even takes over as host for a little while...

Sep 29, 202035:58
Life is Preparation for Lockdown
Sep 22, 202041:35
Do What You Enjoy!
Sep 15, 202028:31
Routine & Community
Sep 08, 202031:31
Human Connection
Sep 01, 202036:06
Ambition & Gratitude

Ambition & Gratitude

In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown podcast, Luke chat with Will Oldham.
Will had an extremely unique experience during lockdown where he started a new job in lockdown. Unable to go into the office, or meet his colleagues face to face, he shares how he navigated his way through this "weird" experience, and how he believes it will actually strengthen his work relationships moving forwards. 

Loads of insights throughout this chat regarding relationships, communication, ambition, and gratitude!

Aug 25, 202029:12
Know Why
Aug 18, 202036:20
Slowing Down To Focus
Aug 11, 202031:39
Planning For Productivity
Aug 04, 202029:36
Gratitude is Key
Jul 28, 202038:16
My 2020 Plan
Dec 24, 201922:10
Don't Confuse Me With The Research
Nov 21, 201917:40
Living vs Surviving
Nov 15, 201913:30
Want It? Ask for It!
Nov 07, 201914:50
How I Increase Confidence
Oct 31, 201915:18
A CEO's Guide to Attitude
Oct 24, 201918:53
Go Big to Achieve Big
Oct 17, 201916:20
How YOU Impact the World
Oct 10, 201919:33
My Ireland Run Haters
Oct 03, 201912:17
Ireland Run - What Happened?

Ireland Run - What Happened?

In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown podcast Luke's talks through his recent running adventure in Ireland, and why he finished this challenge after three days, and not nine...

Jul 04, 201913:44
WHY I’m Running Ireland
Jun 20, 201922:22
Mental Toughness Chat with My Dad
Jun 17, 201930:27
Doubters Fuel My Inner Fire
Jun 12, 201919:35
Going Against The Grain
May 30, 201932:35
What Defines You?
May 23, 201917:19
The Best You Conundrum
May 16, 201916:36
Prioritising For Success
May 09, 201925:55
My Mental Health
May 02, 201921:40
Live Your Life (with my Mum)
Apr 24, 201923:31
Stop Making Excuses
Apr 18, 201919:58
Fulfilling Promises
Mar 27, 201911:33
Be Patient and Aggressive
Mar 08, 201915:08
The Growth Equation
Feb 28, 201914:03
Cycling Around The World with Charlie Ottewill
Feb 21, 201914:21
Create a Tribe
Feb 13, 201917:27
Mental Strength Training for Life
Feb 06, 201921:37
Confident Communication
Jan 30, 201912:56
SUCCESS with Jane Hansom

SUCCESS with Jane Hansom

In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with Jane Hansom about what SUCCESS means to her.
What makes Jane unique is not only is she the owner of Sponge Marketing, a sport, travel, and lifestyle PR & Marketing agency, but Jane is also an Ironman triathlon World Champion!

Jan 22, 201914:49
Why Motivation is like Fire

Why Motivation is like Fire

In this episode of The Luke's Lowdon Podcast Luke discusses why creating certain conditions in your life, alongside some preparation, can help you create and maintain motivation to achieve your goals.

Jan 17, 201915:51
CHASING EXTREME - Better Than Therapy...

CHASING EXTREME - Better Than Therapy...

In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke's first book 'Chasing Extreme' is described by Luke himself. More so, Luke opens up about why he wrote it, alongside how it has helped him to grow as a person and face his fears...

Jan 09, 201927:46
SEASON 2: Having an Adventurous 2019

SEASON 2: Having an Adventurous 2019

In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke explains his plans for 2019, and shares one of his most crazy ideas...

Jan 02, 201915:13
Mental Health Injuries
Aug 28, 201813:14
The Power of Reflection
Aug 22, 201815:07
Social Media Summer Holiday
Aug 16, 201842:22
ATTITUDE is Everything!
Aug 06, 201816:59
What is Success?
Aug 04, 201818:59
Sports Nutrition Mistakes

Sports Nutrition Mistakes

I've had a passion for cooking, food, and experimenting since I was very young. In this episode of The Luke's Lowdown Podcast I share some of my biggest (& funniest) mistakes I've made regarding food and endurance sports!
Jul 30, 201826:36
Motivation is RUBBISH
Jul 27, 201811:43
Live Life - Your Way!
Jul 23, 201823:04
I've lost my Confidence

I've lost my Confidence

I'm a confident guy, but post The 500 Man my confidence has be knocked, a lot!
Not only with my physical ability as an athlete, but also my self confidence as a person.
In this episode I discuss how I've acknowledged my cracked confidence, and what I'm going to do in order to increase it to where it once was, and beyond!
Jul 20, 201823:52
The 500 Man

The 500 Man

Hear exactly what happened when I took on the 500 kilometre non-stop triathlon I created; The 500 Man... If you would like to donate to the charity I am raising money for while pushing endurance sports boundaries, I would be extremely grateful! The 401 Foundation
Jul 17, 201842:40
Welcome to the LLP

Welcome to the LLP

The very first episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast is about giving you an idea of what to expect!
Also, to encourage you (my listeners) to let me know what you'd like me to cover in these short form fun, informative, and varied episodes.

Remember to subscribe and share this episode (because sharing is caring), leave a review to let me know your thoughts, and keep smiling!
Jul 13, 201807:40