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The Maastricht Diplomat Podcast a student-led podcast that leverages the strength of the Maastricht Diplomat’s diverse body of journalists. This allows the podcast to create many interesting and eclectic episodes. In its second year of life the podcast team is learning the trade of creating content and building conversations, allowing us to expand our presence in the city of Maastricht. Our motley crew will do its best to bring you new stories, both local and international in scope. We hope that you’re as keen on joining us on our journey as we are to share it with you. Hoi hoi!
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The Fifth Republic Explained: The 2022 French Elections

Maastricht DiplomatMay 19, 2022

The “Last Generation” Movement
May 21, 202324:23
Understanding Europe: On Memory and Identity
May 09, 202341:07
Crisis in Sri Lanka: Aragalaya, Lankan democracy at a crossroads
May 04, 202354:09
The Utopia of “Call Me By Your Name”
Apr 28, 202358:13
Understanding Europe: Open Strategic Autonomy?
Apr 21, 202339:29
Crooktocracy: 1MDB - Malaysia
Apr 11, 202323:42
“Close” (2022) and the Global Politics of Children

“Close” (2022) and the Global Politics of Children

Starting from Canne's Grand Prix winner and Oscar-nominated “Close” (2022, Lukas Dhont), Hadrian and Leen will explore the general themes emerging from Dhont's sophomore feature, tying into the general themes of today's social climate. This film stole viewers’ hearts because it centers on children, children facing problems all too mature for them. Sadly, this reflects our current reality today, one where politicians are using these young minds as scapegoats for their anti-LGBTQ legislation all over the world. This new form of discrimination, along with recent developments in politics, and how the film ties into all of this, will be the center of this episode's discussion.

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Mar 31, 202331:54
The Fifth Republic in crisis: Protesting against the pensions reform
Mar 29, 202345:08
Understanding Europe: Forged in Crisis
Mar 24, 202342:38
Crisis in Sri Lanka: Pushing through
Mar 19, 202324:08
Crooktocracy: Car Wash - Brazil
Mar 10, 202325:08
Understanding Europe: Ukraine, 1 year later
Feb 24, 202354:42
Charging Towards a Brighter Future

Charging Towards a Brighter Future

New Projections for the global battery electric vehicle market go from 47 billion US Dollar in 2020  to 212 billion in 2030. The demand for these batteries will remain high. But the challenging aspect of the waste is not yet properly mentioned in a lot of discussions. Partly because the literature is very thin and there is not much data yet. Still this issue will become increasingly challenging especially in emerging nations which have a lot of this waste to manage. Matt and his Team tried to dig a little deeper into this issue and found angles to tackle this problem of waste management in Kenya. In this podcast we will have a discussion about what problem they face and what could be implemented to manage it properly.

Hosts and producers: Dorian Müller

Guest speaker: Matt van der Nest

Editing: Dorian Müller

Audio Technician: Charelle Abdallah

Feb 19, 202323:56
Crisis in Sri Lanka: Facing the 'perfect storm'
Feb 04, 202346:43
Understanding Europe: The Future of Global Trade
Jan 27, 202338:29
Crooktocracy: Clean Hands — Italy
Jan 20, 202317:49
Vintage Hype in Creative Industries
Dec 27, 202218:14
Understanding Europe: Digital Sovereignty
Dec 16, 202245:41
Understanding Europe: A Just Transition
Nov 18, 202251:54
Understanding Europe: All About CERiM
Oct 21, 202239:30
The Benin Bronzes: Ambassador or Hostage?
Sep 09, 202242:26
Sharks Need a New PR Manager
Jul 14, 202225:57
The Red Line: Between Power and Abuse
Jun 11, 202226:12
Abducted Art & Cultural Theft: The Hidden World Of Limburg's Art Crime
May 26, 202247:05
The Fifth Republic Explained: The 2022 French Elections
May 19, 202223:56
Lets Talk SDG7: Where Are We In The EU Energy Transition?
May 12, 202215:30
The Red Line: How Does The Church Relate To The International And European Community?
May 02, 202217:08
Believe in the Change: Bulgarian Democracy In Transformation
Apr 26, 202231:28
Abducted Art & Cultural Theft: Cultural Crime and the Market for Illicit Antiquities
Mar 18, 202239:50
The Red Line: The Unbreakable Bond Between Church And State
Feb 28, 202224:39
Don't Forget About Us: People on the move in Calais
Aug 06, 202148:23
Don't Forget About Us:  Kafala workers in Lebanon
Jul 23, 202136:50
Don't forget about us: Venezuela's Health Crisis
Jul 02, 202140:46
Student Election Debate Debrief

Student Election Debate Debrief

In this live episode, the Editor in chief of the Maastricht Diplomat and the student politics correspondent join us to talk about the student politics debate hosted a couple of days prior. The elections start today 17th of May and end on the 20th. Go vote!
May 17, 202101:17:35
Getting Away with Murder: Entitlement and Accountability in Turkish Femicide

Getting Away with Murder: Entitlement and Accountability in Turkish Femicide

Gender-based violence and femicide in Turkey have seen a massive rise over the last few years. The government's much-contested decision to leave the Istanbul Convention on the 20th of March 2021 has left the women of Turkey at the most vulnerable they have been in decades. Learn more about the mechanics at play behind this decision as well as the socio-cultural reasons behind the rise in violence against women in Turkey.
@elajadeunal tells us all about it in this new article and today we wish to discuss her article at greater length.
May 05, 202140:40
Abortion rights: Europe's legal legacy

Abortion rights: Europe's legal legacy

In this episode, the team jumps into the first of three episodes, where they discuss the realities of abortion and reproductive rights. This episode focuses on the legal and historical facts that have shaped abortion rights across Europe.
Apr 23, 202139:31
Arabia's temple of dreams and the world's horrifying nightmares

Arabia's temple of dreams and the world's horrifying nightmares

Ahmad Rifai joins us today for our very first live recording @withloveradio. Ahmad is Syrian a graduate of FASoS, now in Leiden, and is a passionate storyteller. In this episode, he dissects the Arab Spring and brings the perspective of the everyday Arab caught up in a maelstrom of geopolitical turmoil.

Ya Tair by Fairuz
Arrabi al arabe by Mariem Hassan
Mawtini by Aia Younan
Mar 13, 202101:07:58
What is Fair Fashion?

What is Fair Fashion?

This is the first collaborative episode with people outside the podcast team! Not only this but we are joined by two guests, who are representatives of different initiatives in the realm of fair fashion. Together with them and a member of the UNSA external affairs committee, we discuss what fair fashion is and what agency we and individuals have in working towards a world where fair fashion is the norm.
Mar 08, 202145:33
On Modern Feminism

On Modern Feminism

The team take on the complex topic of social justice and discusses contemporary feminism. Drawing on the controversial legal debacle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the team speaks to its affects on modern feminism.
Feb 26, 202133:40
Covid Valentine

Covid Valentine

In this s special short episode, the team goes to the internet and seeks out funny dating stories from the past year. We discuss them and laugh about the ridiculous nonsense that happens to real people. While also, getting sidetracked and talking nonsense ourselves.
Feb 14, 202118:55
Is communication the key?

Is communication the key?

In this episode, the team delves into the not too straightforward topic of relationships, how to navigate them and what it means to actively communicate. While discussing what it means to be together and what we have learned in our short time on this earth, the team share a bit about their own personal experiences.
Jan 28, 202137:07
Deepfakes, Deep Consequences

Deepfakes, Deep Consequences

In this episode ,the emerging technological innovation of Deepfakes takes center stage. With this relatively new development that seems to be taking off at breakneck speed, leaving nothing is off the table. The impacts can be felt on a broad spectrum. This is what our team sets out to explore in this episode connecting and discussing the from various view points. Hope that you enjoy!
Dec 15, 202037:22
The Politics and Comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen

The Politics and Comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen

In this episode, the team talks about Sacha Baron Cohen and some of his most well-known characters. It looks at his style of comedy. We take a look at what the politics of his comedy are and what kind of real-world consequences his films and shows have. Also, exploring his legacy and what we think of it. Enjoy!
Nov 25, 202029:27
Swinging the US Election

Swinging the US Election

In this year's first episode of the Maastricht Diplomat Florian takes us through what to watch out for in the next few days of the US presidential elections. It can be hard in the daily flurry of news to get one's head around the election. So here we identify the handful of states that will determine this high stakes election. Explaining why they're important and how they could swing the election one way or another. The team also makes its own semi-unfounded projections on which way these sates will swing. In the end, it all hinges on the electorate.
Oct 29, 202028:04
Corona Cooking

Corona Cooking

In this episode of the MDfm our hosts, Stella, Brendan, and Florian, share some of their favourite recipes to make during lock down. Stay safe!
Love, the UNSA Maastricht Diplomat Podcast Team.
May 18, 202028:33
Trouble in Tinder Town

Trouble in Tinder Town

We discuss stories, both serious and humorous, scoured off the internet and via confidential contacts. These stories are on the topic of Tinder and the many scenarios that can occur... enjoy.
Feb 14, 202028:51
Exploring our roots

Exploring our roots

In this episode we interview some members of the Maastricht Diplomat. We ask them questions about who they are and where their from. It leasing to some interesting insights into how they feel about their identities and what concepts are evoked when discussing their roots.
Jan 17, 202026:01