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I'll Tell You What...

I'll Tell You What...

By Miranda Brand, Aislinn Brand

A Spoopy Podcast

Created by 2 sisters who enjoy all things spoopy be it conspiracies, paranormal, or true crime. Join us as we delve into the mysteries of the world around us.

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Episode 96: Kansas City's Haunted Sauer Castle

I'll Tell You What...Jul 25, 2022

Episode 96: Kansas City's Haunted Sauer Castle
Jul 25, 202254:07
Episode 95: Chernobyl
Jul 04, 202249:38
Episode 94: Ice Breaker - A Titanic Conspiracy

Episode 94: Ice Breaker - A Titanic Conspiracy

AND WE’RE BACK! I'll Tell You What... It's been a REALLY long time since we posted an episode! We are so sorry that our lives have been kinda crazy lately & we haven't been able to post in a while. With that in mind we would like you let you all know that posting will probably stay a bit inconsistent for the time being, both Aislinn & Miranda have full-time jobs & lots of other obligations on the side. The podcast is a priority to us, but we be tired folks. We are super excited to get back to it! In this episode, Aislinn talks about the Titanic and the details around its demise. Did the Unsinkable Ship actually hit that iceberg accidentally? Or could it have been insurance fraud gone horribly wrong? Join us as we take a deep dive into one of history’s most tragic events. Notes for this episode can be found here:
Jun 27, 202201:06:57
I'll Tell You What... Season 3: Trailer

I'll Tell You What... Season 3: Trailer

I'll Tell You What... Season 3 is Fiiiinally on the horizon! Stay tuned, and stay spoopy!

Jun 22, 202200:15
Season 2 Finale - Episode 93: The Black Dahlia
Dec 06, 202157:26
Episode 92: The Astroworld Catastrophe
Nov 19, 202156:55
Episode 91: Who Ya Gonna Call? Dan Aykroyd!
Nov 08, 202145:24
Episode 90: Halloween Special
Nov 01, 202141:08
Episode 89: The Poltergeist Curse
Oct 15, 202154:20
Episode 88: Theatre Superstitions
Oct 07, 202147:19
Episode 87: Jeffrey Epstein is Dead
Sep 30, 202101:44:14
Episode 86: The Tragic Journey of Kirsten Larson - The American Girl

Episode 86: The Tragic Journey of Kirsten Larson - The American Girl

Alrighty folks, gonna be honest with you it's been a couple weeks. Miranda got a bit busy with life & we're thankful for your continuous support & patience! This weeks episode was lovingly edited by professional voice actor - Josh Young of Stories Should Breathe, check him out! However, because of that.... we have NO IDEA how this was edited... This will be fun!

In this episode Miranda went a little knish but it was too late to start over so strap in cause we're talking about the Tragic Journey of Kirsten Larson - the American Girl. 

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Sep 20, 202157:56
Episode 85: The Thomas Ince-ident, A Hollywood Conspiracy
Aug 31, 202101:17:15
Episode 84: The Absolutely Bonkers Life & Times of Julie d'Aubigny
Aug 16, 202131:29
Episode 83: The COVID Vaccine Conspiracy
Aug 11, 202149:15
Episode 82: The Hyatt Regency Skywalk Collapse
Aug 02, 202148:15
BONUS Aiscast: The Yellow Wallpaper
Jul 13, 202140:37
Episode 81: Kansas' Elusive Sinkhole Sam Cryptid
Jul 05, 202134:55
Episode 80: 1st Anniversary Special!
Jun 29, 202101:41:14
Episode 79: The Centralia Conspiracy
Jun 14, 202145:01
Episode 78: The Nixa Hellhound, Paul
Jun 07, 202146:19
Episode 77: The Business Plot
May 31, 202101:10:38
Episode 76: What Happened in the Dyatlov Pass?
May 24, 202101:17:17
Episode 75: The World Revival Church
May 21, 202159:05
Episode 74: The OG Serial Killer - Jack the Ripper
May 10, 202101:27:44
Episode 73: The Cottingley Fairies
May 03, 202139:13
Episode 72: Kansas City's Haunted Hotel Savoy
Apr 26, 202138:34
Episode 71: The (Sort Of) Death of Paul McCartney
Apr 21, 202141:51
Episode 70: The Long Sordid History of The Cecil Hotel
Apr 12, 202101:03:17
Episode 69: NXIVM
Mar 29, 202101:13:23
Episode 68: The Unsolved Disappearance of Brian Shaffer
Mar 22, 202151:34
Episode 67: Agent Orange
Mar 16, 202150:05
Episode 66: The Dancing Plague of 1518 (& A Big Announcement)
Mar 09, 202136:31
Episode 65: The Vaile Mansion
Feb 27, 202134:02
Episode 64: The Dead Man's Chair
Feb 24, 202126:44
Episode 63: Unsolved Disappearances at The Grand Canyon
Feb 20, 202140:40
Episode 62: Disney's Frozen... Head
Feb 17, 202139:54
Episode 61: The Watcher
Feb 13, 202157:44
Bonus: Wild Speculation feat. The Superbowl

Bonus: Wild Speculation feat. The Superbowl

Aislinn and Miranda had a busy weekend with their team going to the Superbowl!  While watching said game, however, a few things didn't add up. What was so weird about the game?  Why were there so many calls on one team?  And how much research can our two hosts get away with not doing?

Join us for a fun, off the cuff episode where we wildly speculate about life, Kansas City, and possible causes of the apocalypse.

Absolutely no sources for this one!

Feb 09, 202131:40
Episode 60: The Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse
Feb 06, 202129:11
Episode 59: Scientology (Scientology Part 2)
Feb 04, 202152:13
Episode 58: Deaths at Disneyland
Jan 30, 202136:27
Episode 57: Dear David (Part 2)
Jan 23, 202101:13:45
Episode 56: L Ron Hubbard (Scientology Part 1)
Jan 20, 202158:25
Episode 55: Dear David (Part 1)
Jan 16, 202148:10
Episode 54 - The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie

Episode 54 - The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie

"“All of the birds died in 1986 due to Reagan killing them and replacing them with spies that are now watching us. The birds work for the bourgeoisie.”

In this episode, Aislinn forces Miranda to endure more Cold War history as they delve into The Great Bird Conspiracy.  What is this odd conspiracy?  Who started it?  Why has it spread?  And perhaps most importantly:  How does Waffle House factor into all of this?

Maybe we should all be a bit more wary of those eyes in the sky.


THE HISTORY - Birds Arent Real
Are Birds Actually Government-Issued Drones? So Says a New Conspiracy Theory Making Waves (and Money)
'Every tweet is a lie': Birds Aren't Real campaign spreads message with new Memphis billboard
Are birds real?
There's a Big Group of People who Insist Birds Aren't Real
Pigeons Aren't Real » The Truth about Government Surveillance Drones
There's a 70K-strong online army who say ALL birds were poisoned & replaced with drones – and recharge sitting on power lines
How does the FBI differ from the Central Intelligence Agency? — FBI
CIA activities in the United States
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Venona project - Wikipedia
Venona Project - NY Times
Project Equine | History
Waffle House guide: By the numbers,company%20out%20of%20Columbia%2C%20Missouri.
Jan 12, 202139:20
Episode 53: Ballet is a HOT Topic and The Haunted Folly Theatre
Jan 09, 202142:10
Episode 52 - The Dybbuk Box
Jan 05, 202138:28
Episode 51: The Zodiac Killer - A Big Break!
Jan 02, 202158:59
Season 1 Finale - Episode 50: The New World Order (Feat. Michael Murphy)
Nov 24, 202056:36
Episode 49: Jazz Hands and Axemans (The Axeman of New Orleans)
Nov 21, 202048:32
Episode 48: What Is QAnon?
Nov 17, 202053:40
Episode 47: The Unsolved Mystery of DB Cooper
Nov 14, 202037:31
Episode 46: The Reptilian Elite
Nov 10, 202001:02:01
Episode 45: Strange Happenings at Skinwalker Ranch
Nov 07, 202046:36
Episode 44: The Demon Cat of DC
Nov 03, 202034:06
Episode 43: The 2016 Scary Clown Sightings
Oct 31, 202037:03
BONUS: I'll Tell You What... It's 13 Days Til Halloween

BONUS: I'll Tell You What... It's 13 Days Til Halloween

Aislinn and I decided throughout the 13 days leading up to Halloween we would be bringing all of our listeners some special spooky minisodes published on our IGTV Madder Than A Caterpillar Instagram . Here are all of those minisodes that were released compiled into a Spooktacular Bonus Episode right here. Enjoy the spoops and let us know what you think. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for our special Halloween Episode Hosted by Miranda.


 Candle Cove

Ben Drowned


My Grandfathers Final Invention

The House That Killed Skepticism

Oct 30, 202001:43:05
Episode 42: The OG Antichrist

Episode 42: The OG Antichrist

Romans and Revelations and Locusts, oh my! Well, Miranda is properly horrified at any rate. Aislinn revisits Nero Caesar and his potential connection to the book of Revelation, written long after his time.  Was the Beast of the Sea that John wrote about modeled after the notorious Roman Emperor?  Or could the similarities between the man and the prophecy be just a coincidence? If you're at all interested in learning about the Roman Empire around the time of Nero or about what the Bible's Revelation actually talks about, you won't want to miss this episode. Sources: The Book of Revelation (The Bible) Nero Persecutes The Christians, 64 AD Nero Caesar and the Christian Faith Nero's Rome burns - HISTORY Nero - Wikipedia The Invention of the Nero-Antichrist (Chapter 3) - The Nero-Antichrist Agrippina the Younger - Wikipedia The Beast (Revelation) - Wikipedia Nero - Olympics, Accomplishments & Fate - HISTORY Nero - 
Oct 27, 202048:37
Episode 41: The Ancient Origins of Halloween
Oct 24, 202033:01
Episode 40: The Curse of The Omen
Oct 20, 202032:01
Oct 17, 202034:07
Episode 38:  Conspiracies of the HAARP
Oct 13, 202044:09
Episode 37: The Secret Life of Hedy Lamarr
Oct 10, 202041:54
BONUS Joshcast: The Last President
Oct 08, 202038:60
Episode 36: Russian Trolls vs. American Vaccination
Oct 06, 202047:32
Episode 35: The Freaking Mess that is Ted Bundy (Part 2)
Oct 03, 202040:28
Episode 34: The Secrets of Bohemian Grove

Episode 34: The Secrets of Bohemian Grove

In this episode, Aislinn regales Miranda with details of the mysterious Bohemian Grove, a secretive playground to many incredibly powerful politicians, businessmen, and artists.   What happens during their annual two week long encampment?  Aislinn thinks it's basically a weird frat party in the woods. Miranda's convinced that they probably hunt men for sport.  Since membership is for excessively wealthy or talented males only, it's not like either host will ever know for sure.  The information they do have about the camp, however, is really bizarre.  Listen in our discussion about the secrets of Bohemian Grove, owned by the elite Bohemian Club. Sources: Bohemian Grove: Where the rich and powerful go to misbehave Bohemian Grove - Business Insider A Guide to the Bohemian Grove Who Rules America: Social Cohesion & the Bohemian Grove List of Bohemian Club members The Most Secretive Club in America | by Andrew Chamings Bohemian Club - Wikipedia Bohemian Grove - Wikipedia
Sep 29, 202047:28
Episode 33: The Freaking Mess that is Ted Bundy (Part 1)
Sep 26, 202052:20
Episode 32: Kansas City's Haunted Epperson House
Sep 19, 202032:46
Episode 31: The Pythagorean Murder Cult
Sep 15, 202042:33
Episode 30: Funny & Bizarre True Crime Stories
Sep 12, 202032:55
Episode 29: The Curious Case of Enoch Lincoln
Sep 08, 202037:07
Episode 28: Ghosts from Our Pasts!

Episode 28: Ghosts from Our Pasts!

It's what you've all been waiting for! The day has come where Miranda recounts some of our most peculiar spectral moments of our childhoods, as well as a couple of Miranda Brand Ghost Story Originals for your perusal. There may even be an account of paranormal activity from an anonymous teller. If your listening to our podcast it's more then likely that you are into stories of the paranormal variety. So sit on back, turn up the volume, and entangle yourself in tales of spooky specters and Girl Scouts.

All stories are Personal to us and our family.

Sep 05, 202039:42
Episode 27: Big Conspiracies About Little Caesars
Sep 01, 202035:38
Episode 26: The Georgia Guidestones

Episode 26: The Georgia Guidestones

In the southern town of Eberton, Georgia, there stands a large Stonehenge-like monument etched with guidelines for a post-apocalyptic world. No one knows the true identity of who built them, or why the structure was made the way it was.
Were the Guidestones commissioned by the New World Order? Why were the plans destroyed after construction? And why was the monument made in the first place?

Decoding the Georgia Guidestones
Atlas Obscura - The Georgia Guidestones
Wired - American Stonehenge
Cult of Weird - The Georgia Guidestones
Wikipedia - Lunar Standstill
Lunar Cycle Info
Georgia Encyclopedia - The Georgia Guidestones
Aug 25, 202001:11:46
Episode 25: Phineas Smith the Bristol Zoo Parking Lot Attendant
Aug 22, 202031:03
Episode 24: The Canadian Fruit Machine
Aug 18, 202036:40
Episode 23: The Anomaly that is Matthew Gray Gubler...
Aug 15, 202036:40
Episode 22: Project MKUltra

Episode 22: Project MKUltra

Aug 12, 202001:04:03
Episode 21: Kilkenny Ireland and the Ghosts that Reside Within
Aug 08, 202032:49
Episode 20: Faking Finland
Aug 04, 202045:45
Episode 19: The Kansas City Butcher
Aug 01, 202001:00:15
Episode 18: Has America Had Its First Female President?
Jul 28, 202001:02:16
Episode 17: The Winchester Mystery House
Jul 25, 202052:29
Episode 16: Portland's Secret Police
Jul 20, 202001:00:17
Episode 15: Naya Rivera
Jul 18, 202034:51
Episode 14: The Case of the Multiplying Mattress Firms

Episode 14: The Case of the Multiplying Mattress Firms

Before the days of online retailers, there were mattress stores. A lot of them. Right across the street from each other. Often empty.  Usually owned by the same company.

Why were there so many Mattress Firms? Why were they so close to one another? Could the stores be a front for an illicit money laundering scheme? 

Was it just a weird marketing strategy, or was there something more sinister behind it?


Jul 12, 202047:46
Episode 13: Randonautica
Jul 11, 202046:38
Episode 12: Mask Mind Control
Jul 06, 202001:12:21
Episode 11: Momo - The Monster
Jul 04, 202038:18
Episode 10: The Lyme Disease Conspiracy
Jun 28, 202054:09
Episode 9: Hanna Cranna
Jun 27, 202044:22
Episode 8: What Happened To Sandra Bland?
Jun 22, 202046:02
Episode 7: IOOF & The Belvoir Winery
Jun 22, 202047:31
Episode 6: The Moon "Landing"
Jun 22, 202049:59
Episode 5: The Mysterious Drowning of Natalie Wood
Jun 22, 202057:10
Episode 4: Urban Legends - Zombie Road & Rickey Road Missouri
Jun 22, 202032:24
Muted - #PodcastBlackout

Muted - #PodcastBlackout

Muted. This week instead of posting a typical episode of I'll Tell You What... we have joined other podcasts in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. #amplifymelanatedvoices We were inspired by And That's Why We Drink, who are also participating in this. In this podcast we will be reading out the names of black people slain by police violence or victims of hate crimes. We encourage, and hope you join us in listening, reflecting, acting, and donating in solidarity with the Black community.

Jun 22, 202005:26
Episode 3: The Denver International Airport
Jun 22, 202057:34
Episode 2: The Elms Hotel & Spa

Episode 2: The Elms Hotel & Spa

In this episode we revisited a place that is close to home. The Elms Hotel & Spa located in Excelsior Springs Missouri.  We spent most of our adolescent summers at Lake Maurer, just down the road from the famed hotel. This Hotel is know for its ghostly patrons, but where did these other-worldly visitors come from, and what do people experience at their hands?

Jun 22, 202033:27
Episode 1: Project Sunshine
Jun 22, 202048:40
I'll Tell You What... Trailer

I'll Tell You What... Trailer

I'll Tell You What... this podcast is about.

Miranda and Aislinn present: a trailer! No sources needed for this one.
Jun 22, 202000:12