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Made to be Free

Made to be Free

By Made to be Free Podcast

Made To Be Free is a Podcast created by Jamie Taylor and Mckinsey Swain, two friends who love to chat about their journey toward living in freedom.
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Special Guest, Sandy Richter

Made to be FreeNov 29, 2023

Special Guest, Sandy Richter
Nov 29, 202339:34
Barriers to Repentance
Nov 15, 202322:25
Nov 08, 202320:28
Special Guest, Nate Davison
Nov 01, 202339:33
Mindfulness and the Gospel
Oct 25, 202319:16
Is 'Mindfulness' a new-age practice?
Oct 18, 202324:46
Escaping Burnout with Krystal Burke
Oct 11, 202322:11
Breakthrough Moment Part 2
Oct 04, 202321:04
Breakthrough Moment
Sep 27, 202321:15
Hearing from God
Sep 20, 202319:43
Welcome to Season 2
Sep 13, 202315:55
What We Want For You
May 31, 202326:08
Freedom From Discouragement
May 24, 202317:46
Freedom From Bitterness
May 17, 202325:31
Free to Grow
May 10, 202320:31
Free To Dream
May 03, 202328:58
Freedom To Receive Help
Apr 26, 202323:31
Freedom from Disqualifying yourself
Apr 19, 202326:28
Freedom From Pain with Robert Pingatore
Apr 12, 202339:52
Freedom from Body Shame
Apr 05, 202323:47
"Freedom" with Amber Jones
Mar 29, 202341:05
(BONUS) Freedom From Legalism PT. 2
Mar 27, 202323:32
Freedom from Legalism
Mar 22, 202332:38
Freedom from Fear of Conflict
Mar 15, 202323:10
Enneagram with Tammy McOmber
Mar 08, 202340:54
Freedom within identity
Mar 01, 202321:57
Freedom from People Pleasing

Freedom from People Pleasing

Jamie and Mckinsey have an impromptu conversation about People Pleasing and things they have done to accept freedom from it. Enjoy this bonus episode! 

Feb 27, 202326:36
Freedom within Discipleship with Anna McGarrah

Freedom within Discipleship with Anna McGarrah

Mckinsey and Jamie talk with Anna McGarrah, Co-Pastor of Crossroads Church in Nampa, ID. She shares her much-earned wisdom on Discipleship in the church. After listening you'll understand why they are all so passionate about the topic. 

Feb 22, 202339:24
Freedom From Envy

Freedom From Envy

Jamie and Mckinsey discuss envy, it's destructive nature and how we can get from from it. 

Feb 15, 202329:02
Get to know Mckinsey and Jamie

Get to know Mckinsey and Jamie

Mckinsey and Jamie ask each other questions about their lives and experiences that shaped them and gave them a passion to see others be free. 

Feb 09, 202331:25
Freedom from Overwhelm
Feb 08, 202341:57