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Mafost Mashup

Mafost Mashup

By Matt Foster

Insanely innovative ideas for school leadership and principals focused on people, culture, and impact.
Lead Learning.
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Interview: Mental Health & Wellness, Part 1 with Dr. Bryan Pearlman

Mafost MashupDec 19, 2018

Our Duty to Subvert in Education

Our Duty to Subvert in Education

Maintenance pedagogy has it's place and so does subversive pedagogy. What mode does your school need in 2020?
Jun 01, 202003:48
One Final Question
Mar 26, 202006:14
Principal Interview Tips - Get The Gig!
Mar 17, 202005:31
5 Reasons Using Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers is Plain Wrong
Mar 03, 202011:07
March 2, 2020

March 2, 2020

Mar 02, 202000:42
Innovation, Risks, and the Anchor

Innovation, Risks, and the Anchor

Often change or innovation appears risky to outsiders, but when done right, innovation is a natural part of successful school improvement.
Feb 18, 202006:56
Moving into the Edupreneur Space
Feb 12, 202014:39
What If Schools

What If Schools

Three What Ifs that could spur creativity in finding solutions for the challenges in your school.

Feb 04, 202009:12
Time Management for Principals - Research, Tip, Concept (108)
Jan 28, 202006:59
6 Ways to Lead Learning During The Struggle
Jan 14, 202008:02
Two Pressures That Resist Change (Wall Building & Conformity Bias)
Jan 07, 202005:33
Two End of Year Announcements
Dec 17, 201901:34
Instructional Coaches, 4 Missed Opportunities
Dec 10, 201908:58
Vision vs Vision Statements (Two Examples of Vivid Visions)
Dec 03, 201910:60
Bonus: Real Gift of Gratitude
Nov 26, 201902:45
Three Communication Missteps (Rebroadcast)
Nov 19, 201910:49
Clarity and Toxicity (Ep100 Rebroadcast)
Nov 12, 201918:03
Elisabeth Bostwick on Efficiency Problems, Emotional Safety, and Shaping Culture
Nov 05, 201913:15
What are Principals Learning?
Oct 29, 201914:31
Confrontation and Candor
Oct 22, 201906:44
Mistakes Made Lessons Learned Part 2
Oct 15, 201912:32
What's A Mistake That Made You Better?
Oct 08, 201911:52
Emotional Hijackers and Problem Solving That Doesn't Work

Emotional Hijackers and Problem Solving That Doesn't Work

Rational problem-solving doesn't work (most of the time). This episode shares a quick strategy that does.

  • Are We Rational Thinkers?
  • Four Steps to Rational Problem-Solving
  • Actionable Empathy, Not Just Venting
  • Who Controls the Conversation?
  • 3 Tips to Communicate a Sense of Calm

Get the research and show notes at

Oct 01, 201911:46
Culture Crafters
Sep 24, 201914:46
Bonus: Fear Equation for Decision-Making

Bonus: Fear Equation for Decision-Making

What idea is held captive by fear? Use this equation to tackle fear.
Sep 20, 201902:41
Phrases to Help with Tough Conversations
Sep 17, 201912:26
18 Questions in 8 Minutes
Sep 10, 201910:12
Brief History of Management
Sep 03, 201917:30
Innovation - Three Riffs
Aug 27, 201916:28
Obstacles and Traits (Part 2)
Aug 20, 201915:00
10 Obstacles and 10 Traits
Aug 13, 201908:49
Emotional Labor of Teaching
Aug 06, 201910:04
Bonus: Academics vs Life

Bonus: Academics vs Life

A quick rant on the limitations of academics. Changes are coming to education. Is your school ready?
Aug 02, 201902:09
Fear and Creativity, A Few Riffs
Jul 30, 201911:35
Reflective Leadership
Jul 23, 201913:26
Bonus: Shared Accountability (4 Steps)
Jul 20, 201904:05
Team Entropy
Jul 16, 201910:54
Back to School Transformed
Jul 09, 201910:18
Dam Capacity
Jul 02, 201909:07
Staying Focused as a School
Jun 26, 201913:01
Houston, We've Had A Problem
Jun 18, 201910:58
Bonus: Say No This Summer
Jun 15, 201903:40
How To Increase Your School Leadership Network (Blog Crawl)
Jun 11, 201910:46
How to Scale A/B Testing in Your School

How to Scale A/B Testing in Your School

This is the single most important strategy to improve learning in any school, and here's a simple 3 step process for scaling A/B Testing (split testing) in your school. Plus:

 - The Fallacy of Waiting on Proof - 

 - John Hattie Misunderstood and Misused - 

 - An Example of A/B Testing - 

 - 3 Steps to Scaling A/B Testing - 

Get the research, book references, and show notes at

I'd love to hear your thoughts or questions. Send me a written comment at or a voice comment in the link below.

Jun 04, 201915:23
5+ Strategies: How to Jump Start the Next School Year
May 28, 201913:28
Bonus: Action and the Planning Fallacy

Bonus: Action and the Planning Fallacy

In this bonus episode, we briefly look into the planning fallacy and why it makes action so difficult for strategic plans or improvement plans.
May 24, 201903:38
5 Ways to Initiate Change in School Culture
May 21, 201910:23
6 Tactics for Empowering Your School
May 15, 201909:46
Personalized Learning with and without Technology (Marci Houseman Part 2)
May 07, 201916:07
Morale, Communication, and Vulnerability

Morale, Communication, and Vulnerability

In this episode of the Mafost Mashup, we discuss ways to boost morale, one communication misstep, and the concept of vulnerability-based trust in a school culture and team.

May 01, 201907:15