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Mage Against the Machine

Mage Against the Machine

By Rohanna Irene

This podcast exists to discuss magick, in all forms. Magick for the people! By the people! No fluff, just the good stuff.

We are digging into history AND the mysteries... ritual, spells, tarot, taboos, traditions, sigils, and, yes, some psychology. Thanks, Jung!

What started as an effort of a few people questioning why magick is kind of to the wayside, discussing pagan and esoteric topics, and hoping to promote some greater good and do the great work, has now become a social/transparent... practice of sorts.

It's raw, yet evolving! Our eclectic collective is growing.

Come sit a spell!

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What Is Required to Practice Magick On Our Own Terms

Mage Against the MachineOct 08, 2021

What Is Required to Practice Magick On Our Own Terms

What Is Required to Practice Magick On Our Own Terms

While we are working on this though, we did get the Youtube pag like go to our website

In This Segment of Our Witchy Podcast: The place of society on magick. This is a tough subject because, on one hand, magicians of all varieties all want to have their own path (to some extent) while covering topics such as independent witchcraft, the power of one vs the power of none, and the future of our transparent practices here on Mage Against the Machine. 

How far can any of us get doing only solitary witchcraft? 

That depends on you, and what you want out of your practice... now doesn't it?  Whether you are wanting to learn how to be a witch, need help with how to cast spells, or are a seasoned magick user and know where your path is right now, we are all on our own paths. Mage Against the Machine is always interested in carpooling for this purpose!

We have been dealing with some covid illnesses and other sicknesses in the fam here at the Mage Against the Machine, and so there are some gaps in between posting. We are coming back from a 2-month unexpected break to take a crack at the reality of a transparent practice and to call out to those that want to make a difference. This time of year is tough, with the weather changing and with a limited amount of people working on the podcast. Plus, as some people know, I lost one of my dads, as I was beginning this podcast. I think that this has really caught up with me, especially as we sent him off on his watery journey over the summer. He was in the Navy, and well, with (again) Covid, it was hard to make arrangements. 

Not all of this is said in the episode, but as I think about the overall description of what this Mage Against the Machine episode was about, I think this contributed a lot to the actual mindset of everything over the last few months.

I do ask that everyone bear with me, as I find a groove again and wanted to reach out and let everyone know I was doing better. I have a plan moving forward, but the best-laid plans... well, we know how those go! So, in this episode, the focus is getting back on transparent practices, and really asking everyone to think about their own perspectives. 

During this episode we provide some neat witchy facts and take a stab at science, truth, and relativity. Really, it is a bit of everything all rolled up into one quick(ish episode);

Also! News! YAY! 

We have been working on the website a little - so it is kind of "a work in progress" at the moment. You can still see the general podcast pages, but a lot of the other details are lacking at the moment. It should be updated this month, and we will let you know when it is. 

While we are working on this though, we did get the Youtube page up and have a new post there. 

Our next episode will have more updates on events including astrology for the month and upcoming classes and the like. 

Oct 08, 202138:13
Moon Magick Forecast for September 2021

Moon Magick Forecast for September 2021

Find out about the lunar cycle for September 2021 and the Harvest Moon. More Information: Find @ / Mage Against the Machine Main Website 

Topic: Moon Magick Forecast / September 2021 / Harvest Moon 

Hail and Welcome back! This podcast is all about the lunar cycle and gives an idea about what is coming up this next month! This is the second in an ongoing series, designed to help new witches learn about the moon phase cycle, as well as established practitioners. This podcast is hosted by Rohanna Irene, partially as a way to share her own practices and to grow community engagement. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback! We love to hear from you! ---- ------ ----- 

Show Notes: 

This episode discusses the moon phases for the month of September 2021. This includes the dates of moon phase shifts: We will talk about each of the following phases in more detail moving forward but let's start by listing the basic information for what to expect with the Harvest Moon this month.

We enter September with a waning moon, as the first moon phase hits the third quarter on August 31.

This means that on September 1 the moon phase is in a waning crescent. The new moon takes place September 7th, 2021, and will be in Virgo. The First quarter for this moon then, will be September 13 in Sagittarius. The full moon will then be on September 20th in Pisces. We will see the tail end of the cycle with the last quarter starting in Gemini on September 28, and sharing that transition into Cancer - reflected on the 29th.

Find out what to expect in the upcoming month of September with the lunar cycle and astrology. 


The Mage Against the Machine Podcast is where you can find all transcripts and more details about the show. Please feel free to take a look at our website. We will continue to update there. 


We post videos of the podcast and are working on a schedule to get these on there more frequently. This episode will be posted on Rohanna Irene's YouTube channel within about a day of uploading on Anchor. 


Details about the Equinox and the Farmer Specifics of the full moon that was discussed in this episode can be found here.

Sep 02, 202101:15:03
August 2021 Magick Moon Cycle Forecast

August 2021 Magick Moon Cycle Forecast

Find full recordings and other episodes on moon magick and more at 

Topic: moon cycle forecast / moon magick / Sturgeon moon. 

Overview: The moon cycle can help anyone that wants to learn to do magick or simply to improve their practice. This is because the energy of the moon is one of the influential on our world, namely due to its location to the earth. 

Focus and Function of the Moon Cycle Overview

This podcast is designed to focus on the transits and celestial energies present during the monthly moon cycle. Additionally, Rohanna Irene talks about her own practice and magick that she has been doing, notable changes she has seen this last moon cycle, and anything else that can help to illuminate the process that happens each month. This is the first in a series of monthly recordings, giving pertinent details about lunar energies. With the information in this podcast, you should be able to apply your knowledge and perhaps utilize the monthly lunar cycle more effectively. 

**Note: For future episodes, we would love to be able to talk to others about their practices. If you have been wanting to call in and talk about your beliefs, tradition, or practices... but didn't know what you wanted to talk about specifically, this would be a great spot to join in! Just sayin' :) 

Details For the August 2021 Moon Cycle

This month we are witnessing the Sturgeon moon and have a few notable transitions. Things should be lightening up overall, as we finally push through our opposition with Mars and some of the tougher placements that have been keeping many of us stuck in our rut. 

Dates of Importance Include:

Moon Phases

1st Quarter Moon - Aug 1 New Moon - Aug 8 2nd QTR - Aug 15 Full Moon - 22 Last QTR - Aug 30 (1st for next cycle)

Planetary Transits 

Venus in Scorpio on Aug 7  Venus in Libra on Aug 16  Uranus goes Retrograde on Aug 19  Sun in Virgo Aug 22 Mercury in LIbra Aug 30

For those that would prefer to see the visuals with the dates and if that would help with your understanding of the topic at hand, we will be posting this up to our YouTube page and our website. Additionally, transcripts will be available on those channels as well. 

Aug 03, 202147:14
The Do's and Don'ts of Magick

The Do's and Don'ts of Magick

See and hear more from our website:! 

In this episode, we are discussing the mentality of magick and explaining the modern practice of magick. The different faiths and thoughts about magick over the years have led the spiritual landscape to be what it is, filled with doubt, insecurity, and in some cases, fear. It wasn't always the case though. For thousands of years, as we look back in the historical records, we can see where society lived in tandem with magick and witchcraft practices. In our last episode, we discussed how there were cuneiform scripts and other ancient languages written down by scribes, detailing the interwoven magick as it was accepted. People didn't go around burning each other in witch trials. There haven't been any cases where someone lost their children for being a witch that we can tell either. Bending the natural energies of the environment with conscious will and direction kind of just seemed to be a thing. 

In the modern era, there seem to be more rules, stipulations, and assumptions about magick. Namely that certain kinds of traditions are supposed to be a certain way. There are false histories. There are untrue stereotypes. It all adds up to convoluting a very simple practice. Sure, athames and wands can help to direct the energy and align with intent. But, they aren't needed. Humans have what they need to practice magick, inherently within them. The ability isn't evil. In fact, we would argue that it is a little different from prayer. 

We have gone through a variety of traditions and what we continue to see is a simple way to practice. We see the base requirements and then discuss them in this podcast. Furthermore, we describe what is needed to be determined magick and how technically plenty of people are practicing every day, sometimes without meaning. Finally, we try to pinpoint some of the best practices for practicing magick. 

Of course, we touch on what magick isn't and what not to do as well. 

And look, it is all summed up in less than an hour. Progress! 

Blessed be! Make sure to leave us some feedback and let us know what you think! :) 

Jul 21, 202146:16
S2 Ep. 01 - Let's Be Clear on this History of Magick & Get a Timeline and Facts Together

S2 Ep. 01 - Let's Be Clear on this History of Magick & Get a Timeline and Facts Together

(MORE INFO can be found at 

Title: Intro to the Detailed Empirical History and Timeline of Magick 

Quick Notes: Last season we discussed what is magick and yet, there wasn't enough to really describe all that is magick in form, function, and purpose here in present history. It is a lot of information just to note and categorize details, events, and other contributions to practices that the average mage might include in their own practices. With that, we have taken a considerable amount of time to research the verifiable facts of magick... from antiquity to the present. 

In this podcast, Rohanna discusses the major categories, contributors, and influences that have collectively brought magick to where it is today. As we kick off Season TWO we are ultimately attempting to create a sense of stability around the base of many modern practices. 

Major sections, such as Neo-Babylonian influences thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, to ancient Egypt, and then modern influences to present are being presented en masse with this recording. Please, take your time, and allow us together to begin to create a clear timeline of magick and witchcraft. 

**Transcriptions and scripts will auto-update to the blog. Additionally, see additional reference links above and below! 

Pre-Requisite Suggestion: If you missed the introduction to magick or witchcraft, please check those out before or in conjunction with dissecting this recording. 

Some suggested topics for the blog and podcast to review first include:


What is Magick? Brief Introduction to Hermeticism and the 7 Hermetic Principles

Podcast Episodes

Intro to: Ancient Sumerian Religion  The Origins of Hermeticism Greek Philosophy: About Correspondences and  Concepts

ATTN Hydrophant Students!!! Please include questions or develop the timeline dates on our classroom links! 

Finally, got something to say? 

Here's your chance to be heard! Record a brief message to respond, inquire, or simply say your piece! We strongly encourage anyone to discuss, dissect, and disseminate! 

Jul 15, 202103:26:09
Conspiracy Theory: Sumerian History, Questioning Enki, and Gaps in Tech Evolution

Conspiracy Theory: Sumerian History, Questioning Enki, and Gaps in Tech Evolution

Last episode, we stared to look at the Sumerian culture. These ancient people established these providence and civilization., beginning around 6,000 years These people were great inventors and introduced Camilla form, aspects of astronomy that were new to humanity in this area at this time. Additionallt, unique social structures, inventions, sun-dried bricks, chariots, beer, and academic by products. Due to their contributions in so many areas, it is not a surprise that these people are prized for their unique way of looking at the world. This extends beyond their earthly experience as well. For example, it is somewhat amazing that the Sumerians understood heliocentric concepts regarding our Solar system... yet thought the Earth was flat. Furthermore, involving Enki... Much of the information is skewed about this God. On one hand it says that he was created in and continued to stay at the early city of Eridu. Then it also refers to him as a 1/2 brother of the God, Enlil. We begin to delve into some of the conspiracy theories in this follow up to our original Sumerian society and culture Podcast. This will not be the last that we will see as there is much information out there and conspiracy theories abound as to where these individuals came from and what were their true purpose.
May 15, 202136:10
Ep 20: The Ancient Sumerians

Ep 20: The Ancient Sumerians

While meaning to move forward in our search for the history of modern occult and magical practices, we actually found ourselves going back to one of the oldest civilizations! Historically speaking, there is a definitely between religion and spirituality and the civilizations that predate the Greco-Roman era. Even bothering practices include mesopotamian deities. However, comment it seems like a lot of the focus ends up being around the Babylonian tradition. Some people do not realise that the Sumerian culture predates Babylon. Sumer was one of the oldest cultures in the area, subsisting in control of Mesopotamia for nearly 6,000 years. These ancient people had a rich and complex culture that included firm laws, a polyistic belief system, and even some curious observations about the world around them. The link between modern magic and occult practices is established in the fact that this ancient culture did not have access to independent scientific study. Interestingly enough, they seemed to understand that the universe, or at least our Solar System, is heliocentric. At the same time, they believed in a flat earth and absolution in their faith. While their beliefs may seem intricate, yet still primitive, to our views in the modern era... consider that their views during, their time, have definitely influenced generations over the millennia. With that being said, let's explore some of the basic concepts of the Sumerian people, and apply them to our collective history.
May 14, 202141:20
Ep 18: Rowdy Round Table with Guests: Bam & The Piscean Sage

Ep 18: Rowdy Round Table with Guests: Bam & The Piscean Sage

For more episodes (and other cool occult & witchy content) check out our website: Listen now for out first Roundtable session. It's raw, real, and totally random as to what will be discussed. This first session was pretty rowdy, but that's kinda Rohanna's fault. This recording was scheduled to begin at 9:45 on a Saturday night. Drinking and discussion had started slowly. In the first segment you can hear the discussion. Our guests are regular people, with different backgrounds, religious views, spirituality, etc. We have been really excited for these sessions, because one of the biggest topics that we hear about is on the topic of information access. Our guests in the RT session expressed concerns over the state of the world. Both guests are people that have contributed to The program from the beginning. Normally, we just throw ethical, philosophical, or spiritual scenarios at them randomly and dissect their brains in private. It is only fair, after months of being our social guinea pigs that we provide a forum for them to go on record about the few things. In this episode, Bam expresses his anger at the whole system, frustration at the lack of control, and struggles with the concept of personal responsibility over the state of the world. During our talk, it becomes apparent that part of the issue is a lack of trusted options. While we can all agree that spirituality is important to societal culture... the consensus with this group is that religion isn't required. Interestingly, church, in the basic, conservative sense, is falling put if favor. At the same time, statistics indicate that tarot and astrology is in the rise. If you're feeling kind of lost, dabbling with ideas but lacking community, contacts, and generally concerned over the direction that "things" are heading... then you're not alone. The bad news.... lots of people seem to be losing their faith... but this means that many of those same people are also scratching their heads and seeking solutions. Opportunities to try something new, or to test ideas of old?
May 04, 202152:08
Beltane Bonus & May Day Musings

Beltane Bonus & May Day Musings

Happy Holidays
May 02, 202131:15
The Classic Elements: Why they are the cornerstone to Occult Practices... PART ONE

The Classic Elements: Why they are the cornerstone to Occult Practices... PART ONE

Check out more episodes and info on our website @ // This episode is super packed with some detailed information not only about the classic elements, but also behind the scenes of their correspondences. In this episode we explore the philosophy, people and circumstances that have contributed to The 4 classic elements. Anyone can look up a correspondence chart but, do you actually know why fire is masculine? Do you know who made the decision as to the directions of the elements? We do! Now.... so do you. At nearly 2 hours of digging through correspondences, Aristotle, Eliphas Levi, the Greek Gods and more. This first section has all sorts of details. Then, we kept finding more and more and I had to cut it off. SO, HERE is the first part of the elements, and a heft of information designed to help understand the complexities of their contribution to magick and the craft!
Apr 30, 202101:54:05
Ep. 15 Mindful Meditation - Compassion / Self Love (Part 1 and 2)

Ep. 15 Mindful Meditation - Compassion / Self Love (Part 1 and 2)

Listen to more episodes, check out the blog, and get the latest updates on our website! Additionally, find us on social media @mageatm for FB and IG or @MageAgainst on Twitter! 

Episode 15 / Season 1 

In this podcast we are talking about meditation. Specifically, we are hosting a guided meditation. It was posted in singular parts on YouTube via Rohanna's page. Feel free to check it out there as well. The uploads on there are still a bit raw, and straight off of Bandcamp. With this recording, we begin to discuss the pertinent issues of today, including the scientific research into the mind-body connection and mind over matter topics. Stay tuned for that recording to post later today or tomorrow. 

Please listen to this recording when you are in a safe location to do so. This is because it includes some guided meditation, imagery, and music. This is intended to be a guided meditation, in which you can do one part, which will take about 15 minutes. You may choose to do part two as well, at a later time or together. If together, the meditation should take less than 30 minutes in total. 

You can expect more meditations from us in the past. For now, this is the first one that we have posted on all platforms. Thank you, everyone, for your patience as we get things up and running. This has been an exciting endeavor so far, and we couldn't do it without you! 

Apr 19, 202136:17
Choice, Conviction, and Consciousness.
Apr 09, 202144:21
EP. 013 7th Hermetic Principle Gender -- Feedback Episode -- *Physical, Mental & Societal*

EP. 013 7th Hermetic Principle Gender -- Feedback Episode -- *Physical, Mental & Societal*

So far, it's just Rohanna but hopefully this final topic gets people fired up. There is a lot that could be said and it was hard, especially to record all the deets on this topic... while trying to fit in everything in under an hour. Because, let's face it.... Gender is a tough subject. Naturally people have their own opinions , and this only exacerbates the topic at times. Gender, physically and mentally, are good examples polarization and rhythm flowing at the same time. While it's acting between what should be masculine and what should be feminine versus what is based on Traditions that are already being followed crates quite the challenging topic. However, as the kybalion promises, with greater understanding of this final principal comes increased diversity of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the true nature within, between and consisting of the microcosm in the macrocosm. Explore what the kybalion has to say about the masculine and feminine principles. Yes, feminine energies tend to be more submissive and nurturing but that doesn't make them weak. Masculine principles and correspondences those have their strengths... but balance is still needed, for occult knowledge tells us that masculinity comes with some weaknesses too. You may have guessed that the solution to this dual dichotomy is moderation, and of course, some sweet Alchemy! A little bit of magick, doesn't hurt none, either :) ** Listen to our entire show on Apple, anchor, Spotify or on our website:
Apr 06, 202132:36
Ep 12: Hermetic Principle 6: Cause & Effect

Ep 12: Hermetic Principle 6: Cause & Effect

- See more! We have already gone through 1 to 5, and now we are getting towards the final two topics and things are getting more complicated... but I also good way. This principle is where true awareness and intention to increase vibrations and to overcome the limitations places upon man. In This podcast, we review the Kybalion text and then dig deeper into the meaning, while discussing how to best prepare one self to challenge whatever comes next. This principle allows for broad strokes from the practitioner, and so completion and mastery are separate levels to complete. Perfection here can be difficult, yet on the end it is also quite rewarding.
Mar 26, 202149:49
OMG! So Extra OSTARA Episode!!!

OMG! So Extra OSTARA Episode!!!

So much details! #Ostara, #Aries Season, the #Pagan Wheel of the Year.... This is A BIG STEP for us and... this whole social expeeiment, truly. We tackle the Pagan Wheel of the Year, and share insight on our practices, as well as common holiday shenanigans! THEN see what's in store for you this Aries season, and ready the announcements for the new year! **#Pathworking 101 begins Monday 3/22** Secure your spot!
Mar 21, 202101:06:54
Ep 11 - 5th Hermetic Principle Rhythm

Ep 11 - 5th Hermetic Principle Rhythm --- Rhythm can be being navigation between the extremes of polarity, or it can be the day-to-day routine that we set for ourselves. In both scenarios, the closer we are to the middle, the easier that things will tend to be. As we navigate towards the poles life becomes more challenging and difficult, however some of us thrive in these conditions. Understanding the subconscious workings of the Mind allow us to make boundaries and rules to allow for ease of navigation, and this podcast discusses exactly how to do that.
Mar 20, 202144:30
Ep 10: Hermetic Principle 4: Polarity

Ep 10: Hermetic Principle 4: Polarity -- The 4th principle of Polarity dictates that all things are dual, but more than this, it explains the ebbs and flow within life and magick. It explains the extremes within the mind, as well. This dynamic creates opposites that hold each within themselves.
Mar 18, 202128:53
Alchemy: The Gateway to Science & Magick

Alchemy: The Gateway to Science & Magick

Depending on the desired end result, Alchemy ultimately was responsible for many philosophical and scientific thoughts that have persisted well into the modern era. Our goal is to distinguish how and why it became so influential over the esoteric aspects and eventual teachings. This episode covers a down and dirty alchemical history, as pertaining to hermetic Alchemy and the principle of polarity. For more reading on the subject please visit our learning library on Facebook: Hydrophant for resources!
Mar 11, 202101:04:07
Hermetic Principle #3 Vibration
Mar 04, 202127:46
Hermetic Principle #2 Correspondence

Hermetic Principle #2 Correspondence

A deeper and direct look at the second correspondence from the Hermetic principles, which is the principle of Correspondence. This principle tells us that what is above is the same as what is below, and vice versa. And the segment we cover the physical and spiritual examples, in order to a down-to-earth explanation so that it can make sense as we go through the rest of the principles.
Feb 23, 202122:14
Proof of Perception
Feb 21, 202138:15
Optimism Grabs Back!

Optimism Grabs Back!

A brief discussion on optimism vs pessimism and delving into other ways to master the mind. Also! Announcements!!! :) Make sure to check in at the learning library - Hydrophant on FB. Also @mageatm on fb and Ig :) We are AgainstMage on Twitter.
Feb 19, 202141:59
Recognizing Patterns & Mindfulness
Feb 12, 202101:00:09
Ep. 4: Mastering Mentalism Part 1

Ep. 4: Mastering Mentalism Part 1

A deeper look at the first principle of the #Kybalion. Then, we take a deeper look at the art of #mentalism and what exactly thus means for makes, #alchemists and #occult #practitioners of all levels. ***#Self-care reminder!
Feb 05, 202156:18
The 7 Hermetic Principles

The 7 Hermetic Principles

A run down of the #hermetic principles and a closer look at the Kybalion. These principles can assist with self-mastery and personal practices. #Magick #Hermeticism #Occult
Feb 04, 202137:07
The Change of Knowledge

The Change of Knowledge

While beginning determine the basis of the Hermetic doctrines, information bias and disinformation walks away. And that's podcast we discuss why things are different and changing and make a plan for discerning the real truth and history of the Hermetic Doctrine.
Jan 31, 202151:44
Ep. 01 The Origins of Hermeticism

Ep. 01 The Origins of Hermeticism

As a magician in the modern era, there's a sense of being a pioneer in the esoteric world. It is not always popular to seek out information and try to apply it in an esoteric manner, which definitely allows for hermeticism to remain in the shadows and considered occult studies or philosophy. This creates a limitation in the scope of potential information, and in turn has cultivated a specific mindset among modern, Western practitioners of both high and Earth Magic. In this segment, we explore the basis of hermeticism, in relation to the past. Consider that all that is known about modern magical practices is majorly influenced from Western philosophy, and the Sciences of the Greek and Roman era. Through understanding the history of our practice, perhaps we can adapt to the quickly transitioning future. #Magick is a complicated topic that requires unearthing certain truths. There is no easy discovery here, so this is the first in a few future #history recordings. Please consider visiting our pages on social media to continue the conversation, once you listen! Twitter: @MageAgainst FB:Mageatm //
Jan 26, 202101:11:44
Gotta Start Somewhere!

Gotta Start Somewhere!

Not very many people wake up one day and say they want to just practice magick, or decide that they have some Esoteric calling to understand their power and purpose in life. On one hand, there is a power within us all. On the other, there is time and dedication required to make that power move. Wielding the world's power... especially through one little meatsack is hard! There is a reason that high and ceremonial magicians designed rituals as they did. Secret societies exist(ed) to serve a purpose. The rituals and practices are designed to work. They are focused on fine tuning the most powerful magical tool on the planet. YOU. Years of study proves that we, humans in general, have improved capabilities when working in numbers. It is common knowledge that human power and ingenuity, multiplied, can accomplish more through communal dialogue and that sometimes, proper pronunciation is essential. We are all on this journey together, here's how we can make the most if it.

Get ready for a semi-social experiment, designed to build up. Learn the true history, purpose and power or hermetic practices, mysticism and knowledge. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, or simplify working methods. Take some time to try them, and apply them to technology in the digital age. Bring the focus back, while peeling away misconceptions and biases. Challenge the mechanical status quo and incorporate the system, to get the quickest, most efficient and reliable results.... without skimping on the meat of the purpose. Occult studies have had the rules changed, but no one is keeping score. No one is paying attention. Legitimate Magick, esoteric knowledge... like bona-fide secret society, super important shit... is just sitting out on the internet. So... you feeling lucky? Ready to challenge the biases of the social machine? Better yet, why not harness that baby and see what technomancy is about? It is time, well past it, to have a modern occultist, hermetically, witchy circle type space.. Fighting the good fight should be out there, not amongst ourselves. Buckle up magi, and let's see what a few of us can do with #information, #aplan and #ritual.
#occult #hermetic #pagan #wicca #community #alchemy #goldendawn #magick. It's a lot, yes.... but we all gotta start somewhere!
Jan 25, 202134:58