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Movement journalism in Atlanta presented by Mainline, an alternative independent news source based in Atlanta. Hosted by Atlanta-based journalist and Mainline creator Aja Arnold. Support production of this show at or Follow us on Instagram @mainline_atl.

This show is host to ongoing dedicated air time to covering the Stop Cop City movement in Atlanta, featuring exclusive interviews with movement builders, issue experts, and other local journalists. #StopCopCity
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From Stop Cop City to Block Cop City: How Did We Get Here?

the Mainline PodcastSep 19, 2023

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Nov 17, 202301:40:60
"Reimagining Safety" with Matthew Solomon
Nov 03, 202359:24
From Atlanta to Palestine: Covering the genocide in Gaza

From Atlanta to Palestine: Covering the genocide in Gaza

In this episode, we speak with Washington D.C.-based journalist and student of international affairs Dorgham Abusalim and Atlanta-based organizer Jasmine Burnett about the situation currently unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

Since the recent escalation in the Israeli-Palestine conflict on Oct. 7, Palestinian citizens have been facing a relentless genocide and numerous war crimes by Israel. Mainstream media has failed to correctly cover the conflict and ongoing genocide, leaving out very important history and context for viewers; effectively shaping ideologies that manufacture consent for the genocide, or in the least, civil disengagement from what is happening.

Dorgham brings his personal experience as a Gaza native with family members currently in the strip to speak to recent events, history that brought us here, and the journalistic malpractice that has occurred in response. Jasmine speaks to Black liberation movements' solidarity to Palestinians, currently and historically, as well as what this means for those still fighting to stop Cop City and all related issues in Atlanta.

Dorgham's writing has been featured in BBC, Washington Post, the Washington Blade, and the New York Times. Sources below.

Music: "Lenses" by Split Diopter.

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“LGBTQIA+ and progressive communities have a Palestine problem; supporting Israel is not the answer” by Dorgham Abusalim, Washington Blade, 2023

'I wake up and check if my family in Gaza is still alive,' says Palestinian American, BBC with Dorgham Abusalim

Palestinians abroad struggle to contact family in Gaza as siege continues, WaPo with Dorgham Abusalim

WUSA9 televised interviews with Dorgham Abusalim

In Washington, a son of Gaza keeps watch for precious messages that his parents are still alive, NYT with Dorgham Abusalim

‘No safety to be found’: Americans with family in Gaza watch and worry, Forward with Dorgham Abusalim

“From Atlanta to Palestine: The Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange” by Christopher Luke, Mainline, 2020

Oct 25, 202356:10
From Stop Cop City to Block Cop City: How Did We Get Here?
Sep 19, 202301:08:37