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By MakeWorkWork

A podcast by two friends from across the Atlantic who immediately bonded over 'the work around the work' and kept the conversation going on growing their careers, doing creative work, and striving to be better. Hosted by Habbi and Hailley.
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MWW 47: Shark Summer

MakeWorkWorkNov 17, 2023

MWW 47: Shark Summer

MWW 47: Shark Summer

The theme of this episode is 'Shark Summer' or 'Work Christmas,' i.e. that time when it's the busiest time of year. Habbi and Hailley ask if work can be under control when the workload is completely out of control?

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00:00:45 Habbi's Shark Week – Iceland Airwaves

It's Habbi's busiest week of the year, Iceland Airwaves! This leads the two hosts to explore workload, inbox zero, and how to stay on top of things when work gets relentless.

00:22:32 Hailley's Shark Summer

Hailley talks about hiring; how to deal with a high-profile project that takes over not just your calendar, but also your inboxes with the avalanche of inbound messages it generates.

01:13:05 MakeWorkWork – Personality Frameworks

A central theme on MakeWorkWork has been using personality frameworks to become better collaborators, and we particularly like the Enneagram, Strengths Finder, and the Four Tendencies. We now have a blogpost on each one outlining why they've each become so meaningful to us.


Thanks to Alicia for the kind words about our Four Tendencies post. A thank you as always to Jan who mixes the audio of this podcast — check out his work at

Nov 17, 202301:20:12
MWW46: A Proposer of Plans
Aug 16, 202301:40:35
MWW 45: Tiny Little Frustrations
Jun 16, 202301:22:29
MWW 44: Creating Purposeful Workflows
May 12, 202301:11:51
MWW 43: Back to Basics

MWW 43: Back to Basics

2022 is coming to an end, and Habbi and Hailley reflect on 2022 goals, themes, and favourites. 🎆 Thank you so much to everyone who has listened this year and stuck with MakeWorkWork through thick and thin. 💜

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00:00:30 Follow up
00:13:50 2022 Recap
01:12:13 2022 Favourites
01:57:36 Memo & Shoutouts

Write to us what you’re taking into 2023, especially if there’s something you’ve taken from the show. Here is:

A big thank you to Jan Kuhn from WeAreListeners who kindly mixes the audio of this podcast.

Dec 29, 202202:03:36
MWW 42: Do I Like It? Not Always.
Nov 22, 202201:42:07
MWW 41: A German Train Station
Oct 26, 202201:16:25
MWW 40: Tomorrow Is The Most Busy Day
Sep 20, 202201:33:02
MWW 39: Small But Big Things
May 27, 202201:03:50
MWW 38: A Sprinkle of Happy Optimism
May 13, 202201:45:04
MWW 37: This Is My Worst Quality
Jan 07, 202201:56:23
Bonus MWW: A Joy From Start to Finish

Bonus MWW: A Joy From Start to Finish

Inspired by the Icelandic Jólabókaflóð, the release of new books in Iceland ahead of Christmas, this episode is a Christmas gift for MakeWorkWork listeners in the form of an episode that’s just about books. Hope you enjoy!

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00:01:46 Intro
00:18:05 Categories
00:27:34 Books we’ve mentioned like 10 times
00:34:05 Absolute favourites
00:41:40 Entertaining novels that are easy to read
00:53:32 Fantasy and fiction
01:14:36 Stories of people
01:25:56 Thought-provoking non-fiction
01:44:22 Self-improvement
01:58:30 Listener questions
02:14:30 Shout outs
02:18:10 Cams’ clip

*Timestamps may vary slightly based on the ads you hear.

Dec 17, 202102:26:56
MWW 36: A Cup of Tea and a Long Chat
Dec 10, 202101:50:02
MWW 35: Perfectionist Detours
Oct 29, 202101:23:41
MWW 34: All Day Video Calls All Day
Oct 01, 202101:39:13
MWW 33: Click click click click click
Aug 27, 202102:18:40
MWW 32: Boom! You Look Professional
Apr 23, 202101:41:45
MWW 31: The Pressure of Perfection
Mar 29, 202102:40:37
MWW 30: The Work Work, If You Will
Feb 19, 202101:40:30
MWW 29: A Little Difficult To Plan
Jan 25, 202101:33:08
MWW 28: Sub-Tweeted in Iceland Twitter
Dec 18, 202002:39:42
MWW 27: Homework... For Your Birthday
Sep 11, 202002:21:23
MWW 26: A Taylor Swift Approach To Friends
Jul 31, 202001:35:08
MWW 25: Time For Reflection
Jun 15, 202002:24:02
MWW 24: Homescreen Godmother
May 11, 202001:26:60
MWW 23: I Hate Jeans
Apr 03, 202001:47:02
MWW 22: Kinda Wild But Also Fun
Feb 07, 202001:40:27
MWW 21: The Year of Smooth Sailing

MWW 21: The Year of Smooth Sailing

In this massive final episode of 2019, Habbi and Hailley tackle one of their favourite topics —  the end of year. They reflect on yearly themes, share all their numbers and reveal a secret that they’ve kept for the past year. This episode is packed with stats, end of year favourites, and, of course, plans for 2020. Happy New Year, everyone!

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00:03:41 Follow up
00:19:29 Yearly themes
00:50:21 MWW stats from 2019
01:09:58 End of year favourites: tech
01:22:13 End of year favourites: travel
01:42:16 End of year favourites: books
01:56:11 2020 goals
02:06:49 End of year plans

Mentioned on the show: 

The Artist's Way Workbook, by Julia Cameron
People that helped with Habbi’s blog post: Martyn, Alice, Kerry, Eric, Jaslyn, and Rosa
Yearly themes episodes: Episode 9, Episode 12
The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holiday
Buffer’s values
Being Boss podcast
Article: Thanks for listening to a year of MakeWorkWork

LG 25-in UltraWide Monitor
MOFT Laptop Stand
Yeti Rambler Tumbler
Habbi’s 84-point travel checklist
Marie Kondo
Habbi’s travel cubes
Away travel cubes 

Habbi’s profile on Goodreads
Hailley’s profile on Goodreads
My Friend Anna, by Rachel Deloache Williams
Anna Delvey

See the rest here

Dec 31, 201902:27:25
MWW 20: Dang. That's a Good Looking Email Provider

MWW 20: Dang. That's a Good Looking Email Provider

After their respective two months of craziness, Habbi and Hailley discuss how much time they spend preparing to do the work and favourite email apps plus, there are a few things to set straight about an EDM concert and some Hogwarts quiz results.

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00:16:10 The Buzzfeed Hogwarts sorting quiz
00:23:09 LinkedIn follow up
00:27:09 Thoughts on preparation time (and email)
00:59:40 Habbi’s phone was stolen

Mentioned during the show:

Buzzfeed’s Hogwarts sorting quiz
Hailley’s Buzzfeed quiz results
The REAL Harry Potter quiz
Our P.O. Box
Habbi’s LinkedIn profile

Interview with Hailley
Accelerator where Habbi is a mentor
Spark email
MWW 11: Grandma is Flagged as Important

Charlottesville, Virginia
Alice’s show notes for episode 17
Andreia is
relistening to all our episodes
Breanne is relistening too

Dec 19, 201901:27:50
MWW 19: The Artist's Way

MWW 19: The Artist's Way

Habbi and Hailley dive into their first MakeWorkWork book club and discuss The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. They also (for the first time) formally introduce themselves and share their work history. This episode was done in collaboration with ILYS.

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00:05:06 Intro to Habbi and Hailley
00:22:46 About The Artist’s Way
00:34:10 Thoughts on The Artist’s Way
01:11:02 Our writing
01:17:45 Getting in touch

Mentioned during the show:

This episode was produced in partnership with  ILYS

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron
Episode 8 on writing
Julia Cameron’s interview with the New York Times
Julia Cameron’s interview with the Seattle Times

Habbi’s Morning Pages notebook
Rest: Work Less to Get More Done, by Alex Soojung Kim Pang
Habbi’s three blog posts about writing: Part I, Part II, Part III
Hailley’s blog
Episodes to start with:  9, 4, 12 

Our partnerships page
Follow us on Twitter & Instagram
MakeWorkWork bookshelf
Habbi’s profile on Goodreads
Hailley’s profile on Goodreads

Nov 22, 201901:28:36
MWW 18: Sent from l'phone
Oct 31, 201901:38:28
MWW 17: This Isn't Leading Anywhere Good
Sep 06, 201901:41:22
MWW 16: You’re The Hero Of Your Own Life

MWW 16: You’re The Hero Of Your Own Life

In this longest ever MakeWorkWork episode, Habbi and Hailley reveal a long list of personality test results, with one particularly shocking and traumatizing answer. The hosts also finally discuss a book that’s been mentioned several times in the past, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and chat about the merits of book clubs. 


Get show notes:


03:10 Follow up 

27:45 Myers Briggs 

40:13 Four Tendencies 

51:49 Hogwarts houses

1:19:27 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck  

1:47:27 Book clubs 

Mentioned during the show:

The Enneagram 

The Enneagram Made Easy book 

Article about an American who lives in Europe 

Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts podcast

16 Personalities test

Myers Briggs article 

The Daily Stoic book 

The Four Tendencies book 

Gretchen Rubin 

Hogwarts sorting hat by Pottermore

Harry Potter as Enneagram article

Marie Kondo 

Better Than Before book

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck book

The Make Work Work bookshelf 

Ryan Holiday 

Cortex podcast 

CGP Grey 


Rebel book club 

Princess book

The Artist's Way book

The Artist’s Way workbook 

Feed your brand podcast episode with Hailley 

Aug 02, 201902:21:32
MWW 15: An Almost Magical Couple

MWW 15: An Almost Magical Couple

After their trip to New York filled with rain, internet friends and bagels, Habbi and Hailley finally talk about a topic Hailley's been obsessed with for the past year: figuring out one’s Enneagram type. Also, there are multiple segues into tea and desserts. 

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09:28 Internet friends 

15:19 Enneagram types

37:05 Operating manual 

48:04 Yelp skills 

Mentioned during the show: 

Twinings lemon tea 

Brittany Berger 

Interview with Brittany on the Buffer podcast 

Enneagram types 

The Enneagram Institute 

Enneagram Made Easy book 

The perfectionist problem episode 

Hailley’s goal blog post 

Enneagram and Coffee on Instagram 

Operating manual questions 

Lemon meringue pie 


Pastel de nata 

Nanaimo bar


Hailley’s Yelp profile 


Frixion pen

The 'Martyn Playlist' Habbi made

Enneagram types Twitter thread

Desserts Twitter thread

Jun 24, 201901:03:33
MWW 14: Part II: So Much Context

MWW 14: Part II: So Much Context

Habbi and Hailley add to their phone setup conversation by discussing their widget screens. They also share a few strongly held opinions about daylight savings, time zones (and Fahrenheit).


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18:46 - Follow up 

34:08 - Daylight savings and time zones 

59:18 - Widget setups  

Mentioned during the show:

Laptop stickers Twitter thread (where Hailley mistakes horses for goats) 

How to Start Your Own Podcast blog post 

Parks and Rec (TV show) 

Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker

BBC article: “EU backs ending daylight saving time”  


Time zones and developers blog post

xkcd voting software 

Drone footage from Iceland 


Screenshot 1 

Screenshot 2 

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Habbi’s widgets: 



Weather line 

Habbi’s shortcut “directions to next event” 

Alex Muench, Product Software Designer at Doist 

Brittany Berger’s suggestions for automation reading 


Screenshot 1 

Screenshot 2

Hailley’s widgets: 

Google Calendar 


Smart Life 

Carrot weather app 

Tube exits app

May 08, 201901:37:26
MWW 13: The Virtual Junk Drawer

MWW 13: The Virtual Junk Drawer

Addressing a big topic of conversation (and contention) from over the years for both co-hosts, in this episode Habbi and Hailley finally talk home screens. Learn all about how their phones are organized and tackle their daily-use apps from the obvious to the obscure.


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23:50 Follow up 

27:06 Homescreens

1:26:20 A first time request

Mentioned during the show:

Blueprint for Armageddon

The Way of Kings audiobook 

Structured procrastination essay 

Laptop stickers Twitter thread 

Habbis lock screen 

Habbi screenshot page one 

Habbi screenshot page two 

Habbi’s wallpaper source 

Media bias fact check website 

Hailley lock screen 

Hailley screenshot page one 

Hailley’s old cover letter blog post 

One year of making MWW reflection blog post 

Apr 05, 201901:40:40
MWW 12: The Perfectionist Problem

MWW 12: The Perfectionist Problem


After summarising their tech setups, Habbi and Hailley dive into a conversation about their themes for the year. A revelation around perfectionism and its relation to being goal-oriented ensues.

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2:38 Hailley’s new laptop 

23:55 All of Habbi and Hailley’s work devices

47:00 Yearly themes 

Mentioned during the show:

Hailley’s hardware: 

Macbook Pro

Jaybird Freedom 2 

Magic Trackpad 2

Magic Keyboard 

Blue Yeti 

iPhone 7

FitBit AltaHR 

Habbi’s hardware: 

Apple keyboard (that is no longer available)

Portable Laptop Stand 

Foldable Mount Stand for iPhone 

iPhone XS Max 

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Airpods

Bose headphones
Habbi’s podcasting headphones

Laptop stickers that are like art
Habbi and Hailley’s Knomo bag (and on Instagram)  

MWW Episode 7 from last New Year 

The Cortex yearly theme episodes from 2018 and 2019 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson  

MWW Episode 9 about imposter syndrome 

How to Be an Imperfectionist by Stephanie Guise

The Enneagram Test 

One year of MWW

Feb 27, 201901:38:15
MWW 11: Grandma is Flagged as Important

MWW 11: Grandma is Flagged as Important

Dubbed “the reading year of impressiveness” Habbi and Habbi discuss the last year in books, share several books that they’re reading, and even make a few non-book recommendations. Plus, there had to be a little follow up on email.

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04:00 - Podcasting anniversary
06:15 - Follow up
36:06 - Reading

Mentioned during the show:

One year of MakeWorkWork blog post
Automators podcast
Rosemary Orchard from Automators
Spark email
Superhuman email
Hailley’s email system
Hailley’s blog post about reading

The Code Book, by Simon Singh
Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan
The Child Thief, by Bella Forrest
The Little Book of Hygge, by Meik Wiking
Refinery29 Money Diaries, by Lindsey Stanberry
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman
An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, by Hank Green
The Green brothers

Habbi’s profile on Goodreads
Hailley’s profile on Goodreads

And a big thank you to Jan Kuhn from WeAreListeners who kindly mixes the audio of this podcast.

Email us anytime at hello{at)

Jan 18, 201901:10:42
MWW 10: Sobbing Emoji Lifestyle

MWW 10: Sobbing Emoji Lifestyle

We’re 10 episodes into MakeWorkWork and Habbi and Hailley are tackling a topic they both have a lot of opinions about, email. Everything from cold to warm email, plus intros and, of course, routines. This is an episode filled with the good, the bad and the ugly on email etiquette. 

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01:12 - Follow up 
  19:30 - MWW news
  24:05 - Instapaper update
  25:33 - Cold and warm emails
1:06:10 - Email routines

Mentioned during the show:

Habbi's previous podcasting setup
Habbi’s laptop stand
Microphone pop filter
Apple’s magic keyboard
App for what to wear: Wear Weather app
Player FM
MakeWorkWork on Spotify
Cell phone shipping box
Instapaper available in Europe
Joel Gascoigne (Hailley’s CEO)

Josh Pigford from Baremetrics
Buffer news: buying out their VC investors
What is GDPR
Hey Ladies! (The book written in email threads)
Article on making effective email introductions
Hailley’s blog post about her email system
Martyn’s replies to our tweet about email

And a big thank you to Jan Kuhn from WeAreListeners who kindly mixes the audio of this podcast.

Oct 31, 201801:26:25
MWW 9: MakeWorkWork work
Sep 14, 201801:18:31
MWW 8: Complaining Vigorously Totally is a Strategy
Jun 15, 201801:10:17
MWW 7: A Three-Book Vacation
Apr 11, 201801:30:47
MWW 6: Super Ninja Grandma
Feb 05, 201801:21:15
MWW 5: You Are An Email Address To Me

MWW 5: You Are An Email Address To Me

The end of a year has the MWW hosts reflecting on their (sometimes strange) New Year traditions as well as top reads of 2017 which includes everything from novels to cookbooks to self-improvement, to the angriest email Habbi has ever sent.

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13:30 Travel
18:00 Benefits of staying in one place
23:36 Planning for 2018
34:30 Beginning of year traditions
41:00 Human spreadsheets
50:45 Books

Mentioned during the show:

Shoutout to Canada for this review
The Hague pronunciation
Jackson, Mississippi
Hailley’s new email system
Kerri Provenzano’s affair with Todoist
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the play)
Colorado weather
Habbi’s musician friend: Charlie Hole
Charlie Hole’s concert in Habbi’s living room (works best on desktop)
Hailley’s end of year goal setting
Dry January article
Hailley’s process for media contact spreadsheets
Rest: Work less to get more done  by Alex Soojung Kim Pang
Paul Graham
Makers schedule, manager’s schedule 
Deep Work by Cal Newport 
Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth 
Angela Duckworth’s TED Talk
Angela Duckworth’s grit scale test 
Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher series 
Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy by Karen Abbott
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin NosratThe Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holiday’s rule on buying books
The Green Brothers: John and Hank
Dear Hank & John podcast

More shownotes here

Jan 09, 201801:38:57
MWW 4: Goats Are Not Known For Speed or Elegance
Dec 08, 201701:10:48
MWW 3: None of This is Traditional

MWW 3: None of This is Traditional

How do you make work work when you're not in your regular home? We discuss what counts as a real office, the importance of a routine – and somehow the zombie apocalypse gets a mention (at least it's not Harry Potter!) 

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00:16 Follow up
18:55 Current locations for Habbi and Hailley
25:10 What we’re both reading
35:54 How we work remotely

Mentioned during the show:
SheNomads (Slack Community)
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson
The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
Hailley's Talks ‘Risk for Reward’ on The Science of Social Media with Clair Byrd
The Year 20,017 by Kurzgesagt
F*ck Yes or No by Mark Manson

Oct 16, 201701:20:30
MWW 2: Oh, You're from the Internet? Come Along!
Oct 16, 201701:23:15
MWW 1: You Are Married to Omnifocus Now
Oct 16, 201757:58