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Making it Small in Music

Making it Small in Music

By Barker & Broski

Barker & Broski talk to local pros and working amateur musicians around Southeast Michigan about how their lives are enriched by music, balanced with family and career. You won't learn the secrets to achieving worldwide fame, but you might get some tips on how music can bring joy into your life.
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Andy Schiller

Making it Small in MusicAug 28, 2022

Stuart Benbow
Apr 23, 202302:27:40
Linden Thoburn
Mar 06, 202301:46:24
Vernon Tonges (Spoo Willoughby)
Nov 05, 202202:00:14
Andy Schiller
Aug 28, 202202:12:40
Dan Cowan
Jul 17, 202201:49:60
Billy Joe Hunt
Jun 01, 202201:45:25
Cameron Getto

Cameron Getto

Cameron is a former recording industry professional that quit years ago to become an amateur musician with a day job. We talk to him about the dark side of the dreams of fame and fortune versus the pleasure of music as a low-stakes hobby. He shares his work with looper pedals, his early MIDI and recording experimentation, and how he sidled his way into a music composition degree, and the joy of getting to the heart of a song to arrange acoustic covers.

Mar 06, 202201:52:04
Phil Maq

Phil Maq

This month Mike and Chris talk with Phil Maq, host of “Theme Attic,” a radio show on Wednesdays from 12PM-4PM ET. It can be heard at WHFR, 89.3 FM in the Dearborn-Metro Detroit area, or streamed in the rest of the world We learn about Phil's lifelong love of music, radio, and songs—both appreciating others as well as making his own. We also ponder other musical conundrums: How long should songs be?, Are there correct chord progressions?, Are drummers actually musicians? Those are just a few of the fun loving stories you'll hear on this episode!

For more about Phil's radio show and blog including the Philby Awards, go to Phil's web site at and his Facebook page

Feb 13, 202202:06:04
Sara Lambert

Sara Lambert

This month we are making it small in music by talking with Sara Lambert - a musician who is not promoting gigs or fishing for Spotify listens, but performing only for the pure pleasure that music brings. She talks about her experiences playing music with family and community, discovering new artists while volunteering at the Ark, and incorporating music as a treatment in addiction group therapy.

Jan 11, 202201:26:17
Trailer - Making it Small in Music

Trailer - Making it Small in Music

I'm Mike Snyder-Barker.

And I'm Chris Broski.

We are the hosts of Making it Small in Music.

What we do is every month we bring one of these joyful musicians on to our show.

They share their story, their musical journey, they talk about songwriting and recording and performing, promoting their tunes; what brings them joy.

And I ask them a lot about how to write songs better too. I like to get a lot of advice about how to perform and write and promote.

You know, it's really selfish because they teach us!

Well, and then but we share it with other people. We don't just get to learn from their experiences but our listeners can also be inspired by many of the great people that we talk to.

Dec 08, 202100:58
Adam Labeaux and Sara Gibson
Dec 05, 202101:50:25
Memphis Hawk
Oct 31, 202101:50:55
Kandace Fredrick
Sep 26, 202102:00:39
Tom Alter & Katie Williamson of After Blue
Aug 29, 202101:49:03
Mike Gentry

Mike Gentry

Mike Gentry is an accomplished songwriter, performer, and local producer around Southeast Michigan. In this episode of "Making it Small", he shares stories from his musical journey with Mike and Chris and doles out wise advice on writing and performing. We are excited to share this with all of our amateur musician friends, and anyone else who would like to listen. 

For more information about Mike Gentry and his music, his website is a good place to start

Aug 06, 202102:29:51
David Roof

David Roof

Behold our first episode with a real guest! And it's a good one too. David roof is a local professional recording engineer and session player. He talks about his music journey and has a lot of great advice for other aspiring musicians. Find out more about Dave on Facebook

Jul 05, 202101:17:13
Chris Broski
Apr 25, 202156:18
Michael Snyder-Barker
Mar 27, 202135:18