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Making Her Way

Making Her Way

By Sarah Lidwell-Durnin

Weekly interviews with the inspirational, creative women who make your favourite products.

In practical, in-depth conversation, we talk about the journey of designing, making and launching a successful product.

Hosted by Sarah Lidwell-Durnin
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Episode 10 - Rozella Kennedy, Brave Sis Project

Making Her WayApr 25, 2021

Episode 10 - Rozella Kennedy, Brave Sis Project

Episode 10 - Rozella Kennedy, Brave Sis Project

Rozella (Rozie) Kennedy is the Founder and owner of Brave Sis Project, which she describes as a “message and a movement of wellness and intercultural sxsterhood.” Through publications, events, and lifestyle brand assets, Brave Sis uplifts impactful Women of Color in history across ethnicities as a way of fostering awareness, celebration, and creativity.

In 2021 she launched the Brave Sis Journey-Journal, part planner, part history book, part journal, and also part coloring book. 

This unique book highlights Black and other American Women of Color in history, notably the lesser-known she-roes, whose stories will energize and inspire users of all ages.

Centering Black and other Women of Color but welcoming all, this is a lovingly created, colorful, and inspirational planner/journal with quotes, prompts, coloring pages, and commemorations to get womxn across cultures in a reflective, energized, and creative mood month after month through the year to come. There are portraits and prompts featuring 80 Black, Latinx, Native and Indigenous, and Asian-American foremothers—it’s an incredible labor of love.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Rozella discusses the journey she took herself to bring this book to life - and what 2022 holds!

Apr 25, 202157:05
Episode 9 - Katherine Swift, OMGTeas

Episode 9 - Katherine Swift, OMGTeas

Katherine Swift is the founder of OMGTeas, an organic matcha tea business in England. 

She started the business after her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and she wanted to explore every possible way of helping her mother's recovery - including nutrition and the impact of antioxidants. Several years later, she now has a successful business selling both premium grade matcha powder and ready to mix "grab and go" bottles, with stockists all over the UK as well as a vibrant ecommerce business.

In this wide ranging interview, we get down to the details of matcha tea grades, packaging (of course!) and how to market a product that many people have never even heard of before.

Aug 26, 202041:10
Episode 8 - Kris Galmarini, Neve & Hawk

Episode 8 - Kris Galmarini, Neve & Hawk

Kris Galmarini is a designer and the founder of Neve & Hawk, cult California clothing brand, with strong ethical underpinnings and an authentic business ethos that Kris has honed over the last 10 years. Launching her debut collection of children's clothing catapulted her brand to success and an impressive wholesale client roster, but when Kris realised that her business had become disconnected from her passion, she took the bold step of pivoting right back to her design roots and refocussing her work on womenswear and direct to consumer sales.

In this episode she talks to me about the thrills and spills of succeeding at her first trade fair without an actual business in place yet, manufacturing in the US, the country where she has finally found manufacturing nirvana and how she runs her business day to day now, in a way that makes her feel fulfilled and happy. 

Aug 19, 202043:24
Episode 7 - Dr Stephanie Schull, Kegelbell
Aug 12, 202050:51
Episode 6 - Cayla O'Connell Davis, Knickey

Episode 6 - Cayla O'Connell Davis, Knickey

Cayla O'Connell Davis is the New York-based founder of Knickey, a stylish new organic cotton underwear label that seeks to reset how we think about sustainability in the supply chain. She and her cofounder, Lauren Sagadore, met at Parsons School of Design and started Knickey in late 2018, and set to work designing a versatile and practical collection of underwear that was fully sustainably produced, with a transparent supply chain from organic cotton farm all the way to your mailbox. 

After a well-timed feature on Vogue's website led to them selling in their first week, Cayla has been working hard to make her business as sustainable as her products, and in this episode she talks us through the whole journey from that first phone call with her cofounder saying "Let's do this!" through to working on expanding their range for the coming year. 

If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in an ambitious and ethical underwear or apparel startup, this episode is for you.

Aug 05, 202035:48
Episode 5 - Liha Okunniwa, Liha Beauty
Jul 29, 202033:50
Episode 4 - Sophie Lavabre-Barrow, Kinn Living

Episode 4 - Sophie Lavabre-Barrow, Kinn Living

Today I’m talking to Sophie Lavabre-Barrow about Kinn Living, a range of vegan and eco-friendly cleaning products and certified organic body care, made in the UK, and how she has grown it to national success in just 3 years.

We’ll be talking about the process of creating truly environmentally friendly products that go beyond just greenwashing, working with retailers and the advice that Sophie has for people starting out in this growing industry.

Jul 22, 202031:23
Episode 3 - Christine Mason, Rosebud Woman

Episode 3 - Christine Mason, Rosebud Woman

Christine Mason is the founder of Rosebud Woman, a prestige intimate care collection of luxurious balms and oils. She created the collection when she recognised that there was a huge market being completely overlooked, and threw herself into a rigorous research process to identify the intimate care needs of women, and create a versatile and highly desirable product collection. 

Together we discuss the challenges of manufacturing a high end skincare product in the US, building a network and launching to targeted audience of influencers,  and the challenge of educating consumers about a product they didn't even know they wanted.

Jul 13, 202043:48
Episode 2 - Liz Turrigiano, Esembly Baby

Episode 2 - Liz Turrigiano, Esembly Baby

Liz Turrigiano is the co-founder of Esembly Baby, a cloth diaper business based in New York. Esembly Baby grew naturally out of Liz and her co-founders’ cloth diapering service, DiaperKind, and has been kitting out the smartest babys and their diaper bags with sustainably manufactured diapers, baby skincare products and accessories since 2019.

Join us as we talk about how the importance of cloth diapers, how business came into being, how they funded their ambitious launch collection of 14 different products, and the challenges of running a business like this in an uncertain year.

Liz’s stylish creations and sustainable outlook make her a dream guest on Making Her Way – I hope you enjoy the interview!

Jul 13, 202031:53
Episode 1 - Katie Gastley Idlewild Co.

Episode 1 - Katie Gastley Idlewild Co.

Katie Gastley is the founder of paper goods studio Idlewild Co. She started her studio 10 years ago and her upbeat artful designs are now carried in over 1000 retailers. She started out in New York and moved the business to Florida in 2013, and her look is instantly recognizable with a huge collection of greetings cards, planners, journals, keychains and more.
I’m thrilled to have her with me on Making Her Way and really looking forward to learning more about growing a successful paper goods business in the US.
Jul 13, 202041:53