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The Manuka Sunday Podcast

The Manuka Sunday Podcast

By Mel from Manuka Sunday

Welcome to The Manuka Sunday Podcast. Join Mel, the founder of Manuka Sunday; the Creative Agency to dive into digital marketing tips for lifestyle and wellness brands, entrepreneurial stories, new experiences, optimization, and to get honest about our personal-growth.

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Entrepreneurship, Building a Viral Brand, Nutrition, Hormones, & Cultivating a Just Do It Attitude w/ Kayla Pomponio

The Manuka Sunday PodcastAug 26, 2021

The True Mind Body Connection & Unleashing Confidence with ND Alisa DiFruscia, Founder of For Her Kind.
Aug 17, 202340:19
The Foundations of Company Culture: How to Hire, Build Respect, and Lead with Michel Falcon
Jul 16, 202346:30
How to Optimize Your Website: 5 Strategies to Implement Today

How to Optimize Your Website: 5 Strategies to Implement Today

Is your website optimized to its potential?

There’s SO much that goes into making a successful website. Regardless of what you’re trying to sell, a strong website is a foundation to your brand. As we dive into launching our new website, I thought it would be a good time to chat about optimization.

In this episode of the Manuka Sunday Podcast, I’ll share five strategies you can start with to optimize your website and start building your sales, including:

  • Streamline website navigation to provide a user-friendly experience.
  • Optimize product pages with compelling descriptions, images, and customer reviews.
  • Enhance website loading speed for better user experience and search engine rankings.
  • Use persuasive calls-to-action strategically to drive conversions.
  • Optimize the website for mobile devices to cater to the growing mobile audience.

Hope you enjoyed!

Jul 09, 202322:49
Q&A: Career regrets, lessons, 9-5 vs entrepreneur life, hiring for Manuka Sunday, optimizing your week + Meet Carly !!
Jul 02, 202328:21
Mastering Successful Product or Service Launches: Tips, Strategy, & Launch Timelines

Mastering Successful Product or Service Launches: Tips, Strategy, & Launch Timelines

Mastering Successful Product or Services Launches: Tips, Strategy, and Launch Timeline.

Uncover the secrets of successful product launches and apply them to your next venture. Today we're going to jump into tips for a Successful Product or service Launch with Mel walking through what she would do if she was creative a launch plan. Spark notes below!

What goes into building out a successful launch strategy? Well let's dive in.

Set Realistic Goals and Create a Timeline:

  • Learn how to define achievable goals and establish a timeline for your product launch.
  • Understand the importance of setting realistic expectations to ensure success.

Build a Strong Social Media Strategy and Engage the Audience:

  • Discover effective techniques for leveraging social media platforms to promote your product.
  • Engage with your target audience, build anticipation, and create a loyal community.

Collaborate with Others and Create Excitement Around the Product:

  • Explore the power of collaboration and partnerships to amplify your launch efforts. Discover strategies for creating excitement, generating buzz, and reaching a wider audience.

Share Information, Reviews, and Expert Responses:

  • Learn how to leverage the power of testimonials, reviews, and expert opinions. Build credibility and trust by sharing valuable information and engaging with influencers.

Create Urgency with a Closing Date:

  • Understand the importance of creating a sense of urgency to drive conversions. Discover techniques for incorporating limited-time offers and deadlines into your launch.

Be Confident and Proud of the Product:

  • Explore the mindset of confidence and pride in your product. Overcome self-doubt and effectively communicate the value and uniqueness of your offering.

Plan and Execute Effectively to Achieve Success:

  • Learn how to plan, organize, and execute your launch with precision.

Full Shownotes Here

We dive into all of these topics in todays episode for you to take away and utilize in your day-to-day business. Hope you enjoy!

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Jun 25, 202332:11
Leaving the 9-5: My Experience & Steps to Pursue Your Own Business
Mar 26, 202330:32
Building Confidence & Attracting Your Dream Clients
Mar 05, 202339:46
Minimal Design Hacks to Elevate Your Brand & Start Charging More.
Feb 05, 202321:16
Daily Tools, Tips, & Resources for Creating Content & Running Your Online Business

Daily Tools, Tips, & Resources for Creating Content & Running Your Online Business

My top resources that I ACTUALLY use to run my online business - Our SOP's, content creation tools, mindset habits, and more. 

Mel's Notion Template (Goal Setting & Daily Mindset) 







Cap Cut


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Wondering how to maximize your time so you show up as your best, most productive self? Sometimes that extra boost you need can be as simple as adding something new into your workflow. Here are a few tips we use throughout our days to get productive, and stay productive. As a freelancer or solo entrepreneur, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done on a daily basis. Especially because, for the most part, you're the only one standing in the way of being getting that "one last thing" done.

While we don't claim to be experts on all things productivity, we do believe it's important to have a toolkit that can help you stay focused, organized, and on top of your workload.

Here are a few suggestions that might help you boost your productivity as a freelancer or solo entrepreneur.


Jan 29, 202343:41
8 Tips for Growing Your Wellness Business in 2023 - Show Up and Stand Out on Social
Jan 10, 202316:12
2023 Planning for Business, Finances, and Your Future Self.
Jan 03, 202325:40
Social Media Strategy for Showing Up Consistently & Authentically
Sep 28, 202224:10
life chats: a trip down memory lane

life chats: a trip down memory lane

hi friends ! here’s a new type of episode where I share some more personal sides of life. I found myself sitting on a four hour flight with nothing but my thoughts and wondering how the heck I’ve gotten to where I’m at in life. so I thought I’d share — enjoy !
Sep 19, 202216:15
Following Your Fear Compass w/ The Wilds Skincare Founder, Ronak Brahmand
Aug 31, 202255:30
Stand Out & Stay Relevant w/ Pinterest & Blogging Expert Coley Lane
Aug 25, 202201:01:21
Reality Check: Unlearning the Hustle
May 17, 202220:22
Creatively Visualizing Your Dreams & Taking Action w/ CEO of Frame Fitness Melissa Bentivoglio
May 12, 202201:03:47
The One Where We Eloped
Apr 25, 202245:51
Owning Your Body With RDN Sanam Tahan

Owning Your Body With RDN Sanam Tahan

Welcome back to the Manuka Sunday Podcast ! On today’s episodeI am so happy and excited to introduce Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founder of The Well Society – Sanam Tahan. Sam built up her education through a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from California State University, Long Beach. And then went on to complete a Masters of Science in Nutrition for Wellness at Bastyr University.

She works with her clients through Understanding their Body Types, lifestyle changes, hormone health, gut health, and thyroid health – all in which we cover in this episode. We also talk through how Sam found out she has thyroid cancer and healed, all while she was studying her practices.

Sam was such a pleasure to have on and truly opened me up to a vulnerable side. We do speak on the impact of social media, body types, and body dysmorphia in this episode - this is something that i haven’t opened up about much till now, but body dysmorphia has been something along with other food related issues that I’d lived with in the past. So this episode will be dear to my heart.

I do want to put a quick cation on this for anyone that may be more sensitive to these topics. If you are, and this episode isn’t for you at this moment in time, I love you and I understand what you’re feeling – and we will be right back with a new episode next week.






Mar 29, 202256:23
Hacking Your Health and Leaving Corporate Burnout Behind w/ @TheLivingFuel
Mar 10, 202201:06:32
Productivity is a Mindset + Some Tough Love to Myself
Feb 21, 202218:33
Forgetting the Fear of Failure with Sustainable Fashion Designer, Celeste Bouchard
Feb 11, 202243:32
Re-Write Your Inner Dialogue & Start Dreaming Big with Shania Bhopa
Feb 03, 202256:03
All Things Social - Q&A: Reels Tips, Small Biz Growth, Finding Your Audience, & More
Jan 24, 202234:37
Get Organized & Start Automating

Get Organized & Start Automating

BIG 2022 Mood: Organized and Automated. In this episode Mel dives into all the systems and tools she used to automate not only her creative agency but her daily life. Check out the notes below for a quick recap -- Enjoy!

Key points of this Episode:

Read the full article Systems: The Sexiest Part of Your Business - How I Automate

Check out the new Monthly Goal Setting Journal to take action this new month! 

Connect with Mel - @ManukaaSunday

Jan 20, 202224:48
Healing Through Storytelling, Meditation, Micro-dosing, and Launching a Damn Good Granola with Nikki Jahnke
Oct 05, 202150:28
Cultivating Awareness, Confidence, and Compassion with Kayla Christian
Sep 27, 202151:33
Harnessing Your Power Through Mental Wellbeing w/ STUNN Collective

Harnessing Your Power Through Mental Wellbeing w/ STUNN Collective

Welcome back! This week on The Manuka Sunday Podcast I had the pleasure to sit down with Co-Founder of STUNN Collective, Ash Depass. Growing up, Ash had the dream of becoming an actress. She soon found that there was a bitter and toxic trait that came along with the beauty standards within the industry. After speaking to other women and knowing that she wasn't alone in holding unrealistic standards for herself. This triggered a dark space in her life that eventually hit showed up as depression, anxiety and serious self doubt. 

Ash wanted a change and new she needed something different that a "bandaid" fix. So she teamed up with her husband to create STUNN supplements. A brand that focuses on holistic health and mental wellbeing to showcase true beauty. With the healing properties of extracts, adaptogens, antioxidants, and polyphenols STUNN creates the shift from depending on medication to adding in nutrients that nourish the gut to mind connection. And in turn, elevating other aspects of our lives such as skin, sleep, energy, hair, and more. 

In this episode we talk about how it all started, wins and loses while creating a product, the benefits of specific ingredients, the vicious cycle of social media, business inspiration, and more. 

Ash leaves us with her mission for STUNN - To empower women and make then believe in their own beauty, and believe in their own potential. Because when you find your own path, you can do anything. Harnessing that inner potential is the first step to finding your inner glow. 


I hope you enjoy this inspirational listen as much as I did! Let us know what you think - share your thoughts and tag us at @manukaasunday / @manukasundaypodcast

Have a great day! 

Connect with Ash - @stunnco

Check out STUNN CO's AM / PM Supplements! Click Here 

Sep 02, 202154:24
Entrepreneurship, Building a Viral Brand, Nutrition, Hormones, & Cultivating a Just Do It Attitude w/ Kayla Pomponio

Entrepreneurship, Building a Viral Brand, Nutrition, Hormones, & Cultivating a Just Do It Attitude w/ Kayla Pomponio

On this week of the Manuka Sunday Podcast we take a look behind the curtain of social media and see what it takes to make Holistic Health a career. This week's guest, Kayla Pomponio, the Founder of @bewellwithkayla, was diagnosed with leaky gut when she was younger. Some could look at this as a destiny of upset stomaches, medication, and no end in sights. Kayla did the exact opposite. She took her health into her own hands, found the help she needed to dive deeper into the issues she was facing. She was then faced with a decision. To either go through with a law degree that was applauded by her friends and family; OR make a career path shift into the world of Holistic Health.

She found herself enrolling into INN and the rest was history. Now Kayla is a successful Holistic Health Coach that believes each human has a healing path that is unique to them. With a strong brand and team behind her, we jumped into entrepreneurial topics such as cultivating an abundance mindset, acting on your intuition, and how to surround yourself with passionate people. Kayla's 'just do it' attitude has lead her to create merch, open her own practice, developed a viral smoothie blend that will actually get you excited about drinking greens, and has even launched a grocery box to make sure your fresh ingredients come straight to your door each week. 

Later in the episode we get to chatting about mindless snacking, lifestyle changes, and why it seems as though everyone and their sisters hormones are off. No ready to take your health into your own hands? This just might be that push you need. Kayla is a wealth of knowledge and her tips and tricks to help get on the right track was exactly what I needed to hear. 


Enjoy this episode with Kayla! 

If you enjoyed this episode, please help us grow and reach new listeners by subscribing and/or leaving a review! We're always open to constructive feedback, guest inquiries. Talk soon! 

Connect with Kayla - @bewellwithkayla

Work with Kayla -

Connect with Mel - @manukaasunday

Aug 26, 202154:24
Good Gut Feelings with Isabelle Koritsas
May 23, 202101:10:40
Ep 014: Womanhood, Confidence & Owning Your Femininity with @Justmands
May 09, 202156:18
013: The Power of Visualization, Stress Management and Building an Online Practice with Dr. Jackie Koudys ND
May 02, 202158:10
EP 012: Sacrifice, Finding Purpose, Building Confidence & Getting Real With Ourselves
Apr 04, 202141:60
EP 011: Our Entrepreneurship Journey - Struggles, Money Growth, Working in A Relationship & More

EP 011: Our Entrepreneurship Journey - Struggles, Money Growth, Working in A Relationship & More

We are back for a week of navigating entrepreneurship and the difficult steps that you must take in order to begin pursuing a life with no one to answer to but yourself and your clients. First, we discuss our backgrounds within the marketing and creative design industry, and what lead us to the point of feeling confident enough to start our own business. Figuring out what you like and do not like are crucial steps in determining what avenue you should pursue! It is also equally as important to be honest with yourself regarding what your strengths and weaknesses are!

We (Mel and Joey) grew up in surprisingly similar family environments that were propelled through our parent's entrepreneurial spirits. This lead us both to be inspired to pursue a lifestyle where we could be our own bosses. These childhood lessons also taught us to respect finances and truly understand the value of a dollar.

As we continue on talking about the launch of Verve Studios Creative Agency, we discuss why it is so important to set boundaries, not only for your professional life with your clients, but also in your personal and social life with your partner, friends, and family! We go in-depth on how we deal with each other when balancing work and play, and why/how we can trust each other to deliver on projects that we are working on. When it comes to boundaries, it is important to understand your life partner and business partner's boundaries, as well as how to motivate them without being a micro-manager.

Resetting in the middle of a workday can be extremely valuable and necessary sometimes, especially when it comes to creative work, so we discuss some of the things we like to do to recalibrate our creative balance. For Joey, it can be a round of golf, while for Mel, it could be a trip to the nail salon or a run.

Next, we go on to answer some questions like whether or not anyone can be an entrepreneur. Do you think an entrepreneur is born or made? We also answer how we work through droughts of motivation and inspiration. 

Finally, we continue on to discuss the importance of networking, knowing your value, and specialization in certain fields. The most important aspect of being an entrepreneur is persistence in the face of adversity and doubt, and we hope that you can at least take that away from this episode! Thank you for listening, and share with someone who needs to hear it!

Happy Sunday!

Mar 28, 202154:36
EP 010: Lets Get Organized
Mar 21, 202136:52
EP 009: Disconnect To Reconnect - Phone Fasts, Finding Creativity, Tips, Tricks and More!
Mar 07, 202137:45
EP 008: Finding Your Why - Impact Over Influence With Alena Luciani
Feb 28, 202155:46
EP 007: Friendships - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Feb 21, 202139:24
EP 006: The One All About Love - Breaking the Ice, Dating Advice, First Dates Experiences, & More
Feb 14, 202132:57
EP 005: Burnout, Finding Balance, and Learning How to Set Boundaries
Feb 07, 202129:31
EP 004: Social Media - It's Time To Launch
Jan 31, 202130:44
EP 003: Relationships - A Him & Her Perspective
Jan 24, 202135:55
EP 002: Habits - Choosing Inspiration Over Motivation
Jan 17, 202139:18
EP 001: Goal Setting - Shifting Resolutions into a Lifestyle
Jan 10, 202126:18
Songs For Your Sunday Trailer: Welcome!
Jan 07, 202109:49