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Wait...What !?

Wait...What !?

By Margaret Knecht

I am trying to set a realistic goal for myself, I would like to post 2-3 times per month! I am a full time student, this is my senior year of high school!! I am not able to put as much effort into the podcast, and I would rather have quality > quantity. I also have a blog which you can find on my linktree, with my social media!
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Online School Update

Wait...What !?Nov 18, 2020

Why I took some time off the Podcast/Blog!
Mar 17, 202116:28
Podcast Update + Accidental Overdose Story
Feb 23, 202115:15
Host Transfer + Audio Update

Host Transfer + Audio Update

I have transferred from I have transferred from to! didn’t have 1/2 of the elements or resources that Anchor has, I am not able to record, edit and upload from my phone! In addition I have started using a new microphone, which has much better quality.

Link to my blog :

If you would like to contact me send me a DM on instagram @margaret_knecht

Link to my Pinterest board of podcasts i've saved :

The link to my LinkTree thing! -
Jan 29, 202112:29
January 28, 2021

January 28, 2021

Jan 28, 202100:18
New Year + 2020 recap
Jan 01, 202127:54
Christmas + School Update
Dec 23, 202010:17
My experience with Invisalign
Dec 02, 202037:16
I have OCD
Nov 25, 202011:13
Why I can't Procarstinate
Nov 25, 202018:46
Online School Update
Nov 18, 202026:50
School's Closing Again
Nov 11, 202031:56
Why being a female is scary (at night especially)
Oct 07, 202025:05
Coronavirus, and Politics
Sep 23, 202024:11
Life update, and whats to come...
Sep 09, 202023:18
After High School plans
Aug 12, 202012:21
Social Media Confidence & Marketing
Aug 05, 202014:59
Why I want to die before 45...
Jul 22, 202011:23
My sisters opinion on my podcast
May 20, 202010:28
Podcast Makeover
Apr 22, 202003:11
i’m back 😁

i’m back 😁

just wanted to film this really quickly... I did not forget about the podcast, life has just been busy.
I will be deleting the Instagram page for the podcasts'.

Contact me:
instagram - @margaret_knecht
Jan 15, 202004:01
becuase i can

becuase i can

listen to my other podcast at:

contact me:
instagram (podcast) - @waitwhat.podcast
instagram (personal) - @margaret_knecht
Nov 06, 201907:20
lower case letters
Oct 30, 201901:54
my thoughts on... war

my thoughts on... war

in this episode I talk about my thoughts on war, and a better solution.

contact me at-
instagram (podcast) - @waitwhat.podcast (there will also be a post on this account about statistics of war)
instagram (personal) - @margaret_knecht
Oct 27, 201905:27
My views on Immigration/Deportation
Oct 09, 201914:58
re-naming the podcast

re-naming the podcast

this is just a very quick update, on why i re-named the podcast. and what podcast is coming next.

sorry for the confusion, i just didn't think my stories was very fitting for the topics i will be talking about on this podcast.

i am also changing the cover art for this podcast.

thank you, for listening.
Oct 08, 201903:24
my stories trailer!!!

my stories trailer!!!

this is my first podcast, so bare with me while i figure this out. the audio isn't the best, but i am working on it. 😂

Thanks for listening. 💓
Oct 01, 201903:29