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Wait...What !?

Wait...What !?

By Margaret Knecht

I am trying to set a realistic goal for myself, I would like to post 2-3 times per month! I am a full time student, this is my senior year of high school!! I am not able to put as much effort into the podcast, and I would rather have quality > quantity. I also have a blog which you can find on my linktree, with my social media!
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Podcast Update + Accidental Overdose Story

Wait...What !?Feb 23, 2021

Podcast Update + Accidental Overdose Story
Feb 23, 202115:15
Host Transfer + Audio Update

Host Transfer + Audio Update

I have transferred from I have transferred from to! didn’t have 1/2 of the elements or resources that Anchor has, I am not able to record, edit and upload from my phone! In addition I have started using a new microphone, which has much better quality.

Link to my blog :

If you would like to contact me send me a DM on instagram @margaret_knecht

Link to my Pinterest board of podcasts i've saved :

The link to my LinkTree thing! -
Jan 29, 202112:29