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RV Lifestyle Expert

RV Lifestyle Expert

By Margo Armstrong

If you are interested in the RV Lifestyle, this is the podcast for you. Margo Armstrong is in her 26th year living the RV lifestyle full-time. Her monthly blog,, plus 11 books on the subject provide an abundance of material for her podcast.

She brings out-of-the-box topics to you every month. As an advocate of this lifestyle, you can expect her to keep you current on the RV industry's shenanigans, latest toys, and new designs.
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Preparing for the Workcamping Lifestyle

RV Lifestyle ExpertJun 13, 2021

Thanksgiving: One More Year of Grace
Nov 22, 202309:28
Safety On My Mind
Nov 12, 202310:44
RV Lifestyle Exposed

RV Lifestyle Exposed

The RV lifestyle public relations picture is changing with every current article or critique that hits the electronic press. The reason may be that more people are being exposed to the realities of a traveling lifestyle. As cool as “the life” sounds, many sacrifices may be required for it to be successful for you. Plus, the lack of qualified support for the lifestyle is finally being exposed.

RV Travel's Janet Groene "Scammers" [ ]

Camping in America's City & Town Parks - July 2023

[ ]

Love's RV Stops [ ]

Margo's Book: 25 years Full-time Travel "For Women Only: RV Lifestyle Collection" [ ]

Oct 30, 202311:17
Time to Cut Road Expenses
Oct 13, 202311:01
Hot News Starlink
Sep 28, 202312:21
Hot Weather Pet Reminder
Sep 10, 202311:32
The Homeless Epidemic & You
Aug 30, 202312:22
Help with RV Travel Emergencies
Aug 19, 202311:10
On the Road in Dangerous Weather
Jul 29, 202309:17
Handling Unexpected Death on the Road
Jul 17, 202308:32
Outdoor Base Camps Trending
Jun 25, 202308:56
Start Your RV Adventure, Be Maintenance Ready!
Jun 09, 202311:17
Live the Full-Time RV Lifestyle - Solo
May 25, 202313:17
RVers & eBikes

RVers & eBikes

You may of thought about bringing a bicycle along on the next RV trip, but the negatives seem to overpower the positives, and you forget about it. Think about bicycles in a new way if you add an electric engine. Now you can travel farther with less effort.

Margo's Book: Healthcare & The RV Lifestyle: Learn the rules of the Healthcare Game [ ]

May 13, 202311:55
Artificial Intelligence - Love or Hate?
Apr 24, 202310:23
The Village Lifestyle Now Available
Apr 12, 202309:30
What Now! Legal Changes That May Affect You
Mar 27, 202309:54
News Update
Mar 10, 202312:49
Volunteering's Effect on Ageing

Volunteering's Effect on Ageing

Volunteering is good for your health!

Websites that provide volunteer opportunities:

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) [ ]

FEMA National Disaster Relief: [ ]

Habitat for Humanity - search for local division

Volunteer openings in 6 government divisions

 * National Park Service, 

 * US Forest Service, 

 * Corps of Engineers, 

 * U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 

 * US Geological Survey, 

 * Bureau of Land Management

Margo's book: RV Lifestyle Collection [ ]

Feb 16, 202311:09
Dealing with Loneliness
Feb 03, 202310:40
Making Money on the Road
Jan 15, 202310:36
Planet Friendly Products for the New Year
Dec 27, 202209:11
Quartzsite Fun
Dec 16, 202211:19
How will Electric Vehicles Change the RV Park?

How will Electric Vehicles Change the RV Park?

How Will Electric Vehicles Change the RV Park?

What decisions will RV Parks make about charging for EV service?

Read more about the future of Electric Vehicles and RV Parks. [ ]

What does Thor and Winnebago have to offer the EV world?


Nov 28, 202210:38
Thanksgiving Gratitude
Nov 10, 202212:53
Be Prepared for Weather Change

Be Prepared for Weather Change

As weather everywhere becomes more chaotic, here are a few travel tips: - Private weather site run by a retired US Navy Meteorologist and professed Airstream owner. - National Traffic & Road Closure Info - Road & Traffic Conditions Across the Nation - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration – States listed at the bottom of page - RV List of RV Parks with Weather Shelters

Margo's Book: Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers [ ]

Oct 26, 202210:57
Legal Action Against the RV Industry - Does it Work?
Oct 19, 202212:08
Solar for my RV, do I Need it?
Sep 27, 202207:60
A Look into Past RV Quality and Today
Sep 15, 202211:48
Starlink Update and RV Road Service
Aug 29, 202210:23
Winter Reservations - Calming Places
Aug 15, 202213:57
Hot Weather Pet Tips

Hot Weather Pet Tips

Traveling at any time with a pet means having a plan for emergencies and the expenses that follow. Below are a few websites mentioned in the podcast that you can explore to make travel safer for your pets. 

Barx Buddy [ ]

Bring Reviews on Pet Friendly Accommodations [ ]

Waggin'Tail Ranch RV Park [ ]

Social Media for Pets [ ]

Waggle Pet Monitor [ ]

My book: For Women Only: Traveling Solo in Your RV, The Adventure of a Lifetime [ ]

Jul 25, 202212:35
Summertime Fun
Jul 12, 202208:13
 The Future Brings Freedom

The Future Brings Freedom

Future Brings Freedom

Going mobile seemed a good choice for Americans to handle all the changes without a lot of stress. The Boomer generation saw the opportunity first. If you are interested in owning an RV park, now is a good time to invest in one or two. An excellent investment can be an in/out RV park. We can easily construct this type of park on a small parcel of land outside populated areas.

Check out Russ and Tina De Maris’ article in for more details. [ ]

Margo's Book: For Women Only: Traveling Solo [ ]

Jun 25, 202210:47
Price Gouging and Lemons

Price Gouging and Lemons


Buying an RV can turn into a long-term project when it turns out to be a lemon. Check out the ways to prevent this.

If you are in the market for a Park Model, watch out for price gouging these days from brokers. Find a FSBO if possible. 

RV Lemons in the real world: details here @ The RV Show USA "Angry RVers" [ ]

Find an inspector at National RV Inspectors Assoc. (NRVIA) [ ]

Margo's Book: Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers [ ] 

Jun 09, 202212:09
Electric Trailers and Motorhomes, YES!
May 24, 202211:44
Express RV Parks & Full-timers Test
May 13, 202213:38
Travel List for Healthcare
Apr 25, 202207:29
Are You Maintenance-Ready?

Are You Maintenance-Ready?

For those of you just starting your RV adventure, one of the mental preparations to make for that first trip (and really all future trips) is patience. You may have heard the rumor that maintenance can be ongoing and expensive. “Be maintenance ready” is a phase that resounds with all RV travelers, and many that just live in an RV all year. [ ]

Margo's Book: Conquer the Road [ ]

Apr 12, 202210:57
Time to Relax and Let Go
Mar 25, 202208:60
How to Deal With High Winds and New Generator Rules
Mar 14, 202210:08
Working Remote and Tips for Campsites

Working Remote and Tips for Campsites

The Escapees' "Rethink Remote Work With Us" online conference starts March 4 and runs through March 8. Grab a free ticket to the main event or choose a paid ticket to additional sessions and video replays. 

Rethinking Remote Work website has all the exciting details. []

Get some tips on dealing with crowded campgrounds from Nancy Dixon at []

Pick up one of Margo's books: 

Working On The Road []

For Women Only: Traveling Solo, the Adventure of a Lifetime []

Feb 26, 202209:32
New Parks, the Homeless Traveler, and Starlink

New Parks, the Homeless Traveler, and Starlink

New updates on electric-powered RVs, new RV parks, the increase in the roaming homeless and Starlink's progress.

Roaming Homeless - [ ]

Iridium EV by Wof [ ] [ ]

Margo's book: Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers [ ]

Blog: ( ]

Feb 11, 202210:51
Unexpected Death on the Road

Unexpected Death on the Road

How do you handle an unexpected death while living on the road full-time. It can be complex and nerve-wracking while you are grieving. We need all the help we can get while away from family and close friends.

Find out the steps to take and who to call for comfort. As mentioned in the podcast, below are the numbers to call and the web addresses to find help.

Call this number to talk to someone during your crisis (free): Crisis Call Center (775) 784-8090

Facebook Forum:

Law Depot (Free Health Care Directive)

AARP Checklist to Follow When Someone Dies

Register to Donate Body [they pick up the body wherever you are]: 



More Information: Russ & Tina De Maris' Article Posted on "Fulltime RVer - Death While on the Road"

Margo's book: For Women Only: RV Lifestye Collection [ ]

Jan 26, 202207:26
Heads Up! Verizon and Quartzsite
Jan 16, 202210:04
End of the Year News
Dec 30, 202111:18
What About Batteries
Dec 17, 202112:07
Giving Thanks - Freedom

Giving Thanks - Freedom

The feeling of freedom is the current trend in RV choices. Currently smaller, more hi-tech, mobility is in. This year alone offers small, pull-behind options that also carry your toys. Soon there will be all-electric selections that will change the RVing world.

Poem from AboutRVing.Com [ ]

Margo's book, For Women Only: RV Lifestyle Collection [ ] at Amazon.

Nov 25, 202110:43
Life Made Easier in Today's RV Lifestyle
Nov 12, 202112:16
Boondocking for Beginners
Oct 30, 202108:30