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Plugging In The Holes

Plugging In The Holes

By Maria Campbell

A show in which we address various issues that may come up with the technological tools that we depend on in our work or daily lives and how we can overcome them before they overcome us!

We also cover JavaScript applications and workflows, both front end and backend (Node.js, npm, MongoDB, to name a few). And we have started introducing Python related subject matter as well.

Please visit the blog on our website to view transcripts and embeds of our podcast episodes.
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Using node-sass instead of system Sass in OS X Catalina

Plugging In The HolesFeb 12, 2020

Migrating from Gatsby v2 to v3
Apr 10, 202114:50
Zoom has invaded the web page too
Mar 05, 202105:45
Adobe Brackets is finally being put to rest
Mar 04, 202101:55
Using the Notes Extension In Brackets
Feb 16, 202102:58
Using Google Meet for on-the-fly screen sharing
Feb 14, 202104:09
Google Chrome and the Brackets Live Preview extension
Feb 06, 202105:38
How iTunes Match saved me from losing iTunes Purchases bought under previous Apple IDs
Nov 28, 202002:49
How to enable async await in a Node.js/Express application with ESLint
Nov 14, 202002:34
Binary Data: MongoDB Compass vs Robo 3T vs Local Mongo Shell
Sep 29, 202001:27
Reverting a file to a specific revision in Git
Sep 27, 202002:44
Using POST request with VS Code's REST Client extension
Sep 09, 202004:50
Using VS Code's REST Client extension instead of Postman
Sep 08, 202003:54
Hiding an "N/A" value of a src attribute of an img tag from an API
Sep 02, 202005:49
Installing Python 3.8.0+ on your Mac with pyenv
Jul 04, 202011:17
Adding host property to webpack.config.js which permits you to view your app in localhost on other shared network devices
Jun 07, 202002:28
How to set up more than one wireless printer with HP ePrint using the HP Smart App
May 31, 202010:49
Enabling the auto-complete feature in Git with Z-shell
May 30, 202002:19
Installing the latest version of Python on Mac OS Catalina and overriding the old default pre-installed version
May 29, 202004:10
The real reason behind why VSCode seemed to go haywire on me
May 28, 202001:60
When deploying an app to gh-pages that uses confetti-js
Apr 24, 202005:26
The really cool jscolor color picker
Apr 10, 202003:33
Sticky Footers in the age of coronavirus: It always comes down to FlexBox, just the implementation may vary
Apr 09, 202010:44
How challenges, road blocks, and mistakes can lead to fruitful progress as a web designer or developer
Mar 23, 202002:53
Recording Saving and Downloading Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Sessions
Mar 16, 202016:46
Forking A Repository on Github and Subsequently Creating a Pull Request on the Original Repository
Mar 11, 202007:23
How to prevent buttons from moving on click
Mar 02, 202014:02
VS Code and the Live Server extension
Feb 28, 202001:48
Switching Shells on Mac OS Catalina
Feb 28, 202005:53
Images in Gatsby Post Content when using Netlify CMS
Feb 25, 202003:29
Git cloning a branch other than master from Github
Feb 25, 202002:11
Git Large File Storage
Feb 24, 202002:53
The importance of taking time out to check your code and html markup
Feb 18, 202003:34
The importance and advantage of git push -u
Feb 15, 202003:10
Using node-sass instead of system Sass in OS X Catalina
Feb 12, 202007:16
APIs for Developers and what pitfalls to watch out for
Jan 14, 202005:60
How to take a screenshot on your Mac (Mojave or later)
Jan 12, 202003:18
Github Integration App Smart Commits on Jira
Jan 12, 202002:48
How to create a sticky footer when you originally didn't account for having one
Jan 09, 202007:28
Crisp chat, GatsbyJS and dotenv (update)
Dec 31, 201902:30
GatsbyJS and dotenv
Dec 30, 201903:43
The window object, React hooks, and GatsbyJS
Dec 29, 201904:30
Crisp Chat Box now on
Dec 28, 201902:23
GatsbyJS and the Sharp plugin
Dec 23, 201902:50
Checking In
Dec 14, 201904:15
My thoughts on Social Media
Nov 23, 201902:30
The Status of my Code Camp NYC 2019 Presentation Submission

The Status of my Code Camp NYC 2019 Presentation Submission

In this short but sweet episode, I reveal the status of my Code Camp NYC 2019 presentation submission. Tune in to find out the status!

Sep 09, 201900:44
Multer S3 and AWS S3
Sep 04, 201902:14
Specialization: The Importance of Not Spreading Oneself Too Thin
Sep 03, 201905:33
Multer, Amazon S3 and AWS Amplify
Aug 02, 201905:50
Node.js and graphql
Jul 30, 201907:56