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The Golden Thread Podcast

The Golden Thread Podcast

By Marni Suu Reynolds

Welcome to The Golden Thread - a space for us to discuss the areas of wellness, health, spirituality, philosophy, consciousness and the emergence into the Aquarian Age. Guest speakers and personal reflection on how to navigate through these times of evolutionary change.
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Awakened Intimacy and evolving the journey of relationships with Shems Heartwell 2021

The Golden Thread PodcastJan 08, 2021

Healing & Mentoring with Founder of SONZ YOUTH, Trevor Spring

Healing & Mentoring with Founder of SONZ YOUTH, Trevor Spring

Join host @marnisuureynolds of @thegoldenthreadpodcast as she welcome Trevor Spring once again to the program. Today we are going to get an update on his thoughts about Men's and Youth Men's Healing, the shifts or consistency in who is showing up and why and why he is focusing on the younger population with Sonz Youth. "Supporting and Celebrating the transition from boyhood to manhood." Listen to this inspiring episode and thank you again Trevor for coming onto the program! Hi I'm Trevor Spring.  My focus is Mentoring.  For Men and Young Men.  At Sonz Youth, the program I founded and continue to run, we continue to see that giving men the opportunity to mentor younger men and boys is an imperative part of the growth cycle of a man.  It's an honor and pleasure to do this work alongside so many wonderful men.  Today I'll share a bit about myself.      "Mentoring youth has been the main focus of my personal and professional life for over 6 years now.  As I've deepened into this role over the years, and committed more to supporting young men, the experience has brought me further into my own development as a maturing adult man.  What I call "the mentorship cycle" truly holds magic and I'm happy to say that it has improved me as a father, a partner, a leader and in my relationship to myself.  It is very clear to me that parents are not meant to be everything for their children. Youth need a variety of positive influences.  We can't do it all ourselves!!  That's why I'm so passionate about the Sonz Youth Community.  It truly is a safe haven where everyone can be accepted for exactly who and how they are.  It's a place for parents to reflect and evolve, a place for young men to bring the inevitable growth challenges and choices they'll face as they become a man.  It's everything I would have loved as a boy. As a young man I experienced having a lot of peers, coaches and teachers around, but looking back I rarely felt seen or met by anyone who could be sincerely present with me and provide the focused support and healthy challenge that I longed for.  Being a youth where everything looks ok on the surface can be extremely lonely, isolating and disorienting. Looking back, I didn't know what I was missing but I was constantly missing the true presence from adults that I craved.   After nearly 20 years as a holistic fitness coach for adults, youth and companies, I stepped into men's work roughly 10 years ago...and eventually into facilitation.  For the last six years I have run the Oahu chapter of Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii as well as guided multiple Adventure and Rites of Passage weekends.  My focus is now turned fully toward the Sonz Youth Program and our opportunities and challenges here since 2020. I reside in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and am a 45 year old father of four; two children of my own and two step children.  I am married and in a growth-oriented partnership that both challenges and supports me to grow as a person.  I love surfing, mountain expeditions, surf skating, circling up, playing music around the fire with my friends and our kids, and volunteering on friend's farms.   The Sonz Youth Program is a combination of all of my personal and professional experiences.  I'm so excited for you to join the community and hope to connect with you soon."  Trevor Spring SONZ YOUTH Founder & Program Director "Supporting and Celebrating the transition from boyhood to manhood." Instagram: @trevor__spring  @sonzyouth
Nov 07, 202337:22
The Mystical Arts with Remington Donovan

The Mystical Arts with Remington Donovan

Remington Donovan is an author, occultist, esotericist, and teacher trained in the spiritual wisdom of the ancients. He was born into the tradition of Swami Satchidananda, learning meditation and yoga directly from him at a very early age. He began formal training in the Western Mystery tradition as a teenager studying under an Adept Master for 22 years practicing the Hermetic, Qabalistic wisdom of the ancients. He was quite literally born into the traditions of mysticism, spirituality and meditation, which naturally evolved into his now over 30 years of experience practicing with tarot and numerology. Along with performing thousands of private readings, Remington teaches and speaks all over the world. He hosts "The Mystical Artists" podcast with his wife, Jeana, and leads The Mystical Arts Mystery School. Remington Donovan is the author of Numerology - A Beginner's Guide to the Spiritual Meaning of Numbers and Prosperity Practices: Harnessing the Power of Positive Thinking to Get the Life You Want published by Hardie Grant UK. Prosperity Practices shows how subtle differences in your attitude, turns of phrase and interactions with others can make changes in your life. He uses these technologies and talents to empower, inspire and guide individuals in private readings and group sessions locally and worldwide. Along with performing thousands of private readings, Remington teaches and speaks all over the world and lives in Vermont with his wife and son, where he unironically believes in the infinite possibilities of the universe. Thanks for coming on the program Remington! INSTAGRAM: @themysticalarts EMAIL: WEBSITE: PATREON: PODCAST: S T A F F Remington Donovan, Founder & CEO Jeana Donovan, Bookings & Management
Oct 30, 202301:03:17
Reclaiming the Feminine Divine with Magdalene Priestess and Jet’aime Cheree

Reclaiming the Feminine Divine with Magdalene Priestess and Jet’aime Cheree

Join host @marnisuureynolds on @thegoldenthreadpodcat as she welcomes Jet’aime Cheree as we discuss the reclamation of the feminine divine - and especially the connection for all of us to Magdalene - Magdalene as a title means the initiator, the annointress and at its origin, Magdalene means magic doorway of the Great Mother, the primordial Goddess and Source of Life. 

Magdalene was the name given throughout ancient civilizations to priestesses, mystics, healers, visionaries and powerful, magnificent women who changed the world with each step they took. 

Im a leader and luminary of the divine feminine.

I am a storyteller of ancient mythos,
I am shapeshifter and oracle,
I am priestess and scribe,
I am emissary to the Goddess and dedicant to the awakening memories of our mysteries.
I am Jet’aime Cheree and I walk the spiral path of deep remembrance and reclamation of the divine feminine.
My journey of reclaiming inherent soul gifts has included living, traveling and pilgrimaging all over the world and learning from indigenous mentors and elders in all realms of ancient practices and teachings; unveiling the ark of covenants we have been making our way home to for lifetimes.
I steward Saje Sanctuary, a metaphysical haven for modern mystics and I offer my gifts as an oracle, Magdalene priestess, green witch, tarot reader/teacher, energy healer, sacred temple artisan, ancient civilizations researcher, spiritual entrepreneur and sound shamana as refuge for ritual, ceremony and divination.
My passion interwoven purpose is to be a beacon of unapologetic empowerment, to live in the embrace of Eros and to trust the truth of our royal and ancient origins linking us with eternal and intelligent infinity.
Above all else, I am in service to the sacred.
I’m a priestess

What does that mean?

For me, there is no one explicit explanation that gives a perfectly polished answer. Sometimes it’s messy, dark, lonely and mundane. And some days I step into the resurrected remembrance of an ancient vow taken throughout lifetimes as emissary of the divine feminine and devotee to the lineage of the Goddess and the mystery school teachings of ancient lands

Contact :

Oct 20, 202348:52
Mermaiding through life with JOY with Tara Coyote

Mermaiding through life with JOY with Tara Coyote

Oct 18, 202337:23
The Author's Journey with published author Christine Boucher

The Author's Journey with published author Christine Boucher

Let us welcome published author Christine Boucher to the program. In this episode we go over the author's journey, the ups and downs and tips from Christine. I love her story of becoming an author, especially since her book series was inspired by a set of Andara Crystals - a whole set of chakra colors that led her into a journey of self-discovery and finally to the mountain slopes of Mt. Shasta.
Christine Boucher is a writer, yoga instructor, wife, mother to three, and animal lover who lives in New Hampshire. Christine is the new fictional author of the YA series, Mount Shasta: A Journey to Telos. Christine first started creating fantasy worlds as a small child at her desk in Indiana and then as a tween in New Hampshire. Sticking to the practical side of the world, she obtained a business degree and masters in accounting. For many years, she secretly continued to write, read, and research with her beloved dog and cat by her side. She is a lover of yoga, water-skiing, the beach, great meals, and watching her kids grow into who they want to become. Christine is the published author of Express Yourself! Joyful Journaling for Kids.
Here next book series is in the processing of getting published and we encourage you to stay tuned for it when it does hit the press - she already has the first 2 books in the series ready to go.
Here is an excerpt from the first book: Mount Shasta: A Journey to Telos.
"You never know when an ordinary teenager will blossom into something extraordinary.
Jaden is a fourteen-year-old girl abandoned by her mother, unwanted by her father, and tormented at school. She fills her alone time exploring the streets of her hometown of Nashua, New Hampshire. She discovers a flea market and is drawn to the table of a mysterious lady selling Tibetan singing bowls and crystals. The impulse purchase of a crystal chakra set reveals a mystical destiny.
Jaden and her only friend, Alister, are transported to Mount Shasta, California, which hides the Lemurian City of Telos. It is here, at the first Earth chakra location, where Jaden and Alister become part of a secret world of teenagers and esoteric beings working to protect the Earth chakra energies from the Keeper of Belial.
The first chakra stone is already under attack and losing its power, which jeopardizes the safety and security of the planet. Jaden must fight to restore balance to the world and find the inner strength to fulfill her role as The Sentinel of the Seven Stones."
You can find her work at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores.
You can chat with Christine at:
Instagram: @christineboucherauthor
TikTok: @christineboucherauthor
Oct 14, 202340:19
 Remembering How to Praise: A Conversation with Writer Jen Lighty

Remembering How to Praise: A Conversation with Writer Jen Lighty

Jen Lighty was born in Japan under a Waning Libra Moon, instilling her with a desire to share knowledge and create harmony wherever she goes.  Her life has been a journey of trial and error that has moved her to many places and professions from oyster farmer on Block Island, RI to aquatic bodyworker in Mexico. Writing has always been a constant thread. She currently lives in Kona, Hawai’i, where she is a passionate ocean swimmer, diving for inspiration for the essays on myth and story published on her Substack, The Corpus Callosum Chronicles.

Jen is Author of three books of poetry and the memoir, Piko: A Return to the Dreaming, she has been nominated for Best New American Poets. 

Piko recently reached #6 in folk tales, legends and mythology sales on Amazon. “It had me leaping across the road in broad daylight. It’s a wonderful feeling to have one’s childhood dream come true.” 

"In the Hawaiian language, Piko can be translated as "the very center." As a society, we understand that before we can make sense of the results of our culture, we must remember the very design of it, or its piko.Jennifer Lighty, with her provocative "Piko: A Return to Dreaming," coaxes its readers back into this center and, with masterful literation, weaves the patterns that bleed from this center to result in what we know as the human condition. Although the core concept is poetic, Lighty expresses this work in such a relatable way that anyone can position themselves as the lead character(s) whom, through the beauty of words, symbols, art, and consequence, truly affirm the core design which all results from." -Ke'oni Hanalei, founder Pōhala Hawaiian Botanicals.

"As a non-linear thinker who prefers the subtlety of metaphor, this can be an alarming question, but yesterday in my favorite shop on Block Island, The Glass Onion (itself a metaphor), I was able to articulate the main theme in a simple and direct way I found pleasing. So here it is: Piko is about humanity’s separation from nature and shows a way for humans to weave themselves back into the hoop of life.

My book Piko is a demonstration of the principle of administration and shows how, when life can be lived as a continual ceremony, a human being becomes one with all beings. This is my prayer. I have committed my life to this vision, and for those who know me personally, or even witnessed my journey from afar, you know that I have stayed true to the often gnarly and generally unrewarded by society process of unfolding whatever inside myself needs to be revealed in order to live a life of transparency and grace.

Piko: A Return To The Dreaming is an account of a 21-day ceremony enacted by a modern woman in search of mythic ground in an ancient Place of Refuge on Moku O Keawe, Hawaii' Island. Weaving together memoir, fairy tales and myths, Hawaiian history and culture, and reflections gleaned on the state of humanity's relationship to nature as the ceremony unfolds, the book explores the trauma of colonialism in Hawai'i through the author's personal experience, and the trauma enacted upon Earth by traumatized members of civilizations that have lost their connection to a mythic perspective that links the experience of being human to a wider matrix of meaning still held by some present day indigenous cultures. Incorporating fairy tales and myths from worldwide cultures, the book itself is a ceremony, an offering of healing to Earth, to the past, to the future, and a place of refuge for whoever needs it in the present moment as our unsustainable patriarchal systems collapse to create space for new ways of holistic being to evolve and emerge on Earth.

Insta: @aquaodyssey

Facebook: Jennifer Lighty

Piko: A Return to the Dreaming can be purchased from all online retailers including Amazon and or can be ordered from local bookstores and on Whale Road Press website

Oct 02, 202346:59
The Healing Power of the Present Moment: Understanding Mindfulness in the Context of Trauma Recovery

The Healing Power of the Present Moment: Understanding Mindfulness in the Context of Trauma Recovery

Join host @marnisuureynolds of @thegoldenthreadpodcast in welcoming Clinical Director @callmemrsperri of @rippleranchtx as they go into a deep dive around the topics of trauma, substance abuse, mental health and therapeutic modalities in trauma recovery and support.  They also cover topics of, understanding trauma, misconceptions, PTSD, acute and various levels of trauma misdiagnosis, treatment and nervous system regulation and the power of mindfulness. There is a lot to unpack!  Clinical Director of Ripple Ranch Recovery Center, in Comal County Texas, USA- Catherine Perri, is a seasoned expert in the addiction treatment field with over a decade of experience. Cat graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology in 2014, from Houston Christian University (Previously Houston Baptist University) & has a Masters in Social Work in 2021, from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Cat holds a license as a Licensed Master Social Worker & Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.  She is currently working towards her clinical license in social work and is also trained in EMDR - a highly sought after therapeutic treatment for trauma.  EMDR stands for Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a form of psychotherapy.  I personally can say that EMDR was pivotal in processing my own trauma and I highly recommend it. Cat has worked in the field of substance use recovery for the past 5 years. Cat currently lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, and 3 month old son and fur babies. Cat is always eager to learn and help others learn more about substance use, mental health, trauma, and healing and we are happy to have her on the program. Trauma informed therapy is a modern approach to psychotherapy that considers the impact that traumatic experiences have on an individual’s well-being. It is an approach to therapy practice that helps therapists provide support and healing to clients who have encountered trauma or abuse. The goal of trauma focused psychotherapy is to support clients in recognizing their strengths and creating a safe, comfortable environment to heal from past traumas. Trauma is an emotional response after experiencing or witnessing an event that threatens life, safety, or physical integrity. People are usually affected by events in different ways. Some people may experience trauma symptoms immediately after a traumatic event, while others may not develop symptoms until months or years later. Providing adequate trauma therapy involves getting to the root cause. The causes of trauma are varied, but these are some common types: Childhood abuse or neglect Sexual assault or rape Witnessing violence (accidents, war) Grief from the loss of a loved one Trauma manifests itself in different ways. The symptoms of trauma can include: Depression and anxiety Sexual assault or rape Hyper-vigilance being constantly on guard) Nightmares and flashbacks Lack of trust in others Dissociation Frequent panic attacks Learn more about Ripple Ranch Recovery Center: Ripple Ranch Recovery Center is a unique addiction treatment center in Comal County, Texas a short distance from Austin and San Antonio. Their recovery team uses evidence-based treatment methods, along with an underlying holistic approach, to form a unique care plan to meet your needs in recovery. Other Resources mentioned: Their team is standing by to help you. Contact information for Ripple Ranch Recovery Center: Call today at: (830) 333-8130 #830-302-3951 #830-494-4717 2098 Texas Oaks  Spring Branch, TX, 78070 IG: @rippleranchtx “Ripple Ranch exceeded my expectations for my personal growth and recovery. The counselors, nurses, and staff are top tier and go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable.” -Madysen R.
Sep 24, 202351:31
"Understanding the Chinese Five Elements and the Rise of Feminine Power in 2024, the Wood Dragon Year”

"Understanding the Chinese Five Elements and the Rise of Feminine Power in 2024, the Wood Dragon Year”

Join host, @marnisuureynolds as she welcomes special guest speaker Vicki Iskandar of @5elementsoracle.

Episode: "Understanding the Chinese Five Elements and the Rise of Feminine Power in 2024, the Wood Dragon Year”

About Vicki Iskandar Born in Indonesia to parents of Chinese heritage, Vicki grew up in a culturally diverse setting, rich in spiritual traditions and Taoist customs. She started her metaphysics journey with Western astrology in 2000 after getting her MBA in Marketing from NYU. Vicki’s offered her daily astrological insights, a unique blend of Chinese and Western astrology, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @5elementsoracle since 2012. She founded Functional Feng Shui in Los Angeles in 2017 to help clients manifest their personal and professional visions, using a balanced, holistic approach that combines her knowledge of Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, and the ancient art of war of Qi Men Dun Jia 

Preorder and receive bonus gifts! a meditation for joy, a Qi ritual to bless the cards, and more to help you connect deeper with the five elements. She will be sending a different gift on each of the 4 Success days between September 7 to October 10 release day (which are 9/7, 9/8, 9/20, and 10/2).

Find it in Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, BAM!, Waterstones, Booktopia, Indigo.

Follow her on her website: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @5elementsoracle

#chineseastrology #podcast #spirtitualpodcast #fypage #fyp #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #oracledeck #chineseastrologyoracledeck #hayhouse

Sep 05, 202349:32
Introduction to Guru Maa Savitri Devi - Kundalini Senior Teacher and Balinese Priestess - What it is to be a Wholesome Wise Women

Introduction to Guru Maa Savitri Devi - Kundalini Senior Teacher and Balinese Priestess - What it is to be a Wholesome Wise Women

Join me in welcoming Guru Maa Savitri Devi, a Senior Kundalini Teacher and Balinese Priestess who shares her wisdom and insight on what it is to be a Wholesome Wise Woman.

Here is her background in her own words.

About Guru Maa Savitri Devi – Founder


Born and raised in Bali, I am the first KRI Professional Teacher Trainer of Indonesian origin, and Level 3 Kundalini Yoga Teacher (expected in 2022). As a Yoga & Meditation teacher, my major specializations are Scravelli-inspired Hatha Yoga and KRI Kundalini Yoga, along with additional training in Addiction Recovery, Cancer Prevention, Children Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. My classes are student-centred, safe and holistic, suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners ready to deepen their practice. I weave the physical and philosophical aspects of Yoga, with daily spiritual practice, making this ancient wisdom accessible for today’s lifestyle.

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 1999, teaching since 2009, and teaching at KRI Certified Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training programs since 2011 in Toronto, with Sat Dharam Kaur ND; since 2016 in Bali, with Dr. Haridass Kaur Khalsa PhD; with KRI Immersion in Bali & in New Mexico in 2018 in Bali again in 2019; as well as with Kundalini Yoga Asia in 2020-21; and the South-East Asia & Australia 2021-22 (both are “hybrid”, on-site & on-line programs.

Also an interdisciplinary teacher with 35 years of teaching experiences, I have taught in the public education system in Indonesia — At Commerce Polytechnic University in Bandung & STIA Tanjung Pinang; and at Holistic Health Practitioner program of Seneca College’s Continuing Education in Toronto, Canada. Previously, I was School Administrator at Vocational ESL School, with a consortium of the US Save the Children Federation & The Experiment in International Living. Prior to that, I was with the Resettlement Division of the UNHCR Field Office at Pulau Galang Refugee Camp.

Other than being an educator, I am a Yoga & Wellness retreat leader, certified as a Holistic Health practitioner, Life Coach, Breathwork & Ice Bath facilitator, Labour & Postpartum doula, and Reiki Master Teacher. I am passionate about inspiring others to make life-affirming choices, and inspiring them to find their own gateways to wholeness (Sat Nam).

Thank you Guru Maa for this insight conversation, we will be creating a series with Guru Maa - comment or DM us if you have any questions.

Mahalo for tuning in!

Follow her on





Aug 29, 202343:40
Grief and Gratitude with Kauakea

Grief and Gratitude with Kauakea

Join host Marni of @thegoldenthreadpodcast as she embraces the journey of grief and gratitude with Grief facilitator, Healer and Astrologer Kauakea Winston of Vesta Mystery School. Kauakea is an apprentice of grief work with Francis Weller (psychotherapist, writer, & soul activist), who wrote the books, "The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of GriefThe Threshold Between Loss and Revelation." " The Threshold Between Loss and Revelation " She is also

In this episode we uncover the stages of trauma and grief, the gates of grief according to Francis Weller, as well as our own personal stories of grief and healing, tips to regulate the nervous system, how to embrace spirit and community and why gratitude is a superpower.

Kauakea is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and a astrologer and healer who offers online classes, energy healings around grief and loss combined with astrological wisdom.  She has been teaching astrology, energy and sound healing since 2004 at Sacred Path Healing School.

She will be hosting a new offering this fall titled: Honoring Grief ~ The Making of a Wise Elder

If you are interested in learning how to honor your own grief and hold space in community for grief practices? This fall she will be teaching a course to help you learn how to work in a more enlivened way with your own grief and create rituals to help 'ohana and communities building a living culture with grief practices. Click here to learn more

Thank you for this raw and tender conversation.

Follow her:

You can book an Astrology and Grief Session with her here.

Aug 15, 202351:54
Finding your p(l)ace in the new paradigm with Tahiti

Finding your p(l)ace in the new paradigm with Tahiti

In this episode of The Golden Thread Podcast with host, marnisuureynolds,

We dive deep into her story, the challenges and triumphs she has faced along the way and what it takes to create the life she lives now on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her insights into her creative business model and what it takes to live a co-creative life and inspire others to do the same.  Welcome Tahiti!

Tahiti Kulia is a ceremonialist, channeler, and energetic alchemist, she strives to bridge the spiritual and material realms, supporting individuals in bringing their dreams and purpose into fruition here on Earth.

At Tahiti’s core she finds joy in guiding people back to their authentic selves. Her journey encompasses roles as a spiritual midwife, new paradigm business teacher, creative, writer, and space holder, all with the shared purpose of reclaiming the embodiment of our sacred truth.

Having grown up in the islands with a desire to cultivate a connection to her Hawaiian lineage, I am drawn to intentional living through the harmonious blend of wellness, design, exploration, and mysticism. 

Happy Lionsgate Portal of 8-8-2023!

Let's welcome Tahiti Kulia to the Golden Thread Podcast. As an intuitive guide, Tahiti offers experiential containers to help individuals release old programming and limiting beliefs. She facilitates transformative practices with breathwork, energy healing, cacao plant medicine, and divination — creating spaces of shared luminosity and growth.

IG: tahitikulia

Aug 09, 202301:05:12
The Journey of Self-Healing & Empowerment with Stacia

The Journey of Self-Healing & Empowerment with Stacia

Aug 02, 202347:37
The Power of the Pelvic Floor with Laura

The Power of the Pelvic Floor with Laura

Laura a New York State licensed medical massage therapist, yoga therapist/teacher E-  RYT 500 hr and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and wellness educater.Laura has been practicing massage therapy for over 10 years, with over 2000 hours or training in topics of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, myology, pathology, bodywork and movement therapy. She has been traveling the world learning and sharing what she has learned achieve and help others achieve better health, balance, and bliss. Her newest Endeavor and stage of growth is lulahar movement medicine a project meant to empower women from any background. This is a social Enterprise offering a luxury women's Retreats as well as online Wellness education to create the funding to educate women in lower socioeconomic situations on how to optimize living in their own body with skills such as cyclical living, pre-natal care as well as postnatal care and so much more.Weather professionally or socially Laura loves working in tandem with women and watching us all Thrive together.

You can find Laura and more information on her newest project throughInstagram: @mulahara_movement_medicine 



The Venus Awakening Retreats are:

New York 1Sept -4 Sept 2023 Hawaii 20 Oct -24 Oct 2023 Thailand 29 Dec2023-1 Jan 2024

Sign up with a friend and get 25% off!

Learn more here:

About Muladhara Movement Medicine

We are a wellness enterprise created to empower women with the knowledge to better serve their bodies, so their bodies can better serve them. Often women are encouraged to dissociate from their own anatomy, or taught that their bodies are instruments to serve or bring pleasure to others and are not encouraged to connect, love and receive the abundance of joy from themselves. Tha female body is an amazing creation that can bring life, satisfaction, power, beauty, pleasure, pain, passion and so much more to everyone within her orbit including herself. We aim to support the reconnect and enrich this power to help us all live in our best selves.

Jul 18, 202339:30
Holistic Healing & Showing Up to Heal and Manifest Your Dreams with the Masculine

Holistic Healing & Showing Up to Heal and Manifest Your Dreams with the Masculine

Holistic Healing & Showing Up to Heal and Manifest Your Dreams with the Masculine - a fun and interactive conversation with John "Thor" Kempf of Henosis Academy. We go straight into his story, his inner transformaiton and how he believes community and inner awareness with discipline and consistency is the key to happiness. This story is inspirational and I am truly grateful that John is stepping up to make all of his dreams come true by helping and supporting others and creating a safe space for our brothers out there who are desiring an internal emotional and more balanced way of living. I think we will be hearing more from John, because he is just getting started.

John Kempf, founder and head coach of Kempf Fitness Professional and Henosis Academy, has been training clients and athletes since 2010. He integrates a scientific and spiritual approach to human development that focuses on the 3 pillars of functional movement, holistic nutrition, and lifestyle design to help his clients look, feel, and perform at their best.
John has a Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree along with six additional certifications as an ACE personal trainer, a USAW sport performance and Olympic weightlifting coach, an FRC mobility specialist, a KINSTRETCH group mobility instructor, an MBSC functional strength coach, and an MPI mindset behavior specialist.
John has been passionately practicing and teaching yoga and meditation since 2013. He blends a variety of esoteric philosophy and Eastern practice with his functional strength coaching and athletic performance background to teach clients how to breathe, move, and flow more efficiently while connecting their minds, bodies, and hearts to the unified field found within the present moment.
Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, breath work, strength training, functional movement, journaling, fasting, cooking, and nature exposure have all become essential tools in John's daily life, and he has made it part of his mission to share these powerful practices with others to bring more inner strength, awareness, and harmony into the world.

Here is a referral page for the mens program.

Follow John on IG:

Jul 11, 202337:39
The Art of Creative Empowerment with Hannah Kaplon, artist and creative life coach

The Art of Creative Empowerment with Hannah Kaplon, artist and creative life coach

Let's have a discussion with singer and creative life coach Hannah who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. She is such a breath of fresh air in the world of spirituality and healing and has a deep respect for music and her abilities of her artist voice and songwriting. Her fascinating story of growing up off the grid in Hawaii to the streets of New York singing and cultivating her music - to her full circle of returning home inspired me to share her story.

My name is Hannah, I’m a singer/songwriter, creative artist and empath with a strong ability to perceive, tune into, and move with the emotional energies of others. This ability was partly innate and partly born out of my life experience that included a lot of very intense emotional and psychological trauma. Given these circumstances, I HAD to empathize with the emotional states of others in order to understand those around me even when they were acting from a very wounded place. Part of my personal work was to learn the importance of putting up emotional and energetic boundaries when feeling others’ stuff was no longer healthy for me! But the empathic ability that was born out of my darkest and most difficult life experiences has become one of my greatest gifts, since it has made me become able to recognize very quickly where you might be blocking, underselling or underestimating yourself, and bring awareness to it in order to shift unhealthy programs you may be subconsciously carrying.

You can connect with Hannah through her social media and learn more about her coaching business. Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify.

IG/TikTok: @kaplonhannah

Jul 02, 202334:31
The Energetics of Interior Design
May 02, 202359:43
Money Mindset and Healing The Money Wound.

Money Mindset and Healing The Money Wound.

Healing your Money Mindset with Charly Stoever of and

I met Charly on a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I instantly loved their energy and passion for what they do. Since we are in perilious times especially our financial and banking systems - how do we maintain our sense of safety and prosper instead of falling into the traps of victimization and scarcity? Let's unpack this!

Who is Charly?

Money coach Charly Stoever (they/them) is a nonbinary Latinx former stock broker helping first gen folks embody their millionaire selves. Dancing in the streets of Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

I was born in Morelia, Mexico. My parents moved us to rural Washington state when I was 3. I was undocumented until getting my green card at age 14, only after my mom divorced my dad and married a U.S. citizen. Like many kids of immigrants, I went through an emotionally turbulent childhood and witnessed financial manipulation. I inherited the scarcity belief from my parents that there was never “enough” money. I was always a saver because I learned that it was scary to lose money.

My scarcity beliefs led to me learning everything I could about money. I started sharing budgeting and credit card tips with my friends, and then I learned about investing. Despite taking on the typical 9-5 job, I knew that wasn’t the life I was meant for. I wasn’t being paid what I was worth. And I didn’t even have a 401(k) with a solid match until I was 29.

While backpacking in Latin America and listening to personal finance podcasts along the way, I realized I wanted to help people like me build wealth. The white supremacist, heteronormative, capitalist system benefits the people that fit into those categories the most. Public education ignores financial literacy. BIPOC and queer people are being set up to continue cycles of financial ignorance, poverty, and scarcity mindsets – and I want to transform that.

I worked in investing where I learned how to take advantage of market crashes, and when that happened at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I quit my job, got my MBA, and took the leap to become a full-time money coach.

Now, I’ve transformed myself from someone living in a scarcity mindset to someone who knows they will be financially comfortable. Today, I get to help my clients do the same thing. I’m expanding mindsets, helping people overcome inherited money trauma and lifestyle creep, align their investing so they can live the lives they want now, not decades from now, and achieve financial security along the way.

The language of money seems intimidating because it’s designed to exclude those who are not familiar with it. I’m changing that and making my community wealthy AF!


Learn some tips and get yourself ready to shift your money mindset - click here to learn more about Charly and how to work with them.

Thanks Charly!




Apr 15, 202344:16
An Introduction to Human Design with Andrea Ward Berg
Feb 26, 202101:17:44
Age of Aquarius with Divine Harmony

Age of Aquarius with Divine Harmony

Let's talk about the Age of Aquarius with astrologer Divine Harmony.

Divine Harmony is a mother, mystic, astrologer, writer and teacher. With her background in Depth Psychology and Spirituality she works to weave together the Dark and the Light, the mundane and the sacred, the depths and the heights in order to support personal awakening, healing and wholeness. She sees astrology as an amazing alchemical tool for self-understanding and living a more conscious, integrated life.  Her work includes teaching at yoga and consciousness festivals, teaching beginner and intermediate astrology classes online, writing extensively and consulting with clients.  She has a special interest in the Divine Feminine, the Dark Feminine, Shadow Work, Conscious Relationship and learning how to raise the new children incarnating on the planet today.

What is the Age of Aquarius?

The 26,000 year cycle called The Great Year and the Age of Aquarius, a significant point in our human history. We are on the cusp of a Great Shift…one that many prophets, seers and healers have been preparing us for.  Every 2,160 years our planet experiences a movement into a New Age. The shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius heralds a shift from self-sacrificing, nebulous and faith-based Pisces to community-centered, clear-headed and intelligent Aquarius.  This shift requires big changes in order to fully anchor in so it can manifest its fullest potential. This age was conceived in the 1960’s, gestated in the last 60 years and with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at the 1st degree of Aquarius on Winter Solstice 2020 (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere), the ‘baby’ came full term and the new age was birthed onto the planet! This year of 2021 is the first moments after birth and how we tend to this new birth will inform the trajectory humanity will go down. We each have our contribution to the New Age, both personally in terms of inner work and collectively in terms of what we do in the world.  This year’s Astrology that is incoming will be just the thing to activate our awareness of what this is! This new age is anchored when we descend and fully embody.  When we truly step into Presence and “Be Here Now”, as Ram Dass said. In a time when there are many ways of checking out, escaping and fast forwarding into the future, embodiment and presence becomes a radical act of Revolution!

FREE online webinar 'Anchoring the Age of Aquarius' airing Saturday February 20th, 2021 at 10am PST/1pm EST you can register here-

Follow her:

Instagram: divineharmony

Mahalo for being on the podcast sister!

Feb 19, 202101:05:38
Humanity Becoming Conscious with Andrew Genovese

Humanity Becoming Conscious with Andrew Genovese

HUMANITY BECOMING CONSCIOUS with Andrew Genovese (@breathehealevolve )

Andrew Genovese is a Dimensional breathwork teacher, healer, and nutritionist who specializes in helping people move towards wholeness. On his journey to heal his own traumas he found breathwork and his purpose to bring balance and healing to the global community through various practices from around the world. He has journeyed to over 40 countries learning various philosophies and healing methodologies along the way. Andrew is a wealth of knowledge of healing modalities, spiritual teachings, the human mind, and our current earthly affairs scientifically, spiritually, and metaphysically. He is always adding to his mastery, skills and certifications. Most recently he spent three months living in a tribal village in the mountains of South India with his guru Vinod Kumar studying breath, patanjali yoga and reiki, as well as ancient yogic practices and philosophy from thousands of years of knowledge passed down in his guru's lineage of Shivananda.

Andrew offers online group dimensional breathwork sessions, private online pranayama sessions, workshops, retreats, and hands on in person dimensional breathwork sessions for individuals, couples and groups.

Breathwork brings forward traumas [from birth, post-natal, ancestral, archetypal, past life] to the forefront to release from the physical and energetic body. It moves people towards a stronger connection with themselves, a better understanding of the world around them and removes fear and anxiety. One of the greatest benefits of breathwork is the realization of ones own connection to the quantum collective consciousness; gaining a deeper inner knowing of their connection to all living beings and the universe around them.

I was really excited to meet Andrew and talk about his own spiritual journey, his thoughts on ascension and Breathwork and where we are all headed consciously.

Andrew has an 8-week mentorship program beginning mid-February.  Contact him at: or

Mahalo brother for coming on the podcast!



@marnisuureynolds @thegoldenthreadpodcast

Feb 03, 202154:21
Empowered: The Chakra Healing Journey with Marni & Jasmine

Empowered: The Chakra Healing Journey with Marni & Jasmine

Join host Marni of The Golden Thread Podcast and The Chrysalis.Love as she interviews Jasmine.  

Jasmine Marie Pōmaika’i O Ke Ānuenue Perri

Jasmine Marie Pōmaika’i o ke Ānuenue is a professional dancer and psychic intuitive born on the island of O’ahu. Currently based out of Los Angeles, Jasmine’s life as a Professional Dancer has led her around the world dancing next to countless artist such as Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani, Jlo, Rihanna and many more. After taking her first leap of faith and trusting her passion for Energetic and Emotional Intelligence, the universe blessed her with the opportunity to share her love of both worlds through KINRGY where she is a founding guide. This opened the doors to sharing the stage in a new way with great minds like Oprah Winfrey on her first ever wellness tour in 2020 (Oprah’s 2020 Vision tour) Shortly after that, She was front and center guiding energetic movement for Tony Robbins at his first ever virtual seminar reaching over 20,000 people from around the world during the most important shift in humanity. (Business Mastery, Unleash the Power Within) As an Aquarian born to assist the Age of Aquarius, it is her mission to remind the world of freedom, expression, community and most importantly, authenticity. She believes The goddess always provides for her children and celebrates the brave. She honors her knowing by accepting the invitation to allow spirit to channel through her every move in this dance of life.

Follow her on Instagram: @jasmine.pomaikai

Empowered: The Chakra Healing Journey
Invitation to join us is open now.

Upcoming Journey Dates:
February 5 through July 30, 2021

This exploration of your chakra system and discovering the polarities within self- of your light and dark is held in a safe supportive container. We will journey together to understand your subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, habits, thought forms, emotions and trauma that block us from living from authentic joy. We have 7 main chakras, that are either masculine or feminine in nature, elemental and alchemical - through journaling, movement, breath-work, plant/fern medicine to support the subtle body and community process - we heal and transform.

This work is powerful, liberating and full of self love. We welcome you with deep respect and Aloha MĀ.

Each Chakra Segment Includes:

💎Chakra Handout & Journaling
♥️Overview of the chakra, associated wounding, with journaling.

💎Monthly Live Call with Marni via Zoom. Recordings made available following each call. 1x/month

🌀Movement & Meditation
For activating, understanding, and nurturing each chakra.

🌿Fern Medicine Pairing
with Pōhala Hawaiian Botanicals

✨Bonus Calls & Guest Speakers!

🍯Added calls and guests will gift this journey with practices, calls, and guidance throughout.

🙌Guided Altar Creation
A guide for creating your personal altar for each Chakra.

Learn how to register at

Follow us on IG:

Jan 25, 202135:39
Man vs. Ocean - the incredible self discovery journey of Adam Walker and DOLPHINS

Man vs. Ocean - the incredible self discovery journey of Adam Walker and DOLPHINS

Adam Walker

1st and only Brit to swim the Oceans Seven.
Fastest man 2-Way Windermere 2010.
Fastest British man 1 way and 1st Brit to swim 2 way Gibraltar Strait.
Swam 1 mile in under 5 degrees Celsius.
Creator of the Ocean Walker Technique, the founder of Ocean Walker and the Ocean Walker Academy, Motivational Speaker, Author of Man Vs Ocean.
ASA qualified swim coach from 18yrs, RLSS Open Water Safety Ambassador, Patron of Whale and Dolphin Conservation and member of the Global Commons on conservation issues.

I first met Adam when we were filming a dolphin documentary on the Big Island of Hawaii.  He was filming the human dolphin interaction and I was a dolphin swim guide.  Throughout our days of shooting I got to know him and his partner Gemma through our love of dolphins and we became friends. Our love of the ocean and dolphins is what makes this story so inspirational.  I hope you enjoy it!

Adam Walker is not your everyday record-breaking sportsman. He took on arguably the toughest extreme sport on the planet - to swim non-stop across seven of the world's deadliest oceans wearing only swim trunks, cap and goggles. It is not a test for the faint-hearted: swimmers face freezing temperatures, huge swells and treacherous currents, potentially deadly marine life (from sharks to Portuguese men o' war), vomiting and burning off a week's calories in a single swim. In 2007, Adam, then a toaster salesman, saw a film about a man attempting to swim the English Channel and change his life in doing so. Inspired by this, he decided to try to emulate the feat. After a year of rigorous training without a coach - his first open-water swim was in 9 degrees and he nearly died from hypothermia - Adam achieved his goal in 11 hours 35 minutes, despite a ruptured bicep tendon leading to medical advice to give up long-distance swimming. 

In 2011, after two operations and a change to his swimming style to take pressure off his injured shoulder, he became the first Briton to achieve a two-way crossing from Spain to Morocco and back. In the process, he broke the British record one way.Shortly afterwards, the Ocean's Seven challenge was born, a gruelling equivalent to the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge. At first it seemed that injury would prevent Adam from participating but, ignoring medical advice, he developed an innovative technique - the Ocean Walker stroke - that would enable him to continue with the ultimate aim of completing this seemingly impossible feat. Whether man would triumph over ocean, or fail in the attempt, forms the core of this extraordinary autobiography. Always intriguing, sometimes terrifying, and occasionally very funny, Adam's story is about sport in its truest form: rather than competitions between teams and individuals, it is about man against nature - and against his own failings and demons. In that, it is truly inspirational.


When you buy his book through this link - he will personalize it for you with an inspiring message!

Jan 17, 202101:26:58
Standing in the Light with Leyla Salvadé

Standing in the Light with Leyla Salvadé

Standing in the Light with Leyla Salvadé of

Leyla Salvadé is a Heart Intelligence Coach + Educator on a mission to raise awareness on the power of the heart and its interconnectivity in helping heal ourselves, our humanity, and our environment.

Through her research, coaching, and personal transformation journey she has formulated products, services, and events that help clear and re-attune the human heart field through self-empowered tools and practices so that each and every one can stand in their brightest light.

Leyla is a Heart Intelligence Coach, a certified HeartMath Resilience Trainer, a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and deeply curious about activating the full human potential through the intelligence of the heart. She spent time practicing mindfulness and meditation at Plum Village, a Zen Buddhist Monastery led by the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. She has done deep work into inner child healing, shadow work, and past life/regression therapy, as well as Internal Family Systems - parts therapy.

Standing Light is a LightStyle™ brand guiding you from a mind-based mentality to a heart-based hUmaNITY through products, services, & events.

“It is our birthright to know how to use our own energy in a sustainable and harmonious way that not only supports and helps us as individuals, but also our collective human family and our environment.”

— Leyla Salvadé

Leyla has a new offering for 2021 - an personalized women's container which begins January 13, 2021.  

An 8-week women’s container that teaches you how to use the intelligence of your heart, mind, body, & soul so that you can discover your life’s true purpose & live a life that truly lights you up. "Through deep inner work, activations, & training's you will realize your heart's truest desire, and how to use your unique gifts to create a life of abundance!"

“Leyla is a legend. I encourage everyone to get to know her! Mindvalley has worked with Leyla and Heart To Table at some of our biggest events and we’ve been blown away by the love, the care, and the experience that she is able to curate. Highly recommend her and Heart To Table!”

— Vishen Lakhiani, Founder & CEO of Mindvalley, Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Instagram: @standinglight

Jan 10, 202135:16
Awakened Intimacy and evolving the journey of relationships with Shems Heartwell 2021

Awakened Intimacy and evolving the journey of relationships with Shems Heartwell 2021

I had the honor of interviewing Shems for our first podcast of 2021 today and it was a treat!  Shems Heartwell works with individuals and couples in private coaching sessions as well as leading online courses and experiential retreats. He works with Men, Women & Couples Along The Path Of Empowering Their Life And Relationships.  Shems has been honing and sharing his craft for over 20 years and has been mentored by some of the most influential teachers in the fields of; coaching, healing, relationship, and transformation. He blends his experience and knowledge into highly effective work that is the leading edge of the human potential movement. Shems is also a passionate athlete and musician, and lives with his beloved wife Achintya on the beautiful island of Maui.

Shems Heartwell:

"I can think of few people I know who embody what they teach as authentically as Shems Heartwell and you are lucky to have him as your guide on your journey towards a more empowered way of living and loving. His wisdom and knowledge are timeless and his words resonate with truth and the first-hand experience of what he teaches. You are in good hands." – Justin Faerman, Artist, Healer, Coach, Conscious Entrepreneur

In this podcast we discuss his own journey towards spiritual awakening, the triumphs and challenges.  We discuss his work with the masculine and incorporating the feminine in his couples therapies and retreats.  Shem's has tremendous wisdom, courage and grace and we are thankful for his presence.  

Mahalo Shems we are so inspired!  Enjoy the podcast!

Follow Shems on Instagram at: 



Shems Heartwell

Life & Relationship Guide

Jan 08, 202155:47
A Hero's Journey with Mark Wilson

A Hero's Journey with Mark Wilson

A Hero's Journey with Mark Wilson 

In this podcast episode we will explore Mark's own personal spiritual journey, his view on the sacred masculine in the aquarian age and his current viewpoint on healing the sacred masculine.  

Mark Wilson is a mystic who’s calling in this life is to hold higher dimensional frequencies and light codes anchoring them into the earth and radiating these into the world.  His mission is to remind others of their own unique healing abilities - guiding souls into their alignment so that they are in harmony with the truth of who they are.  At this time Mark’s wish is to be of service to support the divine masculine – as he rises within all of us to take his place alongside the feminine in this great time of change in the world.

Mark's Hero's Journey is an inspiration story of trust, courage and the power of presence.  Mark is available for one-on-one intuitive energy and vibrational medicine creation.  You can message him privately on Instagram.

Mahalo Mark for showing up and doing all that you do for your community and the planet

Go Sirius!!!

Connect with Mark on Instagram:

Nov 28, 202055:40
The Siren Call of Sound with Sound Alchemist, Rakai'el of SoulStarMedicine

The Siren Call of Sound with Sound Alchemist, Rakai'el of SoulStarMedicine

We would like to welcome to The Golden Thread Podcast, Rakai'el (Ra -kai-el) Webb of SoulStarMedicine. Rakai’el Webb is an internationally known Lemurian Priestess, Astrologer, Online Course Creator, Sound Healer, and Founder of the Lemurian School of Remembering.  She is passionate about empowering her students to remember their Past Lives, and utilize this wisdom to create innovative solutions during this potent time of transformation and healing on our planet.  Her work with creatives & entrepreneurs empowers them to find the clarity and courage to share their gifts in a way that is both authentic and profitable.  Rakai’el has a special gift for seeing the latent potential in her students & clients and providing the most appropriate experience to activate this potential.   She believes in the power of community to create social change.  Through her many different online courses, she helps her clients increase their influence & impact through social media.  Rakai’el is a Certified Heart Math Mentor, clairsentient Astrologer, Business Coach, with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Global Coherence Ambassador for the Institute of Heart Math. You can follow her daily posts on Instagram, and learn more about her magical work at

Today we are going to talk about her introduction to Sound, Sound Healing, Sound Alchemy.  We are also going to introduce her latest online Sound Course offering; Shamanic Star Sound which begins on November 3, 2020 and registration ends on the Full Moon on October 31, 2020.  Click here to learn more about the Shamanic Star Sound offering.

We are very thankful for this incredible insight into Sound with Rakai'el - we know you'll enjoy this episode!!

To learn more about Rakai'el - click on the below links.




Soul Star Collective Community Network:

Oct 28, 202001:16:23
Addiction & Spirituality Series with Sky Waterman

Addiction & Spirituality Series with Sky Waterman

 Join Marni and Addiction Speciliast, Health Coach and fellow yogi and Kundalini Teacher Sky Watermen as they discuss the topic of Addiction & Spirituality.  This is a series of episodes around this topic.  Today we introduce Sky and get to know her story and how she became a  Kundalini Teacher.

IG: fedupwithrecovery

Sep 08, 202023:43
The Healing Power of Music by Mike Love

The Healing Power of Music by Mike Love

Let's welcome musician Mike Love to the Golden Thread Podcast. To say that Marni is stoked is an understatment!

Born and raised on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i, Love was brought up in an environment surrounded by musical influence and the inspiring natural landscape of his island home.  Forging a deep connection with nature, his message of returning to a more natural and spiritually grounded way of living was solidified at an early age.  Growing up under the musical guidance of his father and grandfather, both composers, as well as his steel pan instructor Frank Leto and piano teacher Beth Uale, Mike's natural musical instincts towards melody and harmony were shaped and deepened.  Mike started playing the guitar at age 15 and played in multiple bands throughout his teenage years, playing his first live gig with a band at age 16.

With the release of his second album "Love Will Find a Way" and follow-up companion album "Love Overflowing" featuring sing-along tunes like "I Love You" and "No Regrets", he solidified the bond with his fans and exhibited the evolution that lovers of his music had come to expect.  Returning to the studio with road-tested material and a more intimate connection with a worldwide audience had obviously resulted in a more refined and focused sound and ideology.

In 2008, he started a solo weekly residence, performing at a local Irish Pub on Mondays.  During his long four-hour sets there, he developed a unique one-man-band style, using looping, multiple instruments, and an array of different vocal techniques and musical styles.  As his creativity and delivery in a solo format blossomed, so did his audiences.  Slowly and organically, this became his main project and his solo career was born.  In December of 2012, Love released his first solo album, the critically acclaimed fan favorite "The Change I'm Seeking".  With instant classics like "Permanent Holiday", "Barbershop", and "Human Race", his fanbase rapidly grew, worldwide, with the success of a handful of viral videos on YouTube.  Love also delved into more passionate subjects on the album, with tracks like "Earthlings" exhibiting his desire to "Veganize" the world and wake people up to the injustices of animal cruelty, and "No More War", a call to "bring the troops back home" from these "wars that no one really wants".  It was clear that finally Love had found his voice and was ready to share his music with the world.

Currently, he has formed a super-band, hand-picked from all of the top musicians he's worked with over the years, dubbed aptly, Mike Love and the Full Circle.  They have honed their skills and come together as a tight unit at home on O'ahu and have now begun to tour, taking Love's music to even greater heights.  As they prepare to return to the studio in 2018, we can anticipate that the new album they are concocting will be the most dynamic, heartfelt and spirited offering yet.  In the years to come we can only expect more growth, more innovation, and of course, more Love.

Take your pic below. you will not be disappionted....

Jul 29, 202001:09:12
Native Storytelling from the Heart with Justyn Ah Chong

Native Storytelling from the Heart with Justyn Ah Chong

Justyn Ah Chong is an award-winning Native Hawaiian filmmaker from Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. After graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2011, Justyn worked as a director, cinematographer and editor at ʻŌiwi Television Network, Hawaii's premiere Indigenous broadcast station. Most recently his acclaimed film “Down on the Sidewalk In Waikiki” premiered at the Maoriland Film Festival in New Zealand and won the People’s Choice Award for Best Short Drama. The film has continued to screen at festivals around the world, including the imagineNATIVE Film Festival in Toronto, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and the 307 Film Festival in Wyoming where it was awarded Best of Fest. Justyn is currently producing two short narrative films, “Hawaiian Soul” and “E Malama Pono Willy Boy” and is also in early development on a feature-length documentary, "Bury Me Green." He's currently a 2020 Nia Tero 4th World Media Lab fellow, and continues to share culturally-inspired, place-based stories through his production company, Olonā Media.
Watch these films on the links below:
Down on the Sidewalk of Waikiki
Mele Murals link
Big Annoucement:
July 26-31 the films will be available for viewing in celebration of Lā Hoʻihoʻi Ea in collaboration with Wai Wai Collective.
Justyns' media and production business Olonā Media is also where you can find more incredilbe work and possibilties for collobration contact Justyn there.
Instagram Accounts:
Jul 19, 202049:23
The Power of Sound with Daniel Love

The Power of Sound with Daniel Love

Join Marni and Daniel as we discuss the power of sound, Nada Yoga and Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Marni met Daniel in Colorado and he instantly became her main teacher of Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Daniel worked with Marni to determine which frequencies and sound instruments were supportive for her work in hospice.  .  Daniel was born in Arlington Heights Illinois. Daniels first Nada yoga teacher was a elder shaman. When he was 14 years old he moved into his teachers house . This teacher was a famous musician in America the 1960s named Jimy Rogers. Daniel learned much about the simplicity of sound and how it could unite people threw devotion and love. Daniel started teaching yoga when he was 14 years old in the suburbs of Chicago where he grew up.  Daniel started performing singing bowl Nada Darshan when he was 18, he widely preformed on a regular basis in concerts in the Colorado mountains of United States.  Daniel Learned Singing bowls in the silence of his being, listening to the inner sounds of the universe in a isolation Hut deep inside the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. He first went to Peru when he was 18 years old on a quest to understand the knowledge of the rainforest and what the plants had to offer humanity, Little did he expect to unlock the inner silence of his being in which enabled him to experience the cosmic waves of sound from celestial realms. In this experience he understood the meaning of Divine light threw sound which he later learned is considered “Nada Darshan”.  Daniel was able to come in contact with his inner essence with help from native shamans of the forest to get past any energetic blocks that where keeping him from accessing his inner ocean of truth, He has been going down to the Amazon Rainforest ever sense and when he was 24 years old decided to open up his own center to study medical plants and how they relate to sonic resonance of the human voice and instruments. 

Daniel Has given around 500 concerts, Traveling around the world to allow people to experience his unique gift and teachings. Daniel has given a uncountable number of workshops, and has many students that are internationally proclaimed in the art of singing Bowls. Many of which have been featured in magazines news papers and head line events relating to yoga and sonic cleansing.  "My View of a singing bowl is that it is one of the highest tantric technology on the planted specifically designed to raise human conciouness, Particulary the old singing bowls where that technology has been lost in the past 100 years."  A signing bowl is a vibrational healing technology that works with old vedic knowledge relation to the creation of reality threw elemental laws and planetary influence on the human consciousness, Like a mantra was dropped down from heavenly realms by deep rishes, the singing bowl is a heavenly object to help humans raise there consciousness in order to see and experience there true essence of who they are and the inner connection of all things.

My name is Daniel Love. Ever since I was young, I was absolutely fascinated with the mystical powers of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. Over my life I have been collecting and studying the various types of Bowls in the practice of Nada Yoga. How these tools of consciousness  are used for healing and expansion of consciousness is absolutely remarkable. One of my greatest joys in life is to share the ancient healing knowledge on Singing Bowls I have gathered over my life times. It is with great pleasure I am able to share this service to humanity here at Hamsa Healing Center and around the globe.  Stay tuned for SOUND offerings from Marni and Daniel.

Follow Daniel on IG

Jul 15, 202051:37
Sacred sustenance - Calling in our plant allies with plant whisperer Katy Cox.

Sacred sustenance - Calling in our plant allies with plant whisperer Katy Cox.

Sacred Sustenance - Calling in our plant allies with Professional Chef, Nutritionist and Yogini - Katy Cox. Join Marni and Katy as they discuss the topics of sacred Sustenance, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, plant intelligence and the importance of a healthy diet. This is especially vital for light workers. Katy, is currently in Costa Rica where she created La Colmena - The Hive - an Adaptogenic elixir & tonic bar in Nosara, Costa Rica.   I would describe my offerings as being a plant whisperer and food alchemist. A deep weaver of natures spirit into everyday actions and interactions. Inviting people to create ceremony around their relationship with growing, preparing, sharing and consuming food and drinks. Blending medicines into foods and harnessing the supportive energies of medicinal plants and nutrient dense foods to help boost our resilience and upgrade our vibrancy. I referenced Adaptogens: These are medicinal herbs, fruits and mushrooms originating predominantly from the Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine systems. These botanical and mineral substances, individually and often in combination, act to help support the body to regulate against internal and or external stressors. They work by way of calming, stimulating, tonifying or modulating the central nervous system as well as major organs. They help us to cope with extremes, to regulate hormones and energy levels as well as recover from exertion, with no - 'unwanted effects' - I am also currently working with CBD and adaptogens blended Cacao and adaptogens blended Microdosed Psilocybin and Adaptogens These medicinals are helping to support and facilitate the amazing teachers, practitioners, artists and healers in this area. I’d highly recommend Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum - Holy Basil) Tea for general stress relief, to uplift mood and to help level out hormones and blood sugar. Amazing nervine tonic that is conducive to sleep Medicinal Cacao recipe: Make 2 servings Ingredients 1/4 Cup Cacao paste or 2tblsp Cacao powder mixed with 1/4 cup Coconut cream OR 2tbsp melted Cacao butter or Cold pressed Coconut oil 1.5 cups plant milk 1/2 tsp medicinal mushroom of choice - Reishi or Cordyceps both good options 2-3tsp coconut sugar / honey or maple syrup 1 heaping tsp Maca powder - look for gelatinized as it had less fibre and carbohydrate so easier to absorb Generous pinch of Cinnamon Small pinch of high quality sea salt or mineral salt 5ml CBD - optional Method: Blend the powders and salt together, stir in cold plant milk until a workable, lump free loose paste is formed. Spoon into a small pan and add in rest of the plant milk slowly, stirring to combine ingredients as you go. If using Cacao butter add in now and keep stirring until the blend comes almost to a boil but not quite. Turn off the heat, add sweetener to taste. Pour into cups and allow to cool a little before adding CBD Enjoy! *Great as a complete morning meal / boost all in one. More effective and beneficial than coffee at boosting energy, mood, wellbeing and a general sense of fortitude. Cacaco, CBD, Maca and medicinal mushrooms all work synergistically together and with the body, mind and MAPS for information on micro-dosing Books: Adaptogens, Herbs for strength, stamina and stress relief. By David Winston How to Change your mind - What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence By Michael Pollan Resources: La_Colmena 🌿🍄Adaptogenic elixir & tonic bar Following an ‘upcycled - minimal waste’♻️ Chef / Nutritional Therapist owned.
Jun 24, 202057:06
Summer Solstice Cosmic Update, Eclipses & Astrological Influences with Kauakea Winston

Summer Solstice Cosmic Update, Eclipses & Astrological Influences with Kauakea Winston

Summer Solstice Cosmic Update, Eclipses & Astrological Influences with Kaukea Winston Le'ts talk Summer Solstice and Astrological influences for the rest of 2020 - it's an important year to pay attention to.  Marni and Kauakea met in healing shool in 2004 at Sacred Path Healing School - they are thrilled to be teaming up to give you all some guidance during these times - join in on the conversation! Kauakea Winston is a western astrologer and energy healer who has been teaching at Sacred Path Healing School since 2004. As the assistant director of 3 year program, she has developed  curriculum to enhance lifestyle and diet, helping students find their authentic voice and a playful interactive astrology class. Her approach to astrology is in finding compassion for oneself and one another for this earthly  journey. She offers energy and sound healing primarily focusing on the chakra system and combining astrology with the teachings of Sacred Path Healing school. She offers her services on both Big island and Oahu as well as via  "Zoom" video conferencing worldwide. Kauakea  has lived in Hawaii for over 40 years and is the mother of two amazing adult kids, Alea Backus and Sam Schechter. She loves being a tutu to Ke'ohi, Alea's son. She lives with her husband Geno Bergmann, a well know stone artist, in Honoka'a on the Big island. She is also a long standing professional photographer who is know for her portraiture and wedding photography. Once a year she hosts a women's photography and healing retreat as well as a Hawaiian  healing retreat on the Big island. Her stock photography agency Photo  Resource Hawaii has been licensing stock images internationally for over  30 years. Vesta Mystery School with Kauakea Winston Online Astrology School with study cards and fill in workbook! Have you been interested in Astrology but find it a bit overwhelming? Kauakea has been teaching astrology since 2004 at Sacred Path Healing School in Honolulu. Her teaching style  is practical and fun. Vesta Mystery School is now offering a self study basic astrology class with 6 instructional videos. Learn to interpret your own natal chart with an 87 page fill in workbook at your own pace with  online videos and audio's. Receive a set of VMS study cards ~ including 17 Planets/Asteroids, 12 Zodiac signs and 12 House cards, 42 cards for a hands on learning experience. Learning about feminine energies with the asteroids in your chart; Vesta, Ceres, Juno and Pallas Deepen your understanding of Planetary energies by learning about their conscious and unconscious expression Deepen your understanding of Zodiac archetypes by learning about their "At Best" and "When Stressed" tendencies Connect with like minded people who are also learning and talking "Astro Talk" Guidance from Kauakea through humor and sharing to better understand ourselves and one another Zodiac coloring pages in the workbook by artist Lydia Hess
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“Harmony within; Harmoney without” - Exploring the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence and Cleansing

“Harmony within; Harmoney without” - Exploring the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence and Cleansing

Exploring the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence with a twist, as within, so without. As we discuss, “Harmony within, Harmoney without,” we will touch on Presence, Practicality, and Plenty as it relates to the inner and outer worlds. The New Earth begins with a cleansing of the old, as within, so without. Join Genevieve Muñoz, Barrett Lee, and Marni Reynolds for a dance with a vision of what’s possible during this powerful time.

Barrett Lee is an intuitive channel, empath and founded The Harmoney Collective through his own healing pursuits to incorpoate cleansing with community.  He has partnered with Genevieve Munoz to create this space of exploration.

Genevieve Ananda Munoz is founder of Relax & Receive.  Genevieve’s mission is to create spaces where true intimacy can be accessed and developed. As a guide, she offers clients an opportunity to reclaim their sensual nature through kundalini yoga, compassionate touch, cleansing and gong fu cha tea journeys. At the end of my 200 hr yoga teacher training I was given the name Ananda, which means “bliss”. A signature I embody and activate within others, holding an intention for us all to realize the vastness of our purest presence and pleasure as a way of life

This wonderful online space called, The Harmoney Collective can be found on the FB link below - the cleanse begins on June 25 and pre-clenase begins today - connect with either Barrett or Genevieve to learn more on their Instagram accounts.

Opens officially today with a precleanse. Orders take approx 5-7 days to arrive, the 30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation begins June 25th ($314 with our discount code)

Link to FB Group:


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Unveiling your Light & Journeying through Shadow Work

Unveiling your Light & Journeying through Shadow Work

Welcome to the GoldenThread Podcast, today we are welcoming a special guest to this community space - Serpahina Tekandra Gaia! Today we will dive deep into Seraphinas own personal healing journey and the importance of welcoming the shadow.  The title of this podcast is: "Unveiling your Light & Journeying through Shadow Work."

Seraphina Tekandra Gaia is a multi-faceted being who's main mission is to guide our collective into a more expansive and unified world. Seraphina grew up in an incredibly dense and traumatic childhood. From her experiences of the lowest of lows, she is able to reach her greatest of heights! "I built wells so deep within me, they could only be filled with gold." Her awakening and soul remembrance started at 18 after a breakdown yet a simultaneous breakthrough. If the sky's the limit, she's reached for the stars. Quite literally.  

Seraphina is a Certified Reiki Level II Healer, Cosmic Multi~Dimensional Bridge, Source Channeler & Intuitive Light Code Artist. Her main mission is to guide our Collective into a more expansive, harmonious and unified world. Seraphina has experienced many dark nights of the soul throughout her spiritual awakening. In these experiences, she's faced her shadows and has truly learned priceless guidance and lessons from them. She is here to provide a simple process on how to face & love your shadows and all aspects of self. She brings forth this process into her 1 on 1 sessions with clients and her community group, The Expansion Circle.

Throughout these past 4 years, Seraphina has dedicated herself to the journey within. She is now a Source Channel who is connected with thousands of multi~dimensional beings and realms who are here to assist in the collectives shift into New Earth. She is truly a bridge between Ether and Earth. Seraphina offers 1 on 1 Sessions that are truly something to be experienced. In her sessions there is energetic healing, timeline clearing, light language encoding and channeled guidance from her spirit team and yours. With all this cosmic guidance, she makes spirituality practical, simple and relatable for you. Because truly, journeying within doesn't have to be hard and complicated. It is her greatest honor to guide you into your highest and brightest expansion aka the best life and more you ever could have dreamed of! When the sky seems like the limit, break through into the stars!!!


to book a session:

The Expansion Circle

instagram: @soulsunradiance

youtube channel: @seraphinagaia


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Surfing the Cosmic Wave of Healing with Ahyanah Nicole

Surfing the Cosmic Wave of Healing with Ahyanah Nicole

Join Marni and Ahyanah Nicole in a truthful discussion about the healing journey and the courage it takes to keep on going.  The spiritual path of awakening is usually grounded in a trauma, suffering or karma.  We openly discuss our own personal journey's and how self-realization is not an overnight accomplishment.  It takes courage to ride the cosmic wave of healing, a passionte devotion to self.  Join us in this honest and refreshing perspective on the path.

Who is Ahyanah Nicole? 

Nicole Ahyanah is a High Frequency Channel bringing through AHNAM AHYAH Frequency Healing Techniques, Spiritual Art and Holistic Frequency Business Models to teach, why we incarnate in a human body and planet Earth, as well to support our day to day life with channeled Spiritual Art and to teach how business in the Aquarian Age need to be set up in order to bring through their own Divine Services.  Nicole  Ahyanah  is a healing medium from Switzerland. She channeled the AHNAM AHYAH frequency healing technology to support you in the quest of finding your life's purpose through performing healings for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. In her sessions she answers your questions of life and the journey on Earth. Additionally, she helps you to understand your current state and supports you to become the best version of yourself.

She has developed Healing and Coaching Skills in the Karmic & Ancestor line clearings as well as trauma therapy through trainings but most of all due to her own story, when she learned to heal herself.

Follow her on IG:

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Hawaiian Ho'oponopono & Embodied Feminine Wisdom by Whitney Pi'ilani of Kalo Mind Body Wellness Studio

Hawaiian Ho'oponopono & Embodied Feminine Wisdom by Whitney Pi'ilani of Kalo Mind Body Wellness Studio

Whitney is a Native Hawaiian girl who grew up swimming competitively and dancing hula. She received her 200hr E-RYT in 2013 with Core Power Yoga. She travelled to India for an Advanced 300hr RYT Ashtanga Hatha and Ayerveda Medicine Certification. A certified massage therapist and reiki practitioner, and hula dancer.  She is the co-founder and instructor of KaloMindBody - a wellness studio on the island of O'ahu in Hawaii.

Today Whitney and I discusse the importance of staying grounded in the physical body through spiriutal practice (sadhana) and practice forgiveness techniques such as compassion and Ho'oponopono.  Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice for forgiveness and reconciliation. It's more than the prayer alone; it's a process of making things right in your relationships -- with others, ancestors, deities, the earth, yourself. ... Special words are exchanged, emotions are revealed, and forgiveness flows both ways.  Taking personal inventory of how you feel in your body right now is almost a requirment to evolve in a space compassion.  The feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, compassion fatigue and anxiety is natural.  This is where we utilize the practice to take a personal inventory of Ho'oponopono (Hawaiian forgiveness).

There are four simple steps to this method, and the order is not that important. Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love are the only forces at work .  The best part of the updated version of Ho’oponopono is you can do it yourself, you don’t need anyone else to be there, you don’t need anyone to hear you. You can “say” the words in your head. The power is in the feeling and in the willingness of the Universe to forgive and love.

  1. Step 1: Repentance – JUST SAY: I'M SORRY. ...
  2. Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – SAY: PLEASE FORGIVE ME. ...
  3. Step 3: Gratitude – SAY: THANK YOU. ...
  4. Step 4: Love – SAY: I LOVE YOU.

When we combine the effort of Ho'oponopono and take personal inventory either at the end of the day as Whitney suggests or throughout the day - it allows us all to drop deeper into the heart space.  The importance of having a daily practice of getting into the physical body curates a space of healing and healthy lifestyle.  Perhaps there is a new habit you would like to instill or even better an old habit you would like to move through.  This can be done with consistent checking in on yourself, practice, compassion and techniques like Ho'oponono.  

From her own words Whitney explains her passion for heath and healing, "As I feed my passion to be a vehicle of Universal healing energy,  I create a space for the collective while guiding the individual through their personal transformation, breaking the chains that bind, observing the fluctuations of the mind, on their unique path to their highest self.  To be able to share my passion for yoga and mind body wellness, teaching and body work has been one of my life's greatest gifts.  I inspire change and growth in my life daily.  Always seeking to learn more from others so that I may learn more about myself.  I can only hope to inspire others like my family, friends and teachers continue to inspire me."  You inspire us Whitney!  

If You would like to learn more about Ho'oponopono, Yoga and Healing - Marni & Whitney will be offering a workshop on June28 from 8am-10 via Zoom - REGISTER HERE

Follow and connect with Whitney
@kalomindbody @kalopatchgirl

Jun 10, 202038:49
Healing & Embracing Grounded Masculinity with founder of Wild & Wise Trevor Spring

Healing & Embracing Grounded Masculinity with founder of Wild & Wise Trevor Spring

Join Marni and Trevor as they engage in an open discussion about healing and embracing the grounded masculine.  

Trevor Spring is the Founder of Wild & Wise, a Physical Pillar for Sacred Sons Movement, Lead Facilitator for Boys to Men Mentoring O'ahu, and a transformational coach.   Trevor is also a  certified Movement & Lifestyle Coach, Men's Circle Facilitator and Movement Therapist, Trevor has a unique gift for optimizing mind, body and spirit for extraordinary results!  He has been working with clients since 2003, Trevor has been successfully coaching men throughout the United States and Hawaii to facilitate their growth, health and life-ownership.    Let's discuss how men approach this topic of healing, how they find support and the approach it takes to support them in a safe container.  "I Believe men are ready for This" and we are believe they are too.  Trevor works daily at the intersection of the spiritual, holistic health, youth mentoring mentoring and men’s healing communities, Trevor has combined modalities from each to make a new kind of experience for men.

Let's welcome the healing discussion of grounded masculinity.  “It’s in ending fragmentation and compartmentalized behaviors that we really change.  We can’t be one man while at work and a different man when we’re at home for example." (Trevor Spring)

Learn more about Trevor here.  With a deep story (17 years) of holistic health coaching with many modalities (Russian KB instructor, CrossFit Coach, CHEK Coach) where he coached and trained athletes from every field (MMA, weight loss, spinal cord injuries, triathletes, distance paddlers, figure skaters, golfers, etc...) and a career that began with 3 years across from the Wall Street Stock Exchange, supporting some of the most conventionally elite, spiritually and physically disconnected men with their self reclamation process, Trevor believes that this experience lays perfectly over the sacred men’s work field.  Trevor grew up on the east coast and currently lives in Hawaii with his wife and children.

Let us all encourage the opportunity of our brothers, fathers, and uncles to space to participate in this sacred work.  Mahalo Trevor for your commitment to this work - we are honored to share your story.

Learn more about Trevor's offerings including the upcoming 8week online workshop beginning June 8, 2020 - book directly through 

Sacred Sons Website here:



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Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine with Ke'oni Hanalei

Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine with Ke'oni Hanalei

Join Marni & Ke'oni in a discussion about healing, plant medicine, the power of surrender and the ability to welcome the intelligence of plant medicine.  Ke’oni Hanalei is an alchemist, Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner and founder of Pohala Hawaiian Botanicals in Kula, Maui, Hawaii. Ke’oni comes from a long line of medicine holders (called Kahuna here in Hawaii), his lineage extends far, far, far back in time. He inherited sacred fern medicine wisdom his Grandmother, Kau’ikeonalani. We hope your enjoy this conversation with Ke’oni as we discuss masculine & feminine energies, emotional intelligence and what we are all called to be and do to fulfill our destinies and the destiny of the planet. Definitely follow Ke’oni on Instagram at pohala_hawaiian_botanicals  – his website is  In his own words, " This is where my journey with Pōhala begins.  The potency of Fern Medicine has been considered kapu or "forbidden" until recently when, in 2013, on the 13th anniversary of tūtū's hala, the kapu was lifted and all that was huna, or "secret," can now be disclosed. I have taken on this kuleana (responsibility) with great ha'aheo (pride).  This has become the purpose of my life, and the resolution of my ancestors.  I remain in gratitude for the life-force of my people before me, and of pure nature, and the uncorrupted memory of Source. Mahalo!" Aloha means love. Mahalo Ke'oni for being our first guest speaker - we are so honored by your work.
May 25, 202033:51
Introduction to The Golden Thread

Introduction to The Golden Thread

Hi, I'm Marni and I'd like to welcome you into the world of The Golden Thread - a space to converse and emerge in spirituality and consciousness.  We will discuss all types of awareness, share, laugh and learn about different modalities connected towards human evolution through the psyche.

Apr 26, 202008:25