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Married to Addiction

Married to Addiction

By Julie Sanford

Do you have an alcoholic husband? Married to Addiction is a faith-based podcast that gives the wife of an alcoholic the tools and strength she needs to navigate her husband's addiction without losing herself in the process.
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Episode 12: The Stages of Recovery (Plus a Surprise)

Married to AddictionJun 17, 2021

Episode 85: Put Your Mask on First
Nov 30, 202313:23
Episode 84: What to Do if Your Husband is Trying to Stop Drinking
Nov 15, 202313:34
Episode 83: Playing Detective
Oct 18, 202311:03
 Episode 82: “Being Ready“ for Recovery
Oct 03, 202310:04
Episode 81: Can your husband stop drinking on his own?
Sep 22, 202312:43
Episode 80: Making Room for You
Sep 06, 202315:38
Episode 79: A Shift is Coming
Aug 23, 202316:58
Episode 78: Navigating Life with a ’Dry Drunk’
Aug 16, 202312:24
Episode 77: The Ripple Effect of Working on Our Own Recovery
Jul 27, 202319:32
Episode 76: Apologies and I Love Yous
Jul 20, 202312:45
Episode 75: Get Out of Your Head
Jul 04, 202312:36
Episode 74: Should you stage an intervention?
Jun 29, 202312:01
Episode 73: What’s the Deal with Boundaries?
Jun 21, 202313:17
Episode 72: Is Addiction an ‘Idol’ in your life?
Jun 15, 202313:17
Episode 71: Is Addiction Pre-programmed?
Jun 07, 202330:29
Episode 70: The Varying Degrees of Alcoholism
May 24, 202312:30
Episode 69: Don’t Let Your Life Leave You Behind
Apr 18, 202313:04
Episode 68: Is Your Husband Hiding Alcohol?
Mar 08, 202316:41
Episode 67: The Power of Surrender
Feb 23, 202315:30
Episode 66: The Problem is (usually) the Alcohol, Not Your Husband
Feb 15, 202316:48
Episode 65: Answering Your Questions: Part Two
Feb 08, 202321:45
Episode 64: A Counselor’s Perspective
Jan 25, 202335:11
Episode 63: The Problem with Fixing
Jan 19, 202313:54
Episode 62: Five Ways to Have More Peace in 2023
Jan 06, 202322:33
Episode 61: A Life Manual for the Wife of an Alcoholic
Nov 16, 202224:16
Episode 60: When is faith not enough?
Nov 09, 202211:54
Episode 59: Answering Your Questions
Oct 27, 202226:47
Episode 58: Why Some of the Things You’ve Tried Haven’t Worked
Oct 07, 202218:13
Episode 57: How to Stop the Madness!
Sep 27, 202214:19
Episode 56: A Spirit of Bondage and Torment
Sep 22, 202212:52
Episode 55: 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now
Sep 14, 202220:27
Episode 54: Being Supportive vs Being a Doormat
Aug 23, 202212:34
Episode 53: Changing This Changes Everything
Aug 16, 202212:18
Episode 52: The Importance of a ‘To-Don’t’ List
Aug 09, 202215:23
Episode 51: The Difference Between Letting Go of Things You Can't Control and Being in Denial
Jul 26, 202211:54
Episode 50: How to Set Expectations for Yourself as a Christian Wife of an Alcoholic
Jul 19, 202212:07
Episode 49: Should I Go to Meetings?
Jul 14, 202214:07
Episode 48: Meditative Bible Verses for Every Struggle
Jul 07, 202215:60
Episode 47: Should I confront my husband about his drinking?
Jun 23, 202215:36
Episode 46: 3 Things to Focus on When You're Hanging by a Thread
Jun 14, 202220:33
Episode 45: The Power of Speaking Life
May 31, 202215:56
Episode 44: Let's Talk About Sex (with Matt and Sheri from the Untoxicated Podcast)

Episode 44: Let's Talk About Sex (with Matt and Sheri from the Untoxicated Podcast)

May 24, 202232:12
Episode 43: Knowing Is One Thing, but Doing Is Everything
May 17, 202218:20
Episode 42: The Importance of the Armor of God for the Wife of an Alcoholic
May 04, 202216:17
Episode 41: What if My Husband Never Gets Sober?
Apr 25, 202215:41
Episode 40: 5 Steps to Exiting the Whirlwind of Chaos
Apr 19, 202221:54
Episode 39: What About My Kids?

Episode 39: What About My Kids?

This is something I get asked a lot: What about my kids? 

As mamas we worry about our kids anyway, but even moreso when they are in a home with an alcoholic parent.

In this episode I will share with you some of the things I wish I had done differently when my husband was deep in addiction where my kids were concerned. 

I'll also give you some great (free) resources that can help you help them through this difficult time. 


Resources mentioned in this episode:

'Is Addiction Really a Disease with Dr. Kevin McCauley' video:

Hazelden Betty Ford Children's Program (free virtual program available):

Peaceful Family Oklahoma In-Person Program (free of charge):

NACOA's free Parent Kit:

Little Shoots Deep Roots (Christian tools for children):

PLEASE NOTE: This podcast is pre-recorded, so not all offers mentioned/listed will be currently available.

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Apr 12, 202224:21
Episode 38: Some Help for the Suffering
Apr 06, 202215:22
Episode 37: Celebrating One Year of the Married to Addiction Podcast!
Mar 30, 202219:42
Episode 36: Four Different Ways That This Can Play Out
Mar 16, 202214:57