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Married to Addiction

Married to Addiction

By Julie Sanford

Do you have an alcoholic husband? Married to Addiction is a faith-based podcast that gives the wife of an alcoholic the tools and strength she needs to navigate her husband's addiction without losing herself in the process.
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Episode 70: The Varying Degrees of Alcoholism

Married to AddictionMay 24, 2023

Episode 70: The Varying Degrees of Alcoholism
May 24, 202312:30
Episode 69: Don’t Let Your Life Leave You Behind
Apr 18, 202313:04
Episode 68: Is Your Husband Hiding Alcohol?
Mar 08, 202316:41
Episode 67: The Power of Surrender
Feb 23, 202315:30
Episode 66: The Problem is (usually) the Alcohol, Not Your Husband
Feb 15, 202316:48
Episode 65: Answering Your Questions: Part Two
Feb 08, 202321:45
Episode 64: A Counselor’s Perspective
Jan 25, 202335:11
Episode 63: The Problem with Fixing
Jan 19, 202313:54
Episode 62: Five Ways to Have More Peace in 2023
Jan 06, 202322:33
Episode 61: A Life Manual for the Wife of an Alcoholic
Nov 16, 202224:16
Episode 60: When is faith not enough?
Nov 09, 202211:54
Episode 59: Answering Your Questions
Oct 27, 202226:47
Episode 58: Why Some of the Things You’ve Tried Haven’t Worked
Oct 07, 202218:13
Episode 57: How to Stop the Madness!
Sep 27, 202214:19
Episode 56: A Spirit of Bondage and Torment
Sep 22, 202212:52
Episode 55: 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now
Sep 14, 202220:27
Episode 54: Being Supportive vs Being a Doormat
Aug 23, 202212:34
Episode 53: Changing This Changes Everything
Aug 16, 202212:18
Episode 52: The Importance of a ‘To-Don’t’ List
Aug 09, 202215:23
Episode 51: The Difference Between Letting Go of Things You Can't Control and Being in Denial
Jul 26, 202211:54
Episode 50: How to Set Expectations for Yourself as a Christian Wife of an Alcoholic
Jul 19, 202212:07
Episode 49: Should I Go to Meetings?
Jul 14, 202214:07
Episode 48: Meditative Bible Verses for Every Struggle
Jul 07, 202215:60
Episode 47: Should I confront my husband about his drinking?
Jun 23, 202215:36
Episode 46: 3 Things to Focus on When You're Hanging by a Thread
Jun 14, 202220:33
Episode 45: The Power of Speaking Life
May 31, 202215:56
Episode 44: Let's Talk About Sex (with Matt and Sheri from the Untoxicated Podcast)
May 24, 202232:12
Episode 43: Knowing Is One Thing, but Doing Is Everything
May 17, 202218:20
Episode 42: The Importance of the Armor of God for the Wife of an Alcoholic
May 04, 202216:17
Episode 41: What if My Husband Never Gets Sober?
Apr 25, 202215:41
Episode 40: 5 Steps to Exiting the Whirlwind of Chaos
Apr 19, 202221:54
Episode 39: What About My Kids?
Apr 12, 202224:21
Episode 38: Some Help for the Suffering
Apr 06, 202215:22
Episode 37: Celebrating One Year of the Married to Addiction Podcast!
Mar 30, 202219:42
Episode 36: Four Different Ways That This Can Play Out
Mar 16, 202214:57
Episode 35: The Line Between Faith and Works for the Wife of an Alcoholic
Mar 10, 202215:43
Episode 34: 5 More Critical Mindset Shifts for the Wife of an Alcoholic
Mar 04, 202225:55
Episode 33: You Don't Have to be Sad All the Time
Feb 26, 202218:16
Episode 32: Finding Hope with Amy LaRue
Feb 17, 202240:51
Episode 31: Getting Your Needs Met
Feb 11, 202214:03
Episode 30: The Line Between Mercy and Enabling
Jan 26, 202213:21
Episode 29: Is Addiction a Disease?
Jan 20, 202222:28
Episode 28: Should you drink if your husband is an alcoholic?
Jan 13, 202212:56
Episode 27: The Progression of an Alcoholic Relationship
Dec 09, 202111:42
Episode 26: What ‘One day at a time’ Means for the Wife of an Alcoholic
Nov 22, 202108:54
Episode 25: That's Not What I Want to Hear
Nov 09, 202111:52
Episode 24: The Illusion of Control
Nov 02, 202112:01
Episode 23: Some Hope for You
Oct 11, 202117:40
Episode 22: How Codependency Hurts Your Husband and His Recovery
Sep 27, 202117:24
Episode 21: Stay or Go? Five Things to Consider
Sep 20, 202119:20
Episode 20: Renewal of Mind with Alicia Michelle

Episode 20: Renewal of Mind with Alicia Michelle

I will never forget the first time I heard 'renewal of the mind' actually explained. 

I had heard about the concept before, but I didn't really understand what it was, much less how to do it. 

Once I was enlightened I remember thinking 'Wait! We can actually DO that??'

Then I started practicing it and it changed my life. 

Not kidding. That's why it's the very first thing I have you work on when you enter my Secret Sisters Circle membership.

If renewal of mind is a new concept to you (or even if you've heard of it before but don't regularly practice it) I encourage you to listen in on my conversation with Alicia Michelle of Vibrant Christian Living.

Alicia Michelle is a certified NeuroCoach, and in this episode she walks us through the what, why, and how of renewing our mind.

I promise that if you put these things into practice you will experience some life changes too. Please be sure to give this one a listen.


About my guest: Alicia Michelle is an author, Bible teacher, podcaster and certified NeuroCoach. Known as the Mindset Makeover Coach, she equips Christian women with practical brain-and-biblically-based tools so they know HOW to renew their minds in order to overcome negative thinking and cultivate godly confidence. Listen to her every week on the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast and learn more about her Bible studies and mindset courses such as the Christian Mindset Makeover™ at

About my membership: To become a part of the Secret Sisters Circle for wives of alcoholics please visit my website at and look for the 'Secret Sisters Circle' tab. Or if you have clickable links enabled you can just click right here.

Sep 13, 202143:27
Episode 19: It’s Okay to Grieve Your Relationship
Sep 06, 202117:30
Episode 18: What do you do if your husband doesn’t want YOU to get help?
Aug 30, 202115:54
Episode 17: Christians Aren’t ‘Supposed to’ Have This Problem
Aug 19, 202122:05
Episode 16: Heart Wounds Lead to Blind Spots
Aug 09, 202118:22
Episode 15: The Three Layers of Addiction with Dawn Ward
Jul 13, 202101:10:18
Episode 14: 5 Things I Wish I Had Done Differently When My Husband Was in Active Addiction
Jul 06, 202129:60
Episode 13: Is There Really ‘Nothing You Can Do’?

Episode 13: Is There Really ‘Nothing You Can Do’?

When my husband was struggling with alcohol addiction it used to frustrate me SO MUCH to hear 'There's really nothing you can do.'.

I used to wonder how in the world I was going to survive such a difficult situation for an undetermined amount of time.

So today I want to give you hope.

I want to show you that there actually are some things you can do to help your husband, yourself, and anyone else in your household who is being affected.

This situation doesn't have to be just constant misery, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Please give this episode a listen.



To become a part of the Secret Sisters Circle please email me ASAP at julie@marriedtoaddiction to let me know you're interested. You can also DM me on Facebook or Instagram through my 'Married to Addiction' pages.

The deadline to join as a Founding Member (and to get the lowest price ever) is this Wednesday, June 23rd!

Jun 21, 202117:39
Episode 12: The Stages of Recovery (Plus a Surprise)
Jun 17, 202127:03
Episode 11: The Difference Between Detaching and Emotional Abandonment
Jun 01, 202114:21
Episode 10: ‘Self-Care’ for the Wife of an Alcoholic
May 25, 202125:52
Episode 9: How to Grow Through This Experience
May 19, 202113:30
Episode 8: The Myth of Choice
May 13, 202113:25
Episode 7: Three Signs That You Need Recovery Too
May 04, 202112:25
Episode 6: Compassion: How to Love the Unlovable
Apr 27, 202110:58
Episode 5: Why doesn’t anyone else talk about this??
Apr 21, 202112:50
Episode 4: 5 Critical Mindset Shifts for the Wife of an Alcoholic
Mar 30, 202114:34
Episode 3: How Do I Know if My Husband Has a Drinking Problem?
Mar 30, 202108:02
Episode 2: How Is Married to Addiction Different?
Mar 30, 202110:47
Episode 1: An Intro and What to Expect
Mar 30, 202109:58