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Martial History Team

Martial History Team

By Martial History Team

Martial History Team promotes martial arts history based on sound evidence and sourced research. Expect to hear book reviews, recommended history materials, and much more!
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11.12 General Qi Jiguang

Martial History TeamNov 12, 2021

11.12 General Qi Jiguang
Nov 12, 202110:30
07.20 Bruce Lee's Death
Jul 20, 202105:25
05.19 Miyamoto Musashi's Death
May 19, 202105:31
05.04 Jigoro Kano's Death
May 04, 202107:11
01.20 Tang Hao
Jan 20, 202106:42
Martial History Team Teaser Trailer
Feb 12, 202001:35