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Confessions of Saint Marty

Confessions of Saint Marty

By Martin Achatz

Confessions of Saint Marty, a podcast in which I, Marty, would-be saint, itinerant poet, chaser of God and Bigfoot and all things mysterious, will bare my soul. You will hear about my victories and failings, joys and sorrows. There are no secrets here. No beginnings or ends. Just places to rest, meditate, write, pray, sing, scream, and shout. An old proverb says, “Confess you were wrong yesterday; it will show you are wise today.”
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Nineteenth Confession

Confessions of Saint MartyJun 19, 2021

Nineteenth Confession
Jun 19, 202109:38
Eighteenth Confession
Jun 12, 202108:06
Seventeenth Confession
Jun 05, 202108:55
Sixteenth Confession
May 29, 202107:28
Fifteenth Confession
Mar 17, 202109:47
Fourteenth Confession
Jan 31, 202109:30
Thirteenth Confession
Dec 11, 202010:16
Twelfth Confession
Nov 21, 202010:47
Eleventh Confession
Nov 10, 202011:31
Tenth Confession
Oct 25, 202008:33
Ninth Confession
Oct 18, 202010:08
Eighth Confession
Oct 11, 202009:51
Seventh Confession
Oct 09, 202012:08
Sixth Confession
Oct 03, 202011:43
Fifth Confession
Sep 28, 202010:05
Fourth Confession
Sep 25, 202010:18
Third Confession
Sep 20, 202009:01
Second Confession
Sep 15, 202009:00
First Confession
Sep 13, 202008:25