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By Mary Henderson

Welcome to Authoritti5.0 Podcast exclusively for Coaches, Consultants & Business Owners who are on a mission to be the AUTHORITY in their niche or industry. Listen to the stories of international authorities who have taken the road less travelled, are heart centred, tenacious superhumans who share their journey and inspirational stories. Subscribe to Authoritti5.0 Magazine for free and get access to expert's and noise-free content that is actionable and implementable from the best content contributors around the world.
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Episode #21 - Want To Know How To Stand Out As The "Go To" Sales Person?

Authoritti5.0Sep 01, 2019

Episode #39 - The Great Distraction

Episode #39 - The Great Distraction

The world is in a state of distraction. Adults are distracted socially and emotionally. Children are distracted by technology and yet I think we are missing the entire point of distraction and its true meaning.
We have become a society that can’t think for ourselves, ask pragmatic questions and watching Netflix and reality TV is somehow widely accepted as entertainment. To be honest, all of this is nothing but a distraction - if it consumes you.
For a vast majority, thinking has become “too hard” or “too time-consuming”. Stillness is uncomfortable and boredom creates distress and severe uneasiness.
Where are we heading? I am asking a serious question here.
In this issue of Authoritti5.0 there is only ONE person in the universe who could help me unpack my concern about the distracting economy and that is best-selling author
Nir Eyal, who wrote the book Indistractable.
Nir Eyal is in one word – OUTSTANDING.

He is pragmatic, grounded and brings an innerstanding of distraction by combining his academic and entrepreneurial expertise.

His wisdom is captivating and I encourage you to listen to the podcast interview because you will get a feel of his conviction and passion on this topic.
If you would like to contact Nir, his contact details are below:



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Oct 09, 202140:07
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Feb 04, 202132:31
Episode #30 - Level Up Your Business In 2021

Episode #30 - Level Up Your Business In 2021

Mike Michalowicz understands business. Period. By his 35th birthday, he founded and sold two multimillion-dollar companies. He was confident that he had the formula for success. He became a small business angel investor and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. 

Now he has devoted his life to the research and delivery of innovative, impactful entrepreneurial strategies to people like me and many other business owners out there.

He is the creator of Profit First, which is used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe to drive profit. He is also the creator of Clockwork, a powerful method to make any business run on automatic and his latest – arguably the most impactful discovery, is Fix This Next. In Fix This Next, Mike details the strategy businesses can use to determine what to do in what order to ensure healthy, fast, permanent growth and avoid debilitating distractions. 

Today, Mile leads two new multimillion-dollar ventures. He's a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and business make-over specialist on MSNBC, he is a popular main stage keynote speaker on innovative entrepreneurial topics, and an accomplished author. 

This interview covers a lot of ground on the trials and tribulations a business faces in 2021. Mike shares pragmatic and implementable ideas and strategies.

You can contact Mike here:


Jan 27, 202127:00
Episode #30 - The Anatomy of Success
Nov 23, 202046:20
Episode #29: Leading With The Heart With Claude Silver
Nov 03, 202044:15
Episode #28: Think Like a Thought Leader: How To Use Your Stories To Communicate and Connect Better

Episode #28: Think Like a Thought Leader: How To Use Your Stories To Communicate and Connect Better

Amy Blaschka has made a career offering “stories as a service.” From her degree in film to her three decades spent branding products, places, and people, to founding her writing practice, Amy has always understood the power of weaving an engaging tale. She is a social media ghostwriter who helps leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better. As a longtime leadership contributor for Forbes, Amy covers personal transformation and its impact on career growth. 

In this interview, we discuss 

Get clear on what you want.
Clarity is essential to creating a path to your goals.

Sell your destiny, not your history.
If something is no longer relevant, it’s muddying your message and will confuse—or lose—your intended audience. Instead, let clarity be your friend and be ruthless about paring down your profile to support what you want to do, not what you’ve done.

Identify your common thread.
Even if you’ve had seemingly unrelated jobs in vastly different industries, you can always find a common thread that weaves together your personal and professional experiences into a compelling narrative.

Serve, don’t sell.
Focus on providing value with your content rather than making a sales pitch.

Embrace consistency and discipline.
The savviest thought leaders stick to two fundamental branding concepts in telling their career stories: consistency and discipline.   Maintain your “voice,” look, and feel in all your communications and stick with those few areas where you have expertise.

If you would like to contact Amy, her details are below:


Oct 10, 202057:25
Episode #27 - Speak and Be Heard: Accelerate Your Shot to Cut Through The Noise
Oct 10, 202001:08:03
Episode #26 - How to Build an Unshakable Core - The foundations of Resilience
Oct 10, 202054:42
Episode #25 - Online Branding Strategies For Corporate Warriors
Oct 10, 202001:04:47
Episode #24 - How Linkedin Ads Can Help You 10X Your Reach

Episode #24 - How Linkedin Ads Can Help You 10X Your Reach

AJ Wilcox is the worlds leading Linkedin Ads expert and I mean that quite literally. 

He owns an AD Agency - that only specialises in LinkedIn Ads and works with some big brands worldwide.

In this interview AJ and I discuss if Linkedin is heading to a pay to play platform like Facebook. We talk about organic reach on Linkedin and is it here to stay and how to approach Linkedin advertising.

AJ shares a lot of golden nuggets such as how to approach Linkedin advertising. He is a master at his craft and if you listen carefully he even shares his step by step approach from the type of creative we should test right through to the type of lead magnets that work really well on Linkedin ads.

If you want to grow your business in 2020 - this episode will set you in the right direction.

You can contact AJ below:


Oct 21, 201939:06
Episode #23 - How To Stand Out On The Greatest Networking Platform On The Planet - Linkedin
Sep 03, 201941:16
Episode #22 - True Leaders Start On The Inside Of The Inside Of SELF
Sep 02, 201947:50
Episode #21 - Want To Know How To Stand Out As The "Go To" Sales Person?

Episode #21 - Want To Know How To Stand Out As The "Go To" Sales Person?

Sep 01, 201953:57
Episode #20 - Humanising The Human Design

Episode #20 - Humanising The Human Design

Dr. Melis Senova knows everything there is to know about humanisation because she has researched this topic for years and has a PhD on the topic.  I can honestly say, this is one of the best interviews I have ever had.  

Melis is a heart centred leader.  She disrupts the way corporations think about leadership to internal structures and she has A LOT to say about this topic.

She wrote a book about it called This Human and its well worth a read, especially if you work in the corporate landscape in a leadership role.

Melis is an Executive Coach, Author, Founder of the Huddle Academy, Researcher  and someone who walks her talk.

In this podcast, she takes us literally on a journey on the topic of humanisation, especially in leadership roles, how she brings human design into corporate infrastructures and her thinking behind her mission...which ultimately is to humanise the human.

If you would like to contact Melis, her details are below:


Jun 06, 201936:06
Episode #19 - Advancing Your Corporate Career In The GIG Economy
Jun 05, 201941:58
Episode #18 - Algorithms Know The Difference Between Great Content & Bad Content.
May 01, 201948:38
Episode #17 - Branding is NOT a nice to have, ITS A MUST HAVE.
Apr 30, 201949:50
Episode #16 - Selling From The Heart Is A Must In The Digital Economy
Apr 29, 201947:16
Episode #15 - Why Every Personal Brand Needs A Google Content & SEO Strategy
Apr 28, 201945:45
Episode #14 - How You Communicate Your Message To Your Audience Really Matters
Mar 31, 201946:21
Episode #13 - How The Top Sales People Command Big Dollar's

Episode #13 - How The Top Sales People Command Big Dollar's

John Smibert is a living legend and a global expert in sales.  That is a fact.  

In this podcast, John shares how the modern sales professional can no longer sell products and services.  They must understand the power of a Personal Brand and how their uniqueness and ability to solve complex problems commands top dollar and advances their career.

John work's with companies who recognise the old way they sell is no longer effective and they are seeking to transform to new, more productive sales models. He  helps his clients to stop selling products and services and start leading their customer to positive change by taking them on a journey.

John is one of the most sought after and switched on B2B sales specialist who has 35 years experience in sales and leadership roles in technology based organisations and currently runs his consulting business that he started in 2005. 

You can contact John below:
M: +61 404857893

Mar 26, 201933:07
Episode #12 - The Sales Funnel That Doesn't Generate Leads & Why You Need To Learn It
Jan 03, 201955:07
Episode #11 - How To Leverage Social & Traditional Media To Build Your Personal Brand
Jan 01, 201933:32
Episode #10 - The Scary Transition From Corporate Employee To Entrepreneur
Jan 01, 201936:41
Episode #9 - How To Prepare Yourself For The HR Interview
Jan 01, 201932:29
Episode #8 - Three Key Metrics To Building A Successful Business & Brand

Episode #8 - Three Key Metrics To Building A Successful Business & Brand

JP Maroney is an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with more than 26-years experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies in publishing, media, advertising, software, ecommerce, textiles, training, real estate, and consulting. In this episode he dives deep into what it takes to build a successful business & brand based on 3 key metrics, in this order: Market, Message & Monetisation. JP, is a digital entrepreneur who has extensive experience across all media and runs a very successful digital agency helping startup companies through to multi million dollar corporations. If you would like to connect wit JP, his details are below: Web: LinkedIn - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter use @JPMaroney
Dec 17, 201847:50
Episode #7 - The Foundation Of Your Personal Brand Must Be Your Expertise
Nov 14, 201835:42
Episode #6 - Connecting Your Purpose With Your Personal Brand

Episode #6 - Connecting Your Purpose With Your Personal Brand

Rob Howze is a High Performance Coach and on a mission. In this podcast he talks about purpose & mindset and how these two ingredients are key to building a successful Personal Brand. If you would like to connect with Rob, his details are below: W: LI: F: T: @Fitworldceo I: @Fitworldceo
Nov 14, 201845:56
Episode #5 - How To Use Story Telling To Build Your Authority
Nov 06, 201847:10
Episode #4 - Your Personal Brand Is A Business, Man!
Nov 06, 201835:36
Episode #3 - Why The First 10 Seconds Matters When It Comes To Your Personal Brand
Nov 06, 201831:26
Episode #2 - Why Social Selling & Personal Branding Is A Must In Corporate

Episode #2 - Why Social Selling & Personal Branding Is A Must In Corporate

Alexander has over 15 years sales experience, lead social selling programmes for an International Law firm and Global Commercial Real Estate firm. He now leads the Social Selling & Account Based Intelligence practice for Digital Leadership Associates and is at the forefront of understanding the latest technology platforms and how they can be used in a social context, including AI & Machine Learning. He has been featured in LinkedIn case studies talking on the subject of social selling and the real world benefits organisations can achieve leveraging the technology and processes in the 21st Century. In 2016 he was featured as a World top 30th salesperson by LinkedIn. In this podcast learn why Tier 1&2 corporates need to shift their mindset in order to stay relevant and stay in the game as we enter into the digital transformation economy. Learn why LinkedIn should be business as usual for all sales professionals and why building a corporate Personal Brand is a huge opportunity for every senior executive and a brilliant communication strategy for tier 1 & 2 organisations. This podcast is a must listen... Connect with Alexander Low: LI: T: alexander_low I:digital_alexanderlow F: alexanderlow
Nov 06, 201830:50
Episode #1 - Why LinkedIn Is A Must For Entrepreneurs Building Their Personal Branding Profile
Nov 05, 201836:20