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Insight Out Alignment Podcast!

Insight Out Alignment Podcast!

By Mary Tapa

A platform for you with open conversations, to guide and enable you Accept and love yourself. With an Open-Mind ready to tap into your INNER BEING and recognize your worth. Connecting to your spiritual self with self-love, confidence, vitality, beauty, and letting that light shine. You would be connected to people who have experienced similar issues of stress, doubt, low self-esteem, but are now thriving. They will bring to you proven practices that with commitment will spark real lasting change. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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The Path For Startups Coaches To Reach Their Ideal Clients With Rolande Sumner

Insight Out Alignment Podcast!Oct 25, 2021

Guided By Laura West

Guided By Laura West

Laura has been a guest on Insight Out Alignment before. This time I am honored to have again as she talks about her new book guided. Laura shares her journey and spirituality with an open exploring and enhancing her life through intuition. She outlines much about spirit guides, connecting with her soul team, protection, tarot and oracle cards ... She opens the door to a journey that is relatable and at the same time shapes one mind on paying attention and following through with matters that are vital.

Diving deep in creating that personal relationship with your spirit guides in a genuine and authentic way and guidelines on how to do that. She provides great insights on following intuitive messages by following breadcrumbs and creating a life that is meaningful to you and others. Her personal experience opens that door acknowledging who you are and connecting with all the soul team in the spiritual and physical world.

Get your copy from amazon and start using great tips from "GUIDED" to enhance your life and fulfilling your purpose. 

You can contact Laura @:

- website: 

- FB: 

- IG: 

- Goodreads: (fyi, this is not a typo lol) 

- twitter: @Laurawest111 

- Linkedin:

Jan 17, 202245:60
Manifesting Magic By Stephanie Zito!

Manifesting Magic By Stephanie Zito!

Stephanie is an Intuitive Soul Purpose Alchemist. She helps Soul-led Women align with their Soul Purpose and turn their passions to profits! I have had Stephanie as a guest on Insight Out Alignment, and still could not resist getting her back after she came out with this book, "Manifesting Magic." This book has 102 quotes to assist us start our day and even finishing the day by reflecting on how the quote was used and many more. 

Stephanie highlights in this episode, the reason behind her writing this book and how she came up with the strategy to help one start their day in an intuitive manner being aware and implementing it during that day staying aligned with goals and dreams. Listen to this episode and get more information about this master-piece of not just liking  quotes, but incorporating them in your life daily. 

While 2022 is just starting, I think this is a perfect time to go on Amazon and get your copy so as to have a practicable tool throughout the year to stay centered as you work consistently towards your goals for the year. 

For questions or comments, you can contact Stephanie at:

Jan 03, 202228:51
From Low Self-Esteem To Your Authentic Self!

From Low Self-Esteem To Your Authentic Self!

This podcast episode I talk about the signs of low self-esteem, the impact of low self-esteem and what you can do to heal from this and be your authentic self. 

Signs of low self-esteem - Lack of self-trust - Little control over life - Constantly comparing yourself with others - Engaging in pleasing others - Poor confidence - Problems asking for help - Negative self-talk and more...

 Impact of low self-esteem -Anxiety - Eating disorder - Emotional distress - Stress - Substance abuse and more ... 

Ways to be Authentic - Spend quality time with self by loving you - Notice your thoughts - Forgive yourself - Get support - Do things that makes you feel good - Keep gratitude journal - Volunteer to help others - Remember that everyone make mistakes - Celebrate your accomplishments

The link for the youtube version:

Start your 2022 being you unapologetically

Dec 27, 202132:17
Building Confidence Through Content Writing with Laura Nsang!

Building Confidence Through Content Writing with Laura Nsang!

Laura is a LinkedIn and Content Marketing Strategist. Growing up, her dream was to become a Medical Doctor or a teacher. In her early twenties she worked with her uncle in his company, which built into her a burning desire to become an entrepreneur. She did like his charisma, his confidence in dealing with issues and making decisions to that were worthwhile for his company. Fast forward, she came to the UNited States and decided to do nursing, as she started working in the hospital, she felt depressed, not liking that career and very unfulfilled. 

She tried other small jobs, but her mind kept going towards entrepreneurship which she finally decided to go for working as a virtual assistant which helped her build herself. While she was doing this she realized that one thing that coaches and VAs' struggled with was content writing. She decided to go full swing in to this to build her own confidence by taking courses and learning how to do so herself. She then started out on Instagram to promote herself, but felt not so aligned with this platform. She then decided to go with Linkedln where she felt confident in bringing her know how to her audience in a unique and clear manner. 

She is now creating her course which will be a proven path to help coaches and VAs' reach their target audience to convert them to paying clients after building that know, like and trust factor. This course will be available by March 2022 and she is so excited to be in this stage where she is serving more people even now to build their platform and communicating their ideas with confidence and building that relationship, at the same time making money. 

If you are out there doubting the how to, Laura will be more that happy to assist you build that confidence and be on top of your game with that genuine connection to your ideal clients. 

She can be contacted @: - and you can find her also on LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube @mkclaura or using her name - Laura Nsang. Do not hesitate tp reach out to Laura directly for any information, questions and for that proven gem called strategy that she is already using to make a difference in the lives of other entrepreneurs.

Dec 20, 202131:20
Charity Begins From Home - Mary Tapa

Charity Begins From Home - Mary Tapa

The experience we have in our lives is related to the relationship we have with ourselves. Often times, we look on the outside of us and even expect others to make us feel good, to appreciate us. Understanding who we are as a person, working on ourselves and being appreciative with ourselves is imperative to build our confidence and our authenticity. No one need to depend on others to be themselves or even to feel good, if you need someone to feel good then you need to start practicing the steps below to enhance your inner man and be connected to your spiritual self so as to be grounded. 

Most often when you are being talked to or treated in a way that you feel disrespected, people would say do not take it personal because it is about the other person. It does give us the need to work on self to build that strong relationship with ourselves so we can be the best best of ourselves and treat those around us like we will want to be treated. The following points below which I talk about in this episode can help you build that strong relationship with yourself if you incorporate this to your life in a consistent manner. I do them, and continue doing them because they and it is not easy all the time, and I know it is required and thus do them.

- Turning Off social media, practicing forgiveness, creating self-love habits, walking barefoot outside, meditation, Being easy on myself and others, do something for another person, watch your thinking, eating for well-being, doing some mirror work. Take a listen and get charged to start the year with confidence.

I do offer FREE strategy sessions, so if feel stuck, uncertain, or have a dream you would love to achieve text session to 773 440 9298 with your name, and email.

Dec 13, 202153:04
For better, For worse or Divorce? Samantha Erhabor as Guest

For better, For worse or Divorce? Samantha Erhabor as Guest

Samantha is a wife, Mom of 3 boys, Educator, certified professional coach and the Founder of thrive regardless coaching. She is very family oriented, passionate and relentless in helping couples and individuals gain clarity, navigate limitations, blocks and ugly experiences so that they can lead a purposeful, thriving relationship, marriage or personal life with minimum to no stress.    She is also a positive team relationship trainer. Her energy Leadership and emotional intelligence tools empower leaders in organizations, and employees to become more enthusiastic towards work and life.

Samantha shares her own journey and the work she does to empower and bring awareness about relationship with self and then with others. At it is often said, charity begins from home and obviously one cannot give something they do not have. She goes deep in this by sharing her personal life experience and the work she had to put in to evolve and become the better version of herself.

She also goes on in telling us how being submissive to her spouse does not mean she is a slave. Her own struggles after birthing their child where she did not feel attracted to her husband, and was able to work things out on her own end with the support of her husband. This episode in jam packed with lots of gold nuggets, take a listen and if you would like to get in touch with Samantha do so below;


 - Instagram; thriveregardless

Nov 15, 202148:50
How to Live in Your Full Authenticity And Create The Business You love with Guest, Sara Loureiro.

How to Live in Your Full Authenticity And Create The Business You love with Guest, Sara Loureiro.

Sara Loureiro is a Soulful Business Coach for coaches and leaders who want to sign on soulmate clients, hit 6 figures and live a freedom based life. She shares her journey and challenges she had to face such as; going against what her parents/society was saying was right for her, which was staying in her 9-5 and staying in her life in Toronto even though she knew she was meant for more.

Sara shares her current work and how she helps coaches and leaders thrive in business. Take a listen and enjoy this great time with Sara who has so much to offer

Contact Sara @: or 

                      Her Facebook group,

Nov 01, 202133:27
The Path For Startups Coaches To Reach Their Ideal Clients With Rolande Sumner

The Path For Startups Coaches To Reach Their Ideal Clients With Rolande Sumner

Rolande S. Sumner is a retired US Army veteran and the CEO & Founder of Life After Service Transitional Coaching LLC®. Rolande enlisted in the US Army National Guard in 1995 and retired in 2015. During her career, she was an Admin Clerk, Heavy Vehicle Operator, and Human Resources Manager. She served as both a traditional National Guard Soldier and as an Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Soldier; and was stationed in Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Afghanistan. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) via the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). Rolande is also one of the bestselling authors of Behind The Rank, Volume 3.

Rolande shares what she does, assisting start-up coaches to which for her are often neglected after taking courses to serve. Working with them and helping them position themselves to reach their ideal clients. She shares lots of gold nuggets, listen and take action:)

She can be contacted @ You can sign up for the free gift she offers, (soulmate client persona). Here you can also find all her courses and listen to her podcast (business launch prep school podcast) where she provides lots of value, with episodes as "How to choose the right coach for you." Visit her website and do not hesitate to contact her with any questions where you need clarity or help to move forward with your goals.

Oct 25, 202132:34
Serving in Truth and Taking Ownership with Rachel Miller

Serving in Truth and Taking Ownership with Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is the Founder and Brand Specialist at Co-Branding. Rachel shares with us how she was able to leave her 9-5 corporate management job to start her own business. Her serving heart, and how she employed more people than she needed for her company. She almost lost her company, but was able to turn things around and even help the employees find a job some where else after evaluating how much she was spending and how much was coming in. 

Her business was nearly at the point of financially not being able to exist anymore, and she realized that she was extremely unhappy with what she was doing. She had scaled up and hired a team far too aggressively, and I cared far more about the team’s happiness and wellbeing than she did about her own. The business could not support the payroll, and she was delegating all of the tasks that she herself loved doing.  Navigating a solution was difficult, but she ultimately realized that she had to be authentic and honest. She needed to make changes to ensure that her business (and herself) could be healthy and continue to prosper and grow. It was frightening and very overwhelming at times, but she was able to entirely restructure and downsize her business while also ensuring that all of her team members had a new opportunity to pursue so they would also be okay.

What she does to stay focused on are always making time for a midday walk with her dog. Taking some time to clear her mind during a busy day by getting outside, moving her body, and spending time with her favorite little guy is incredibly peaceful.  She tend to gravitate toward spreadsheets a lot when I have to organize my thoughts. I have one spreadsheet called “brain dump” which is dedicated to just trying to make sense of the things in her brain when everything just feels like too much, the most important thing, though, is to be honest with herself without judgment, and to be flexible. If she is  having a day of overwhelm or a rough mental health day, and it’s possible to do so, she’ll try to make her workload a little lighter for that day so she can have the time and space she needs to feel what she is feeling and “recharge her brain battery”, so to speak. 

In our society, we accept sick days, but mental health days tend to have a stigma around them. We live in a culture of fast-paced overwhelm, and it’s often frowned upon to take time to check in with yourself and make sure you’re okay. Being able to do so now that she works for herself has absolutely changed her life. Rachel shared much with us, so listen and enjoy as I did.

You can contact Rachel @: 

Oct 11, 202139:30
Your Key To Better Living with Guest Allison Sutter

Your Key To Better Living with Guest Allison Sutter

Allison is a spiritual life coach who focuses on helping women hear, trust and follow their intuition, transform fear and negative beliefs and be authentically themselves.

She had a turning point the day her mom transitioned (died) and she realized her energy was still around and just in a different form. She was 20 and had zero knowledge or interest in spiritual development. It was just something she now knew .. that consciousness takes different forms. In a split second, she realized all the negative stuff we deal with in physical form doesn't go with us when we leave this life. In hindsight, that experience kick started her journey to downloading knowledge of other realms. Then she worked backwards from that day on to understand what such a "big" concept was all about. It's like knowing how the book ends and then going back to read the story, and find how the characters got there.

Another experience that changed her was the period of time where she worked with a famous coach in personal development. She ended up maxing out her credit card (15K) doing everything she was told to do, because she needed to be "successful". Of course, all the money was spent on more and more on programs only to have minimal results and a lot of anxiety on her part. Her coach was very much a "get more people in the door!" kind of person and not the "get to know you personally" type of person. He just wanted more people to enroll in his programs so he could say, "Look at me!! I make THIS much money!!" which of course he made off all the people sitting in the room. He wasn't concerned with their results. He was concerned about his wallet and his perceived success. He literally kept saying how much money he made at every event and even titled events for his facilitators things like, The Next 100 Millionaires.  

It wasn't until Alison stopped trying to follow someone else's idea of how she should be running her business and what materials to teach and how to teach that she finally 1) paid off her debt 2) developed her signature Accelerate Your Mojo program 3) transitioned out of her intense anxiety and self-doubt. Her anxiety was at its worst when she was part of this organization because it was complete opposite of her life theme. I'm here for people and connection, not to say she earns "This much money!" She needed to shift from allowing someone else to tell her what to do and start thinking for herself and trusting her INTUITION. Trusting her own guidance was THE key to inner peace and truly enjoying the journey and being the most productive she's even been.  She wants people to know and believe in themselves and trust their inner guidance above all else! This is why she is here in this time-space reality.

You can contact Allison @: IG @allisonsutter3, Clubhouse @allisonsutter, website

Sep 13, 202136:04
You are the Architect of Your Life! Mary Tapa

You are the Architect of Your Life! Mary Tapa

Has what others have to say or said about you kept you stock? Has any label given by others kept you down, making you feel less than enough and not deserving? Has your circumstance and conditions have a negative impact on your life? Do you feel unfulfilled in your life because you are afraid of the unknown? Do you have deep longings that you have been ignoring?

Well, today I want to let you know that you have GREATNESS in you. You do not need to settle for what others say or think about you. You are more than enough, what others think of you does not count. Do not give your power away trying to please others and living other people's life when you have your own unique blueprint. Your circumstances and conditions do not determine your outcome, you have to decide for your outcome.

I have shared in this episode about my mother, and I am sure you will get some value listening to this episode.  Take some time and listen. You can contact me at for any comments or questions and I will gladly respond.

Aug 30, 202129:59
When I Feel, I Heal Yemaya Indira

When I Feel, I Heal Yemaya Indira

Yemaya is a Trauma-Informed Life Mentoring Expert. She helps people with adverse Childhood experiences to recover from grieve to love, Trauma to Freedom, and also does Somatic Therapy. 

Yemaya shares her spiritual evolution at a very young after going through so much that traumatized her in her home. A brochure for the Rosen Method was her first encounter to healing modality which changed her life tremendously. Her passion to know more and openness to learn and grow makes her who she has become today, impacting the lives of many people going through trauma as a Trauma-Informed Specialist to help people recover from adverse childhood experiences. 

Yemaya also gives us great insights on what, "When I feel, I heal means to her. How this works and what makes it an essential part of our own existence and being connected, present, and understanding the importance of what that means to us. Believing and trusting our spiritual being and working in alignment with that.

She has had her share of challenges, such as an extremely painful hip bursitis. She was able to relax in to this as much as possible and asking for help and understanding that it would take the time it needed to heal without trying to use matter to change matter.  Meditation, and getting grounded with the earth and listening to the guidance of what is way bigger than her :)

Contact Yemaya

Her website and YouTube Channel:,

Aug 23, 202140:56
Never Be Discouraged with Alice Crespo

Never Be Discouraged with Alice Crespo

Alice is the founder and director of Helping Hands for the Disabled NYC for the past 38 years. She has written a book titled, "Never Be Discouraged, with God All Things are Possible" which tells the story of her life and how she has been living her life with faith, courage and resilience. Even though she was born blind, Alice's journey is inspirational, against all odds she made a firm decision at a very early age to take matters in her own hands and be independent rather than relying on welfare. 

She struggled in school as a blind little girl, but never gave up. She put in the work with determination and became a court interpreter where she worked for over three decades. She founded Helping hands to assist people with disability where people volunteer and provide food, take people to appointments, shopping, buy equipment, and many more services. 

She is a firm in her belief that it is always good to look at the bright side of things and more especially take responsibility rather than look for excuses. She is a great example to follow, coming from a very poor background, blind and never gave up on her dreams of being independent financially. 

Listen to this episode and check out her book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, she also provides great tips on how to treat the disabled with different gadgets that can help make their daily lives much better. 

 On her website you can also donate to the noble course:) her website;  


Phone number: (917) 696-8115 

Order her book "Never Be Discouraged, with God All Things are Possible" on Amazon, on Kindle,, in paperback and also in Braille.

Aug 16, 202101:03:33
Dare To Forgive With Guest, Lilia Ackerman

Dare To Forgive With Guest, Lilia Ackerman

Lilia is The True Raw Digger, meaning she is a straight forward person, with compassion, and love. She shares her journey after going through a divorce and having her two little girls to take care of. After her divorce, she felt betrayed in many ways, and she was about to be in the street with her daughters, no money, and no place to go. She took courage and asked God to give to her daughters and herself a new life. She looked at the map, USA was the closest place to Mexico, she had one contact that gave her 30 days to be at her house and she accepted. Six months later she brought her little ones. Listen for more...

When at the edge of 59 she decide to pursue an old dream that was stuck when her daughters' father left the house, to go to school. She embarked into coaching and put all her 30+ experience into the Wellness Industry and 3 years later and 3 months March 2021 finally ended. She never quit, she was very challenged in many aspects, but didn't give up!

Forgiveness has been her way out to spiritual, mental freedom. She saved herself from so much suffering by forgiving who did wrong to her, including religion, my ancestors, beliefs, and finally to forgive herself from all the lies she fell for.

Lilia can be reached @: Lilia Ackerman/Life Transformation Instagram:mylifecoachlily

Jul 19, 202157:10
How to be Finally Happy no Matter What: Guest, Tomoko

How to be Finally Happy no Matter What: Guest, Tomoko

Tomoko is a singer songwriter originally from Japan by way of NY for 14 years and currently reside in Las Vegas, living in the US for 23 years now.

She is also the host of the podcast “Songwriters Room” on YouTube, and the creator & educator of the popular TikTok series “JapaNEWS”.

She has performed at Blue Note NY, ready to release her album “No Geisha” later this year and finishing her first book “My JapaNEWS”.

She once gave up singing due to her traumatic childhood experiences but worked it through it and eventually learned how to love herself.

Tomoko is Leo, born in the year of Tiger, a fearless loner, doing what she loves to do as a creator against all odds.

- In this episode, Tomoko talks about her childhood which was traumatic, and how she was finally able to connect with her inner essence and start doing what she love, "singing"

- The passing of her grandfather, mother and father

- How she moved from Osaka to Tokyo, then Japan to New York and then New York to Las Vegas and what happened during each move.

- The satanic reality of the music world and her experience

- How reading books and learning from others helped her realize that accepting what is and knowing that there's always a reason to lead her to grace helps her to cope one day at a time.

- Her ultimate goal is to inspire others with her energy, actions and words through her music, videos, books or whatever forms, one person at a time.

What she does to stay focus and grounded are, Letting herself feel bad and go all the way down to the bottom and then up

Emotions take over but they will leave

Ups and downs in a day like in a life like the waves of the ocean

Train her mind, listen to her thoughts,

The reason she is happy, is because she chooses positive thoughts

- She would absolutely love to interview Stevie Wonder on her podcast, "Song Writer's Room" and I am rooting for that special day with her:)

Contact Tomoko @: TOMOKOMUSIC.COM and

Jul 05, 202135:11
Words and Their Power Mary Tapa

Words and Their Power Mary Tapa

This episode about the power of words is one that I hold dearly in mind, due to the importance and the effects of words in our lives. Words can be empowering and disempowering, but the choice is ours to say what we want to see or what we want to create. There are words and expressions that are commonly used which we have also heard from birth in our environment that they have become our norm. But we can decide to change that, by reflecting on that word and it's meaning, if doesn't serve us, why should it be used. 

My intention in this episode is calling us to be in that space of awareness where we consciously decide what words we will start using to replace that which is disempowering. Because something has been in use for decades, does not mean that is what it should be. The reason we have a brain and that we can also be more conscious of our thoughts is to enable us make better choices and make changes to enhance our lives and wellbeing. 

Choose today and wake up every morning setting and intention for your day about what you will say and what you will not say. The quote in this episode, "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Absence of evidence is simply absence of awareness." is by, - William H. Murray.

We have the power to create our reality and it is in what we allow in our thoughts and what we say, and the beauty about all of this is the power of choice we all have as humans.:) Monitor your thoughts and consciously decide on what words you say, and be loving to your self going through that change. Do not beat your self up, take it slowly, one step at a time in a consistent manner and it will compound. 

Do not hesitate to comment, reach out or contact me as I also offer complementary strategy sessions which is my gift of time if you have any area of your life that you are struggling with or which is causing you pain. I am glad to help you find clarity and to create lasting change. Schedule below, or


Jun 28, 202141:04
You are not a Victim of Circumstance, but a Game Changer with Deborah Calvert

You are not a Victim of Circumstance, but a Game Changer with Deborah Calvert

Deborah shares her incredible journey of being told she could not have a child and how she decided to adopt. This happened to be the best thing she did for herself. Not letting life situation crumble her, but looking at other options gave her the opportunity to be the best mom to his son. This only reinforces the saying, "when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade." How cool is that. 

She shares much about us believing in ourselves and following our intuition. Debbie also talks about trusting in ourselves, being truthful and authentic and attentive to the still voice of truth. She elaborates about her decision to go abroad which as she paid followed her intuition making this bold step trusting that it will be amazing.

Listen and be inspired

Jun 14, 202141:53
The secret to feeling good enough with Cindy Heern

The secret to feeling good enough with Cindy Heern

Cindy is the owner of Grateful Todays Life Coaching. As a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and a Certified Life Coach, Cindy Heern helps people to break free from frustration, feeling stuck, limiting beliefs, and the  fears of never being enough and breakthrough to finally  create the life of their dreams.

Cindy had her defining moment after attending three funerals. While walking out of the door after the 3rd funeral, she thought to herself if she could change the life of others she would fulfill her purpose. She thought to herself, "Tomorrow is not promised." That was a defining moment for her. That is where Grateful Today Coaching came from.

She shares great insights about being our own best friend by treating ourselves as such. Listen and get inspired and enjoy every present moment present moment of your day.

You can contact Cindy @: On Facebook at Grateful Todays Life Coaching

Jun 07, 202144:46
InPower OnPurpose - 3 Steps to Living with More joy, Freedom Ease, and Meaning with Victoria Clark

InPower OnPurpose - 3 Steps to Living with More joy, Freedom Ease, and Meaning with Victoria Clark

Victoria Clark is the Founder and CEO of Life Purpose Coach at InPower OnPurpose. She is an Empowerment Expert and Co-Author of the book Prosperity Factor with Joe Vitale. In over 12 years as a massage therapist and healer - she saw amazing things and realized that without mindset- there was no lasting change. SO she started looking into coaching. She took a lot of classes and received certifications and also noticed the opposite was missing (the body and energy) so she created the InPower onPurpose method to incorporate all three aspects to bring more effective results faster, easier and longer lasting.

Victoria shares her personal experience and how she became a life purpose coach with a proven system to help those who are stuck find the change they have been longing for. She shares the process in her coaching involving, Mindset, body and energy in this episode.

She also shares some tips of the different things she practices to help her stay focused in times of stress or when overwhelmed: There is a lot that she does depending on what is needed at the time. She believes in prevention,  so as soon as she notices an energy drop, she start usually with writing non-stop 3 pages to bring awareness to what is underneath without editing. Sometimes,  she uses breathing exercises which she combines with movement and affirmations to target all areas (energy mind and body) to effect change faster and easier as it reaches an energetic, mind and body (cellular level). Usually to bring it all together she does jumping in place or on a rebounder with more affirmations. 

Victoria can be contacted @:


May 31, 202137:40
Tapping Into Your Divine Purpose with Sonya Sophia

Tapping Into Your Divine Purpose with Sonya Sophia

Sonya Sophia is a revolutionary leader in the field of Emotional Freedom Techniques.  With over 30 years of experience in the healing arts, she’s worked with hundreds of thousands of people -  from below the poverty line to the world’s most influential families. Sonya has been featured in 2 films; “Femme - Women Healing the World” starring Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, Marianne Williamson, and “The Goddess Project”.   Sonya Sophia is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts, and the host of the world’s largest weekly EFT livestream - The World Tapping Circle. Her podcast “There’s a Tap for That” can be found on iTunes.

This episode covers her encounter with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), discovering your divine purpose, and how a nervous breakdown got her to finding who she really was and her healing then her journey helping others heal. She is so passionate about humanity living in collaboration to make our beautiful blue planet a better place.

Sonya shares her work through her podcast, "There's a Tap for That" providing tips and doing tapping for a more enhanced body soul and spirit. Check that out, and also attend the largest livestream - The World Tapping Circle which she also host.

She can be reached @

Thank you for your constant support of Insight Out Alignment Podcast.

May 17, 202130:32
Living The Freedom Of Your Healed State with Li-Sann Mullings

Living The Freedom Of Your Healed State with Li-Sann Mullings

Li-Sann is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Multi- Dimensional Healer & Channel who has worked in Holistic Wellness for almost 3 decades. She is very passionate about supporting high achieving women leaders and change agent to breakthrough from feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and uninspired to the freedom of living from their healed state, so that they can show up in every area of their lives in alignment & authenticity. Her strong connection with the Higher Dimensions allow her to source their advanced tools and resources to create powerful alchemical outcomes for her clients. She has been called " The Light Alchemist" , " Energetic Lightning", and her clients oftentimes share with her, that she was their last stop on a long winding healing journey.

- She is interested in Personal Healing and Evolution and the ripple effect on Planetary Healing and does just that.

- She helps her clients from the root cause of their problems to produce lasting change.

- This Evolutionary journey that her Soul has written for her in this lifetime, even though deeply challenging and painful at times, has been holy, sacred, and filled with unimaginable grace. She would not trade even a moment of it for anything.

- Her next biggest goal is to see her Sacred Alchemy Formulas all over the world supporting and uplifting the lives of countless people.

- You can reach Li-Sann

May 03, 202140:46
A Question Worth Pondering On, "What Would You Love?" Mary Tapa

A Question Worth Pondering On, "What Would You Love?" Mary Tapa

In this Episode #44, I talk about carrier journey. How we often start our carrier influenced by our environment, our circumstance, what others want us to do, and hardly or never ask the most important question, "What would I love?" People often feel stuck in their job, bored, unsatisfied, unhappy, reluctant to wake up and go to the job they applied for. People usually have deep seated longings, and the feeling of wanting more or something else and keep ignoring these feelings as they are caught up to their norm of waking up going to work come back exhausted get some rest and start over the following day. They do the same everyday, every week, every month, every year and many years go by. This episode provides things that happen when one decides to pay attention and actually take the leap of faith towards doing what they love;

- The fact that you will be Challenged.

- You will learn new Things.

- You will meet new people.

- You will experience Happiness

- You will inspire others to change.

Thank you for listening to this episode and be inspired. Do not hesitate to make any comments, or contact me if you have any questions at

To the Life You Love,


Apr 26, 202127:42
Transforming from Victim to Creator and Healer with Ana Stasiya

Transforming from Victim to Creator and Healer with Ana Stasiya

Ana is a domestic violence advocate with a podcast that exposes abusers and let's survivors tell their stories, found on all platforms The Bad Mom Podcast. She is an entrepreneur, an investor, a creator a builder and a healer. She believes that horrible things happen to all of us and it is how we handle those times of challenge and grow through them that determines our future. She is building a non-profit for children called No Bad Kidz. The focus is to support children throughout grade school to support their dreams and guide them into adult life with tools such as financial education, relationship building and mental and physical techniques to build a new generation of leaders who are less likely to become victims of abuse through this education. If the program is completed successfully, the child will get a scholarship for a college of choice of a small business grant. Ana is also a network marketer and a collaborator for various projects such as writing, investing and creating through cinematography and other artistic creative projects. Financial education is her main focus considering that many people don't know the various forms of domestic abuse, financial abuse is a main issue for her and she would love to resolve for many in abusive homes.

Ana talks about her own experience and the work she had to put in to find herself on the other side today being an inspiration with open arms for others to share their experience.

She can be contacted at:

Apr 12, 202157:40
Divinely guided, calling on your guides for help With Susan Norton

Divinely guided, calling on your guides for help With Susan Norton

Susan is the founder of Shamanic Services by Susan and the Connecting 2 Spirit Podcast.  Her mission is solving the problem of fear, scarcity and limitation by connecting people to Spirit.  Her home blessing and sports blessing work has been featured in USA Today. 

Susan goes personal and shares with us when she hit rock button and her turning point, her experience and actions she took. Her personal journey and wake up call are indications of how powerful we are and the choice we have to pay attention those things that will give us more fulfillment trusting the divine and consciously connecting with Him for guidance. 

The routines that keeps her going are, Praying to be of service, reading spiritual literature, breathing exercises, some body exercises, and doing a daily gratitude list. These keeps her in touch with what is vital and working on her purpose with more confidence knowing she is aligned with that divine essence. 

Listen to this episode and take what resonate with you and if you want to contact Susan her contact information is,

Thank you for your support!

Apr 05, 202128:40
Using Dreams and Intuition for Inner Growth with Melissa Grace

Using Dreams and Intuition for Inner Growth with Melissa Grace

Melissa is a Dream Interpretation Coach and Intuitive Reader who started her journey at the age of 19 paying attention to her intuition to know herself better and using her gifts. She shares her her work and how she went through a difficult time and able to navigate through that experience which was a turning point in her life. She dedicates her time to do same for others that she leads through her proven system to relief, heal, and the interpretation of dreams as well. 

Melissa spends lots of time in nature hiking. She does energy work on herself, swims, does yoga, spends regular time communicating with dear friends, and she meditates and also makes music. She also makes sure to speak Positively to herself. She checks any kind of negative thinking and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. She tries to behave in a compassionate way towards herself. And that has taken a long time to learn to do.

Melissa brings much to the table here in a genuine and unique manner that enlightens and brings lots of joy to our souls. 

She feels so much joy and much fulfillment in working with people’s dreams and in doing intuitive readings. She likes to working with private clients and do workshops, helping people discover how magical tapping into the messages of their dreams can be.

She can be contacted @:  Her Website:, Instagram: thenightisjungdreamguide

Facebook: The night is Jung,  Facebook group: The Night Is Jung Facebook Discussion group 415.446.9590, and 


Mar 29, 202137:31
Taking Charge of your Destiny with Rae Calnan

Taking Charge of your Destiny with Rae Calnan

Rae Caroline Calnan helps those at a crossroads in their life, heal their past, create their future, transform their present using Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Angelic Reiki, Guided Meditation, Angel/Oracle Cards & Hypnosis to take charge of their Destiny in the present.  Rae has been interested and involved in all things spiritual since she was a child where her parents took her to spiritualist churches, and she was surrounded by spiritual people. Although very spiritual Rae has an analytical mind that likes to look at how and why things work and question everything. Rae's journey since she was born has led her to heal her own past, create her own future and take charge of her own destiny. Rae’s purpose in this lifetime is to help others with their spiritual growth in a way that empowers themselves to spread their wings, to propel them to continue on their own magnificent journey.

- Rae takes us to her personal space and talks about her turning point when she took a challenging trip to Peru. Listening to her intuition and taking an unchartered course where she learnt a lot and become more empowered. Rae has always been open minded, asking questions for clarity. She loves Meditation, Self Healing with Angelic Reiki, breathing and reading to get centered and work on her goals and dreams. 

Listen to more of what Rae has to share, taking charge of her destiny. 

Contact Rae @:

Mar 22, 202139:24
Fulfilment and the Choices We Make Karen Hale!

Fulfilment and the Choices We Make Karen Hale!

Karen is a  Producer and Media Developer for a podcasting platform. She takes us to her personal journey and her deep longing to live a more independent life rather than having a man take care of her. How she navigated through life and the choices that she made doing what she loves. She turned moments that were meant to be sad for her, one that helped her find out what she had been missing and giving her time to reflect and find herself even more.

She took care of her mom while she was sick gave her the opportunity to see how much her mother loved her and reveal some secretes that she never shared with anyone. The conversation was so fluid with Karen as she also shared how she looks at every human working on bringing people together.

Karen took a leap of faith doing what she loves and looking at the things that happened to her on a professional level as opportunities to calibrate and appreciate the things in her life and move forward with even more confidence. Listen to this great talk and be inspired.

Karen can be contacted @:

Listen to her podcast New Cleveland radio @:

Thank you Karen for a great time together!

Mar 15, 202143:36
On a Mission to Spread the Message of Love with Laura West
Mar 01, 202151:40
Choose the Dream You Live with Baylan Megino

Choose the Dream You Live with Baylan Megino

Baylan Megino is a spiritual mentor for leaders finding New Direction that is centered in the heart and soul. As the founder of Global Dream Makers, she believes when you create your dream that you will be able to help others do the same, and as a result there will be peace in the world. She helps people define their compass to navigate the changes life brings by organizing all areas of their life into a simple blueprint, the Dream Maker Matrix™. With their dream life defined, all decisions become as simple as breathing. Baylan shares her personal jour and more...

- Baylan is ready to speak about the Queen’s Keys, self-empowerment beyond cultural limitations, 

- She also shares insights on aligned leadership, 

- How to navigate change and her own experience after life challenges.

- Baylan cannot emphasize enough how  stepping into your purposeful life direction is so vital.

- She is an advocate for peace and her work and purpose for doing what she does is peace.

To know more about Baylan and her work after listening to this episode, reach her @:,

Thank You Baylan for Your work!

Feb 15, 202143:13
Soul-Led Methods and Quantum Leaps with Stephanie Zito

Soul-Led Methods and Quantum Leaps with Stephanie Zito

Stephanie is an Intuitive Soul purpose Alchemist help soul-led women align with their soul purpose and turn their passions to profits. Stephanie shares her personal journey, how she followed her intuition and the results she has in her life thanks to that. This episode unfold with great insights to align with our inner soul for a more fulfilling life. Listen and be inspired as Stephanie talks about,

- Soul-Led Methods aligned with intentions to manifest what we desire.

- She also talks about quantum leaps and the possibilities we all have.

- Staying attentive to signs and opportunities thanks to our alignment with our inner soul.

- How breathing, pulling tarot, oracle, and meditation helps her reset.

Stephanie has a free gift to help you create a new belief you desire @

She can be reached at@

Feb 08, 202142:23
Our Creative Process and Healing with Marisa Handler

Our Creative Process and Healing with Marisa Handler

Marisa Handler—writer, singer-songwriter, teacher, and coach—is the author of the memoir Loyal to the Sky, which won a Nautilus Gold Award for world-changing books.  Her essays, fiction, journalism and poetry have appeared in The Sun, Orion,, Witness, Kosmos, Tikkun, 580 Split, and other publications.  Marisa earned her MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and has received numerous fellowships in Creative Writing, including a Fulbright and an Elizabeth George Foundation grant.  Her poem “The Vanishing” won the Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize and was nominated for a Pushcart.  She has taught Creative Writing at a range of places, including Mills College and Stanford University, and workshops on creativity, transformation, and meditation at Esalen, Spirit Rock, and the California Institute for Integral Studies.  She also works one-on-one as a Writing Coach and a Personal Transformation Coach.  Marisa has practiced Insight Meditation in retreats and daily life since 2002, and is also a committed practitioner of Byron Katie’s The Work, Authentic Movement, and Biodanza.  She is currently at work on a novel.  More at

- Marisa shares with us the Creative Process and how that impacts us.

- What healing is for her and how to process that.

- The ability to follow your gut and make decisions that are in alignment with your passion and taking an un-chartered course.

- She also talks about Awakening - find out as you listen ...

- Marisa is currently working on a novel, "Abiding Awakening" soon to be out.

- She has carved out some great time for every Tuesday evening for Writing and Meditation Journey over Zoom which is FREE Contact Marisa to be part of this amazing and empowering space. I love it.

- Marisa can be reached at: AND for Tuesday evening Writing & Meditation journey over zoom:

Feb 05, 202144:25
Crypto Currency and the Future with Samantha Jane James

Crypto Currency and the Future with Samantha Jane James

Samantha is that authentic being who uses her amazing gift to help people reach their goals as she guides, provides clarity. She started her career path in finances, where she retired after working for many years. After retiring, she decided to become even more impactful by following that path and using the special gift that she has always known to have. Listen to Samantha as a crypto currency expert who can help you attain financial liberty. Samantha has shared a link with us for those of you who want to know more about Crypto, it is a basic course to learn more about it. She shares,

- Her work in the financial industry and her knowledge in Crypto Currency.

- The investment in Crypto Currency and making choices that empowers financially.

- Providing the right guide to her audience to prevent all the hassle and disappointment that people experience.

- Her specialty as a medium and how she engages to assist those in her world.

- Her mindset and strong core values enable her to remove herself from all that does not align with her.

- The special gift as a medium that she has always known and using that gift to guide others in many ways.

- The financial Collapse and third world countries.

- Her work and the great team she has working with her and how she is also advancing her learning in the Crypto world to be that go to person.

Samantha has left us with sites where she can be contacted or where her work can experienced and not only that where you can start learning about Crypto Currency as well. The link for Ivan on Tech in the event you want to educate themselves on crypto currencies and take a basic course to learn all about it


Twitter: @samanthajane73 Patreon: 

You Tube: or 


Feb 01, 202153:20
The Big Hairy Monster That Hold You Back From Success with Sue Wilhite

The Big Hairy Monster That Hold You Back From Success with Sue Wilhite

Sue Wilhite specializes in getting her clients unstuck and encouraging them to fulfill their own destinies. She’s a best-selling author, Law of Attraction coach, and Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner. She spent over a decade of her early career in various IT departments doing programming and database design in the Silicon Valley, resulting in a healing crisis in the form of an ulcer. Sue decided it was time to switch gears and go into business for herself. After working for and owning businesses large and small, including running an independent bookstore, Sue found that her biggest passion is helping entrepreneurs get over their money blocks so they can have a thriving business, and leading to her nickname as the “Profit Attraction Master.” Sue is known as a brilliant and inspiring speaker, and loves to make difficult or complex subjects understandable and relatable. She shares with us,

- The big hairy monster that holds us back from Success

- Her transition from IT working at Silicon Valley to Doing owning business with partners.

-  After a great health set-back she discovered alternative healing and became a law of attraction coach, and a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

- Sue resets by stomping her feet and screaming.

- Her next goal is to host a summit around alternative healing and self-empowerment.

Sue can be contacted @: For a free 45 minute conversation to help you move forward with your goals (NO SELLING!),

Thank you Sue for your time and inspiring share!


Jan 25, 202145:51
 Communication Strategies in Sales with Oliver Reade

Communication Strategies in Sales with Oliver Reade

Oliver is a sales coach, trainer and the Founder of Reade Consultancy. He started his career as a tech gig before having interest in sales. His experience as a sales person and doing call calls while taking all the insults and negative response has not stopped him from thriving in what he loves. Listen to Oliver share great insights that will help you strategize with new communication skills by setting an intention to serve.

- He shares with us his personal interest in sales and how he learnt.

- He also shares how he had to move to Hong Kong where he had a fresh start with a new reality and learning a new language.

- Oliver provides us with some great ways on how to prepare before a call with an intention to serve.

- He is also shares some of his work with his new business and the FREE PRODUCT than you can start listening to build your confidence in making sales calls.

- Being a very authentic person, he also brings to light the problem of entitlement rather people taking responsibilities for their lives.

- Get to know also how Oliver primes himself to stick to his schedule and see how that can help you stay consistent.

You can contact Oliver at:

Visit His Website and get the FREE PRODUCT @:

For any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any questions or even get on a call with Oliver using his email above.


Jan 18, 202143:51
The importance of Healthy Routines and how they show in our everyday life with Harrison Penny

The importance of Healthy Routines and how they show in our everyday life with Harrison Penny

Harrison is the Founder of Authentic Process, a platform aimed at expanding awareness around health. He focuses on helping people those who work 9-5 jobs with little time to take care of themselves. He has created a great program not forgetting a  3-PART FREE VIDEO SERIES which I would ask you to check out. His contact and website will be at the end of this description. He shares with us,

- What healthy routines are and their effectiveness in our health and well-being.

- The program he has created and how this works and the benefits you will get from it.

- How to actually start making those small decisions on a daily basis by priming yourself.

- Meditation and Forward Reflection to keep up the momentum.

- His personal challenges and how he was able to navigate through them and actually start a new exciting journey to make more impact.

- Making decisions to harness your growth and not relying on what others want you to do at the same time stay open minded to take lessons that empower you and align with your core values.

Check out Harrison's website and contact him for any questions @: Website: 

 Instagram: Harrison_penney


Jan 11, 202150:50
Find Your True Authentic Self and Start Taking Action with Lili Kassai

Find Your True Authentic Self and Start Taking Action with Lili Kassai

Lili is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Teacher who started out not really loving the different work that she was doing until she decided to move where she had no family or friends which was a difficult decision. Nevertheless, it turned out to be the best decision as she found her passion and became so committed to doing the things that build her up which has made a whole difference in her career. Lili shares insights on,

- How changes in the world can be a catalyst to help us change learn and grow especially in our careers.

- She shares her own journey and the difficulties she encountered and decisions she had to make for better outcome.

- Finding your true self, or authentic self and taking actions that are worthwhile.

- How planning on a daily basis, or weekly can make a whole difference in ones life when you stick to the plan.

- Having the ability to say no to things that distracts you from your daily work.

- Becoming more in charge by staying away from social media.

- Eating healthy and meditation, journaling, running, yoga are all very important for her to stay focused and in tune with her true self.

Lili has created a program that can help you become more in charge in what you choose to do with your and you can find that by going to her website below and also includes a FREE PART VIDEO SERIES.


Jan 04, 202146:56
Clean Eating for a Pain Free Life with Lydia Walker!

Clean Eating for a Pain Free Life with Lydia Walker!

Lydia is passionate about health and clean eating. She made this decision following her own experience living in pain for over 10 years. She was open to learn and took steps that have led her to living without pain. In this episode she shares that with us and many more challenges that she has overcome. Lydia gets personal and shares,

- Her personal journey and her pain due to what she had been eating.

- What healthy food means to her and what she eats and how she make her choices.

- Her growth mindset and what that really means to her as a person to change the things she wants to in her life.

- How she missed death and realized how fortunate she was to be alive and never stopped pushing herself.

- Surrounding herself with like minded people and doing the things that would build her up.

- She also loves to read, and this has enabled her to learn and grow.

- She urges people to do their own research before making decisions for themselves. 

Lydia also shares with us some documentaries that are eye opening for better understanding of what we put in our mouth,

1. What the Health

2. Super Size Me

3. Forks Over Knives

3. Vegucated

4. Kiss the Ground

Contact Lydia @:

Dec 28, 202050:09
The Details in What We Want Matters with Mary Tapa

The Details in What We Want Matters with Mary Tapa

This episode is one that I decided to talk about "CLARITY" which for the past years has proven to be important when we decide or start thinking about what we would love or want in any area of our life. I thought about it very early in the morning and decided to record it as an episode especially now that the New Year is right around the corner. Here, I talk about,

- My journey when I started thinking about my life partner.

- The power of clarity and being able to notice how it is not only important, but absolutely necessary.

- Being aligned with your core values and connecting with your inner light.

- The results match whatever was thought of and visualized, because results never lie.

- The emotions are very important in the process as you feel as if you were living that life already.

I hope you enjoy the episode, and please do not hesitate to subscribe, write a review, and leave a comment or ask any questions as I am always open and available to listen and talk more. Also you can visit my website below,

Dec 21, 202020:42
Just Do It! Do not wait for Perfection to get Started and the Myth About Women liberation with Khaoula!

Just Do It! Do not wait for Perfection to get Started and the Myth About Women liberation with Khaoula!

Khaoula, is the Host of Women with Stories Podcast which I highly recommend that you listen to. If you are hesitant about taking certain actions for yourself this episode will wake you up. This episode on Insight Out Alignment has great insights on topics that matter to humanity. Her thoughts after having health issues on leaving her own print in the lives of others. She talks about her experience and travelling, her turning point and starting her journey towards an unchartered course. Here you will find all these and more;

- Her view point on getting rich quick as opposed to taking steps that build you up. Because at the end of the day, it is who you become that matters.

- How travelling solo opened her mind and enabled her to embrace diversity.

- She also gives great insights on the myth about women liberation.

- The importance of taking action rather than waiting for perfection, "Just Do It"

- Her routine that keeps her aligned with her core values and help her make decisions that are worthwhile.

You can reach Khaoula @,

Dec 07, 202039:03
Point at Yourself and take Responsibility with Steve Fierro!

Point at Yourself and take Responsibility with Steve Fierro!

Episode 27 with Steve who have worked as a banker before to going to wall street as a derivative broker and have travelled to many countries like Tokyo, London... provides us with great insights. Steve's work background would make you think his conversation will be about finances and all that comes with it, but his open mind to learn and be more conscious of who he is  as a human and taking care of self is one to listen to and be inspired. This episode covers many aspects of life:

- From an understanding of what viruses are to what causes diseases.

- His personal experience with illness, his awareness and healing journey.

- Reprogramming of the Subconscious Mind and what comes with that knowing who he is without his body.

- The importance of taking ownership and responsibility by pointing the finger at yourself.

- His open mind learning from experts and his love for reading is one that has made a difference in his life.

- He Meditates and getting present in the now knowing his thoughts are just stories that he can change.

- He is the host of the Awakened Mind Podcast with an aim to make great impact to empower people and help them understand they are complete in themselves.

- Steve can be contacted @: 

 "awakened mind podcast" 

 YT "health awareness vitality abundance" channel

Nov 30, 202051:43
Thoughts and their Power Reflecting in our Reality!

Thoughts and their Power Reflecting in our Reality!

In this 26th Episode, I talk about the Power of Thoughts and how they are directly linked to the results we have in every area of our lives. 

- The thoughts we allow and their effects in our lives.

- The Invisible Thoughts and the power they have is synonymous to the Wind.

- How to Change disempowering thoughts to more empowering thoughts for better results.

- Thoughts and our subconscious Mind.

 Check out my three part video to have clarity on what you want on the website below


Nov 23, 202014:35
Talking Yourself Down Versus Talking Yourself Up, a solo cast with your Host, Mary Tapa!

Talking Yourself Down Versus Talking Yourself Up, a solo cast with your Host, Mary Tapa!

In this 25th episode of Insight Out Alignment, I decided to go on a solo journey with you with a focus on Self. I talk about our relationship with ourselves and how we tend to treat ourselves on a personal level. The consideration and attention we give to self is vital in guiding us to take care of others and how others will see us. I hope you enjoy this time and pay attention to what you say about YOU!

- You cannot give what you do not have.

- Do your part in making self love and self care a priority so you can be able to take care of others.

- Praise yourself and stop criticizing every bit of you

- Avoid finding yourself among those who talk you down.

- What makes you laugh do those things and also discover other things.

- How good are you in accepting complements graciously.

Enjoy this time with me and connect with me at for my gift of time with you to assist you get to the root cause of what is holding you back. 

To Your Well-being,


Nov 16, 202025:54
A shifting society and how to find one's path with Anders Bolling!

A shifting society and how to find one's path with Anders Bolling!

Anders Bolling is a humanist, globalist and seeker. He has traveled a lot but lived most of his life in Sweden. He has dedicated the lion’s share of his working life to journalism. He has also written a few books. As from December 1st he will no longer be employed as a journalist. However, he wants to span the borders between society, science and spirituality. He is the host of the podcast, Mind the Shift. In this episode, he shares great insights about his personal journey, the shift of the society, and more;

- Finding his path as a journalist at a very young age.

- The nature of reality and our connection as humans to it.

- Our shifting society and the mindset to adopt during this shift.

- Finding one's own path and getting connected to the things we are passionate about.

- His personal challenge and how he went about it and the result.

- What he does to stay focus and keep his mind and body together.

Contact Anders at the following sites, and take time to listen to some great topics that he explores with his guests which are very empowering and providing great insights to enhance personal growth and mindset.

Nov 11, 202001:09:07
Self Love and Forgiveness with Mary Seifert

Self Love and Forgiveness with Mary Seifert

Mary is a certified life coach and owner of Self Love Expressions and Radical Bootcamps. Mary share lots of great insights which gives an opportunity to self-reflect. She shares with an open heart her journey and the work she did on herself by taking ownership and responsibility to recreate that vibrant and confident person that we all yearn for. Take time to start your week and let the message sink and empower you. She shares with us how,

- Lack of self love destroys us and our relationships.

- How triggers are signs of unhealed work so pay attention

- Taking ownership and stop being a victim

- The moment of truth with no one to blame and what she did after that

- Raised three kids and a survivor of domestic violence

- Building her dream through the law of attraction, forgiveness and the four stages of consciousness.

- The practice of gratitude and impact in changing our energy.

Contact Mary @,

- Self love expressions or @selflovebootcampgroup on Facebook 

- www.

Nov 02, 202057:24
Change the Way You Look at Things to Change your Results with Branka Milangela
Oct 28, 202041:13
Weaving through Your sacred Cocoon with Akashic Mentor Jen Duchene

Weaving through Your sacred Cocoon with Akashic Mentor Jen Duchene

Episode 21 with Jen Duchene Akashic Mentor, a Soul Guide, Teacher, Author Creator of the Illuminating Journey of cards enlightens us in an immense way to work from Insight Out. Jen's journey and work will enable you see how powerful we can be if we are conscious of what we have in recognition of our divine essence. Jen shares with us,

- The myths we live with thanks to our beliefs that hold us back and keeps us feeling unstable.

- How speaking our truth opposed to the words and beliefs of others can enhance our life.

- The meaning of foundation and change and finding peace in chaos.

- Relationships and our illusion about them and why we fear change.

- How she was able to recreate everything in dark times in her personal life by shifting perspective.

- Her work as an Akashic Mentor and creating her illuminating journey and learning to trust herself.

Contact Jen via,


You Tube 

facebook page fb group 


Oct 19, 202045:60
20th Episode, Yoga and healing, Yogic Diet, Meditation and More with Stacie Dooreck!

20th Episode, Yoga and healing, Yogic Diet, Meditation and More with Stacie Dooreck!

Stacie Dooreck is a certified yoga Instructor, since 1995 and author of Sunlight Chair Yoga books. She brings to Insight Out Alignment another spice that only helps us see how much we can make conscious changes to enhance our well-being in many aspects. Take a deep Breath and be Inspired.

Stacie shares with us,

- What Yoga is and its essence in our life

- Changes that we can make in accordance with our situation and still get the benefits by doing the proper Exercise.

- Yoga and its healing power, incorporated with meditation as they go together

- Taking into consideration a healthy Yogic Diet and its Significance.

- Positive Thinking, Conscious Relaxation, Yogic Relaxation and Yoga for everyone.

- The principle of Non-Violence in Relation to Yoga.

Take advantage of this 20th Episode with the gifts Stacie has for you when you visit her website and take one step at a time in your health and well-being,

Oct 14, 202058:35
The Urge for Global Transformation and why its Critical with Jean Jung -Part 2

The Urge for Global Transformation and why its Critical with Jean Jung -Part 2

This is in two segments due to some technical issues and since I do not edit I decided to publish as it is. As a human with my flaws and many things  that I do not yet know technically. Thank you for focusing on the content.

So enjoy this second Segment. Jean Jung is Transformational Life Coach, Writing Coach, Writer, Editor,  Dancer, and Performance Artist. Listen to this first segment of where she talks about her practice and evolution to find Self. She shares great Insights that benefits the world at large. Listen and enjoy.

- You can contact Jean at,

Email for a free consultation; read my blog post on Transformation during COVID19 Lockdown at

Oct 14, 202025:34
The Urge for Global Transformation and why its Critical with Jean Jung -Part 1

The Urge for Global Transformation and why its Critical with Jean Jung -Part 1

Jean Jung is Transformational Life Coach, Writing Coach, Writer, Editor,  Dancer, and Performance Artist. Listen to this first segment of where she talks about her practice and evolution to find Self. She shares great Insights that benefits the world at large. Listen and enjoy.

Contact Jean at; Email for a free consultation; read my blog post on Transformation during COVID19 Lockdown at

Oct 14, 202019:24
Healing Empowerment Via Music, Ritual, Ceremony with Jaime Black!

Healing Empowerment Via Music, Ritual, Ceremony with Jaime Black!

It was great having Jaime On Insight Out Alignment with a touch of her music and very powerful Messages that only keeps connecting each of us to our authentic self. Her soothing music, her journey gives us more reasons to be open minded in respect of others and what they have to offer and ourselves. Some of the things she shares include;

- Discovering our Scared Purpose and Responding to Circumstances.

- The Gift of Breathing and taking time alone.

- Our connection with earth, giving to earth and also ripping the benefits.

- Rituals on the New and Full moons and setting Intention as what to let go and what to call in.

- How she disconnects with the Matrix and goes into nature.

Connect with Jaime via the following and listen to more of her music and lots more she has to offer;

Oct 05, 202001:03:59