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Massage StartUp

Massage StartUp

By Massage StartUp

A show about what it's really like to start a massage business. Hear from massage business owners and learn about their journey.
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#25: What Massage Business Owners Have Learned from Growing up Broke

Massage StartUpJun 20, 2023

#25: What Massage Business Owners Have Learned from Growing up Broke
Jun 20, 202314:33
#24: Massage Instructor Therapy
May 24, 202316:60
#23: Startup Therapy
May 10, 202315:50
# 22: How to Solve a Problem on Your Own Terms
May 02, 202321:31
#21: Imposter

#21: Imposter

No matter your achievements, there's always a feeling that you're not doing it right. That everyone else has it all figured out, and you don't belong. This is Imposter Syndrome. Don't worry, you're not alone. Most successful massage business owners feel this every single day, and even worse, it never goes away.

Apr 24, 202313:20
#20: A Full 180

#20: A Full 180

In this episode we have a long, in-depth conversation with Monica Garza, AMTA TX Chapter board member about her start up journey. A story 15 years in the making!

Nov 15, 202201:24:17
#19: On Location Part 1
Sep 17, 202127:25
#18: Alone

#18: Alone

We spend so much time working on our new business we often lose important connections with some of those around us. And because most of the people we know don't have a clue as to what it's like to open their own business, they can't possibly understand what you're going through. This can be extremely lonely. 

Get some free resources for your startup and support the show by visiting our website at

Aug 16, 202127:04
#17: Feeling the Pain
Aug 07, 202111:41
#16: Have the Talk
Jul 26, 202122:28
#15: A No-Show

#15: A No-Show

Getting "back to normal" presents challenges of a different kind. Are you experiencing any of these challenges? Let us know! (This episode is short, and a little ranty!).

This was recorded on a phone. 

Jun 25, 202109:14
#14: Closed Again - Caution Wet Floor

#14: Closed Again - Caution Wet Floor

As a business owner, it's on you. Same for public officials. VOTE

Nov 03, 202013:05
#13: Famous
Aug 03, 202015:21
#12: Will Your Business Survive Covid-19?
Mar 29, 202020:32
#11: Massage Therapists v.s. Covid - 19

#11: Massage Therapists v.s. Covid - 19

Many massage business owners are concerned about their future. I share one way that can help get your business back and running after this COVID-19 crisis. It may not work for all business models, but it is a suggestion. 

Mar 21, 202009:27
#10: Tax Mess
Feb 09, 202022:52
#9: Round Up

#9: Round Up

In this final episode of Season 1, we recap key points and highlights of previous episodes. We also dive deep into one of the most popular episodes of season 1, How to Hire Massage Therapists. We get into some listener questions about this very particular episode. 

Jan 08, 202020:53
#8: How to Hire Massage Therapists

#8: How to Hire Massage Therapists

When your small massage startup starts to grow, it's time to hire a massage therapist to help you with clients. But how do you do this? In this episode we share some strategies that can help you select the best therapist for your massage business. 

Dec 14, 201925:49
#7: Part 2, Living in Paradise
Nov 27, 201925:48
#6: Part 1, Living in Paradise
Nov 21, 201912:49
#5: Wounded Warriors

#5: Wounded Warriors

We want to dedicate this episode to all of the service members and their families. Today is 11, November, 2019. Veteran's Day. In this episode we talk with Jodi Bellucci, a massage therapist who worked on a military sanctioned clinic which specialized in helping soldiers suffering from PTSD. At the time, it was one of a kind.. There is a startup story here. Full disclosure, there is also some strong topics such as assault, sexual violence and suicide. This episode is not appropriate for kids. Discretion is advised. You can learn more about this clinic in this news paper article.
Nov 11, 201936:20
#4: Part 2, Being a Massage Therapist at a Start Up
Nov 04, 201924:36
#3: Part 1, Being a Massage Therapist at a Start Up
Oct 23, 201914:60
#2: Stop the ANTS!

#2: Stop the ANTS!

ANTS can kill your business before you even get started. Don't let that happen. 

Oct 15, 201914:43
#1: Seriously though, why?

#1: Seriously though, why?

An important question to answer about what drives you to open your massage business.

Oct 08, 201914:48
Introducing Massage StartUp

Introducing Massage StartUp

Massage StartUp is a series about starting a massage therapy business, entrepreneurial life, big dreams and small budgets. It's taken from real world scenarios that you don't learn in massage school. At all. The focus? How to start, survive, grow, hire, fire and grind. Oh, and how to work the numbers. Yes, you have to work the numbers.

Sep 28, 201901:18