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Matters of Influence

Matters of Influence

By Debbie Frapp

Welcome to Matters of Influence. Creating awareness and alignment today, to become your best self tomorrow.
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Becoming More Matters

Matters of InfluenceSep 07, 2023

Becoming More Matters
Sep 07, 202332:32
Resilience & Grit Matters

Resilience & Grit Matters

The definition for resilience reads the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape. Grit is defined as courage and resolve; strength of character. Those definition describe our guest Matt "Brutal" Gruidl as he shares his story of resilience and how it has lead him to success in his life.

Matt currently serves as the co-leader for Keller Williams Realty Internationals KW Military Community.

Jul 04, 202327:01
Generational Diversity Matters
Apr 14, 202331:15
Championing Others Matters

Championing Others Matters

In this episode we interview Miss Val on her passion for creating champions in life and not just in the gym.  See below for a complete bio and to purchase her book.


Valorie Kondos Field, aka Miss Val, as she’s affectionately known by the scores of champion gymnasts she’s coached over her career—has no background in gymnastics. She never tumbled, flipped, or played any type of organized sport. And yet she became a legendary, hall of fame coach, through curiosity, creativity, attention to detail, and unwavering care for the overall well-being of her athletes.

Head coach of the seven-time NCAA Champion, 22-time Regional and 18-time Pac-12 Champion UCLA Women’s Gymnastics team, Miss Val was inducted into the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010. The four-time “National Coach of the Year” was recently named “West Region Coach” of the Year, Pac-12 Coach of the Year, and “Coach of the Century” for her solid track record as a preeminent coach.

Crediting her mentor, legendary basketball coach John Wooden, and the Olympians and athletes with whom she’s worked, Miss Val’s success is due to her extraordinary leadership and mentorship of young student-athletes, and the way in which she uses gymnastics as an avenue through which to teach valuable life lessons.

In her book, LIFE IS SHORT, DON’T WAIT TO DANCE, Miss Val shares personal stories, anecdotes and lessons learned throughout the 37-year career of a dancer/choreographer turned athletic coach. She shares stories about the Olympians and athletes with whom she’s worked, explains how her diagnosis with breast cancer actually turned into one of the best years of her life, and expounds on how she shaped her UCLA Gymnastics program as a life skills class. For Miss Val, it’s not about winning and losing, it’s about choreographing your life< and owning the choices you make.

Miss Val is a dynamic speaker and choreographer. She lights up a crowd with her enthusiasm and zest for life, and mesmerizes audiences with her spectacular ability to entertain. And, as a newly retired head coach, she’s ready to spread her joy even further.

Mar 17, 202334:57
MAGIC Matters - It's a Magical Interview
Jan 20, 202330:58
Stories Matter with Nancy Ormon
Jun 03, 202228:00
Depleted Matters

Depleted Matters

In this episode Terrie and I are discussing how the impact of the last two years through an extended, world wide traumatic time has had on us as leaders.  We hope this episode will create the awareness on how we are not just tired, we are depleted and so are our people.  As a result we need to lean in and evaluate where we are in all areas of our life.  What values may have shifted and what do we need to be replenished.  

May 20, 202222:49
Wealth Building Matters
May 06, 202232:36
OUT OF THE VAULT - Unstoppable Matters
Apr 22, 202235:54
Values Matter

Values Matter

In this episode we define values, the impact they have on our lives and how are goals should be in alignment and helps us achieve our values.

We lay out some simple tasks to help you identify if you goals are in alignment with your true self and values.

Mar 04, 202220:12
Goal Patterns Matter

Goal Patterns Matter

Are you suffering from goal fatigue?  We discuss what goal fatigue, the signs and symptoms of goal fatigue and the cycle's an organization or team goes through and how goals change depending on which phase or cycle your team or organization is in.

Feb 04, 202229:20
Words Matter

Words Matter

In this kick off to the New Year 2022; we share a practice on selecting a word for the year.  

Jan 07, 202221:59
The Danger Zone Matters
Jul 16, 202131:15
Being Unstoppable Matters
Jul 02, 202135:04
Boundaries Still Matter (Boundaries 2.0)
Jun 26, 202131:40
Money Matters
Apr 23, 202132:31
Boundaries Matter

Boundaries Matter

Boundaries while a simple concept and yet it's not easy.  We will either set up boundaries purposely or they will be done by default and remember we teach people how to treat us.  Remember, boundaries are good and necessary for healthy relationships. Boundaries let people know what behaviors make you want to be around them and what behaviors are simply not acceptable to you. Boundaries let other people know how you expect to be treated.

Mar 12, 202127:44
Evoking Awareness Matters

Evoking Awareness Matters

Evoke - calling forth.  How can we can call forth your awareness that leads to understanding and then change.  We discuss what the awareness looks like for us and give you a few strategies on how and why you would want to create for yourself

Feb 26, 202125:43
Healing Matters

Healing Matters

The 2020 has left many if not all of us experiencing some degree of trauma.  Specifically if you are in any kind of leadership it is vital that you raise your awareness for yourself and the leads others.  In this episode we define trauma and outline how to identify if you have or are experiencing a trauma.  We will give you steps and strategies in how to heal yourself and then how to be available and assist others in their healing.

Feb 12, 202119:16
Reflection Matters

Reflection Matters

We reflect on the year of 2020 and how the process of reflecting moves us forward.  Great lessons for learning and growth.

Jan 08, 202127:43
Vision Matters

Vision Matters

In this episode we address the reality of what happens with your vision when things out of your control shift your vision.  How do you reset, recreate yourself and the vision you have for yourself and in leadership.

Jun 12, 202031:45
Essence Matters

Essence Matters

Your essence is fully you.  Your potential, your potency, is your flavor of life and it matters in everything you do.  In this episode we explore the concept of essence and how it can impact your satisfaction in your life and your career.  

May 29, 202027:19
Embracing Empathy Matters
May 08, 202028:52
Understanding Behavior in Crisis Matters
Apr 17, 202031:58
Health at Home Matters
Apr 12, 202051:22
Understanding Energy Matters
Apr 10, 202028:32
Positive Mindsets Matter
Apr 03, 202021:36
Financial Coaching Matters
Mar 28, 202030:06
The Journey Matters
Mar 07, 202038:14
Purpose Matters
Feb 21, 202022:19
What's Next Matters
Jan 24, 202028:11
Emotions Do Matter

Emotions Do Matter

What are your emotion's telling you?  Are you listening?

Jan 17, 202030:50
Stillness Matters
Dec 13, 201920:60
Generations Matter

Generations Matter

Did you know that in our workforce - it's the first time we have 4 (sometimes) 5 generations?  What makes this complicated are the needs are different - what makes it exciting is how we can learn so much more and get their faster when we take advantage of it.  Listen as I interview Terrie on the topic - and she's got some great references on it as well!


Nov 15, 201929:22
Accountability Matters
Nov 01, 201927:41
Catalyst Matters

Catalyst Matters

In the episode we are sharing some of our many insights and take aways from an annual leadership conference called:  Catalyst Leader.  Who we are as a leader impact every relationship in our lives.

Oct 18, 201926:49
Blindspots & Leadership Matters
Oct 04, 201925:45
SPECIAL Interview with Brandi Taylor
Sep 11, 201927:52
Energy Matters

Energy Matters

In the episode we explore the difference types of energy and their impact on our lives.

Sep 06, 201925:55
CHANGE Matters
Aug 23, 201926:59
Creating Matters

Creating Matters

In this episode we will explore the work of Dr. Stephen Karpman's work on the Drama Triangle and David Emerald's work on the opposite of that triangle.  We explore how this context filter produces the outcomes and results of our life.  In the end, we can shift our context and get more of the things we say we want in our lives.

Aug 09, 201927:23
Emotions Matters

Emotions Matters

In this episode we explore the world of emotions.  We all have them and yet we can get so much more information from our emotions if we reflect.  We will cover 6 of the painful emotions and outline what we can learn from them to help us get more of what we want.

Jul 26, 201930:50
Vulnerability Matters

Vulnerability Matters

"Life is not about how much you can pack into your days - it's about the impact you can make with your days." - Valorie Burton.

In this episode we will explore the ways we are vulnerable in how we use our time.  Our greatest teacher and key area of vulnerabilities is our non-renewable resource of time.

Jul 01, 201927:13
Letting Go Matters

Letting Go Matters

In our last episode on Transparency we talked about letting go.  This episode explore letting go as leaders through delegation.  

Jun 05, 201925:10
Matters of Transparency

Matters of Transparency

As leaders one key to connection with our people is transparency.  In the episode we look at what transparency is and what benefit happens as a result.

May 03, 201917:17
Matters of Organizational Cycles

Matters of Organizational Cycles

Just as we experience life cycles, so does your team or organization.  We'll identify the various cycles (stages), symptoms and strategies to grow and identify your current cycle.

May 02, 201925:05
Introduction of your Hosts and the Matters of Influence Podcast

Introduction of your Hosts and the Matters of Influence Podcast

We will recording our first episode in the coming weeks.  In the meantime please feel free to visit our Blog Site.

Here you can learn more about each of the hosts and enjoy our blog posts. 

Apr 24, 201911:07