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DeCent People

DeCent People

By Matthew Leising

Conversations with the builders, visionaries and founders who are making the blockchain-based web3 world a reality.
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DeCent People with Adam Jackson of Braintrust

DeCent PeopleFeb 04, 2022

Stephen Laddin introducing Lights Camera Crypto

Stephen Laddin introducing Lights Camera Crypto

Stephen Laddin first headed to Los Angeles from the east coast to start a career in writing and music production. After a short stint at CAA, where he discovered being an agent wasn't for him, he began interviewing comics and landed a gig with High Times magazine. He's been a podcast host on this show and we're very pleased to announce that his new show, Lights Camera Crypto, will debut later this week. LCC is all about where web3 meets entertainment, film and TV, and you can find it anywhere you find DeCent People.

Nov 30, 202230:00
Chris Castig
Nov 22, 202250:34
Emin Gün Sirer
Nov 15, 202258:49
Kosala Hemachandra
Nov 08, 202256:44
Ben Edgington
Nov 01, 202259:54
Anthony D'Onofrio, aka texture
Oct 25, 202201:07:38
Austin Federa
Oct 20, 202253:23
Ben Simon
Oct 11, 202256:48
Lex Sokolin
Oct 04, 202255:54
Ryan Breslow
Sep 27, 202245:38
Jeremy Fall
Sep 20, 202240:11
Joe Lubin

Joe Lubin

Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin joins us to talk about the historic Merge update to the blockchain where it's switching from proof-of-work to proof -of-stake. 

Sep 13, 202249:46
Tino Vivo
Sep 06, 202232:48
Mack Flavelle
Aug 30, 202235:16
Jack Sheehan
Aug 23, 202232:59
Shevy Smith and Khalid Jones
Aug 16, 202241:43
Tara Fung
Aug 09, 202254:41
Adam Levine, aka Adamtastic
Aug 02, 202233:47
Aaron Penne
Jul 26, 202235:34
Justin Hochberg
Jul 12, 202235:45
Abhishek Bhaskar

Abhishek Bhaskar

India's leading beatboxer and NFT artist Abhishek Bhaskar, aka ABVERSE, discusses transforming his voice into visuals through the Metavoice project, his foray into beatboxing, and creating the world's first ever beatboxing generated digital art NFT series.

Jul 05, 202230:31
Aaron Albano
Jun 28, 202238:26
Danny Casale
Jun 21, 202234:55
Alex Todd
Jun 14, 202236:34
Bryan Brinkman
Jun 07, 202253:29
Griff Green
May 31, 202201:10:53
Robbie Trevino
May 24, 202242:13
Kristin Smith
May 17, 202242:14
Christian Hardy
May 10, 202240:34
Jeff Dorman
May 03, 202232:60
Kirill Gertman
Apr 29, 202240:51
Dawn Newton
Apr 26, 202251:21
Eric Tung
Apr 22, 202244:33
Matt Cutler
Apr 20, 202259:02
Mitch Ngo
Apr 12, 202246:08
Parker McCurley
Apr 08, 202246:19
A bonus conversation with Charles Cascarilla of Paxos
Apr 06, 202225:31
Apr 05, 202246:15
Jill Gunter
Apr 01, 202201:00:02
Amanda Cassatt
Mar 25, 202256:55
Scott Lewis
Mar 22, 202251:18
Chris Giancarlo
Mar 18, 202201:01:58
Tim Beiko
Mar 15, 202247:26
Erin Plante
Mar 08, 202258:05
Adam Jackson part 2
Mar 04, 202238:23
Ryan Selkis
Mar 01, 202201:27:05
Georgio Constantinou
Feb 25, 202241:46
Doug Petkanics
Feb 25, 202237:52
Jess Sloss
Feb 11, 202242:55
Anthony Sassano
Feb 08, 202201:09:44
DeCent People with Adam Jackson of Braintrust
Feb 04, 202235:05
DeCent People Podcast with Meltem Demirors of CoinShares

DeCent People Podcast with Meltem Demirors of CoinShares

We speak with Meltem Demirors about her long journey into crypto, how the energy in the energy industry is a lot like the vibe in web3 right now, and her ability to perform well in chaotic environments. 

Jan 25, 202254:44