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MAUDCAST with Maud Arnold

MAUDCAST with Maud Arnold

By Maud Arnold

Hosted by Maud Arnold, world-renowned tap dancer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and joy expert. This weekly show will leave you feeling uplifted, empowered and joyful. Learn strategies to increase your personal joy and practice self-love! Featuring some of the most incredible artists, professionals and human beings.

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Shaka Senghor: Authenticity without Expectation

MAUDCAST with Maud ArnoldJan 11, 2022

Shaka Senghor: Authenticity without Expectation
Jan 11, 202201:01:49
#37 - Ryan Jones

#37 - Ryan Jones

On today's Maudcast, Maud is joined by her friend Ryan Jones, who is running for DC Attorney General! Ryan talks DC, DC laws, equity and JOY! You can support his campaign at Thank you Ryan, for speaking up and taking action!

Ryan is an attorney and candidate in the race for DC Attorney General. Follow Ryan on Instagram @rljesq to stay in the loop, and learn more at!

Follow Maud at @maudiepooh and visit her website to stay in touch!

May 31, 202155:34
#36 - Anissa Lee
May 17, 202159:52
#35 - Pamela Yasutake
May 10, 202101:13:40
#34 - Gisele Silva
May 04, 202101:03:29
#33 - Brandon O’Neal
Apr 27, 202159:56
#31 - Melinda Sullivan
Apr 05, 202101:09:11
#30 - Kristen Renee Ingram
Mar 15, 202101:03:04
#29: Bahia Overton (Part Two)
Mar 02, 202151:35
#28: Dr. Rhonda Jordan-Antoine
Feb 24, 202101:04:13
#27: Bahia Overton (Part One)
Feb 16, 202101:00:26
#26: Felton Brown
Feb 09, 202101:01:16
#25: Elijah Shaw
Feb 03, 202101:02:24
#24: Gael-Sylvia Pullen
Jan 19, 202101:02:33
#23: Lenny Williams and Jeff Dess (Trill or Not Trill)

#23: Lenny Williams and Jeff Dess (Trill or Not Trill)

WARNING- After listening to this #MAUDCAST you may be overtaken with inspiration & knowledge that propel into more greatness! Thank you @professor.williams @mrjeffdess @trillornottrill, I Love y’all! You elevate every space you enter. Thank you for sharing your gems, experiences and wisdom! Your passion for education & people are palpable! #maudcast #trillornottrill

Jan 12, 202101:08:02
#22: Barbara Arnold - My Mom (Part Two)

#22: Barbara Arnold - My Mom (Part Two)

“Tell Me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious Life?” #MaryOliver by way of my mom @isabella.francesca ! My mom dropping so many gems and so much love!!! Henceforth, 1 Monday a month will be my mom’s takeover of the Maudcast!! Thank you all for tuning in!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! #maudify #maudcast #thankful #mommyandme

Jan 05, 202101:02:03
#21: Barbara Arnold - My Mom (Part One)
Dec 28, 202001:02:28
MAUDCAST #20: Jeff Dess & Lenny Williams

MAUDCAST #20: Jeff Dess & Lenny Williams

“If you worry about other people’s opinions, you will die.” @professor.williams ‘ Grandma! That and SO MANY gems were dropped today with my brothers @mrjeffdess @professor.williams @trillornottrill !! Get their Book “”We wear kicks to work” today!! Fortify your mind and empower your future!!! Support these incredibly kind, brilliant and talented men! #trillornottrill #maudify #maudcast #education #authors #thankful

Dec 22, 202001:13:37
MAUDCAST #19: Sekou Senghor

MAUDCAST #19: Sekou Senghor

@sekoucreates is SUCH a special young man. I am so thankful and honored to be a part of his village! Tune in for some affirmations, math tricks and overall GOOD VIBES!! Support Sekou’s NEW MERCH! Love you, Sekou!!! @shakasenghor thank You for making this happen!! #maudcast #maudify #sekouSenghor #sekouCreates #kidsaremagic #thefutureisbright #thankful #joy

Dec 14, 202033:05
MAUDCAST #18: Hugo Oliveira

MAUDCAST #18: Hugo Oliveira

@hsoliv is an incredible artist and community activist!! It is thanks to him and @flepia that @chloemaudfoundation started our FIRST after school program in Rio in a Favela!! Everyone, DONATE to the Chloe And Maud Foundation! Change a life through the arts! Thank you , Hugo and your beautiful wife @bruteo for making the world better! #maudcast #brazil #rio #givingtuesday

Nov 30, 202059:29
MAUDCAST #17: Alaman Diadhou (Part Two)

MAUDCAST #17: Alaman Diadhou (Part Two)

I am inspired by my little brother @alamonster !! Everyone he named his dream collaborations! @rongilmorejr @raphael_saadiq @benwmsonbass @quincyjones @dangelo ! This young brother is exceptional, brilliant and kind! I am so proud!!! #maudcast #alaman

Nov 09, 202001:01:01
MAUDCAST #16: Alaman Diadhou (Part One)

MAUDCAST #16: Alaman Diadhou (Part One)

My brother @alamonster is BRILLIANT!! Tune in for some history, perspective and joy!!! Love you, Alaman! #alaman #maudcast #joy #vote #firsttimevoter #proud

Nov 02, 202059:57
MAUDCAST #15: Nia Sioux
Nov 02, 202055:47
MAUDCAST #14: Giuliano Antonio
Oct 26, 202001:02:13
MAUDCAST #13: Dante & Connor from Ritual
Oct 19, 202001:00:11
MAUDCAST #12: Alissa Julien

MAUDCAST #12: Alissa Julien

Before recording this episode together, I hadn’t spoken to my little cousin Alissa (@alissajulien4) in TEN YEARS! I am so inspired by Alissa’s brilliance, joy, courage & love!! Wow wow wow! Shoutout to her mom Cassy, YOU DID THAT!!

#familyreunion #maudcast #maudify #family #blackgirlmagic #inspired #joy

Oct 13, 202049:47
MAUDCAST #11: Ben Williams
Oct 05, 202001:08:03
MAUDCAST #10: Hannah Gordon
Sep 28, 202059:45
MAUDCAST #9: Apollo Jane

MAUDCAST #9: Apollo Jane

Thank you to my amazing sister friend @apollo_jane for sharing your story , your voice and your joy!! I love you!!! PART 2 coming... our duet!!!! 💜💜💜
#maudcast #thankful #sisterfriends

Sep 23, 202001:08:46
MAUDCAST #8: Gabrina Dixon
Sep 14, 202001:01:03


Was feeling sad this weekend about the tremendous loss of #chadwickboseman , what better way to bring than to talk to KIDS! So thankful for these ladies in my life who bring so much perspective and insight! Ages 9-16! @nyla_staes @therealegyptskye @emmaleslyfrancis @zyladances @laurentheus ! #maudcast #maudify

Aug 31, 202058:12
MAUDCAST #6: Shaka Senghor

MAUDCAST #6: Shaka Senghor

Thank you so much @shakasenghor for blessing us with your time and wisdom!!! Love you!!!!!

Aug 17, 202059:24
Aug 10, 202056:56
MAUDCAST #4: Star Dixon
Aug 03, 202053:10
Jul 27, 202058:11
MAUDCAST #2: Dale Elliot Jr
Jul 20, 202038:48
MAUDCAST #1: Affion Crockett
Jul 13, 202039:39