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Bhumi Yoga Talks with Maxi Meissner

Bhumi Yoga Talks with Maxi Meissner

By Maxi Meissner

Hi and welcome to the Bhumi Yoga Talks! Listen to recordings of Maxi's practical Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama yoga & Ayurveda talks to help you find inspiration along your yoga path. Daily dedication is not always easy. In these talks Maxi lightheartedly talks about all things related to yoga practice through the lens of modern life and Ayurveda. Most of the recordings were held after a Led Primary Class at our shala in Groningen.
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Dinacharya & Discipline

Bhumi Yoga Talks with Maxi MeissnerOct 16, 2023

Dinacharya & Discipline
Oct 16, 202337:21
Episode 13: Can I shorten my yoga practice? And how?
Jun 22, 202348:33
Episode 12: Cultivating a skilful presence when things arise during practice

Episode 12: Cultivating a skilful presence when things arise during practice

Welcome to this episode of the Bhumi Yoga Talk.

In this talk I discuss how we can cultivate a skilful presence when things show up in our practice, and when they show up frequently. 

With things I mean:

  • Our patterns of holding ourselves in a negative way

  • We may feel we don’t progress

  • Something is coming up that we don’t have skill to place it yet

  • Resistance in our practice

  • Avoidance

  • Dissociation:  When we make the movements but we are not really there, we are just going through the motions.

Let’s face it, the practice we engage in, some people practice daily, others towards 3-4 times a week - it’s frequent practice, hence it’s practice and this brings us face to face with ourselves. Navigating this can be challenging.

So how can we remain skilful when challenging things surface during the practice, and when they surface more frequently.

In this talk I touch on:

  • That when we start the practice as a beginner, the presence in our practice (is for most) different. Then when we become more literate about the practice and ourselves the real work is starting. This is when we are not so entertained by the practice anymore (we are not new to it anymore) and we start to see our patterns showing up in practice. 

  • What our collective tendency is in how to deal with things that we call negative or unpleasurable. And that is to avoid negativity, to push through or away from that, to shut it out. I talk about that this is not skilful and the underlying charge remains.

  • What are then skilful ways of being with things that come up in practice.

  • Awareness and acceptance

  • That through tristhana we can cultivate awareness to the level of the body

  • Examples of tristhana to cultivate presence

Jun 06, 202336:10
The gurvadi gunas - Guidance towards more harmony on and off the mat
Feb 14, 202323:14
How yoga views the body: The three shariras and five koshas

How yoga views the body: The three shariras and five koshas

In this episode Maxi talks about:

The three shariras (bodies)
The five koshas (sheaths),
The components and importance of each sharira
How we can maintain or restore harmony in each sharira
How the three shariras relate to yoga practice

This talk was recorded right after a Led Full Primary Class, and recorded over zoom.
Enjoy this talk.
To learn more about the shariras and koshas, and more about the 8-limbed path of yoga, join my upcoming 6 months Ashtanga Yoga Intensive . This intensive starts January 14th!
To learn more about Maxi's teaching, go here.

Dec 09, 202221:14
Metta Meditation
Nov 11, 202215:59
Distraction and obstacles along the path of yoga
Nov 07, 202225:16
Led Primary with the Vinyasa Count - Breath in Focus
Sep 02, 202201:24:18
How to deal with resistance to your practice
Aug 29, 202212:55
Cultivating harmony through keeping it simple
Jul 22, 202221:11
Breath, Tapas and the Yamas
Jun 21, 202221:53
Santosha & How You Spend Your Time Defines Your Life
May 13, 202219:17
Full Primary Series with the Vinyasa Count

Full Primary Series with the Vinyasa Count

This episode is for all yogis who already practice Ashtanga yoga. 

Need inspiration for your ashtanga practice? Roll out your mat, put play and let Maxi guide you through a traditional Full Primary Series with the Sanskrit count. Enjoy.

This recording is from a live class at our yoga shala in Groningen.

Apr 19, 202201:20:00
Tapas! And its benefits.

Tapas! And its benefits.

In this episode Maxi talks about tapas and the benefits it brings us, linking to the yoga sutras.
At the beginning of this talk, Maxi also briefly discusses the Led Primary Series, how to approach is and why it is beneficial.

Apr 19, 202222:28