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Alpha Stoic

Alpha Stoic

By Maximus B McCullough

An Alpha Stoic lifestyle helps you see life as it is additionally it helps you to throw off the filters or concepts introduced to you through avenues that you might not be aware of.

An Alpha Stoic realizes what makes them happy and what makes them miserable!

I can be like your life coach that keeps you happy and fulfilled no matter what your situation or status in life!
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What Is Success

Alpha StoicMay 29, 2022

Why Stoics Do Not Use Ad Hominem Attacks
Feb 02, 202304:33
I Am Damaged
Jan 21, 202303:49
Why People Insult Others

Why People Insult Others

The only reason why you would insult another person is that you are, in fact, insecure. Insults will reveal your weaknesses, they are like a magnifying glass into your soul.  As you go throughout your day, think of how many insults come off your tongue. Write them down and self reflect at a quiet time.

Dec 05, 202205:25
Conceptualize The Concepts Fact or Fiction
Oct 03, 202209:37
Fear Is Learned
Sep 24, 202203:12
Respect is Earned Not Given?

Respect is Earned Not Given?

So is respect earned and not given? Well, that suggests that you have to work for respect, doesn’t it? This implies that you are not worthy of respect therefore, no one should respect anyone unless they earn it. Isn’t this like the dumbest thing you ever heard?

Respect Starts With The Self

Respect starts with respecting yourself, no? A person who practices virtue respects themselves because they value themselves. This is a very important point. When you value yourself, then you can value others. If you do not value yourself, then how in the world will you value other people? So value and respect go hand in hand.

Respect Is Earned And Not Given?

Aug 05, 202207:16
You Only Have One Thing Left To Do In This Life DIE

You Only Have One Thing Left To Do In This Life DIE

You only have one thing left to do in this life, and that is to die. Everything else is a choice! That being said, should it not prompt you to have the best human experience you can? Let it inspire you to let go of any harboring resentment, envy, wants, or desires. Forgive everyone that you feel has cheated you and set yourself free! Most of all, forgive yourself!

Jun 09, 202204:30
What Is Success
May 29, 202204:35
Who Are We Really

Who Are We Really

We, as humans, make different things for different purposes. Humans create paper to write books to read and yet, with a similar process, we make toilet paper. People purpose things and value them differently. Ironically, they even do that with other people.

May 26, 202203:12
Embarrassment is Weakness Dangerous Senseless and Pointless
Dec 06, 202104:32
The Spirit Poem | A Poem of Death by Maximus McCullough
Nov 09, 202101:25
DONT THINK - Take A Moment To Just Exist
Oct 08, 202107:05
So You Want To Be Happy, Really?
Sep 13, 202106:12
The Illusional Concept of Birth and Death
Sep 02, 202105:30
To Be Genuine | Stoic Thoughts
Jul 24, 202105:01
Why You Should Kill The Skeptic In You
Jun 24, 202104:33
My Future Wife By Divine Providence | Stoic Thoughts
Apr 20, 202103:44
Relationship Advice | Stoic Thoughts
Apr 11, 202106:17
Atheist Failed Logic | Top 10 Blunders

Atheist Failed Logic | Top 10 Blunders

For the record, I don’t hate Atheist or Skeptics I just like to argue with them because it’s fun. Their non-belief/belief failed logic is an impossible paradox that they cannot rectify. An Atheist has the improper tendency to claim belief in science, yet anyone who actually knows what science is will tell you it is not a belief system. Claiming belief or “faith” in science is like claiming belief in a screwdriver to solve all your questions, it is just a silly, foolish statement. Science is a method or a tool that is useful when applied properly but does not even come close, nor will it ever, to answering most of your basic questions.

Atheist Failed Logic | Top 10 Blunders

Mar 25, 202109:30
Dear Godson In The Belly Of Your Mother
Mar 04, 202104:04
This Is Why I Am Untouchable - Stoic Thoughts
Feb 28, 202105:39
I DONT BELIEVE IN THE SCIENCE GOD | Critical Thinking | Stoic Thoughts
Feb 18, 202110:37
When A Person Heals They Are Stronger Than Before They Were Broken
Feb 09, 202105:16
Betrayed? This Is What You Should Do | Stoic Thoughts
Feb 04, 202103:32
Feb 01, 202106:43
Jan 07, 202104:58
Hard Times Create Stronger Human Beings

Hard Times Create Stronger Human Beings

Hard Times Create Stronger Human Beings – Maximus McCullough

Notice that the title says that “Hard Times Create Stronger Human Beings,” and not “Hard Times Create Good Human Beings”. This is because “guidance” can only help create a wonderful human being, furthermore what a person does with that guidance is up to them. The convictions of a person will help define who they are, and those convictions will be their guide.

Jan 03, 202104:58
Dec 31, 202006:03
Dec 21, 202006:14
Christianity and the Cold Pitiless Blind Indifference of Nature | Objective Morality
Dec 20, 202004:51
Dec 10, 202006:24
Memento Mori | Remember That You Must Die | Stoicism
Dec 08, 202006:23
Drama Queens | Christians | Social Media Theatrics | Dishonesty
Dec 03, 202002:29
The Ontological Argument | Does God Exist? | The Best Evidence | Stoic Thoughts
Nov 24, 202003:21
Alpha Stoics | Compassion The Beginning Of Eternal Wisdom | Stoic Philosophy
Nov 23, 202003:41
Life Girls Clothes Friends And LIFE Again Poetic Justice
Nov 22, 202004:03
Alpha Stoics | True Strength A Virtue
Nov 20, 202004:04
Alpha Stoics | Abnormal Things Are Wonderful
Nov 20, 202002:46
Intelligence The Ability To Be Happy

Intelligence The Ability To Be Happy

What is intelligence? It is something that we as the human species pride ourselves on, is it not? The ability to remember and abstract thought play a key role in what people think intelligence is. Wisdom itself is linked to intelligence in a way because of the associations it makes with things like science does. Others think that the ability to learn is intelligence. If we want to go on the darker side of things the ability to manipulate others is linked with intelligence.  High SAT scores are said to be the key to finding intelligent people. Genius is another way to describe a very intelligent person weather they are good or evil, right?

Are materially wealthy people intelligent? Some may think so. In this same manor we can say that lazy people are intelligent as well, right? The same can be true of hard working people, they can be called intelligent as well but, could not these very same people be called stupid?

Intelligence is a relative thing you see. Some people refer to their 6 month old child as intelligent others still refer to their teenagers as intelligent. Those kinds of people are making comparisons either to themselves at that age or other peoples kids.

Is stupid the opposite of intelligence? I guess it would be relative considering the subject material. We could get very lost in this type of reasoning, can’t we? Is intelligence the same as being smart? Of course it is but there seems to be some things missing.

I think intelligence is a loaded word, let me explain please. If someone can read directions and assemble a product we may call them intelligent. What about someone that does not even have to read the directions and produces the same result? Are they more intelligent?

The ability to recall a wealth of data, does that make you intelligent? Perhaps it is the ability to exercise wisdom in applying what you learn that makes you intelligent? Are the dead intelligent, maybe it is your ability to stay alive that makes you intelligent?

Intellect according to the dictionary is “the power to know or understand”. Is it empathy and compassion that makes one intelligent? There are many synonyms related to the term intelligence. Aptitude, astuteness, comprehension, grasp, knowledge, mental ability and the list goes on and on.

I could imagine that many people are manipulated with this term. Thinking of yourself as intelligent maybe the wrong thing to do, why? It could rob you of a very important virtue called humility. Someone could convince you to be anything that they wanted you to be by manipulating the word “intelligence”. They themselves set the bar they are unwilling to climb but by telling you to be intelligent they manipulate you into trying. “Be smart, do this!”, they may say.  So be careful of those that try to insult your intelligence by means of manipulation.

To me intelligence is the ability to be happy and find happiness. I hope you would share this same thought with me.

Love Dad ­
Nov 06, 202003:49
Alpha Stoics | The Beginning | Who They Are | What They Do | Lifestyle They Live

Alpha Stoics | The Beginning | Who They Are | What They Do | Lifestyle They Live 

Alpha Stoic Lifestyle Making Stronger  Happier Human Beings!  

A Few Keys To A Miserable Life Self Entitled & Self Pity Little To No Appreciation No Common Sense  No Critical Thinking Allergic To Work Complaining & Jealousy  Beta Males & Females  

Few Fundamentals To A Happy Life Compassion Appreciation Common Sense Critical Thinker Honest Work Fulfillment Alpha Males & Females  

Stoicism  Our Focus Is On Control We Only Worry About The Things We Can Control We Do NOT Worry About Things We Cannot Control Control is a basic fundamental to Stoicism  

Stoicism is only achieved by Alphas Alpha Stoics  They are leaders! They are both Male and Female Nature People Stoicism & Wealth Alpha Stoics   

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“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way”  Marcus Aurelius

Nov 03, 202008:14